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The Pacific commercial advertiser. [volume] (Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands) 1885-1921, November 12, 1910, SECOND SECTION, Image 9

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Til3 .sriiE::iN" WHEEL SWITCH: using the
me-vsusis ron safe driving, by ja:es
h i--
& In the Operation of a Car
V 4.
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radt11. i'-' ' " 'o'Mk.kikk hikklkki, : kd"'.': .ikkdikhky; i,:,d
II W 1 . T J - : 1
j f. ...... ...... m ,u. ,i, -r t n ,,
IS! I 1 , ; ; .;:;'::.:,..'ri
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, J Js - - . . .. .. ,...,-...
. t - ....,...'.. i'::t,-i .. 'I
ctors f 1 : l. , :-:.,;'...':"t-!.,.-'"..ui"-
I S ' . . .. .,, th
nm i i i. .......... . ,
I ; . ...... , if,- armtv. " .i
LQ. I I of tj - - m:.
I l t., i.,in ..
i-Paikl ir' '- ;;.,.;,' :t!! ,....,i,i. .
"WfelJ lr .; .... : -i:H tVrr.-d t.. the nn,
t, J I to stft-r ..- y (. 1
water. J I brase-r '";.;
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r.n l
ill u I T ; I i ! '
!. nil' !
-, . i-,. Mr. I,-.!. T!!.- .i. tini!.' ;
,t ir !-.Mj;;;r, , is, riXvi to :
i t i i! n ;i ': i i 1 ! , ('. I'll :i '
!! !IKIV ! riit t.il, leaving till" i t l. II
:i- wilt ! !,. t'X- ! To all:!, ii 1 in' 'S' i'"'
irai'. l.si? tii.- I'a i; :ui.l ii!ii ! n.PiVfii -r- I
ii.-r m in'' Miris a'T!iatf-l ; Mii!:i!':- AiN-a i.t ai:y
J.v t!- i-i.iiH- will f'liriinir in tntivii , "f ti :! t -. at
: , : . i !...rfr:u ti.i'ir t'u::i-:'...:is ju a : i.:iy.-r wi-bes. t-. .ay. t'i
:ln-v '! w hen tii" i.xvi-i-ns an 'Irivinii T
Ti.L ;,... $ : u-.M..' ai.,,i;r ''.,:,.-i' ui'-lii
i',-,'II,'iit ..i-j-.-r: unity to ruI ; l':i.-K -t' wi.irh i h..!!-.vf.l .-.it m. tuat
: tin- ignition i- ''lit KtX oni it w ill Hf!y lit i !i t,,'T"!U !'""'
t fail T rh.M- tin- 1 hrottlt, i Tin" wit.-ii i l'at.'!:.'.l t- t!..' v
h.Ti.- an mixture will W ! thr.- -na!I Lva- In.' !.:-
,-awn into t!..- rviin.l.-r- itn-l trans- h r"t to t. ii.- v !y ni.-ans w a
1 w I i ' r :
i'c s u m w
ti.-.J on
II" 1 ;
I i o V
t. rt.M
oa.io vwiti-h. (.-:-vnr.l
.01 the !.at-
- o .' ii . Whoa it
i ioae t far
o' any I . . iz t ii "f ! " :
U' v.vi:.'!. is 1- 1 1 ; i'
tt'h'r, v'ui'! tn:
... , I t 1,,- t'u. .-v 'i ii.n.. who'll' ! Wlit.'ll na- l.f'lMi !:i ' 1
,r t. ..ti'.' t''.li-iw on tnrntiii n t i.o i-nrrout. ' no i.-i-t t;-t'in-l to ti
far a- it sav.' -asoiin.'. ..ii an.l i-'.ir- i n:ot a i i- tio'ii paint.. I !-::i.'iv nni. ti
.-..', i.i.-.l u it h -tirU a -wi- .-ii i
t w.,u!.1 I"' noT-Mirv to ;
oa:'- o!'
rain in o . . to r to rna i'i;t
r.'i!....' on'i.'.n i.y in.i.-.'T i.rii ot
ia,M-n.' i a ' a. . :i n.iov- i at tin- i" -t
,.j ;i- A.r...iii.-i.'i.'. A m.'tno.i
,t r.a- i n - .t .! a t ion a- lo.i-w s.
a:-" loo pia.-.-i in t no inaoi
... (;,; ; no m that : lit' ' ' "US
'i.-no iooi, an.i J.otir t)ir..nii
..,-k or a!v- j.i'.is Milti.'i.'Ut
; , . ft o i-r ti.o j1 i -t nib a lioi. : ..no
a hall' iin-iu's an.l a'i..w IT to re
,i li'uht. A oo,l quantity l-y
,,,o.,;i; wiU i:ao t'.'uioi its way
ll. laas n.t,, iho l.a-o iia m i .'!'.
i ,, a,,,. ..nt tho . xiianst viiivt'S ami
! ,-x a a - t ma i, 1 1 ' .! i ami tarn ! no imilu'
t.", : i n;os to a ; o oy any i oina . a ; a u
ho i-xpoo.-'t: tiii'ii t no on
nr.t tho jo-r.oi is ;n ;.,,-;t:on.
live no !'! imoi.'inont. mako
i no
a a . !
,,i .
nmn i .
TO intent I
" fefiasta
Gasoline Row
t has soli! .'...' n t . tii.' V.i- ' .-! a ii. i ti
X no-nt
I! ,-am. :a!,i.- at ii
ai.i .-'.Tla that
i'iaioio,- ro;oit. rs
, .ot t ho m. xt stoaint-r
a TioTo li.-o; i n manv ,-nl-
M s.-iiuwati mtrors to s-'-e them.
,'x .','."! -no:.'1 A. N. I a m i .! 1 i o ' tiio Watorli-iiso
a .-a i i n 1 1 oi .i no tool, ami
. xhan-t a - i i : j; ..r nt-
i oia.'. ,1 i-o!! oniont ly.
til i'r
rast ! '(.on;. an v lais j oa re ha -.! a 'hal
H'v '..nn.au with winch
rv mm ii j.i.-a
"i ''
7 totii
irlo, ht i
1 r
I0f KDili
ath asjai1
tater; rr
yard; Is I
and a
i, addrss i
.1 oa a -S'o.
9, h
vii; :
tistr iii i.
abiaa &
Lam'oa M
litr Bliig s
ils of
cne ' fl
i Ltd.
striH inn
- r-T!TvS
,o-dato fcfj
anil 1U1
I Mark Ih.hin-.ai. : ...
honor :i:rl '!t'.m't "a
I nwr ft :i l'.'l :
llbnuiuiu an-1 i: -s a.
first auTomohiSo ti.-'i'-i
-4 Hawaiian 'h,-.. - . '
eared the Ul
I the ma.-iiin.' iviia.-ii :
-.. a-mti .!'; til'.' ia x
I at Mm-s l'arK. I.fi.
wilirii !i:ivt' a ' '
imners hy tin-ir
ivA afjaraa.'v'. it
s sa about tou in 1 1: a
'I t'ie Mirai'.n ;n ,
I ill tiit' a.'.a.UiT'"na !
S so firmly aTta.t'.i.."! '
i lufciv no ra'"io a i'-
wjinavigrite it-' i
I gear without ti.; '
T:. Marti!'-!' t o -trib
i-:: sta'ion
Weiis yos',.r.l;,. ma
can be tk-Itver.-.i in
irO orJ.T.nl .'.'
Tvahun (oiva,;.' a'. -
I r. wiiicU hti
,. j, (j,-.: A'amlorbilt tropliy.
M:uin..'t OH' itl!
Mr. S.-ioioninu'. .io-mo'strator for Tl.o
v,o Ihanar V.on- 1 oaij-ii' '. , r. Tim.ml ;
Tw-ir.. wan tiio. from alau; in s w.-.-k. n-f-.r. sn- ,
Mr. ;-.:.itiM.r. -
i,,n. Tho i
i . i . VII
'., J Voi'ti- ' "injainv i .!. to ;irri in
''"':' 1 . i i , h .- t ;' t.'.a ao r, s-O. ,-,.Nt
i" ; lv !a; . Mr. von ilamoi lias ! ,o:
,1s ti.' "tail !:; mi tor tin' la-t too !i.oi'!:s.
ti.o Ao"' !i Oh
i si!,-. a holioti,' .!.oni?,.nto'a i: to i -r.
I (io.o-o Aik.Mi of K:iio;'ui ami a no. !'!
iP I I . ' I' : ! mi !.. Mr. LoVMW of I'tittl.
ili'-!-n-i i w-.-u l-ro-.t..' tw.
ru.-l:ar.l r.O totirninii .-iirs an-l en.' Vo.o
....... r,,,.ut,., t ,,.- Tho vnn i j t in ui '
V.-iiiit; '..m;.;uiy. T!n-; ''tir w : i
,!,o; v.Tf.1 to Monii'iOlit n..i:..'.u:u 1
iv's ropro-t'i:to,t ,y : "' "'
I'otiirni'o: u;t:i :n , .... x j.
o i.lcus aioi t hooro's. ;
M :
) ,
. lire
aitefli P J
i Berettf 3
pieJ !',.
' V :'!.. r.o.st i:m- YYf in.'-.ho. Tio
- i ,m':o is a iaxurioiis l.i.-k ipuT ''ti" . i.ouLth:
; .;',;..,. ,i ,!arh lorn- witli h'm-k tr;no' :!,.- i!
. ,. in--, t.at tiio lT;itoi."-s r i-rf i- th-oaiiaa
.1 ,, !.: ,l;W.(V. It IS t'!!V atl-i l"W With hat':'!"'
m-, ..a "','t!.,i!-;i for" two ami th :n,:,.p
,.a I' Ma r -;'!o '!'o '!:;.!. iorwar i :, ! :
ait with a 'mi-r art ii'.nrts': v
i Tho !:. M. F. t-oirinz ear has ma -n s,,i i ,i... i
. Oba. a Jaj.anos.' omiooyi -1 ,,u tin' L,;l...
- ; a I pa aa j a n ' a, o ,a
s' i ".a i. ,!.-!' s Io:ri-'
l,;l!;i;,' laml."l six
ho sli';i:r.,.r Lnri no
'hiam .,f tin's.' w.-ro
r .,,',,. iiooi-on nJimt.-rs. Ail six
. m,.., ...i.. i ,, ,ii. .,-...! of. It. .1.
. Wi'.i Tt.oiiia.- an 1 H. 1". V."..
llawa'i Proaiotion t'.mmrtt.-'.
'j,,. ii'iinii-r- t'uri'i mtrs an-l . .'...ns!uet
rl. it , roa-Ntors won' to tin- Ha-!
A m
1. 1
,. last It'll I'a.-kaial- ro,.im' .y
vol i la 'nm- V.'iin i '.a, pa ny ha v.-
oat with a now thai; on-- 'ho .pork
. ha hit- o .",i ,a n t a 1 oo vims. w h .-h
i -!,-,' . oa : n , or tho t'orn am
'or ooinou n t a I : ritn-.
a- A.so,-i,,t,.,t .-xp'.-T- tli.-ir fi:r
i-aaoa' ot' l 'iia an, ! s forty ro'oi
- ia !;. noxt shi'on. nt. Om' of
.. iimi i or., r. .1 hy Ur.U Ma,"
.oo- ,-t' N a p. '..po-i. Hawaii. Mai-'ar-l.-i-i
a i haimto'S toiifiii oar. hit
,:,nts a t'..rty-i...i'.-iwt'r roa.l-t.'r
s,i- . a iol ron v.-n i .'a.', t to koop in
:t w ith h ' s ma n v mt.-rost s ar. umi
itio Ish.ml. '
o,ry Ih'.'k'.o- is rr.i.-..!!'.jr l.:- wa
loionoifa.'. with his o(o t'inilnao-
tonnoaa, whi, ii - .-soi'in? ''niTa
i" rt. !
,,.o mio ,'iir!..i!i, w i.o'ii wiii ! s-.tt.
, ii,,xt ..n.-iat'.oa '. ni"-! init.orta nt.
a - , ;,:, t in- .-a ro with w hi.-h ! !
..,. ;jh,; -i... -a.o-.-s of tho whoVi
I: wi.l I- wm!om;oo,l
a: ' iias l:'o i t'.'tl t'-ti.-U- J
iHipo-.i;,;,. to roam troin
.hoiO'l Po ja.-ii.M to-T,-r.
Wa-i. "at w.th ii-ro-
a s ino.a a ml h ma ; iy wit ll
,t k.-ros.-ne an i oa-okno,
I :ii.
- X a : i
an , p.,, - .a i'op,. I ; a ' ' ' o i i .to.-k
'A : a a.-.-' ' : ' r la. ia O.o a'T in
! ' .;. , at.-! .'it - 1' oaa! ' a' tin!
, ., . : , ' . i :;.!'-, r . "r on
,. - . '.. , a a . X o-, , r i". i it. I
'. o o .; tv mo.-t tno At-
ii'-! r,o,. i,m w a- too "o: !,' ioil"
,jr'v,..'. :;:.! ' hi, '. 1 ia -ha a .iriv.-r of
..v..,-: io , ", ,-nao. h p. ,iriP'
; -am I - I i . i I h : ot" Wn YoHi
:!pi Ik ' Vino!:.' of Si r: ii '!. N i'W
,p, v. tii.' !.:,'!! w ao . o. an I .oPi-r the
sv thl'".' ,-ho f i-,-lits ill
for 1 is.- ' ... '.a '..'.a t r.-j-nv. Novem
l.,.v :;; for !:. '!; of AtiiU-'a trophy,
Xov.oni'or 1. nr.! f'.r ti o Atlanta S.t'.i
wav art.!-.-! prio. oomhor .. Ill a.Llt
t ,o, ' to i ' vonts. tho two Pope-
Ha'rtt,o. .-nt.-r.-l in 'von
,!:;.o,r ia. -os, iiiiikmo a 'o:i! of ton
, vonts oat of twoiifv in whmh t ltfj
'.v;.,-,, -"!,.' iiiioi! to raoo.
Ito'l, ,-ar- iiiv styi.-tlv sto-k uioiiols
ami in all ossontiai .h'tai's ,-onform to
tho roualar sto.-k .-.'italoii.' vpoa i ti ni-ta.n-
to,- I'.H 1 om. Tho only mooifi.-a-;,i
tI;,. ra.-or. whoii o i 'Torort t iat c
thoni from the ro;ii!;ir l'.Hl nioool ar
ti,o liht ra.-tiiu' Logo's am! some slioht
.kanoT's tiilow.al molor the ra.-inir rules
,,f the .ontest Loiinl of the A- A. A.
The ears were entote.l in class li. yvhich
,-a'is f,,r a jo-tou .ii-piacmnont of "01-.j.-,.
i culoc indies. Th.'ir piston ,i is;.la.'?
ment is il5 cnLic inchest.
Louis THsLrow. who .is to pilot- one
of the Pope-Iltut for. 1 cars at the At
lanta Si.oe.hvav moot, came in fourth
at the Vamlerl tit nnm ami h:is 1, token
...v!.l ro, oiials at tl'.e ImLan-
aoolm an.! tlanta sp.o.lwav-. In l!0f
I,!, w,,n the I'itv of Atlama 1.10 0.H1
,n.pl,,. l,v l-reakino the then exist inff
-,l ,;. tw,. liumlrml m,ie-. 1' -1'fow
iia- a!-o aciiiovml fam" l.y ht nl
.... ... .. -.. ... ., ,. .,l'i....
p m ! ,-iimlotio; pen oruai n.-e- n .. i
a,,,! l.v l,is .larino .liavtiio tit 1 110
P,viJ.t.'n Peach twenty-four-hour races,
in several of which he captu'-ml secoml
'"'Vr'.'t.'' ilartfor.l. owmM. ontero.l ami
tiriven l.v an amateur. P. V. eh n rob of
V pint a 'won iirst place- in two twelve
events ,,n th" Atlanta Spoe.lwav
a-i .lulv.
Now is the time to pet rid of your
rheumatism. In fuliy nine ea os out of
ten the attack i? simply rheumatism of
the nmscp's, mm to cold or damp, .or
chronic rheumatism, noithcr of which
re-pure anv internal treatment. The
f apt'lication of Chamberlain 'a lam
P. aim is certain to jrive quick relief.
Trv 't Por stile .v all 'oalers. Pen
man Smith & Co.. Ltd.. npreuts for II a-
, , . i 1 i M,,. r'emo.-rat 's . : ; 1 n ' win. i'r.-ii
n't 1.. cause Sonny Cay 's loov onoio,.
oi'sopowor ('haoimrs touring car -:i"
him. Oav .'.o.t'c.l six I .'- rvihai.
P," encts ami 'rayo'el on,- bun- th.'-.i"
ni seven v m'i.-. on t'lo.-ri.o, ,lav ' i,, p -
. me. -ha M-m of his !:,nv attto r:in an.i l.
,.,--.-:-, a- clockwork. "an - i
,1 an hi. M. P.
King Street
hair an.! I ti-
-t care in ' ito ho'
""I1: .
I yJ
... ',-
F. E. Davis & Co.
Nuuanu and Merchant Streets
A hygienic, iltit-aloo ',y,!i finish in the
form of a dry p..w.l.-r. r. ;o!y for in
stant ust' after the addition of cold
a v i
m. -
I. i-7t'AT3
... ' "y- .'r.".x. ... a
' '! .'a1?'' -' . -.i !' MT. J'''?Vii . -.
. jr ' '.
177 South King Street
In iliili
1, p i
' ' "." ' -1 1
uuUix If in Wo
A ltd ib dirt Di0v-1.
Cot it trorn y our gr : cr.
5 i
!:': '-"--
i f
s V
t '
! it
1 .
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