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IV I,.-
when nomei m
m wn i r i rr Tori?a
10 RUL LU i nLif
Applications for 400 Berths for m
Trip to Hawaii in February
Are on File.
! a - ,
I'. '"-. a-mh.-r That
i - n:i i. i'e-: i -' i in : . .. North
.call 1, ..via! ,-c::r fr . ,,
e u t ry
' I i 1 - i !','.
is M r:iv.
a i. I
a - - " 1 :
a us
:d Wi
Christian Destiny and Duty.
da.- 1.
i i v. a i (i
a ii v ;:o
; ! , . 1 i- a r v .
; . io 1 . r tj apiao-ai i.
,-; !...,-. New V..r-.
i : j.- i i i i . - iii : !n- Ik
i iia.ak I'ae ii.-. .N:i
-oam-h !, I'll. lee
, o, ry i he c.'Ul'-i.
,t - and r.-T u ni will
We have recently bought and
have now in our case some
marvellously beautiful articles
in finest leather. These will be
appropriate for Christmas and
while they are inexpensive, as
such things go, they bear the
stamp of excellence, elegance
and usefulness.
; 1 Our leather goods have always
been admired by persons of
fa :
i $ ' " I ft
W km ;
a. ai rs, i
; ! . 1 1 I , "
Is too
ii! !. iii....
.1 fi-r he
! : w iii i i
. hv t,- I'r
I ! IV
ai'in'V. Tia la!;... ;a-
ru r."
I..!' I
. l
tia- : -,' .!
is la::Z
fa '!! ' a
1o j-a.,-,.;
fa'', i- wi!
. iH-!i.'a's : hat ; l-.ai ...j...
I- a,,. .,i,..,j(itf t'ait Ml' ,'- ;,
' a i-i'-a is wiia-'i I'nai- .. .j..
,..!-!::,.... iiis ;!;fi :. I
r'i'y v: M !' an!). mi :i i . .1 . ; ,.
. r.' fin a s;.r,.v . i.1j
or la-i.!.' of li'a.!'-r-.!n;i. i - ...
i a a : ii.-i
sort i A I l a-a
lul-c ot'
. aaiaan laa:
ti,,- ;.an la ;
'i Li, .
.at i
' I. at
-' ' Kvt-rv ai
Cm! ia tha
1 s'snll lie l.ro'u'n
in!H," .t it saa I
in as ,"!:. t." I.oa.l-
i Tha
-rn a a i " i a i
i. I a.- ;ia at w ,.-. l i ' a.'-
1 ,,!' Una.!;!,- !a..:a,
!:.'!. an rasv i"i.'
Allow-' " lias ma -ij la a a y -
a: taa.-a into hi.- ii a !;tiv a
lio-jii.t-i -t ra aira iiai.i : ... . i i i :'. r
oiit!-'k a j'" a i ia- ot-,l a a. i 1.vt j
t a la la l .1 1. 1 . :wx aa s !!-m.-1. !:iui!
.iiataiv 1 i.at aaia ai i.a-Mi.a. ;-a,-a l ia.ia
''' '' ''" , '" ' ' ' '' '!;'" " ' ' '' . 1 i ,),,
iia- r:i-'vl tor vi-:(!'-. - - ! t a u a : i v t i ' '
I mo iia ot tia- man v .H tt.o i.;i.,o. ! j,.-n i.ii- ot M.iaii ii-j ti.o tr.na-ai-.- ai,.
iias o.aao. H- tia- k;no. And !" J ; u. oiovatin-; of oar Jd.-M'd Aaaia-aa
i-liiiv -iiis is sao Tai o-c:lj.a j rntll ( j,,n Sirivi r-ilii:t th.- niirari.' i !i-:i:-.
wotuiil) suii'rai-. As ioa a, ov. ril- ; f... tn.lli iia' a ,. u r . aia i s ia i ho -aai
'iioa'' -,u r. i'l-.'soataih o. a ;nm;i!i , ,l:,(,,iV f na., ;,y.
nn'oht :ra-: i o i- po' i i iral i-ospon si! , : i; ios . ;i t)l.; ,h,.:Ii':: ,,,;,!,
- i -
mi Aiaoii.-'i is fa-i Iiocoiniii ;
i,..-s with otli-'ioat an-oifiii ;aiVi-
i.-o a s ."!"sa ia to o.lii'to.1. :
o'!- aiaaii.T w-.i v of ;i vino; that
,,!,.' load.
Votes for Wotuon. ' '
.aa. a oa ia l no: iao
o 1 i. orm'.
.poor; nail v f. . t
";"';aa'i it is 1'M.iviri! that tin- iri;. will
; ;i'' i i..-: with tia' potts ..ii tho L',ai-:fii' (ic-.an. i
, Aa o.x.-iii.-ioa ii.'i!! i'ori.an.l win io,
v'. o ii aia Ja on the -toaai-!::;. Oai'.-n aia! will
:; a. i-:i ia . t ia- ' ' A loan ! Aa- a r -i on . ' " The
.p.. - i a-.'ii i.ao I'nra i'i.l ni' Soatt!.' i'.bru
; io-j ;,rv 1 aia! i'io c:a;Uo will o.a-iq.y aliont
aa - j i a i 't - ,ia vs. j g?t
a i ', Ti.'o o.op-s;,, a:' tii,. I'l-iaro i: :p.-rt. ;
oiv'n Iti'ii-ii ,-oaia-i.ii.. .o ai, id onoos on laoh-
:,' i i narv l! wilt n tiio v -so! sail, fr.an Soat-
, :;!,. ami o,,,., north to Vancouvor and 0
litiioa !o lliio. tliat trip :ihn laoaipyin
! h:rtv dav- Tin- tin--i) exain-sioii is ;
l:...hii,.d ' .r atal tho 1 'rill. 10 Ku- i
rt tor j
n..lil rv.'iir'i.ll ivanaOoaitMits nro jrct- ;
u! Iia nit-ona' lo .lovs a n n on noi n o
trips and w:
,o SIMM!
iu the
.last ;is :i j;rniiji ot ritizons
:l'vr ! heir -l .'tod !.'ai-i;Uius
i la ir laws and t!n-ir fimsi-n
to a
in : o ii ;
t o 1 1 1
xcoith -, to .a.iaiinistar them on the
tJio.,rv .f ti:o oi.ltiiao del:,;,' that a
r (! !!' itivi- :S no i.oiiad l.y the will
or :. s , ..n-t;,ia'!,.'V. Hut that .lav is
to .i -;'iMMi. I lit- p.'o.-, - j
. t ho . ij.io of h a I'ojio c- !
a ait a. a do oa;- N a ; i. . a 1. . o.l ',
iot 1 , ;o it-..!!' l.y cvfry (oaaaioa
wo a ' h . -a faith. 1' 1. is t ' a i ,r i i !-. (- - - r :
iias lo.r iio i a naa.'.-o-ap laio i p..- !
a ' a i . A r . a !,:i s i ,. , a ;
i - i, aoii !y ' o -a ;.. 1 . : li.-oj
i ' v i " a-
A not iior io aa
' a
ari-t- '!"i
a ri;
,.i , . i
.1 to
en.iod !..roa-r in Anoaaca. Wo ii.'ivo j
ina'ad ti.v op., rii of tho iainativf. rof- j
cri'iai'ra and rocill. whoro every man j
Is : ra n.' i : t link and aet oa py'V.-rn- j
nioaPii i..ii an-1 not .wily i.':sla- ;
lie rv:- U. .1 ! -: a.-.-oaataldo to the 1 ;
peo. In a iia'".a uin'i'e uonn-n are .p
o, la. , rod. as v."' a- men. wia-re they j "'.
miit. i'.'.-aa-o li.d mado them women, i"'
view ran: intorast-. nrh. for in-.":"
iii-ta ii.-.- a- 'i-,. ;,;!. and t he -.-ho d : '
not ai'',-;. from tile samo ;i !i i e- as ne;i, ' 1
tiieir i.aa..'-. are es-.'titial to sreiniini; ' "t
domoi-ra.-v. 1 would not for.-.- t!ie fr.-in- in-tory.
i hi-o upon them l.nt wioai t ie'v realiy j East and West.
want it. rind knows they ea n ha ve it! And it is not yet . aided, d'iie ioid
from ii, men in any i-om amn ity in ; fares :l ,:vu- order of warfare, more
A meriea. You and 1 have neen too r,,.,.;, rei.-ntli am! deoilv ti
I 1 1 - o
! nor v.ol' oi-a,'.. d i a a
wi: '!..'!i i i'.'. '!!!! Ir di..;
.or 1 ; t 1 1 v. oard f.a- law in
iti.-o.!. Itot worid j'.'iii'.1 and th
rati. -a ..i' mankind hao 'a. an ma
a-iy ad', anred. The m iai.-hi
ar N;i; ion is t'a- -: thin - in h,
diaia ' ' 1(1 tot- !ia-
fako. Wdiat' ver it i- tliis "tnd-l
'.. eh.-, it. ' a-. - for a-.-! staaps. Tin; j '
h-t: .a- follow - : i
An .'li'.-e i !..-':i..' made to e-tah-i
i:-h w:i! d f'-r . l:',-u n a St. 1 -aoi 's.
New Soi.ih Wale-. Aii-traiia.
At i he tea-seat tin.e. tie- ehiidrfU1
are taiveii only wdiou there i-- a vacancy. :
1; ha- he.o. a-veed lij.i.ii that if :ii i.i K n j
a- d -tami.s ' La -. at .. Mi- Mills.'
Tii.- at rin 'ton." ' I di i 'a do! ph ia , ;l7tUj
a' d ( he-t nut -tr.et. within a eerta.tl
tiaie appoit;te. l.v the c er:m:eiit. it
wii! oa -tillicient to I-.iih! the ward.
The rhain ha- l.oeu .uoit'.y; on for some
'Will y..u write ihi'.-e copies of this
htter to lliree of your friends?
' X u ai i.i-r tlic n all one ai-ove the
inimlier of this letter -winch is 37.
Write the names and addresses of yuur
ji three friends to Miss Mihs. ;ind send
refined taste. This year the assortment is larger and includes
goods for ladies as well as gentlemen.
Suitcases furnished with Toilet Articles of
superior quality; Collar and Cuff Sets; Indi
vidual Necktie and Jewel Cases; Cigarette
Cases; Valise Tags with opening for card;
Soleleather Trunks made for rough handling;
Morocco Money Cases; Leather Watch Fobs;
Cigar Cases; Stick Pin Cases; Traveling Sets
for ladies; Week-End Bags; Toilet Sets in
genuine English Pigskin Cases; Individual
Necktie and Handkerchief Cases.
NY, Ltd,
-Ueii trained ia our homes not to ;'ivc i-fe ami nol le maahooi than .all the ; iu r ton u-ed stamps.
tlie women what thev want. l.:.....!v la 1 1 !e(ie!ds of history That is i "If any one is not. willing to do
To he a part of thi- mighty tnovo- the ' h i eat en i a industrial strntrule le- thi-. .eae write to Mi-s MilU that the'
nient towtn .U hotia fide demoi-rary is. 'tween Kast and West. Of the two. the. chain is broken. i
I mast liiiieve. as jrand a preroeative, .';,-t i. in.-.m: pa rahy letter e.piipped for j "The per.-on receivini; No. 4M please j
as ynv in the universe. To have anthis roid!it. Tiro'e-s in.hist rv. i n- i write to Mi- Mills as that ends the i
tictive lint in l.rinoino; to every ntaniomy in livinj. uueie!le,l meia'ant ile ' rliain. j
Iiis own as a sou or i.o.i. wnat moie , u-etiins, maoaitirent natural re.-our.-fs, "llopnio that 1 lie cliain will not. le
insp;r no work ran be imaoino.l. And ; ability to adapt a H modern l a vent i"ii s ! btokeii. i remain, etc."
America today otters every citizen this; to .-ond i t ions -that make for victory, j
nriviieo... never think of it without j phy-t.-al power- ot' -nrvi val unmat.he.':
loi.oiiiL; to cheer and tlinsr my eap luh . in the Wes; and con ma nd i n o intellect I
in the air. and then to tet down on i ifive an omiaoas advainiaoe. lint tie'
m- ; nei s and thank !o.i. We wore; W'e-t has .I.-us ( 'ari-t. and by that I i Iaroii .sums ,f TilolH'V ue- Vol j
tioakiii. a moment a.'., of the -plondid : m.-a a the spirt of bn.thi rl ?. If that. ! I.t 1 b .,1 )V..t.i rioi.d,,
I .f.wi; i e.i ui.e.i iio'i'i . i j'.v . ji' . .
a r
1 nd list rial
li in
71, Iriii, tho (jrt'dl fort line
work !te;nr . ! l . r- to ln'tmtit'y our !:up! ; .e .'mtilove.1 li-.n-stlv an.!
aia! dev. -Ion oar natural re-ources, bu t : -ol ii -h ; . . t here wii: be
;.,.,-e i- -(, re et h i n ,T ineonii.a rab! v irr.-ii!- : war. I'.ti -'do- w'ii step n;, on t
rr than to make nature viold rill lier j the iotty plane of mutual service for! Il itH-st bUsiiH'S whiTc t iv '
p..-- I . : -' . i e s to m tin alt
him-, if
are ilorived from inn ' c ar 1 i
at is to brin . all it. at
st a t a re. This j "! (
"k" l.-'i'dno of de'llocril rV . j o'!:''-l' i
New Nationalism. wo a
1! ! .- -ieat vie MaesM,,M- be for
r :r i. a -..! .y paisa'o w fa thi-, id, a,
, the.. r; '!dr--! f'-om i 1 .-?..ry. a. ' a.
'.red Aae
i !
io e or ivill
- w "ot her
w e a--i,o e t.
! fttniishoil aro worth the rirr j
tlt.'V lirintr, (.''i .tin hiiihiii.s !.ti.-i- i
i ii -s nicu have aeeu m u ia i el their !
; i.;.'!iits wholly in this; wtty. j
' I'lMtTi.', tiinl faitliftii in ; v '
i ,;ilr:rt of c!!Cil;-cllc'lt t !u-V t I.-
' ' V I ho ci it; p. o ; i ; -o of ! I ! Hi ! i I
:::m'i .-mmanil :i v;t of tnt-i.' I
t!:.d i fofu-oil t- ins "'ah'" or
. iii- K V a i i 1 1 io . ; , , i ; .-. in no a.,.;
1 ,
i.-r-. A hdn.h'rr tnav
vi"'! !-".( w i ' a too .. J : !, .
: pmu'Ii.; of a 1 'rnt-ii j rvm
i -, hnt it t- .-.. n if 1 4 a:.. 1
f. a i -r i i. Tho Ira !! r t'-io; 'i 'a - of
;:., .iiw;iV. art o. i op .-r '!-
tit t't'i In'; ! ' i o h , . ' .! !
Long Waiting Lists in 137 Cities Show How the Nation Regards the
Over and above the thousands of 1911 Cadillacs already delivered, two thousand people are, at this
moment, patiently waiting for the car of their choice.
It seems to us that we may well be pardoned for pointing to the positive, unswerving character of
this Cadillac demand. i
It is a national conviction, so firmly grounded th at Cadillac dealers of their own initiative, are invest
ing in splendid new Cadillac retail buildings for 1911 a total of more than $2,500,000.
New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Providence, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Milwau
kee, Buffalo, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Denver, Toronto, Seattle, Vancouver, B. C, Jacksonville, New Or
leans. Houston, Rochester everywhere the same clear-cut disposition to ignore, the claims of any other car
save the Cadillac.
You will find none of these two thousand Cadil lac buyers looking with envious eyes at costlier cars.
You will find none of them tempted by the vacillating market of lower-priced motor cars.
But you will find, in every large city in the country, scores of men who have owned higher-priced
automobiles, in the past, driving 1911 Cadillacs.
Between the two extremes stands the Cadillac, solid as a rock in public esteem.
It is the foremost exponent now, as it was the first four years ago, of the policy of attaining the mini
mum price by large production, without abating one iota oi excellence.
Uncertainty among those who buy above the Cadillac price; and uncertainty among those who buy
below it; but none among those who buy the Cadillac what does this indicate to you?
Do you know why 137 cities show long Cadillac waiting lists?
Do you know why 2000 people are content to watt upon Cadillac deliveries?
Do you know why they are not attracted by cars of either a higher or lower price?
Because the nation has act Hired motor wisdom because it knows that neither hieh price nor low neces
sarily indicates value.
Because the nation is lenmins to know that no price can compensate for lack of. standardization.
Because the Cadillac, with 107 parts and 191 operations accurate to the l ionn of an inch, possesses
in this standardization an indispensable quality for winch there is no substitute.
Last year we pointed to 112 parts accurate to l-'.ooii of pu inch.
We said that this accuracy was the .no element whicii .n-stificd a $:,() price r.nd that the Cadillac
possessed it in a higher decree than any other ear.
We said then and thousands echoed it that th -re was no better motor car value ;n the world.
This year we come to you with the grand work of tjmchrouizaticn, harmony ami perfect alignment
puahecl still further toward perfection.
!i.7 parts in the 1911 Cadillac and 191 operations accurate to the l-lf;i..i of an -n, t,.
That means a degree of st.culanliratioa equalled by no other :a,r in the world.
Do yon fiid nn explanation n.v for the exUaord tury conditions descr.'.. d . the . orogoing portion
if this announcement?
Do you appreciate v.:y the Cad. line is immune f .-ui th" Cotnpet;:o:i cf i.r kr.-.aM' rr lower price? .
1, 'A'
t a
i i I.
..y.-' jf.y".
'-'''" 1 " " ' - i i; : - - lr-r .- "iV
Price $1700 f.o.b. Detrict
F- : T a.:.:. t
) f.o.b Detroit
Torpedo. Sisv.; Coiue.
i'tinip sJli
in t-'ea
I !
c .ai. V a.' c.-

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