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Pacific Commercial Advertiser
son:. bio doubt.
i entitled
hope that thi:
f oreshad. iivs
t h n u l; in li T tin
i.ew to l..- tl
of win.-, the defendant
have tin- benefit." We 1
decision indicates and
a general adoption
country of wi.-tt we be-
.p:nt of t ::. KiigHsh
criminal jaw. mat wuen a. man is once
t-i i tivi i-t oil (if a crime, the conviction is
not tu l.e set aside except for grounds
which lead the appellate court to doubt,
tin- substantial justice of the convic-
SUGAR. -96 Degrees Test Centrifugals, ic. Per Ton, S80.00.
fc'H Analysis Beets, 9s. 0! 2d. Per Ton, S77.73.
U. S WEATHER BUREAU. December 7. Last 21 Hours' Rainfall,
Temperature, Max. 73; Min. 68. Weather, cloudy.
ni the Kast indicate that a new turn is to In
.mtroxersy at the present session of congress
l'ispattht s fi
Baliiliger I'mchot
ward a piopo-i ' hoi to refer the government's action in tht
claim- cases to the District of Columbia court of appeals.
The di-i'ositioii of tiie case is a matter t hat rests
given to the
bringing for-
famous Cunningham
whoil v
wit hia
execut i
local court
written by
Nor toil till
with him
' power ill
g to prose
ml tu the
ami under him of the secretary -of interior,
however. Secretary Ijallinger intends
i;e place the matter in the hands of t-ue
nt information.
President that
is a surprising change, it is thought, in view of the.lett.T
Secretary Norton for I're-idt nt Taft veiy lecently. in which Mr.
Id the Pinclmt brother- that the President would allow them to rile
a brief designed to !i,iw whv the 'u u n ingna in claims should not be
carried to patent. It will be remembered that the Cunningham claims were the
central factor in the controversy which raged under the administration of
Secretary Garfield and again under that of Mr. lialliiiger. The claims apply ti
it is suppiist'd,
A Reporter's Aeroplane Ride J
There are plenty of reporter- at the
aviation meets, but as the;r observa
tions are usually made from terra firma.
we have so far had very few acounts
of how it really feels to tlv. The man
i ns the machine has of her thin'-
is nor usually "a
i 'irrespond'Mit of
wever. recently
it invite,!
to go
and the
a very large area of most valuable coal land in Alaska and are
ultimately controlled by the Guggenheim interests.
The situation is one which is likely within a
to affect the whole of the coal trade of the Pacific C
Canal is opened to affect the coal trade generally.
As it would take action by congress to get anything done toward placing
the matter in the hands of the courts, the opportunity will be open for an
extremely bitter struggle on the floor in which the wh'ole
Ballinger-Pinchot controversy can be aired. This controversy is in a very
delicate situation, at the present time, owing to the widely different reports
made yesterday by the majority and minority of the investigating committee.
It was known, vf course, that at least two reports would be offered by different
sections of the- committee at the opening session of congress, and news comes
from Washington that intriguing in behalf of each side of the controversy
lias been under way foe come weeks. It would be considered unfortunate for
the administration to afford another opportunity to pti-h this matton promi
nently before the public. a would be the case were legislation asked for.
comparatively short time,
;ist. and when the Panama
conservation and j motion
to think about. ami
graphic writer. A
the London Time-,
took an air-frin. bei
because he weighed lift; pound
aviators were having a weigh
ing contest. The wind was '
aiiour twenty miles an hour
rest ot the ctimju.'titurs declined to
take the risk, so the aviator and the
reporter had a "'walk-over." but not
as tame as most victories of that kind
We read:
"The worst part of such a journev
for the novice is the waiting until
everything is ready for the start. The
sensath'ii of anticipation is not unlike
the feeling that one has when one is
waiting for a wounded boar to l.reak
cover from the corner into which he
is driven. P.ut once the propeller -fart
to whirl behind you all other thoughts
beyond exhilaration of rapid mo
tion vanish. You have gripped the
struts thinking that you will have to
hold on like grim death, but vou im
mediately find that this is not neces
sary. The machine moves along the
ground at an extraordinary pace, and I
only knew that it was actually fly
ing when I saw the elevating-plane
change from the horizontal. of the
f flight it is diilieult to speak
Even in the high wind that
Mr. Grace was now climbing, it was
iii.t more than the sensation of a beau
tifully balanced motor car. The earth
in this case the sward of the Lanark
racecourse seemed to be racing away
from under us, and in a Hash we were
level with the first pylon and the
judge's box.
"The machine was now up to ISO
feet, and 1 became engrossed in Mr.
Grace's method in flying. It seemed
to me that his attention was glued n
his elevating-plane, with just moment
ary glances out of his eye to judge the
distance by which he had to shun each
pylon in its turn. We were now cross
ing fields and water. I could observe
the gates, the wire fences, and a man
bathing in the water. Then we were
round into the wind, (fur pace imme
diately slackened, and Mr. Grace was
working to keep his machine in the
air. As we crossed a rad we were
going so slowly that I could observe
atelv outline,! in an article on me mr-t
eign spv bugaboo by Gardiner Mack
:u i opuiar .vi.ee na in es ior i 'ecein hit.
Mr. Mack not only shows that any per
son seeking information regarding tin'
military resources of this cmmtiy can
get all he wants from the government
otlicers or libraries, but that picture
postcards showing views of formica-;
lions, range tinder and guns made ;
from detail producing photographs are!
to lie had anywhere lor insignificant j
sums. That other nations are not tjuitc!
so liberal with their information In'
also shows. The writer calls the 1'ni-j
ted States a kindergarten for spies be-'
cause none but T lie varie: tvros in me
business are needed to gather together
the hidden (?) facts as to our arma
ment. Mr. Mack admits there are a
i from rage 0ne)
l,,,.dP them iu one
""'t h0ewie wno
' : l bank, forty-five
'1 and a vegetaulej bill
' 'k"' feH out accbrd
"kons with great
ie twentv .
i , . - ""-veis and
"i"'.'111''1, check..
!'v Klt,,m tliat 1 knew it IK
i i ' ; ;
fed ti
left uncovered in I
e v a re
few )
I lie
all wa s
tion of the hoof
marii? of a
that had recently passed. Here
,bservation ceased, as Mr. Grace
now battling with the wind. We
, tdv oiiO yards to traverse tit cross
the winning line, hut the dead weight
against the wind was bringing the ma
chine down. Then there
heavier than them all.
machine just up the requisite amount
?o (oss the line, and we came gently
to earth. It had only been a four
minutes' ride, "out it was certainly the
most delightful ride that I had ever
experienced. The only recollection that
I have that will describe the general
-ensation is that of exquisite motion."
few miutarv
America, but he a.-sert
and far between. j
"In only one country iu the world is'
there no law against the publication !
and sale of all information relating to j
military and naval matters." the writer j
states, "the I'nited States. The other:
great powers make the punishment of
-iiies a- drastic as possible. The 1 rev-1
fns case iu Friuihe give an excellent
idea of the mann r in which a s.ipposed
secret agent is treated. Only recently
a naval spy was captured in France
-ecured secret.
it man believed to
naval iilans. His ounishment was
quick, a sure and as severe as that ad-j
ministered Captain lreyfu-. Frequent !
sights in port town-- of Europe, are
signs in several languages warning:
came a gust tourists that no photographs may be j
It took the taken within certain limits, the metes i
and bounds being carefully stated. At;
Gibraltar, the English government will!
not permit tourists to land with cam-!
eras. Neither will the Japanese at Xa- j
gasaki. In fortified towns, visitors arej
permitted only in certain specified dis-!
trict. P.evond that lieavv armed,
'gua n
fleet as a
all over the country
way of a get-rich-qnick
The Purr P.rothers. the New York stock swindlers recently unmasked by tht
postollici- authorities, had in their oilice what is known on Wall
"sucker list."' This list contained the names Xif pe
who would "bite"' at anything offered them in tin
scheme, if the list was at all representative it must have been a long one. One
of the discouraging signs of the times is the eagerness .wit h which temptations
for reckless investments prevail. Not only inexperienced women and young
men just out if school, but men of mutiny years and some success sometimes
snap up propositions that should not, on their very face, deceive anybody. The
love of money is the root of a good deal of credulity.
. - -
Through error, either in the Associated Pre-s oliice in San Francisco or in
the cable transmission, a recent message was received by The Advertiser and
published to the effect that Secretary Uallinger was the author vf a ship
subsidy hill, which he expected would be passed during this session of congress.
Instead of the bill being from Secretary Ballinger, however, mail advices show
that it is the bill formerly presented iu the senate by Senator Gallinger. dust
how Secretary Hallinger was to have a hill presented in the senate was not
apparent, but the Associated message received was clear enough.
Army and
Navy News
shall deem it expedient to legislate so
as to g've more substantial peeuniarv
recognition to those of the employes in
Ins otlice who ability, adaptability
and interest in their work merit such
recognition. ' '
ar progress
! . Our Unguarded Military Secrets. i
j When the nations of the earth wish!
to learn the military secrets ot the'
I'nited States they send polite notes to!
navy depart-j
q iickly com-
"This sort of thing lias got to stop," said Judge Cooper from the circuit
court bench yesterday, referring to the number of cases vf assault upon girls
in Honolulu. The judge might have gone further ami annouunced that the
making of agreements between the lawyers for the prosecution and those for
the defense that, if a jdea of guilty were made sentence would be suspended,
has also got tv stop. It leads to sn-picion and it also gives the city attorney's
department the power to be not only the prosecuting department of the gov
ernment but the sentence imposing part as well.
Every week, a dozen or so. notices which the writers would like to see
appear in the Ivcal coliimn of this paper, are thrown in the wastepaper basket
because the ones writing them have not seen fir to follow the yle of this paper
iu their communications. If a notice is worth being printed, it is worth being
properly written by the one it benefits. A few minutes devoted to studying
notices that do appear will shvvv others how to write. The Advertiser office
is a busy place and there is no time to spare to correct other people's mistakes,
made week after week.
Ihmolulans are uniformly considerate. This is a trait generally shared and
one for which the citizens of this city are noted at home and abroad. P.ecause
of this de-ire to be considerate, Ilouohilaiis will do their Christmas shopping
early and will not unite iu one grand rush during the last two or three davs,
Jerks wil
overworked, the chance of a good -election will be b
the possibility of disappointment more. For that matter, lb.
as well "I'o If Now."
-s a nil
made by
Sa,s ;,
Of the d
norm;.'! ii
This v , u
:ce estimates of the population of the commonwealth of Australia,
the federal -t a t ist ici.'i n, place the total number -of people in the six
f.bT!. according to eon-ular reports received here. The taking
"fiitiial census will he begun, on April 1. ilMl. and allowing fvr a
hat date the population is expected to reach, t ,.ii l.ni li I.
increase duting the past decade of about 7'".'" '0.
over nor
1. un-iiov
un. I it.
t rear
! am! i
!e 1 av.
'1 the breakwater and wondered how ft could
c the stoims and the winds and the uproar that
watched the Covernor and wondered about the
Desertions in Army.
WASHINGTON. November lo. Ac
cording to the annual report of Adjt. (
Gen. Ainsw.irth, there are 4. 310 otlicers !
and fi7.4o!t enlisted men in the regular ihe war department or th
army and ;i otlicers and "r.liti.t enlisted j ment and their desires an
men in the Philippine S.-outs. making j I'11'''1 with- This is a itli'tti"
a total of 4.470 otlicers and 7l.'.."i."i!t en- !
listed men. not including .'!,ls0 enlisted i
men of the Hospital Corps, hut includ- ;
ing If'7 first lieutenants of the Med'oa! !
I'eserve Corps on active duty. The I
commanding generals of a majority of j
jth" geographical military departments, I
as in previous years, invite attention m i
their annual re; orts t the shortage of!
oliicers due tnanily to the relatively
large numl-rs of oliicers absent from
their comma mis on detached service.
From these reports it appears that
l!-"."!! per cent of the ! ne oliicers and
lo.f,7 per cent of the general and staff
oliicers were al sent from their com
mands. Of the (U-2 line otlicers on de
tached duty. ")'"). or 4 per cent, were
captains or lieutenants.
.. Reductions in Desertions. "
Tn the matter of desertions, the nd-
infant general says that the condition
that confronts the government is a very
grave one. The ollieial returns show
".111 desertions from tht1 enlisted force
during the past fiscal year. This num
ber is :J,.r,ii per cent of the whole number
of enlisted men in service, or of en
listment contracts in force, during that
year. The number is Mn.fi per cent less
than the number of desertions during
the preceding fiscal year.
The adjutant general says that the
'eduction in the desertion ratio is un
doubtedly due to the continuance of
svsfemat'c a ml vigorous efforts to ap
prehend and punish deserters.
The regiments serving in the United
States that had the lowest percentages
of desertions during the year were the
21th Infantry and the lblh Cavalry,
both colored organizations. The regi
men s with the highest percentage-: of
desertions were the 4th Field Artillery,
the sfh Tnfantrv and !th Cavalry. Of
the white troops 11.77 per cent and
of the colored troops hut 1" per cent
were reported as deserters, as compared
with o.oVi per cent for the whole army.
Compared With British Army.
Comparative tables show, the adju
tant general says, that the desertion
rate of our colored troops compares
favorably with the very low desertion
rate of the P.ritish army, and that both
of these rates are very mtn-h lower than
the .lescitioii rate of our white troops.
"Ina-mtich as our colored soldier-,
including tho-e who desert as well as
those who do not," says the adjutant
general, "are treated in every way pre-
nit white sonnei-s, i: s
Expert witnesses are allowed to give
evidence as to what is their opinion,
and hence are out of the reach of an
indictment for perjury, which always
hangs over the head of the ordinary
witness, who can testify to fact Qiily.
Apropos of this, there used to he a
--.aying current, years ago. of a judge
who recogi ized three degrees in liars:
the liar simple, the d d liar, and the
expert witness. There is another ver
sion which is of interest namely, the
three degrees of liars, which are said
to he the liar, the d d liar, and the
mining engineer.
Rebuke to the Technicians.
The Outlook.
Improved Property
Judd Street, 7-room house $ 5,000.00
Liliha Street, 1.54 acres and 5-room house 7,500.00
King Street, 12,540 square feet of ground and 7-room house 7,500.00
Vineyard Street, 12 cottages and grounds; will yield a hand
some net investment . 35,000.00
Tantalus, 1.46 acres -with 5-room house and stables 7.000.00
Unimproved Property
Nuuanu Street, 46,800 square feet. Watch Nuuanu grow...$ 8,000.00
Bates Street, 7S.467 square feet, mauka side 7,500.00
; - J . t!
111 UL&
a -
evident that this treatment is not a
cause of desertion .among them, ami
the reasons for their very low desertion
rate are substantially the same as in
the case of the P.ritish soldier. In fh!
conuect ion. a remark made by Secretin-
of War Proctor, in his report for
Kahuku Ranch
1 84,000 Acres
Tin- S,ipi.
St.it- s has ,
Tin- Uitjo,.;
not in it-eSi',
it sets iu c
know. The
serious d,
j.iU'ience I
emits ;,,
t e--: , .',!
lie, -I) (-!
To -I',
rev ,
,-e tie
vaut.ig, hn-pa-si.-n:
com inn tiitv
i'eeii ;;!iii'.-;
who shot a
no Cmiri 0f the Fn'fed
' 'elf red opinion VV 'n-h
regard-' as of great value.
-nr in the example winch
urts, state .'Hid fed i rai.
ry, ,s our readers
has regarded as a
Amrr.can juris
ncv of American
- upon purely
tendency has
eeii in c i n. i mi ! trial-.
-,-S every j,os-:b!e ad
i a!.ost a n Amei'can
soiely upon the ev
t -ie
!- . I
Te :
oi;!d try the ca:
eiice. fiirlv an
n,i!!U ,,f the piry to be present dur
ig tin- argument of a legal iiue-tion be-
f 1 i' tin- conn; remarks made by the
; 'i'o-ecii! : u g ;:t'onn v iu lus opening ad
j'M'e --; peni, i-sioi; to : lie jury to sepa
! r.it d-iring the tr.ai: an opportunity
jfo;- tiie' i to read tiie daiiv papers pt ml
j ;"g the trial: evidence that the prison
, '!- wa- required, iu preliminary pro-
put on a blouse in or.h r
Mil. Those
! bv the
tiie year
ing of the
and color
matter of
ss'.i is pertinent. In
d i (V.M'eiice bet ween tin
d men of our army
ileserf ion . he sa id : "
spea -whit
olored ti,;: tt the service oll.r
aieer; to the whit'1 man foo often oi
refuge. ' '
Service the First Consideration.
The adjutant general concludes a f
di-.-iiss;,,,, ,,f the
w i , h the I " 1 1 1 , w i i i ;
siibieci of
comment :
I 'ie
" :
t h
. t'
I w ; files
u- wer
- technical
'o t he 1 1 1 T' i
to identify h
all overrun-,
" I he treatment ot the deserter
I should not be governed either by vin
! , ict i v imicss toward him nor by a ueuislv
sentimental regard for his interest. It
rn ,
-l ot
1 1 r:
''org' ffeii. .!;
man iu tee
i and vv;, c
!' t . c,-, to I Ml pi Isonmeio ; , , - l.te, a p
pe:. led to i .e Supreme 1 " :It of ; !;e
l'i ite-i stnt'-s on yari-.r,- tivim:f,i!
ground-: inf"':.-iry iu the p'ti'ti-eo'eigy
o'' t ne i i 1 - i I ( 1 1 n nt; tiie cla : m that i n
co:n p. -r ,-n: evidence was ad a: i t : i he
tore the grand jury; the jefii-tai of the
'oi.it to exclude from the jury a man
who had read 1 he newspapers, win) had
no "pinion oth.-r than that d'-rived from
the papers, but who believed that ho
e. I :,f
a! I tri:
nl : a n
actual doiib
alter going
rire case, g ,
von ii,,-..
l m
bjections tl
of the ease.
rtanf was tl
:ri of fj,e d'-ti
l.'lt del
. Per-
t i o II
' i r
: 1
l!'t." ;
a -una ''
Veil hy the of T
e doubt is i s- a t i
"e coils,- ons : t V
minds the ! d,-se
ifi'iu to a!! j :s ti
nai-t of -t. ; : her,
H,"!1 in a s.
brought d
ion, it. V
own tin-ill.
a a v case- ,
t oi tin
liu that
' Will ! ,
'Vice "I
icl t e V'e r
: a ry
itiii t
to a
bv their
and imt
an: e
re a?
i in i
e, 1.
, i ,
a re
a :
ilia !
rta nee
to :- - ' tieean.-e of n ,- h
are conscious of bavins;
on he-
lit! in any mat
.von'd he-'tate
doubt as vou
that is a rea-
t in
II b
' i ' I v ,
,w n.
t ii.
a rm v
be et
. ami
: -i iy
Located on the Island of Hawaii. Extends
from Mauna Loa to the sea.
A grand business proposition.
Wil! support 7000 to 8000 head of cattle.
10,000 acres of fine grazing land.
750 acres of fruit, garden or cane land.
Ohia and koa forests.
Good water supply.
Hawaiian Trust Co.,
Honolulu, T. H.
Thn adjutant genera! pays a tribute
to he zeal and elhcjeney of the civilian
midlives In his otlice. and savs it will
afford ii i in "much pleasure if I'ongreiS'
cell!- ;i
hi tim
v he';,
ing t.
glee e.t
the lift,
the tune.
Lady Shed Tears.
1 pm .-eving the name Chung LeoBff
tnecnecK. a .rilimg cross exaS
t.on commciced and ttie Chinese Tadv
'":" ,! 'lX tcars a11 over vlZ
Sam s lunm ire and carpets. FinS
;.dvam.g the whole Chined
buiguage ,u various combinations a!
being ner n,ic she broke dowu and
--'. tossed that her true name was
Chung l.cong. Tableau. 8
Ppstairs rue appeal from the decision
ot .ludge i ooper denying McBride the
win i,t naiieas corpus fur Jue Yuen
-Mow procee,,.,! all .lay in the supreme
court. .McCride fi,used his case but
-Uilvertoii, who is still conducting ft
tor th.' city, had not completed his and
it will be resume 1 at nme o'clock thia
Eeal Meat of the Nut.
In case the high tribunal sustains
( ooper and reman. is the man againinto
the custody of .sheriff .larrett the
next step of Mcliride is not quite clear
In case lie finds that he has exhausted
all mean.- .to delay the procedures the
warrant of extradition will probably
be served on Jue Yuen Mow by Conlon.
Then the identical struggle "over the
cu-iuuy vii. me woman win take place
and the whole procedure will be gone
over again. The legal fight, which is
getting more wearisome every minute
is costing t lie city a lot of money and
the city officials a lot of valuable time.
Incidentally the fact that both the
prisoners are accused of serious crimes
in San Francisco where they should be
tried, seems to have been hist in the
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