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VOL. LIT., NO. 88G0.
if ill I SA. ill
Waikiki Appeals to the Surgeon
General as Place for
Naval Hospital.
Stokes Thinks Beach Ideal Place
as Base for Wounded and
Sick Sailors.
Surgeon-General Stokes of the Unit
ed States Navy is deeply impressed with 1
Honolulu as the place for one of the !
two proposed naval hospital bases, and !
, i
is particularly impressed with aikiki.
He nas his
eve on one particular i
"location, which again revives the rumor j
that the United Slates contemplates -
talcing in almost the entire beach f ront-1 1 5'1S JU""' '
ag.3 from Kapiolani Park to Kalia road, j Immigrants Looked Good.
Furthermore, he has stated that, " I saw the laborers and thought that
ready-to-hand hospitals are already j they looked a good lot; Doctor Fitz
erected and waiting for the authorities , pat rick sigued a certificate as to the
to convert them into a base for sick j immigrants' fitness, and that was
and wounded men of the navy, and satisfactory to us.
designates three hotels which are locat-i "In Cebu the recruits were examined
ed on the beach. ! bv a surgeon of the Marine Corps of
i inese noteis on tne neacu are tlie ;
3loana, Seaside and Waikiki Inn, al
though there are other hotels further
down the beach of importance in the
hotel lists. One of these is the Han
Tree, occupving a large area rf ground
oetween trie seaside and tort DC Kussy.'
ine enrrent number ot the Army and j via Xagasaki. to Hawaii.
JNavy Journal devotes a column of edi-: .. . m ,
torial to naval surgery in war, com-1 Possibly Tampered With. j
menting on the comprehensive plans for ! "It is possible that the party that;
the immediate care of sick and wound- came via Hongkong and which had to j
ed men for both the Atlantic and Pa-1 wait one week in that city, may have
cifie Xieeans which are being developed : ln-en tampered with and the numbered j
by the navy department under Surgeon-! bangles that they wear given to other!
(ieneral Stokes. j Filipinos, who then boarded tiie ship
Most Important Ease. ""d thus reached Hawaii.
These plans contemplate the estab-i "Another thing is that some of the.
Jishment of one great hospital base 0I1 i leases mentioned in the rejK.rts that;
each ocean; one hospital : 'lip for eachiare -l,inir tht ronn,ls- nia.v hj,Vt" heea
.rtio-ht hfittloslMiiu ,i ; contracted in Hongkong, and then dur-l
transports to carrv the wounded from'1'1" tlle v0.vaSe across, may have re
the hospital ships "to the hospital bases h'ivejj no treatment, in fact may have
Honolulu is the choice of the surgeon-' 1,een concealed from the officers on
general for the Pacific base, and" the'1,oara-
establishment of this base Would de-j " It is just as much, or even more, to
monstrate that Uncle Sam is determined
to make of Oahu the most important
military and naval base under the llag.
The siirg.A)n-geiieral declare? that the
Ciimate and sanitation here are excel
lent, which form two of the principal I
reasons for causing him to choose Ho-1
nolulu. The Armv and Xavv Journal
leierring to uenerai stokes ' views says:
"Surgeon-General Stokes has been
impressed with the advantages of Wai
kiki for the Pacific base. There are at
ine present time three large hotels at I
this place which could be converted j
into hospitals. Xo such advantageous!
place has been found on the Atlantic, j
although there are a number of places!
mat couni be used. The naval hospital
bases will be in charge of surgeons and
physicians drafted from the proposed
Navy Medical Reserve, which would
include some 4f the most noted sur
geons, physicians and pathologists of
the country."
Noted Surgeons in Reserve. j
The surgeon-general has recommend- I
ed that Doctor Oiler, the Mayo broth-j
cis, vi iiocnester, .Minnesota ; Doctor
Finney, of Jtaltimore; Doctor Kichur i
sou, of Uoston, and other surgeons of
international reputation be commission
ed officers iu the Xvy Medical lie
serve. Cnder his plan lor this reserve
eminent .-urgeons will be given com
missions ami titles in this reserve, but
,i ,
v fay e.wept wneu ordered on active'
duty as in time of war. He has com
municated with many of the gentlemen
Ot the elass indicated on the subject,
and every one of them thinks well of
the idea and expresses a Willingness t.o
join the reserve.
The surgeon-general is now preparing,
a bill embodying his views in di-taii.
and it will b,. introduced and referred
to the naal committee in tlie near
futuie. 'J J.e n.mmittci- is lav orablv
-imeU, and tin-re seems to be no ib
ie no doiiot
that iLe proposition will
receive a
unanii.-eui, report.
it Was iiit'd'e.-s to point Out, Sur-
gcon (b I vt,Kt said, that the
medical force on each battleship, con-
."u,'n l" a suigeon. his assistant and i
lour i,r fiVv ,,r.ierlie, could not taki
orociiies, could not take!,,osT. When
care ot the
a v e r.-o'o mi in ! ,er 1 1 f i n ii 1 1 . , ! I
-- - s . . ,
laat IIP t' lit be ii.-l.eTiil.i,l tinot. to r.wn! :
ironi any ,,it of sustained action. The
- - - i - " "
"icuiea. ,-.-ire hospital ships, flying;
the lied Ctoss flag, and therefore pro- i
tected ns lioin-ojnbatants, are to cooper-!
ate, aecrdnig to the Stokes jdan. f rom J
two main hospital bases, one ou the'
Pacific coast and one on the Atlantic;
ot taking a' a re .f j
estimated average
A,,r a oar tie
all of w!;i,-ii
eral engage-,,,
To ea.-n ,.
sels fuiir iios
tache-.i. it,,
figures submit
Of casualties
Meet of sixteel-i vessels.;
had participated in a gen-;
itt'e lloef of sixteen fs ;
pi lal ships would be at-!
tiie basis of interesting;
ted by the surgeon-general
in the various naval bat-;
ties ot the Pusso-Japanese war.
logical to expect in a hard fougl
it ist
con - ;
Iest average of about -Jod dead aud
founded inpr, t0 0;1C, ship engaged. On
tais basis the four hospital ships to a
battle fb-et of sixteen would be able,
after a battle, or during a lull, to re
move an nvrrre.To nf o-.-i AA n,1
Wnniido.1 . ' i.'x.t . 1 1
c "ic.i per snjp in a roiai perron
1 nve hours for the entirw. fleet.
Says Filipinos Were Thoroughly
Examined in Philippines,
but Not Hongkong.
I have Lad no opportunity, so far.l
to see the Filipino laborers nlm nnnnnr
o have cause,! so much .1 Uciwsinn in 1
Honolulu, that is since niv return to sbiture, as li s ueeded, uutil the wholej
Hawaii," lemarked Koval D. Mead to!is completed.' j
in Advertiser reporter vesterdav after-
noon. "Still. I think that the renorts !
as to the diseases thev ar t i,
" ,
suffering from, are exaggerated some-1
what. These laborers were subjected'
to .hist as ligid an examination in the '
l'hiliijines. before being sent here, as
they were subjected to when they
reacned Honolulu.
"The immigrants who were recruited
in Luzon were all examined bv our own
doctor, who is on the payroll of the
planters here. Doctor Fitzpatrick is
c?nsillVred1to !'f ne .of the 1,l,st l'll-vsi'
eians in the Philippines, and he thor-
... ,..,,;,- ',p 1,,rt,.
... .
mouth. Heart and bodies were, in t
. ' . , ' ',
cases, tested, and the immigrant
the United
over went to Hongkong; thev came.
Ith' interests ot the planters ot these
Islands, to get the best possible lalor. ;
and to select healthv people for the
Xo riffraff is desired and
ableboilied men are what the sugar
people want.
"There is plenty of available labor
'in the Philippinesand most of the men
are good for the work they are ottered
(Continued on Page Four.)
A few hundred thousand feet of lum
ber arrived on the schooner Pred .T.
Sanders from the Northwest, on Thurs
day, to be use-1 in erecting the tem
porarv cantonment for the Second In
fantrv, due i o arrive here from Fort
Thomas in March.
The lumber i being discharged from
the schooner ami loaded upon cars for
transportation to Loiiehua. The site
for the cantonment was selected sev
eral months ago. when it was first
'.earned that the war department con
templated sending a regiment of iu-
fantrv to Leilehuu in addition to the
Icavalrv and field artillerv, and the ce
ment bacs were set several weeks ago.
Cupt. M. X. Kalis, depot quartermas
ter. I. s. ., u ho is constructing qnar-i4'rm,-sj
ei- in the district of Hawaii, will
look after the erection of the tempo
rary quarters. lie has plenty of time
to get evervt hiiig in order, and when
the Second arrive, about the middle
of March, the otlicers and men will have
coin f ort a ble qua rt ers.
The transportation problem between
Honolulu and Schoileid Parra.-k- has
a i! v
adved. as
runs a !;i
the Oahu I'aiiway Com
ie directly into the am,"
tne cavairv cantonment
i at Leileii ia. nearly two
nearest railroad station
vva. a few miles awav.
.. : ' . i. ...
,i s . , I I 1 i . . I ' '
-. .1...
was at YVahia
From ther
1 barracKs s'te the
ber had to be pulled
slush and over bad
as , ili'-u ; - and t i me
the quarters were
;.ers a rrived.
wagons haul::;;
through mire
ro.ois. The w,
was limited,
readv when th
1 1
While the
Kist-n Kaish
is final, tiie
is not to be
I Wl
he T-yo
ilic Mai!
n petition
a nn
and the Pa
fed keen Co
urn ;s tiie latest repor
from the Orient, where it is said that i
( ieneral Manager Sehwerin of the Pa
cific Mail entered into an agreement
with the T. K. K. people that it is
letter to be friendlv in opposition than
to be going after rates with a pruning
knife, just to oblige the public.
There isi to b-1 com net i T ion l,etwet.n
t . 1: ,1 -i, , .
ine lines, ma mere wi.i Pe no rate war
n.or ani- cutting of threats.
states, and the ones that' f, , ... , - ;.i,. frnm tt self n. believimr that the present dis- the consulate
i were sent on were declared to be all .... , , .:n ......ntn.ilU- IiMnnui :i bisrltioned in the
i . ,, , ,. ,. . , inroad winnow oi ine waroeu s uim-t- n.vi - ...
i nirht. The rilnunos from Cebu never i , . , . ... , i... . . ,.,i-.,ti-;ii,f mw ,,nd that this insti-1 premises and tue
'- . r ., ,. ,. i WHICH is at Hie Ulltlie ailll inu lunns miiiuiui.vu....fl - -.
went.ito Manila; they were shipped,, via ; ... . it t ., .. .:n i' ,,T;.. chr.bl he removed from its pres-.tiou, and no one
' , ,, , a now too iool at mils ooini. win aiau mn-.- . , ,
llonifkoncr. on the marine surfeoii s cer- . . ... L . , ..... i r,,.. wnii it- tor no. see tlie consul
.i 1?- r.iiii , ,,, i.-.ifi n tr 1111TI1 ' ijiit l icil L u li ivi i v , ... .
lU;fi,t . Tl,.-. immint1 frnn. T.nwn lu"""ul" vif v"" i a sat sfa.torv s
PRISON TO COST $250,000;
Plans are now lienor completed nvl
J" "l
tliv department of public works to pre-j
st-ut to the legislature, moeing in Feb-;
inary, the drawings of a model peni
tentiary designed to supersede the pres-j
ent antiquated structure on "tin? reef, "i
While the proposed building will cost,
v;Uen completed, about .2o0.000, it has,
lcon so acsigutf.l that it may be eon-'
strueted piecemeal, a iitue ty eacn leg-
1 e plans, which have been drawn;
under the supervision of -Uarston-
Campbell, superintendent of v-ublic
works, contains the most modern ;
thought which has been placed in the;
construction of prisons and is modeled !
largely on Xew York's new criminal
detention statious.
The present plans include an elabor
ately drawn front elevation, including a
bioad flight of steps entering on the
second floor offices, but these will be
softened down. The proposed prison
will, when completed, be in the form of
a capital V, with the right "leg" brok
en off in the middle. At the joining
corner will be situated the offices of the
warden, the property rooms, dark cells
and other necessarv accommodations,
hort wing containing the women "s ;
cells and the longer one the cells for the
male prisoners.
Easily Guarded.
Another wing is to be
"on top" of the left leg of the V and
is now designed to contain other cells.'
i,t will .oohablv be converted to din -
in'TTooms and kitchens. The protected :
Supervisors Lay Out a Program!
for the Legislature General
Revision Desired.
WAILVKt. December 2s. The board
.ot supervisors of the ( oiintv of Ma n
met iu special session todav and dis-j
cussed proposed matters for legislation !
.,, . .. .
with representatives-elect and leading
citizens of Main. The following is a
synopsis of legislation d-cussed:
liejieal of law fixing planes of dep
uty sheriffs and their bonds.
Kepeal portions of the County Act ex
empting the appointees of the countv
sheriff from approval of the boaid of
Apiointees to be on same plane as
those of other elective county otlicers.
That the county be given authority
to ojierate electric power commercially
same as water svstems.
To authorize tlie board of supervisors
in their discretion to transfer any and
all of their powers to one of their
members as executive ollicer of that
board, to act between meetings of the
board for i;, and to report and receive
the approval of all his acts at the next
following meeting of the board.
Provide for the calling of special
meetings of the board by its chairman
or a majority of its members.
Traiisf.'i the appointment find pay
ment of ail government physicians as
well as ail local health matters to the
counties, under the genera! supervision
of til.- territorial board of health.
Transfer to tin1 counties the appoint
ment and payment of ;i school super
intendent and all school teachers, as
well as all other local school matters,
subject to general supervision of the
(Continued on Page Foiir. )
wat Kirn wx. 1
Peari Harbor the
em 1 'cr
1 Mm n
of the 11. l
a e ex 1 ieri-
mp.-tny 1
'. a n
Dredging 1
d the no:
hesf Kile
of weather dur
( in Thursday
r worst night,
n-e tlie dredges
ie I'earl Harbor
Cue past t
'ie' I;
-out rai t.
I ll'Ui;, i
A south wind ha I U-eu blowing for
two day-, and by Thursday night it had
kicked up a treui'-iidous se:'i. All the
dredges had to stop work. The dump
scow- v. ere taken inside the harbor,
while the dtvdges rode out the storm
alone. Tlie Pear! Mar's pontoon line
was thrown upon the reef, and as a
res',i!t she will be out of nmmisiou
tor a few day-. The liavlord and the
'alifornia came through uninjured. It.
w ill probably be two or three 'hays be
fore a!i tiie dredges will be ready for
work again.
TF.CI'i CALPA. December ;M.
lion-Lira go eminent says that
of a revolution are groundless.
huilling. other than the purtt
: the oiii.es. win be like an im-1
huusi ng
nieiise shell, b-iug limit entirely or re-i
inforeed concrete pillars with nothing!
bur wired glass in series of plane
pointing down on the outside in the
intervals. While it 'will be impossil.de
to break these, which take t lie place of
windows running the full height of the
three stories, they will admit a great
quantity of light and as there are in
tervals of space between each plane,
the ventilation will be complete.
Xo cells will abut on the outside
wails, but will be built up in the center
of this outside "shell in three tiers,
"- "J4C S """tuS
' V" - '
i,,. .hi. n - ,o. , i,i Turn i ii. -i -moti
distance from t tie outside wan. inisi
w.n, lt,.,vo ;l ,0.,t around the tiers of!
veils. To escape from this tier andj
ft '!'i tM!
lllery. a convict will have,
.1 tl
to pass tnrougu about six doors nerore tne Chinese residents against the con
he can even think of getting out of the. , . ,.,:nlv tl) tlu f;.,,t thafth?
Up-to-Date Style.
V 4.' ' i ti, , , ..,',i ndinr1
modatiwns and the pining and otner
conveniences will be of the most np-to
date style. The prisoners will be re
ceived at the jail on the basement llonr.
a special entrance being provided for
the women, whose" quarters are secluded
entirely from those of the men. j
"The sanitary arrangements ot tne
nresent prison. " said Mr. Campbell yes-
u,ra.xy-. . are a disgrace, and the sooner
they are done away, with the better.'
While the plans for the proposed
iVnilding have been drawn tor tlie
around on which the present uauu tain
... iJ
i- situated, they can be adapted to an
locality, and Mr. Campbell believes that
the new building might be better away
from the city. He also expressed him
Birdman Mars Joins Brotherhood
Ceremony Followed by
a Good Time.
If anybody wants to know who are
best fellows on earth it can be
saUl wiHwut a minute's hesitation, the
KJkstJ,at is if 0,le has ever Lte.
luckv enough to be invited to one ot
Uu-; high 0ne of these wa3 held
ast night at their rooms when some
two hundred men threw aside the
worms and cares of the world and put
all their energy into enjoying them
selves and making enjoyment for
1 others. ..nd tins latter is a great iea-
ture of these entertainments. The Elks
seem to fully understand the trepida
tion with which the invited guest in
vades th" sanctitv of their rooms, even
tlximrli it is their visitors' nioht
: The feeling of brotherhood is carried j erties and lives are in a dangerous posi
i out as it should be. The stranger is I '" - mean that, according to Hee Fat
1 taken right in amongst them and the
glad hand extended to him. Whatever
is in their power to get for him is ob
tained and thev trv to make him feel
that, for the
as much his
time being, the place is
is it is theirs. All that
t it w:
having, is to
be found wherever thev
are gathered.
Initiation of Mars.
Pud Mars, the bird man, was initiat
ed his! li'ght into all the mysteries that
suiiouud the societv and today, when
he is up amongst the birds, he will be j
able to tell them all about it. The
ceremony was of the usual kind on such
occasions. The grand master of the
Kl!is was seated in his high backed
-hair and al! the minor ollieials were in
their places. The stuffed elk oil the
wail brayed and Pud was ushered into
the room. There was a dead silence
.as tiie bird man took hi place cm the
mat and laced the assembled brothers.
A door opened at one side and in
: -:
supped a stately elk. Ids horns
de to sid-. Mud had
1; the air without getting sick.
en he was hoisted up on the
id the well-trained animal start
ed trotting round the room, he felt sort
of qui ."-. Wound and round tin y' wont
while tin- master of ceremonies chanted
ret invocations over the new
udi-!i!y Cere was ti.
nd of a
t and the dts dropped
qiped as if it. had
n siiot. Mud wa
cut loose from the 1
ant iers.
tlie sfatelv
from w
fun. 1
on the
hi ne-- ie ha.
were over. Then started the
irorher after brother stepped up
platform and kept Cue crowd
with s-,,rv and song. Louder
u-i I "eb-r waxed tiie fun until the
oi;r f eleven drew near when all the
lasses were filled and the usual toa-t
bs, n; ;, d departed friends drunk.
The Lighter Side.
I r.e program idvi-ti during the even- 1
ig wa a ho:g one aud jut as good
it W;
long. Included amongst those
o I
dpe.l towards the evening's ft! u
were arios f.aeere. K. Mouterief. ,T.
I'.eien. Weaver aud Archer, the .loiiy
!d M'.'n-niian. .1. Pollard. C. Stanlev,
11. V
liig'han. J. O 'Pu b
o i'v. A. Millier. W
i. "dim my"
Lochrain and
! i
i Sijo..'k Van Mlakeiy.
I ( thers who took part wer- Messrs.
1 Hirner. M.-Kim. Ouioiev, Overb.vk and
! Hughes. Tiie entertainment committee j
: consisted of Messrs. C. B. Hall. C. Wa- j
tertuau and A. E. Murphy. J
fJ 2)J
pjp j f()jj)f
Chines.? Cnnsiil Dp.rrmnrls nf Hee
Fat Hundred Thousand
Dollars Gold.
One hundred thousand dollars is the
amount of damages which the Chinese
consul, Liang Kwo Ying, asks the cir
cuit court to award him against Hee
Fat, one of the Lest-known Chinese in
tne islands. I lie consul, tiirougli ins
attorney, v lauuius .ueonue, yesieroav
,-., t i-,,
nieu a suit ior damages in wmen ne
The filing of the suit grows out of
the opposition of a large number of
latter sent the names of at least eight
prominent Hawaiian Chinese to the au-1
thorities at Peking, denouncing them as
A demand was made upon the consul
to know why he should have sent these
names, and the consul, having refused
to state just wiiy he did, the Chinese
people have now rebelled, and disown
him aud demand of the Chinese authori
ties at Peking that Mr. Liang be re
called. Fears Dynamite.
The consul feels ' that his life "is in
t 1 . . 'IT- -1-
danger, because an irresponsible eie
nient among the Chinese nave declared
thev intend to blow him up with dvna
mite. At the consul rs request Sheriff
darrett has detailed two men to guard
premises. One is sta-
iront portion of th3
other in the rear por
is now permitted to
until after he has passed
crutinv under the eyes
of the secretaries and the police officers.
Ine consul sets forth in his libel that
he has, since January 1, 1910, been the
consul for the empire of China, and that
Hee Fat is a resident of the Territory.
In his complaint, which is a lengthy
one. the consul reviews his official posi
tion here, states the facts in regard to
his orders in connection with the census
enumeration of the Chinese in Hawaii
and just what the registering fee was
disbursed for, and then calls attention
to the circular call for the Chinese mass
meeting iu Aala Park signed by Hee
Fat and others.
The Accusations. !
Taking each phrase of the circular by
itself, the consul, through Attorney
McHride, points out its alleged libelous
character, which he stigmatizes as
"scandalous, defamatory and mali
cious." The words, "forced the cen
sus enumeration to be paid," he. asserts,
are as much as to say that the consul
received money which he, as consul, had
no right or authority to do, thereby
accusing him of official misconduct.
Also that it accuses him of dishonesty
and fraud.
The assertion in the circular that he
"disgraced the country" means, ac
cording to the plaintiff, that he had
uisgraced the empire of China, as its
official representative.
Quoting further, the consul says that
the words "if we fellow men ' do not
consider a way to oppose him, our prop
I and ot tiers,
their lives are in danger
because ot
his official misconduct as
Official Denials.
He denies that he "ruined the mer
chants,'' as alleged, or ever attempted
them. And thus with all the
other charges brought against him the
consul denies, and continuing savs:
"This plaintiff never, directly or in
directly, forced, compelled, required or
coerced any person or Krsons to pay
for such, or any other, census enumera
tion; was guilty of no official, or other.
i misconduct in connection therewith, and
was guiity of no dishonesty or fraud;
and that the said statement, 'forced the
census enumeration to be paid.' of and
concerning this plaintiff as aforesaid,
was. and is, false."
In conclusion the consul states how
he was damaged and makes his demand
for the Ainu. pun. The complaint was
filed and the summons issued.
W J L M INC Ti ) N . I )el a wa re. 1 h-cem ber
'1. Articles of incorporation for the
("nited Properties Company of Cali
fornia were tiled here yesterday, with
tonna wer.
animal wept back .1 capita! st.-ek of od.iiiii.t.iitHi. Accord
come and the cire-fing to tiie charter asked for the com
pany is authorized to construct and
operate railroad and traction lines,
operate steamship lines and build aud
conduct power points.
It is stati'd that the company repre
sents a merger of the public utility corporation-,
of the cities of Oakland and
Merkeloy. taking in the electric car
lines, the gas and electric companies
aii-f power stations.
The question of where tlie proposed
stoamsh j line wii! run to is not divnlg-
d. but wuiP' it is supposed it will be
in sun
1- ra nei s,-o nay,
d aiong the Co
m a v
sf or to tiie Ha-
WASHINGTON". December ?.0.
Fighting is reported here today between
Santo Domingo and Huyti. over the
bi undary dispute that has involved both
W 1
Asserted San Francisco Will Be
Where Government Next
Alleged That for Fifteen Years
Importers Have Been
WASIIIXGTOX, December 31. Fur
ther developments in the investigation
of sugar fauds in connection with Tin
derweighing and drawbacks on duty
paid, is believed to be imminent, and a
high customs official is responsible for
the statement, made here yesterday,
that the frauds which may be unearthed
in Xew Orleans and San Francisco are
liable to eclipse in magnitude those
which were discovered iu Xew York.
It is stated that by the time the
present grand jury has completed its in
vestigation of the alleged frauds in
Xew Orleans relating to sugar imports,
it will be found that for fifteen years
the government has been defrauded out
of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
It was to stop this investigation that
the sugar trust recently offered to re
fund to the government $700,000, an
offer which was declined by the prose
cuting attorneys acting for the govern
ment. San Francisco Next.
The next investigation following the
one now under way at Xew Orleans,
will, it is announced, be in 8au Fran
cisco. In that city, it is asserted, tha
evidence will show that the government
has for years been paying a drawback
on Philippine sugar, which entered free
of duty, but later was exported as im
ported from Java and, on which iuiy
had been paid. ,'
The investigation at Xew York has
resulted in prison sentences for soma
and has cost the trust in fines, refund
ings and other expenses, millions of dol
lars. At Xew Orleans it is believed
there will be a repetition of the Xew
York cases against the sugar trust.
Will Create Sensation.
But it is to San Francisco that the
eyes of the investigators and prosecutors
are turned, and it is asserted em
phatically that when the evidence is
made public it will create a sensation.
For months a secret probing of the
methods of the sugar importers has been
going on at the Pacific port aud a great
mass of facts in detail has been accu
mulated as bearing upon tlie proposed
At Xew Orleans indictments are look
ed for almost any day after the new
rear begins.
NEW YORK. December .Tl. Clarence
Lexow, millionaire lawyer and legis
lator, died yeysterday at his home in
Xyack. near here, after a short sick
ness. Mr. Lexow. who was identified
with a great number of companies, was
best known for his investigation of
the government of New York city, as
chairman of the State senate investi
gating committee in ISO.".
Air. Lexow was a member of the
State senate from 1 !).' to 1V.N, during
which, time he introduced the bill creat
ing the deafer New York. He was
also chairman of the legislative com
mittee which investigated trusts and
unlawful combinations in restraint of
trade, and introduced statutes regulat
ing them. He al-o introduced tlie bill
regulating party primaries, as we'll as a
number ot other biljs.
He was a presidential elector for
poiisevel- iu pind and 'introduced the
gold plank in the Republican platform
in tiie campaign of lsuii.
Mr. Leow was born in Brooklyn,
September I''. 1 v"ii He was a member
of th
- We
I 'niv.
ga! firm of Lex
wit h otiices iu t li i
.w. Mackellar
s city. Honors
bv ( 'oiumbia
r-i'v of .lena.
conferred upon him
r-lty and the Cnie
PCKb'To ( ORTF.Z. December 81.
Fears are entertained in this citv that
an at'ack will be made upon It tumor-
I ro w-
iu the former
Ciiited States gunboat Hornet, recently
sailing from Xew Orleans. The cruiser
Tacoma has been in this port siru-e De
cember 11. and it is intended by Cinndr.
Archibald H. Davis to land marines
tomorrow to protect American lives and

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