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821 SIS King Street
The Loading
Carriage and
Wagon Manufacture
WU iarnbh ove ytblng outslclo steam-
liuji and boUtrs
Ho Ball Belting Aioaod Tbls Shop
Jeweler WatcMaker
Particular attention psld to all kinds of
Campbell Block Merchant Street
Metropolitan Heat Go
O J Wauxb MiWAorn
Wholesale and
- ITiyyt Contractors
BBAncniB or
Records Collector Copyist
English and Hawaiian
Ileal Estate Agent Typewrtr Stamp
Dealer P ircbunlng Uou misMon
unci Advertising Agent Eta
Omcs No fi27 Klntr itreet the
former p lv no ofncootK B 1 homos
Houses Fumfsbid and Uri
Land For Sale
43 Merchant Street
Enquire of
Furniture In bttor slmpo thiii nnv
therexpcjsl concern In the cltv ai i
he a Wagon Inrgn enongh to inoo n
whole houseful of Farnltuio it o ljad
I hae th latest
Piano Moving Aipalis
And guarantee to troy Piino without
scratching to a6y part o
the city lor
I am a ruBtlr and dont care Tin
knows It Am always to be found ui uy
Corner King and Nuuanu Sts
1 move rnv Fumituro SO PAPT
that It makes my Competitors SWAito
even look at mo
Yours for Bnslness Only
Life and
California Fruit Market
Corner King and Alakca Ktrcots
FroiaBanFrancIec3 with
Fresh Fruits Oysters
Salmon Poultry
Etc Etc Eto
Engines and Launches
They cannot be surpassed for motive
Bole Agent Nuuanu Street
Timely Topics
Jumfii 1895
A t lvt Hawaii will become
a true Vara ho on the earth
an Eld nudo tint even the
most im igtnativo dreamer
could hardly picture Be
lw ti the Lab r Commisson
and Mr Doles Land Act every
tia pinegsund prosperity will
be si cured 1orevcr The first
tells ns how to become lieh by
growing coffee and cabbage
and the 1 ist gives us theneces
s try lands on wnich to raise
i ho said coffee and cabbage
The Bureau of Agriculture
iuxents and imports toads and
bugs and all possible blight
destroyers and the day is
neat v hen the proverbial small
farm r only needs to take his
ba ktt and go out in the forest
and field and fill it with berries
and fragrant sauerkraut
Hut how U he going 1 On
foot That will be much too
warm on horio back Too
inconvenient he cant lie his
h trsu to a cabbage head How
the i will be abked
On a Monarch of course
That U why we imported
that celebrated bicycle which
hw ahendy become
and tin popularity of
wlib h is acstired here as else
wlf re Wo have ony a Mvleft
of the hit that we r ceived by
the Andrw Welch An
order for more Monarehs has
gone forward and wo will soon
be ready t Hipply the 20000
small anniTi who will be in
deed t come hoe by the
Ijiihor Ci mmisMon with the
mdipeniblo bicyee We
have thrm in two grades one
we offer at 00 Ii U a strong
serviceable who 1 and we gua
rnnteo that in will give satis
facnon to anyniie who trie3 it
I ho other gijde which we
hove in t tnelc is without com
parison i be best bicycle ever
iinpoi t d here We sell it at
10j This wheel i pel feet It
is now prefiiT d in the States
io iy r whit 1 and laoies
and urutliinii are unanimous
in ih ir piii o of thn high
cluss Licyi i Wc could write
columns in describing the
beauty and qualities of Mon
ar h but wu prefer to adc you
to tep into our store without
delay and mako a personal
iii poetion lorsoim who have
not t straddled the fin cle
sicclcho ee and who desire to
Jcjiji how toiide bhoud be
gin their ixporience on a
Nfonareli The Monarch sim
ply tcuchc them io ride and
it is ii- arly impo hible to talce
a tumble when onto seated on
the Moiiirelihl back and
hpecding low aids Waikiki
Mako an inspection nt once
as our stovk will nin out and
the n wid you have to wait for
thu nvlivA of our next in
Toe HiTullin llirdwire Go Ld
c307 Forp Street
0jp3 itc Spcckvl Block
Issued ovary afternoon except Sunday at
llrito Hall Konla street
Hawaii ahd the Ohurchoi
Mr Thomas G Shoarmau has is
sued a little monograph ontitlod
Tho Hawaiian Dpspotism a Roply
to Its Defenders It seems that
sotno months ago at a meeting of
tho Plymouth Ohuroh Brooklyn of
which Mr Shearman is h prominent
member ho mado a short addrosp
stating that in his opinion tho
Christian churches and particularly
those of the Congrogationnl faith
and order should not bo silent in
condemnation of tho methods now
boing pursued at Hawaii for tho rea
son that the civilization of tho Ha
waiian islands was largely tho work
of missionaries sont out by tho Con
grogationalists and that it was as
sumed that the presont movomunt
there was but the legitimate devel
opment at tho haudB of tho de
scendants of tho missionaries of
tho good work originally under
Mr Shearmans spoech which ho
says only became publio by accident
drew forth a largo number of re
plies both from tho official agents
and tho unofficial friauds of the
present Hawaiian government hence
tho necossity ho feels under of re
establishing his defence Tho points
that he makes are esentially as fol
There are only 1900 men women
and children of American origin in
the islands and a majority of all of
the Americans born on the islands
are descendants of the missiouariep
They are the real governing class
It may be assumed that their pre
decessors the original missionaries
were pious conscientious and well
intentioned men But ono of their
first faults was the introduction of
the English system of land laws
into Hawaii a system which Mr
Shearman assorts is always and
everywhere dentructivo to half-civilized
people That however was
simply an error of judgment His
censure he says js directed against
the existing government and the ex
isting condition of things in Hawaii
and hence there is no need of dis
cussing the merits or the demerits
of the early missionaries
No adequate explanation he sayp
has been givoii to the gross incon
sistency existing botweon tho state
ments which wero so long made of
the success of missionary efforts in
these islands and the more recent
assertions concerning the idolatry
filthiness dobauchery and general
wickedness of the isjaudors Puo
latter assertions he does not believe
to bo true In his opinion the cativo
islanders aro perhaps the best race
of colored pooplo iu existence aud
not helf as unlit for political self
govornmont as wore the negroes of
Mississippi and South Carolina
when in 18G6 and 18G3 ho voted for
their onfranchisoment Tho truth
of tho matter being that this whole
assertion of whito supremacy is but
a hypooritioal proteuce resting on
that Anglo Saxon contempt for tho
nigger aud determination not to bo
govornod by niggors As a refined
Christian lady from Now England
said when reminded that a vast
majority of notivo Hawaiian wore
opposed o tho revolution Who
caroa what those filthy blacks say
about it
The doposed Quoen who has been
for tho last year or two referred to
in tho most soathing manner repre
sented ns a dirty thick lipped
coatBO vulgar licentious woman
was only a few years ago spokou of
as a cultivated lady and in Mr
Shearmams opinion considering
that she was educated in
setts in tho same claai with ladiei
of tho highest standing in Boston
sociely to day that sho was rocotved
in tho host religious ocioty thou
and spokou of iu the highest terms
tho cltoncoB aro that these later and
interested denunciations aro untrue
and that thoy aro only mado be
causo her dofamers aro Anglo Saxon
and sho is a niggor -
As to ho ptesout govornmont
Mr Shoarmau imply points out
that it is cqmposed of a small min
ority of foreigners mostly Ameri
cans who havo by conspiracy over
thrown tho old government aud de
prived the natives of all power
Tho now lans provided for an elec
tion at which nobody was allowed
to voto who would not swoar allog
isnee to tho now govornmont which
meant disfranchisement to tho
great majority of tho nativo voters
By tho constitution olectoral privi
legos aro limited to pooplo whoso
property is worth S3000 or whoso
income is 1500 a jear tho govorn
mont roserviug tho power to com
pel voters to prove this by original
books of account Two years havo
passed and no Legislature has been
jouvtucd tho islands continuing
under a govorumout of self-appointed
oligarchy consisting of nineteen
Iu Mr Shearmans opinion there
is no government in tho world not
even tho Kussiau which is so auto
cratic aud severe as tho present
control of Hawaii Thoso who were
recently arrested for alleged plots
against I ho constituted authorities
wero tried by court martial although
tho government had all tho courts
aud machinery of justice at its
disposal nnd seuteucos wore pro
nounced moro atrocious in Mr
Shearman opinion than are usual
in Eussia Several of these sentences
wero of death but wero graciously
commuted to imprisonment for 85
years by tho Presideut though a
sontenco of 85 years imprisonment
passed upon mon of 50 or 60 years of
ago for more conspiracy may bo oven
worso thauileath if thoroughly
complied with Moreover those
sentences have been carried out with
a brutality that is not evon shown
in ltussia to political prisoners
Prisoners untried aud unconvicted
havo beon kept solitary in a dark
cell for forty eight liours a species
of torture eight hours of whioh has
often caused insanity or suioido
These political prisoners white and
black havo beon assignod to various
forms of labor ordinarily work upon
the roads wearing the usual striped
uniform aud in somo instances
carrying a ball aud ohaiu a penalty
lor attempting to escape Eov
Serouo E Bishop iu the Honolulu
Friend is quoted as saying Eighty
of those found guilty by tho com
mission have on their stripes They
are confined in Oahu prison Their
terms rouga all the way from thirty
fi vo years to ono mouth Most of tho
treason cases wore batches ofT
prisoners tried together a method
of procedure which indicates tho
fine regard shown to personal rights
by the ruling powers at Honolulu
Mr Shoarmau says that President
Dole may bo a Christian gentleman
but so was the lato Emperor of
Russia yot that did not altor tho
condition of Siberian exiles aud
political prisoners iu underground
dungeons St Carlo Borromeo was
ono of tho noblest and most devout
of men yet ho tortured aud burned
alivo moro of the best Christians
than probably any other man of his
day iu Italy Torquomada was also
earuost sincere and self donyiug but
ho burned aud buried alivo not only
Christians but tl ousauds of Jews
aud Jowossos aud Oliver Cromwell
allowed tils devout troops to mur
der unresisting men women aud
children iu Droghedn Tho history
of tho world contains numoroua
instance of despotism aud cruelty
practised by devout mon but Mr
Shearman holds that tho Christian
churches of the United States can
not afford to give the sanction evon
of negative approval to a govorn
mont such as that of Hawaii whioh
sots at defiance tho first principled
of political liberty and whioh sys
tematically tramples upon tho rightB
of tho colored pooplo Bottom

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