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Issued every afternoon except Sunday nt
llrlto Half Konltt Strcot
Gainst the wrong that need resistance
Vor the right that necdi7tsslstance
For the futurein the distance
v Jnd the good that we can do
lam in the place whereof J am demanded
of conscience totjKak the truth and he trttth
I speak impugn it who so list
Edmund Norme
G 0 Kenton -
8K0RET 8E88I0N8
Tho uppor body of the Legisla
ture has made itself oitromoly un
popular by habitually going into
secret seasions Even tho Adver
tiser thooffioial orgau of the clique
kicks against the closed dorJrs and
Icioks in rain The imported editor
from Maine hates to be in the cold
and ho cannot find the MeaW
through which Tut Independent
gels facts and information
The Senate represents a portion
of tho tax payor and that supposed
to be the most solect Why then
should not its work bo published for
the bonofit aud information of tho
tax payers Tho Sonato is not do
ing anything wrong we presume
at least they oughtnt to and a
record of its official transactions
ought certaiuly not to injure that
august body
Everybody interested in the po
litical situation of the country
knows what is going on iu these so
callod sepret sessions The official
attempt to keop the work of tho
- Senate secret is simply a gross pieco
of cowardice which finds neither
admirers nor supporters except
amongst its doers
Our readers want to v know by
what reason Castle was confirmed
Tjy tho Senate If the discussion had
been fair and above board there
would have been no reason for us to
publish tho motive powor which
forced the whole Senate with ouo
exception into line
When tho doors of the Senate
were closed and the Castle mattor
was beforo the wise men his defeat
was assured Tho Senators and to
their crodit let it be said refused to
grant an appropriation to a man
who as was well known is to bo
the emissary of a private enterprise
now threatened with ruin and des-
But in the secret session we are
told aroo Mr Hatch who is just as
deepnn that muddy enterprise as
Mr Cattle is and he told tho Sen
ate that ho and his confreres would
forthwith tender their resignations
if the appointment of Castle was
not confirmed
Wo all kuow of Hatchs interost
in tho Castle appointment but we
fail to 8oo tuo importance of it to
Mossrs Smith aud Damon
Mr Hatcli has during the last
k ffiw weeks sacrificed everything he
possesses iu his efforts to help and
savo a cortain enterprise Mr Oastlo
is involved with Mr Hatch to such
an extent that his appointment to
Washington becarao a necessity
Wo admire Mr Hatch for living up
to the mark aud throwing good
money into tho tub to savo the bad
coiu already iuvostod But we ob
ject to his asking tho tax payors of
this country to sanction the expen
diture of au appropriation for an
onvoy whoao duty simply would be
to help along tho enterprise referred
to and whose official position would
have to bo used to give crodit
enough to prevont Mr Hatch from
paying for anothor cargo of coal
Wo have driftod somewhat from
our subject but wo think that the
few facts demonstrated which wo
have placed before our readers Ja
our usual delicate uinnuorynliould
tend to show tho citizonsdf Hawaii
that public affairs should be airotl
in public anil that uuderhandod
mothods will not work here to utter
coucofilmeht ovou if they omanate
froui Hatch Co
The Advertiser wants a sooiety for
tho suppression of scandal 0 tem
poraf Omoresl When we think that
overy scandalous report appearing
in foreign papers rotating to tho
Quoen or the monarchy were always
roprintod specially in the Advertiser
and on its editorial page But sor
iously fancy what method could
such a society follow to suppress
scandal It would have to investi
gate aud thereby it would create and
spread the scandal vory often much
further thau would have been done
if tho society had let it alone If
you waut to stop scandal stop hypo
crisy neighbour Leave oil pre
tending you are Christian because
you shut your store on Sunday and
go to churoh and immediately after
church iu your own er your neigh
bors home proceed to do all thoso
things you solemnly have vowed not
to do or to leave Be con
sistent Act on weekdays as on Sun
days before tho public as behind
tho door Aud you effectually sup
press scandal-
Thomas L Gulick has beon writ
ing to the New York Sun stating
that the natives now receive twice
as good wagoi as formerly aud that
the God of nations has signally
interposed in their behalf If these
statemouts are true what becomes of
Mr Schmidts depression in business
and how has the interposition placed
so many families of Hawaiians de
pendent on public charity These
one sided and deliberately mislead
ing attempts to bolster up favorable
press criticism abroad make us
weary How can the cause of an
nexation if it be righteous ever be
furthered by lies and deception
The only real fault with the Mc
Candless bill is the unconstitutional
provision it contains of retrospective
legislation That is it js made to
apply equally to vehicles in use be
foro the passage of the act as well
as those built aftor Change it so
as to apply to all future built or im
ported vehicles and it would hurt
nobody aud ultimately the roads
woufd bo benefited Do not be too
radical or try to give your friends
and backers too much work all at
once Go gradually
The point made by the Advertiser
that Senator McCaudless wanted his
own newspaper the Star to have tho
first shot at the Castle report falls
to tho grouud whou it is remomber
od that under no circumstances
owing to ihe hours of the Senates
session could the Advertiser got first
wliack at ifcr If you caut hit harder
or to bottor offoct thau that you had
bettor drop out of tho face
Tho family compact is circulat
ing a potition for tho removalof -the
imported Colonel so rumor says
and the dame also says thaj a pro
minent lumber magnate is the primo
t i i f it- ul f
July orator Poohraue of the U S
S Philadelphia
Senator Wright is too easily
bluffed See Wildnr uexf titne
What is tho matter with Senator
Watorhouset Whatl neither the Re
presentatives the Senators nor the
President would have him as a
of State Something
must havo boon said Henry
Will some follow toll the long
suffering tax payor why tho Minis
ter of Finance advertised for lou
dors and sold Troasury notos when
ho hd an available balance of two
hundred thousand dollars in the
treasury Is the Bank hedging
And why
Republics are ungrateful Think
of the Executive Legislative and
Judicial influonce massed to beat
our Tim the only Murray for a
second term as President of the
American League What7a recom
pense for laying down ones life
twice for the beBt government
Hawaii ever had
Waity is the coming man for the
reason that he is tho latest importa
tion No old resident need apply
Colonel Allen was heard solilo
quizing after the polls closed for
voters for Councillors of State All
that was overheard was and you
too Brute Can it bo Dole
It is said that the Bulletin com
bination is aftor a copyright for
Hosmers selected stories for young
stories for young people We are
hereby gave notice that we have
pre empted the delicate Sparrow
and Worm th sacrilegious Bap
tism at both ends the offensive
Rose Violet Pink and faugh I
We are not over nice sometime but
there are limits we do not transcend
Our sleuth says that the committee
of the Senate to whom we referred
the nomination of Wm It Castle as
Minister to Washington reported
one way and voted the other Great
Scottll No monarchical records can
furnish a precedent for such tergi
The only Thurston has set up his
tent in Royalist row where he is
ready to undertake auything from a
revolution to a Folico Court case
Our poetry will strike home a
home run ou our local profs They
I need it
Head tho Sacramento Bees opiu
ion of Thurston also tho cablegram
announcing Groat Britains action
to date How doos our diplomany
fare abroadl Our Foreign Office
chief ought to direct his subordin
ates some more and to bettor
Wanted Smart boys to sell the
Independent immediately Apply to
Bruce Waring Go
Real Estate Dealers
60J Fort St near King
boildinq lots
houses and lots and
landb For Sale
39 Parties wishing to dispose of their
Properties lire Invited t call on us
Timely Topics
fflKWSS3sv I On
June 21 189
At lat Hawaii will bicmie
u truolfiradise n tru
an Eld rado th it ven the
most im igiusitivo di earner
could hardly pictuiv Ue
twen the Lab r CommiWon
and Mr Dole h Land Act every
happiness and prosperity wjll
be secured forever Tin first
tells us how t become lich by
growing coffee and cabbage
and the lust gives us thcuccctt
sirr lands on Avnieh to raise
tho said eofiee and cabbage
The Bureau of Agriculture
invents and imports toads and
bugs and nil possible blight
destroyers and ihe day is
near when the proverbial small
farmi r only needs to take his
basket and go out in the forest
and field and fill it with berries
and fragrant sauerkraut
But how is he going On
foot That will be much too
warm on horcu back Too
inconvenient In cant tie his
horse to a cabbage head How
then will be asked
On a Monarch of course
That is why we imported
that celebrated bicycle which
after tlie same thiug oureelves and has already become world re
nouned and th popularity of
which is assured here as
We have ony a f w lef t
of the lot that wo r ceived by
the Andivw Welch An
order for more Monarchs has
gone forward and we wil soon
be ready t supply the 20 OOU
small larmxjrd who will be in
duced to com he e bv the
Labor Commission with the
indispensible bicycle V e
have them in two grades one
we offer ar S90 It is a strong
-serviceable whe 1 and we gua
rantee that it will give satis
faction to anyone who tries it
The other grade which we
have in stoclc is without com
parison the best bicycle ever
imported here We sell it at
105 This wheel is perfect It
is now pretorr d in the States
to smy other wheel and ladieb
aud gentlemen are unanimous
in their prai e of this high
class bicycle We could write
columns in describing the
beauty and qualities of Mon
arch but we prefer to a lc you
to into our store without
delay and make a personal
inspection Persons who have
not vt straddled the fin tie
Steele horse and who desire to
learn how to ride shoud be
gin their i xperience on a
Monarch The Monarch sim
ply teaches them 1o ride and
it is nearly impoHt ible to take
a tumble when once seated on
the Momirchial back and
speeding towards Waikiki
Makean inspection at once
as our stoclc will run out and
then will you have to wait for
tho arrival of our next in
Tda fiavailEin Hardware Co Ld
307 Foiit Stjieet
Opiolto Bpreokels Block
Opening Notice
The replied horebr iiotllitM tlia
ern otiuijc umt no win open
MONDAY July lsc
At No Stl King Streot between Koula
nntl Muutmlcm streets where
Muslins Lawns
Calicos Prints
And other Ouods too numerous to
M E SILVA Managkk
F A Mkcieiroj
SDbo vUj
Medeiros Co
Hotel Street Arlington Block
The ory of Hard Times hs reached us
all and realizing that man must 19
clothed we have decided to
Reduced Onr Prices for tlia Nest
30 Days
Suits and Trousers
At prlceslhat will be within the reach of
everybody We -carry n Select Stoclc of
Guccis aud cuaralite a Perfect hit and
Flrst ulata Work Those who really de
sire to be dressed neatly aud nattily and
cannot allbrl to sjiund much money on
their clothes will do well In calling at our
Store before going elsewhere
- r3
Sorglnf and ilfalfa
For Sell
605 Fort Street
I Mister Drug Go
Fort Street
Benson Smith Og
Fort Street
TWO town and Knllhl Arewnm
will be paid ut this OiUcc to the fluder
3 3 t

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