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Usued svtv nftrrnmn ex rut Suudny at
Uriio Hall Konla Street
Jainsl the wrong that nerd resistance
For the right that need assistance
lr the future irt the distance
And the good thai uc can do
lam in the place whcrrnI am demanded
of conscience 10 eak the truth and the truth
ijxxik impugn it who so list
Edmund Nonius
G 0 Kenton
Sonator McCandlos3 throw a
bombshell into tho august body of
which ho is a member yosterday
whoa ho askod for a penBion of
5000 a yoor for tho widow of 0 L
Oartor To grant pensions to the
relicts of thoso who die whilo per
forming n duty or what thoy con
sider a duty to their country is ex
tremely proper and right But wo
do nob believe that the Senators
motion was owing to that principle
Wo rather think that ho lost hi
temper and wanted to get oven with
tho Government over the Kaiulaui
allowance By all moans opou the
door to a pension system a la the
United States If the widow of C
L Cartor is to have 5000 a year
why should tho widows Of sheriffs
p dicomen and others who died in
performing their duty not bo en
titled to equally sumptuous and
lucrative pensions aud uobbepon
sionod off with a fow hundreds
Tho amount of tho ponsion proposed
for Airs Garter would indicate that
ho Oartor was a servant of the
Government a gouoral admiral or
some other high official He was noth
ing of tho kind He was unknown
officially to the administration aud
was simply a volunteer a task that
nobody called on him to perform
Besides he loft his widow with an
ample fortuno and no necessity ex
ists ta assist hor out of tho public
purse If evorybody who got a cold
or fajnted or got tho rheumatism
while chasing rebels at places whore
they were not is entitled to pensions
by all means pass appropriate sums
and lot Minister Damon potition tho
courts for a dooroo of bankruptcy
for tho treasury Howevor we will
repeat that the Senator whoso pic
turo adorns the Advertiser this
morning simply mado his proposi
tion for spite Tho Senate was
good natured onough to pass tho
matter over till Thursday aud obli
The American missionaries in
and their descendants and hired
supporters havo felt awfully hurt
since Mr Shearman publicly de
nounced their work in Hawaii and
used as proofs for his accusation
thoir own words and acts Tho
Rev O P Emerson now comes to
tho rescue of Mr Shearman and un
doubtedly unintentionally bears out
tho statements of tho great Christian
lawyer Shearman claimed that tho
mission of tho men sent horo had
resulted in a fallacy if it was true
what they now stated that the Ha
waiiaus to day aro semi civilized
heathens depraved licentious and
deserters from the church The
missionary tribe in Honolulu and
Boston raised a most derisive howl
against tho denunciation aud His
Excollonoy V B Castle came out
in print and triod to answer back by
showing tho good uhuroh work done
in Hawaii to this vory day But
alasynow comes O P Emerson in
public and says in reforenco to tho
churches under tho patronage of the
American miHsinnnrios in Hawaii
Tlioro wero in 18G3 twouty fivo
church ttudor tho chargo of six
teeu American missionaries aud four
natUH helpers with a membership
of 19725
Fivtt yeltrs later in 18C8 these
twenty live ohurchos aro fouucl to
hayo Uooti divided into fifty with
twolvo Amoricin missionaries and
tliirty flvo untivo pastors tho mem
bTship having shrunk to 17 377
Tweuty fivoyoars lattr in 1883 there
aro found to have boon fifty seven
churches ono Amorioan and thirty
two native pastors and a membor
ship of only 5235
I Thoso figures indicato a most
I alarmingly rapid reduction of the
Christian furco among tho
iausuntil nowthirty twoyoars later
we loam by the report of 1895 that
thore are fifty six ohttrohe all but
ono of thorn under the ohargo of
uative pas tore with a total member
ship of only 1781
If in attempting to account for
this rapid reduction wo should at
tribute the causes to tbo decroaso if
ho native population wo would find
that the figures do not boar us out
for while during tho twouty fivo
i years extending from 18G5 to 1890
the decreaso of tho population was
80 percent the decroaso of tho
church membership was very nearly
70 percent
- Tho reverend gentleman doesnt
add that during tho period in which
tho membership of tile congrega
tional ohurohos decreased by 15000
tho Roman Catholic churches and
Episcopal churches gained a
1 ponding membership Wo need not
show whoro the blamo lies whoro
ho fault is to be found Mr Shear
man has donn that
In another paragraph wo refer to
tho appropriation granted to Bishop
Willis although it hadnt beon ask
od for in time and had been report
ed adversely by the Houso The
consistency of our -law makers was
shown in a beautiful manner when
a unanimous vote passed a claim of
Sam Chillingworth for services rend
ered as a boundary commissioner in
188L The amount was 8028 Sam
was endorsed by Alexander Willis
was only endorsed by justice
Tho Ministor of Finauce roads
The Independent and wo dont
i blame him and ho knows how to
j take a hint Yesterday tho
priation duo Bishop Willis was in-
sorted in tho appropriation bill aud
the Sanato was surrounded by a
rainbow colored halo Sonator Cecil
Brown was the only kiokor Is it
I possible that tho member from Laie
is prejudiced against the first con
gregation which if wo aro correctly
informed soon will bo tho ony ono
Fie fie Senator wo thought you
wero above nepotism and Maolrin
-- MWMirWiTaaagSRiyfeg iiiinijiiMn
There is a case which has recently
passod tho courts in Kauai and
which will be of interest to all think
ing citizens We make no com
montp because we dosiro to avoid
criticism of the present aud past
systems Wo would liko though to
ask Brother Smith of the Board- of
Health if things go on yet on the
samo approved plan J H Con
ey a collector brings suit against
Mitnmura a doctor for 200 and
interests costs etc and ho wins it
Coney simply acts iu his capacity
as collector and business man aud
ho is all right Tho Japanese doctor
explains himself to tho judge and
says that iu 1892 ho gavo a note for
200 to Dr Hugus of Hanaloi for
the purposo of obtaining the posi
tion of Government dootor upon
tho rotireujont of said Hugui Dr
I Walters appears and buys the nolo
from Hugus for 100 and as ho can
not colloot it from tho Japanese
who claims that value had not been
received to wit that ho hadut got
the appointment tho uoto was
handed to the collector who gots
a judgment from tho judgo who
holds that Wallors bought tho note
prematura to its maturity and pos-
sibly in good faith In tho
time tho Japauoso doctor is out of
money and out of a job But wo hope
ho has got some experience
A Protootivo Union of laborers is
now being organizod Tho move
ment was started among tho load
ing Portuguese workingmon but has
beon joinedby all nationalities Tho
objoot of tho Union is explained in
its namo It is simply protective
The plantors and othor omployors
of contract laborers have had thoir
own way too long Tho Union pro
poses to creato a fund which will
ouabloHhe contributing laborer to
be able to call for a proper defouso
whenever ho is arrosted say at 9
oclock p m arid cist into jail for
standing up for what ho considers
his rights- We have no doubt that
the Protective Uuiou will succeed
We hopo it will bo tho stopping
stnno that does away with tho blot
on ttio Hawaiian escutcheon tho
contract system Bravo Sonhor
The quarterly statement of
Itoceipts and Expenditures till Juflb
30th has beon published by the
Treasury A glanco at it will show
any intelligent man in what a boauti
1 ful financial moss we aro The
receipts from regular sources a nount
to about 300000 and tho expendi
tures during the quarter foot up
about 179009 The government
1 has succeeded in raising 93000
under different loan acts and it had
on hand on tho books on March
j 31 about 200000 Whiletho debt
during tho quarter has been in
ereasedby98O00 the treasury bed-
auco hasbeed decreased by 80000
But tho interesting point worthy of
notice is that tho expenditures fall
ing duo according to tho appropria
tion bill havo not beon paid in full
Tne prosidentministers judges otc
etc havo not drawn three months
salary during the past quarter The
permanent settlement to the Quoen
dowager has not been touched it all
If these amounts wero paid in full tho
122000 which now appears on tho
j books as a treasury balance would
be materially diminished No state
ment cau be Obtained of tho indobt
i Idtiena of the government around
town but we doubt that tho govern-
mont could pay its just debts oven
if it had the 122000 somewhere
no matter whore as well as on
paper Tbo financial showing may
look all rights Tbo financial facts
aro all wrong
As could beexpeotqd the organ of
j the Castles come out with a vigorous
I defouso of tho proposed Eleotrio
Cablo Oar franchise As ono of tho
1 ilk is a promoter and As to recoivo
his share in tho 100000 to bo
divided among them it is easily
I understood that tho morning organ
has to adopt its present attitude
But it doesnt do it very cleverly It
states that tho financial status of
tho proposed company has been
established Sinco when Wo havo
studied the bill pretty carefully and
we have riot found one iota whioh
could tond to show that the finan
cial status of the promoters has
been demonstrated On the oour
trary wo are still looking for an
answer to our original quory Is
thoro in Victoria a bustod Cable
Car Company which would liko to
sell its played out plant to tho
Honolulu company As far as work
for laborers is concerned wo should
hail it with delight But wo aro
convinced that from tho beginning
or at least shortly after if opera
tions evor should start which wo
doubt Asiatio laborers will bo om
ployed and nothing olso Aud tho
community at largo isnt worrying
much about work for ohoap coolies
Tho bill is preposterous Tho
Houso may liston to Mr Robertsons
bland speeches but when tho Sonato
takes hold of it it may bo prove
that tho little speculation of tho
Victoria Castle combination will
not bo swallowed raw
Thore is ono thing in tho McCand
less motion for a ponsion for Mrs
O L Oartor that is of gouoral interest
Ho virtually allows that thore aro
claims that must be considered
Thore are now boforo foreign gov
ern men i claims by foreigners out
raged in Hawaii during tho present
year by officials of tho republic
amounting to over 500000 Theso
claims will have to bo paid and it is
ploaant to know that Sonator Mc
Oandless is a man who favors
Representative Robertson stated
yesterday afternoon that tho big
firms aro now soiling goods contrary
to law Good heavens what did
ho do whilo judge deputy attorney
general member of tho constitu
tional convention etc to abato tho
evil Was it not the duty of tho
attorney-general- to go for thoso
law breaking firms Mr Robertson
The Advertiser goe3 into hysterics
because a numbor of rich men -in
Honolulu give their sons a univer
sity education In othor countries
everybody who is somebody- has to
visit a unjyorsity be ho rich or
poor And thore as a rule univer
sity education means more than
studying to becomo football players
Nimrods or Hawaiian judges
n1 irT tt ct xt 1 vt -
jui iuuluuu u o n iiuu in ur
has issued a Napoleonic address to
his soldiers in which ho thanks them
for their appearance tells them that
they aro masters of the situation ho
doesnt say what Biluatiou aud
stateathat he is proud to command
them Is it not time for the sojors
to return the compliment and say
that thoy are proud to be command
ed by the Colonel U S N By tho
way would the Colonel U S N
kindly oxplains what he knows of
soldiers in any part of tho world
with which he draws a comparison
favorable to his army The Colo
nel U S N must havo been speak
ing through his glass bog pardon
glasses And ho cant if tho printed
notice is correct oven write or spoil
correct English Tho notice is so
unique in its English appearing
form tbat we reoommead our readers
to out it out and framo H as a speci
men of U S N N G H English or
Anglo Saxon as tho Advertiser gen
erally calls it Probably it is Napo
leonic English as ho thought it after
Water loo
The ohango which has coino ovor
our patriots Is really astounding A
letter is now to be sent to Ministor
Willis with expression of regret for
tho Cook inoident on tho Fourth
Do the virtuous geutlomen who now
apparently doploro tho broach of di
plomatic courtesy romembor tho
abusos with which Minister Willis
at one time was regaled Do they
romembor the insults hoaped on tho
hoad of tho lato lamontod French
I CoubuI Moub Vorloyo who fell un
dor tho bau of thoir displeasure bo
oauso his govorumont not ho had
accredited him to Quoeu
lani Wo havo got no praises for
Mr Cook Ho was a fool to bo
misled aud misguided by tho man
who toured him here but we think
it advisable for tho patriots not to
j throw too many rooks around iu tho
sugar coated glass houso in which
thoy aro living
Tho Attornoy Gonoral calls our
attention to the fact that ho did not
mention the stationing of polioo
officers outside schools as published
in our paper but outsido ealoont
If His knows his forco to
perfection ho will know that tho
correction is unnecessary It is not
only undor tho ropublio that tho
police gathers outsido or inside the
Frantic news has boon received
by the Coptic
I A Mroeihos
S Deokkb
ledeiros Co
Hotol Stroot Arlington Block
The cry of Hard Times ho reached us
all and realizing thutman must be
clothod we havo decided to
Reduced Onr Prices for the Next
30 Days
Suits aud Trotisera
At pricea that will be within tho reach o
evrybody Wo carry a Belect Btoolc of
Gnods and cuarantcn a Perfect tit and
Firat clas Work Those who really de
sire t be tressed neatly and nattily and
cannot allort to spend much money on
their clothes will do well in calling at onr
Btore before going olsu where
S PECKJER - Manager
Baseball -- Association
On SATURDAY July 13th
AT 330 00IX0K 1 M
Admission - S5o
Sorghum and Alfalfa
For Sale
jr i
P05 Fort Street
Partnership Change-
J from tho Firm of Kwam Toso Hiko
Company doing a Geuorol Jlerchamiiso
llusmoas at 315 Nuuanii Street in
liu iln tll Wand of Oahu and Ohan
Mun Knh entors the said tlrm in plnco of
tlH roUrlnu partner tho Mrm
Ing of Okan Young ana Oion Mun Kah
Dated June 20 1805 xi 8w
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