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w r
i 11
Excopt Sunday
At Brito Hall Konia Btroot
Telephone 811 Jgf3
Qahut the wrong that necdt resistance
For the right that needs assistance
For the future in the distance
And the good that we can do
lam in the place whereof I am demanded
of conscience to speak the truth and the truth
speak impugn it who so list
Por Month anywhere in the Ha
waiian Islands W
Per Year 0 00
Por Year postpaid to Foreign Coun
tries 8 00
Poyablo Invariably in Advance
Advertisements unaccompanied by spe
cific instructions inserted till ordered out
Advertisements discontinued beforo ex
piration of specified poriod will bo charged
ns if continued for full term
Address all communications to tho Edi
torial Department to Edmund Norrie
Business letters should bo addrcssod to
G 0 Kenyon
O O KENYON - - Manager
Residing in Honolulu
Hii Farting Kick
MrJ W B Castle our now Minis
tor Resident to Washington and ex
Fresidont of the Hawaiian Gazette
Co has been seized with the fatal
disease which sooner or later strikes
11 persons who wish to pose as
diplomats but who dont know
how Ho haB written to the papers
for publication The letter which
is addressed to the editor of the
Advertiser is as follows
Mb Editob Having observed a
number of times lately in various
papers that tho Advertiser is my
paper or other expressions indicat
ing that I controlled its policy or
have an undue influenco in it or that
it is my organ I desire to make a
statement which I do not because
that I care for my own sake about
the remarks whioh are made for the
purpose of being censorious and in
jurious but because that reflections
of that kind tend to injure a news
I own a very small interest in tho
s took of the Hawaiian Gazette Com
pany and have btcn President a rela
tion which was dissolved some few
weeks since But I have neither
written nor dictated nor inspired a
single word whioh has appearod in
that paper for many monthB to the
Lett of my recollection It is issued
without any conference between the
writers and myself I have no more
knowledge of what the paper is to
contain from day to day and have
not had in the past for many months
even years that any other reader
who takes up the paper in the morn
ing and any remarks which are made
in the future after this statement will
probable be known by tho makers to
be absolutely false and without founda
tion So far as my knowledge ex
tends the papers issued by the Ha
waiian Gazetto Company are inde
pendent in all respects and devoted
to the boat interest of the Hawaiian
Islands I shall continue to read the
paper with interest as I havo road it
in the past Respectfully yours
W R Oabtlb
Honolulu August 1 1895
In the meantime Mr Castle has
exercised more than the usual dis
cretion of tho sufferers from cacoethes
scribendi He has departed from
the country and now instead of
sickening at the nerrspaper com
ments on his fearful and wonderful
display of written English is on
the vasty deep but not alone
He is safe for a few weeks but when
this latest production of his literary
pen reaches Washington ho will
almost have as bad a time in fur
making more explanations than ho
has had in tho law oourts here as a
witnoBS iu explaining to a judgo and
jury just what tho best of his re
collection amounts to
It is a singular fact that a gontlo
man of such piouliar rooollootiouE
oven of tho best kind should bo
solootod to go to Washington to
look after tho intonate of annexa
tion there Pooplo officially occu
pying high stations havo tho best
of recolloctionB of W R Castles
previous visit to Washington in 1893
as ono of tho five commissioners
And thoir opinion of his English
construction of sentences and tho
value of Lib best recollections and
tho dependence to bo placed on any
assertion of his oxcopt on oath
boforo a judge and jury and thou
with reductions to be made on oross
It is probably true that Mr Ous
tle knows that any remarks to be
made in future as to his responsi
bility for tho vorbiago of articles ap
pearing in tho Advertiser will bo
false excopt in the case of foreign
correspondence But that will only be
because thero is no cable to Hawaii
and he has to exilo himself at
6000 per annum aud costs to tho
neighborhood of Washington and
carry on his privato business thoro
Ho says ho will continue to road
tho paper with interest as beforo
Ho probably has paid a six months
subscription in advance That will
about measure tho duration of his
absence It wont take longer thau
that to settlo the public hash as
well as his own
Tho official organ is endeavoring
this morning to defend the Cabinet
in its inexcusable action towards
Major and Mrs J H Wodohouso
in refusing those distinguished per
sons permission to bid good bye to
the ex quoen previous to their de
parture from these islands The do
feuso of Minister Hotoh is very in
genious indeed but it can only call
for ridicule aud scorn nnd certainly
not credence or admiration
Mr Hatch who feels that ho has
again put his foot in it plays as
usual the baby act and makes hia offi
cial mouthpiece state 1that Major
Wodehouse in tho official eye of
the Republio of Hawaii is as much
the British Minister hero to day as
ho was two years ago 2 That it
is highly probable that Mrs Wode
houses request would havo been
granted had she not taken tho say
so of ono of tho clerks of the For
eign Office as final
Mr Hatch may bo an excellent
pleador in a court of justice Us a
diplouiatio apologizor he posies as an
ass Major Wodohouso on a cortain
date introduced Commissioner G S
Haves to tho Hawaiian Government
as his successor as British represent
ative to this country Mr Hatves
presonted his credentials and wa
officially rocoived andacknowledgedj
by Minister Hatch as tho British
representative in Hawaii There aro
absolutely no diplomatic rules
which necessitato a special present
ation of letters of recall or resigna
tion of a diplomat Tho presenta
tion of credentials of a lator dato
settles tho question of representa
tion If Mr Hatch doosnt know
that it is about time for him to
read tho ruloB of diplomatic eti
quette about whioh evon his janitor
knows more than ho apparently does
Nothing shows tho fallacy of his
oxcuso stronger than tho act that
H B Ms Commissioner and Oon 1
aul General to Hawaii was thn party
who requested tho Foreign Office to
grant tho interview botwion Major j
J H Wodohouso and tho ox queou
If Mr Wodohouso in tho oyos of
tho Republic still was tho British
representative in Hawaii why should
tho letter of Commissioner Hawos
bo noticod and answorod by the
Foroigu Office Tell us that Mr
The excuse in regard to tho re
fusal to allow Mrs Wodohouso to
say good byo to tho queen is oven
more absurd and frivolous The
lady addressed a lottor to tho For
eign Offico requesting the interview
She enclosed an open lottor to tho
queen stating her desire to bid her
good byo She received on behalf
of the Foreign Office au answer
signed by G C Pol tor who is
to tho President and seru
tary of tho Foreign Office iu which
ho on behalf of tho Mimstor re
gretted that tho said interview could
not tike place And in tho face of
these ciroumstauces the official or
gan has the cold cheek to suggost
that Mrs Wodohouso should not
take the say so of a clerk as final
Groat Soott Will ourmnjoh the
only Potter stand ouch an insult
from Hatch and the Advertiser
The truth is that the government
and the community have expressed
thoir doop disapproval of the uu
warranted discourtesy of Mr Hatch
As usual ho does the baby act tries
to crawfish and cast the blamo for
his blunder on Major Wodehouoe
who has forgotten probably more
about diplomatic usage in one day
thau Hatch ovor will know iu a life
time aud on poor Potter who always
seemR to have to take the role of a
scapegoat Minister Hatnh can rest
asurcd that he hasut heard the
last of this matter by a long sight
By Jtmos F Mo gan
By order of Messrs H HAOKFELDCO
J will ioM a Credit Irado sale
of Merchandise
Corner Fori aud Queen Streots
Monday Tuesday
August 6th 0th 7th and 8th
Comwmicliic at 030 onloiik a m each
day wnen there will bo offered
Dry Goods
Including a Full Line of
Com Wocltn an Silk
Domestics Cottons
Sheetings and Tailors Q Oils
Saddlery Hardware Groceries
Crockery aud Glasswaie
Cigars and Liquors Ktc
Liberal Terms to ilie Trade
Messrs U HaokMd Co wish
Storekeepers to bear iu mind that thin w III
he a ijood chance to rep onish stock us nil
floods will be fold at any price kWIhb
purchasers all the benefit uf obtaining
Jas zr Morgan
Pip Senouo haud Bullock Carls
For particulars apply to
4 rtt
Quenn Street
laJwwMWW y ssrssA twWfeM
- WJ
Jl9n i
Honolulu July 22 1S95
Tt cannot bo doniod that tho
war cloud which hnngs ovor tho
world at present is getting durkor
und darker It is a historical
fact that tho end of each cen
tury has always been fraught
with bloodshed and strife in
tornally as woll as externally
Tho great powors of Europe to
day aro making and unmaking
ulliancos of all kinds The fact
is that diplomacy to day is using
every moans to postpone tho day
when tho crash must come and
gain timo for tho different coun
tries to prepare themselves for
the cigantic struggle which will
and must tako placo before tho
present generation dates its lot
tors in tho year 1900 Turkoy
is threatened from all sidos Tho
Russian bear is extending his
claws and licking his blood
thirsty tongue towards the East
and South in anticipation of
gain Tho passivo and cold
brother nations who inhabit the
Scandinavian peninsula aro
now glaring ferociously ready to
spring at each others throats
Germany under its impetuous
indiscreet imporial inustor is
drifting into the decoptivo mael
strom of conquest and war in
which all past oxporionco all
knowledge gained through tho
horrors of war aro forgotten and
whore only false sentiment and
shum patriotism aro ruling
And while tho giants get
ready for tho great war thoir
leaders havo realized ono thing
and that is that no army will
havo a show no militia a chanco
excopt provided with the indis
pensable bicycle And no won
der that tho monarchial coun
tries of Europe prefer tho Mon
arch to any other kind and
supply thoir wheeling cavalry
with that favorite brand
Wo havo watched proceedings
in tho great countries with a
groat deal of care and wo have
secured tho sole agency for Ha
waii of tho Monarch Cycle Wo
havo realized that not alone a
largo stock is necessary but that
a workshop in which all needod
repairs can bo douo is in tho in
terest of our patrons and wo havo
established ono abovb our stores
on Fort street This bicycle
infirmary will attend to any
sickuoss which tho wheel
may meet through accident or
lack of caro Our prices are far
below veterinary figures Wo
fix tho Monarchs sold by us at
cost price if ever thoy should
need it We have everything
on hand aud havo secured tho
sorvices of a most experienced
bicycle man whoso work wo
As tho bicycle is not only of
advantago in war but lovo wo
wish to call tho attention of the
young boys arid girls who havo
to spend thoir vacations in Ho
nolulu that wo have whools just
suitablo for thorn If daddy
cant sond thom to tho country
for a trip or buy thom a bow
wow lot thom ask him for a
Monarch It will givo more
ploasuro and last much longer
than evon a volcano trip
Tut Hawaiian Hardware Go Ld
307 Fokt Street
Opposite Spreoknla BInnk
W F REYNOLDS Proprietor
Cash Basis
fioiRlic Sewing Itiw
Domestic Pap or Pattern
Remington Typewriters
tastaSer Stationer
Etc Etc Etc
F A Mkhfiros
S Decker
Medeiros Co
taiilor 3
Hotel Streot Arlington Block
Tho cry of Hunt Times his reached us
all end realizing that man mast bo
clothed we nave decided to
Reduced Uiu P for tlie Next
30 Days
Suits and Troupers
At prices that will be w thin tho reach of
wvi rybody V carry a Soleot Stock of
GcioMh and punrautcH a Horfect Ht and
Work Those who really do
dlto to be oressed ieatly niid nattily and
annot alfor i to spend niuoh money on
their clothos will do wel in caPIng utour
store lii ore goin oli owhorc
A DECKER - Manager
Hawaiian Investment Go
Real Estate Agents
Records Searched
Loans Negotiated
Bills Collected
Notary Public Acoountant
Work promptly attended to
Office 13 and 15 Kaahumanu Street
Engines and Launches
They cannot ho surpassed for Motive
Sole ARont Nnuaim Street
Jeweler Watchmaker
1artluular uttentlon paid to all kinds of
Campbell Block Morohant Street

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