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Excopt Sunday
At Brlto Hall Konia Stroot
g0 Telephone 811 J03
Gainst the wrong that needs resistance
For the right that needs assistance
For the future in the distance
And the good that tee can do
lam in the place whereof I am demanded
of conscience to speak the truth and the truth
I speak impugn it who so list
Por Month anywhere In tho Ha
waiian Islands i M
Per Year 0 00
Per Year postpaid to Forolgn Coun
tries 8 00
Payablo Invariably in Advance
Advertisements unaccompanied by spo
clQo Instructions Inserted till ordered out
Advertisements discontinued beloro ex
piration ol BpecIQed period will bo charged
as if oontlnncd for full term
Address all communications to tho Edi
torial Department to Edmund Norrlo
Business letters should be addressed to
tho Manager
GOKENYON - - Co Editor
F J TESTA - - - Manogor
Roslding in Honolulu
In spite of tho publicly announced
statements of Captain McStocker of
tho Citizens Guard and ox Marshal
Hitohoock that foreigners having
claims against the Hawaiian Eopub
lie for outrages committed against
their persons and business during
the late rebellion would get it
where the chicken got tho axe it
seems that the British and United
States governments do not oxaotly
take the same view but actually
have the impudence to annoy
Messrs McStocker and Hitchcocks
vory best government by asking
for explanations in regard to said
The Advertiser is quite suddenly
appearing in a new role Instead of
devoting its time to twisting the
lions tail it is now virtuously occu
pied in rubbing the baok of the
aforesaid lion and by inference mak
ing comparisons between the lion
and the eagle not at all complimen
tary to tho latter
The Advertiser who on behalf of
the loud mouthed blatherskites who
support the republio for what there
is in it was ready at one time to
defy the world and go down to
Brewers wharf and fight any power
which would dare to look at Ha
waiis taro leaves has now cooled off
It and its crew admit now that the
immaculate government of Hawaii
ii small and could easily be
swallowed up if the British lion saw
fit to assume a forocious attitude
Great Scott Has it come to this I
Where aro our eyor bleoding and
Whore are tho pat
riots who by garl sir would pro
vent any limejuicor from landing
here Alas they have got it whero
Messrs McStocker and Hitchcocks
chickens will get the axe Tho
United States makes demands on
bohalf of her citizons and will en
force their claims Great Britain
follows suit and the prospects of
having to pay all tho claims worries
tho government a great deal more
than W O Smitho comma bacoillus
and makes Hatch prefer oholera to
diplomatic notes
It is well worth remembering in
this couueulion that Ihu law lords
of Gnat Britain have nlrnmlr pas-
ed an opinion in re V V Ahord
and hnld that tht evident u t hro pro
duced was not sufficient to oonviot
him What will they do when evi
dence is produced by tho Hawaiian
Government which oven in tho opin
ion of tho Hawaiian law lords was
insufficient to bring the arrostod
men boforo a tribunal subserviont to
the president and constituted as it
No man conversant with the feel
ing and rovongnful intolerance of
tho men in powor will believe for a
moment that the government de
clined to bring tho suspects to
trial for reasons of mercy charity or
friendship Not much the men
who wero kept languishing in that
coralliuo pest hole known as Oahu
Prison for wooks aud mouths with
out trial or oven a charge against
them had no friends in tho Govern
ment circloa But tho authorities
lacked absolutely tho first iota of
evidence against them and oven its
low contemptible spies dared not
manufacture evidence which would
havo been ravelled into threads ud
shown to be barefaced lies by auy
lawyer or by the accused aupeots
themselves Let Mr Hitchcock now
produce the evidence on which he
arrested tho foreigners in January
last Lot him and his gang re-import
detectives Allen McAvoy and
the rost of the tribe who by tho
official organs oveu havo been stig
matized as liars frauds humbugs
and every nice character possible
Let them assist the ex Manthal in
refreshing his mind not hii cup
board so he can remember why
Durrell Dunwelt and the many
others were imprisoned and let tho
evidence of these virtuous detec
tives bo very vory complete or the
American and British governments
may decline to entertain it and com
pel Mr Damon to scramble around
for coin wherewith to heal the
wounds of the illegally imprisoned
The Advertiser says that it doesnt
know tho final actions of great na
tions We can tell it what that will
be It will be justice to tho indivi
dual a strict upholding of treaty
rights and a determined demand for
indemnity for the infringement on
the dignity of tho nations insulted
through outrages committed by a
number of narrow minded brainless
men who had lost all sense of the
insignificancoof their country and
of themselves when they offended
tho nations of the world by insult
ing their citizons residing within the
borders of Hawaii Get your ex
planations ready gentlemen and
then pay tho claims
One of the most remarkable in
stances of the way Justice as she
is dealt out in Hawaii occurred
yesterday A suit in ejectment
brought by It Wj Holt against
Goo Kim was thrown out of court
at five minutos to twelve noon bo
cause whon called unexpectedly at
that hour plaintiffs attorney was
not present Considering that Ho
nolulu is a city of hacks and tele
phonos aud is also ho small that
everyone knows everyone elsos
habits aud whereabouts this action
of throwing out the case Booms to
havo boon most unjust to all parties
Tho Bulletin wants tho Chinese
laundrymou to fumignto and
MvWa li
pliurnt tho family wash boforo it is
brought back And then when
your bst Sunday shirt is missing or
your wifes now muslin skirt is not
to bo found in tho bundle it will bo
in order for tho Coolie who bo
whoelbarrowed tho remaiudor of tho
disinfootod clothing to your baok
yard to oxplain that it got burnod
up in tho process of fumigating
No goodl No can do Missiel All
One of tho most amusing things
wo havo soon for a long while is tho
complaint by a Bulletin corrcspou
dent that tho wicked Government
is murdoring tho political prisoners
by making them aisint iu disinfect
iog tho town aud in another column
of tho same issue tho editor or
some one else wants tho soldinrs o
earn their money by shot-and-shell-mg
their onomy disease with chlo
ride of lime aud other missiles at long
range The prisoners no doubt
are exposed to moro danger iuside
tho jail than outsid but no ouo
will bo able to persuade Col Mo
Leans gallant following that the
Bulletin editor is not conspiring to
get rid of them by moauB of oholera
germs as his articles dont Beam to
have tho required effect
Sure this is an eventful yoar in
Hawaii First we have a revolution
and a military commission then a
special session of the Lugihlature
with tho laud aot and cable scheme
next a weakling of a cholera baccil
lux with quarantine Aud four
months of thtt year lnft yet Mar
Weill well 1 1 Look at that now
All those evils cltsted together
And not a word to say which is tho
worst What can bo coming over
tho mind of the Star man The
military commission is compared to
cholera The special session to the
revolution and tho land aot and
cable scheme to the evils of quaran
tine Now S E Bishop will come
out in sesquipedalian print and call
the Star that royalist sheet And
then tho editor will faint
And now comes a man named
Osmer Abbott who is a school
teacher we believe in Lahainn and
who his formed some kind of a so
ciety in that god forsaken plao
named tho Lahaiua Union for Prac
tical Progress and oirculates A peti
tion addressed to Salisbury Balfour
Gladstone and Bryco asking them
to invoko the assistance of the Brit
ish Government in ameliorating ex
isting conditions in Eastern Turkey
If Gladstone and the other gentle
men have hesitated in taking up the
Armenia matter heretofore the peti
tion from OriniHr Abbott aud tho L
U P P will awaken him to a sense
of duty and the Armenians will be
protected immediately We dont
know if Mr Abbott is looking for a
cheap advertisement but with all
due respect we think that he and
tho L U P P could find work for
their humane spirit at far closer
quarters than Armenia They might
improve tho morals of Lahaiua or
come down here and help us clean
ing up the town They might also
petition tho Bight Hons Hatch
Smith Co to ameliorate tho con
dition of the Hawaiiaus whose sup
porters are uow languishing in jail
and who are starving Tho Armen
ians of whom Mr Osmer Abbott
J and tho L U P P know vory little
I can get along without our sympathy
and help Wo need all we have of
it right hero
Tho Board of Education has
proved itself as usual the fool of
tho season I Thanks to female per
We do not hold nursehet responsible for the
opinio it w coircpoiKients r columus are
lien In every shade of opinion or party or
qrinance Correspondence must not be libel
lous or indecent and must be accompanied by
the name of the writer not necessarily fqr pub
lication but as guarantee of good faith
Ed The Independent
Lot President Smith of tho Board
of Hoalth take heed to his own firo
boforo ho commences to extinguish
that of othors For months past he
has had an efficient well salaried
staff uudor him paid to inspect aud
administer to tho sanitary status of
tho city
How woll ovorything has boon ad
ministered what splendid work tho
sanitary woll salaried officers havo
performod under Mr Smiths admin
titration has juat now coma to light
but uufortuuately tho stato of the
city will not bear tho light for a
Urge part of it is a cesspool reek
ing iu filth and corruption but the
Bmrd of Health has done such
splendid work that a threatened
epidemic was necessary to awake
them from their long sleep and wo
aro thou told that through the
splendid and rirompt aotions of W
O Smith and staff the city was
saved from a severe epidemic H
that is wise iu his own conceit is a
And uowW O Smith would have
the Mikahalaa officers charged wi h
infringing written Board of Health
rules which through negligence of
hit department wero never written
or givon to thoso officers The Pie
sident of the Board of Health and
staff were too busy allowing the
dootors aud other outsiders to do
the work for which his department
is paid to even see that instructions
were sent to the captains of vessels
leaving for the other island during
the period of this his must erratio
quarantine Vehax
Sans Souci
The most lovely spot on Oahu is
Sans Souci This favorite seaside
resort which has been immortalized
by the pen of Robert L Stevenson
who resided there for months is
only four miles from Honolulu and
within easy reach of tho tramoars
The surroundings and bathing at
this famous resort aro superior to
anything found in tho Hawaiian
Iilands Cottages and board can
be obtained on easy terms The
table set by the manager is better
than any offered here at other ho
tels For picnics bathing parties
and outings the best accommodation
can be secured by giving notice to
the mnnnger
St Ijouib Oollege
St Louis College now announces
that it will not open on the 1th as
previously intended It will not re
open until tho Government schools
do whatever date that may be At
present it is on tho 9th of Septem
ber But should any further post
ponement of that opening take
place then tho authorities of St
Louis College will also postpone the
opening of their school out of defer
eiioe to the instructions of the health
Disease before it really gets
started Then its easy
Cholera is a complaint that
comes suddenly You must
aot promptly
Remedy 1 Cholera
Can bo relied upon Noth
ing equals it for all
Bowel Complaints It acts
Price 25 Gents
Hobnm Drag Co
Corner Fort and King Sts
If you dont got your paper ring
nt i n i ii iii i
Timely topics
Honolulu Aug 86 1896
Tho boys aro getting ready for
tho regatta which will take placo
noxt month at Pearl Harbor It
will ho one of tho finest racos
evor aeon in Honolulu Every
body in fact is racing now Tho
bout clubs aro racing Horses
for the Waianao mooting aro in
training to raco Tho disin
foctors aro racing tho comma
baccillus People all over tho
country are raising h allolujah
on account of cholera fumiga
tion quarantine and no quaran
tine Tho Claudino is to race
tho Monowai and advance re
ports of our cholera And tho
bikers in town are gotting their
wheels roady to raco away from
tho whoe business
And it is to the same bikers
that wo want to talk to day
We havo got tho best racing
wheel manufactured in tho
United States Tnn Tribune
Cycle has gained a reputation
not enjoyed by any other racing
cyclo The numerous good qua- N
lities of this light elegant
though solid wheel havo re
ceived tho highest praise from
everybody competent of judging
of the good points of tho Jin de
siecle racer
Tho Tribune Whool is built
by tho Black Manufacturing Co
at Erie Ponn and it has givon
universal satisfaction to tho
riders who have tried it during
the last years Some very valu
able improvements have been
added to tho original Tribuno
Tho Cycloidal Sprocket has
met an enthusiastic approval
from all connoisseurs There is
no additional friction with tho
Cycloidal Sprocket no matter
how groat tho power applied tho
chain simply pulls direct and
squarely on the faco of tho teeth
and tho powor is freely imparted
to tho wheel This is tho rea
son that tho Tribuno Bioyclos
have earnod a reputation for
their smooth and easy running
Wo have sold a number of tho
Tribunes in town mostly racers
aud wo advise tho boys who
want to enter tho races now con
templated to secure ono of these
superior wheels Tho Tribuno
Racer weighs ojily eighteen 18
pounds and tho depth of frame
is 24 or 26 inches It is tho
fastest and easiest running ma
chine in tho market and its ad
vantages in sprinting aro be
yond all question Racing men
who havo tried it once cannot
bo induced to ride without it
Wo invito tho cyclers of tho
town to call in and inspect tho
machine which wo offer with a
comploto outfit at a vory reason-
able figure If you want to bo a
winner ride tho Tribuno
Tdii Hawaiian Hardware Go lil
307 Fort Stbeet
OpposiU SjirciuknlK Dlohk

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