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- iepuBU
Except Sunday
At Brlto Hall Konla Btroot
f0 Telephone 8 11 Jg
Qattisl the wrong that needs resistance
For the right that needs assistance
For the future in the distance
t And the good that toe can do
I am in the place whereof T am demanded
of conscience to jeak the truthand the trttth
Ispeai impugn it who so list
1or Month anywhere In the Ha
waiian Islands M
1or Year 0 00
Per Year postpaid to Foreign Coun
tries 8 00
Fayablo Invariably In Advance
Advertisements unaccompanied by spo
clflo Instructions inserted till ordered out
Advertlboments discontinued beforo ex
piration oi specified porlod will bo charged
as If continuod for full term
Address all communications to tho Edi
torial Department to Edmund Norrlo
Duslnces letters should be addressod to
tho Manager
a O KEN YON - - Go Editor
F J TESTA - - - Managor
Tnbff1fnt In TTnnnlnln I
Tho bonovolont ladies who havo
undortaken tho praiseworthy task of
rolioving destitute Hawaiians havo
taken our suggestions of Saturday
very unkindly according to tho Ad
vertiser and aro very wroth because
we consider tho ozecution of their
admirablo object unpractical and
A largo amount of money has been
placed at the disposition of the re
lief oommitteo Tho hearty re
sponse of our merchants and others
to tho call for help is highly com
mendable Tho energy of Messrs
j 3 TOttiS -a m
undertaking tho unpleasant task of
canvassing for subscription is worthy
of the public thanks of the com
munity Tho willingness with which
the Jadies have come to the rescue
and offered their personal services
is most excellent But wo regret to
say that tho manner in which tho
relief is granted in our humble
opinion at least is wrong
The writers of tho Independent
ihave always been the champions of
the Hawaiians and it is for that
-very reason that wo have attempted
tto pointout the faults of tho present
system of tho relief committee
According to the -Advertiser one lady
iclaims that we dont show our friend
ly feelings towards the Hawaiians
by criticising the methods of tho
committee If our advice in past
days had been listened to and tho
Hawaiians man and women had
not been bo bent on running things
themselves advice the coun
try would perhaps not bo in its
present position or any necessity
have arisen for starvingHawaiiano
a fact horetofore unknown in these
HowQvor this is not the time for
recrimination Wo propose to point
out to tho oommittoo where tho
firror oftheir system comes in We
are aware that tho originaTplan of
feeding tho poor attho roliof station
thanks for tho word it sounds bot
or than hash house has been aban
doned and that now food isdolivor
fidto thoaojcallihg for it On Satur
day tho place ryas crowded but
thanks to a suggestion from an In
defbndknt man to the Marshal po
lice wfio dispatched and from yes
terday tho delivery ran quito
A crowd cannot bo avoided though
except a rule is made that only ono
persuu from a bouse is permitted to
call -around To oroato sympathy
wholo families woro trotted out and
men women and childron gathorod
Doos anybody conversant with Ha
waiians bolievo that all thoso people
wont straight homo after having ro
ceivod tho grub Assuredly not Tho
opportunity for making friendly
calls on oaoh other was too good and
was certainly not nogloctd and 1000
Hawaiians or more were virtuallysot
in circulation Saturdoy and yos
Tho Board of Hoalth supported
by ovory physician in town has laid
down a certain number of rules
Among thorn aro tho following
which tho roliof oommittoo ought to
consider as especially important
Avoid a crowd
Do not drink water which is not
Do not eat food whioh has not
not been cook rocontly
If wo are to stamp out the cho
lora these rules ought to be obsorv
ed religiously For that reason wo
disapprove of tho mothods of tho re
lief society A crowd will gathor if
not at tho Bethel streot station
then at housos where Hawaiians
live No provision is made for
boiling water Fuel is at present
the most important factor and it
ought to bo distributed liberally
Food cooked on Bethel stroot will be
carried to Kalihi and Waikiki and
cousumed cold or lukewarm hours
after it has boon boiled Compara
tive starvation would bo possibly
healthier than such abyMom
We now suggest to tho ladies and
gentlemen having chargo of the re
lief fund to Inaugurate a more prac
tical and moro beneficial system
ru u aan tot laminntion pur
poses been divided into nineteen
districts each superintended by an
inspector and his assistants A
house to bouso visitation is propos
ed to tako place every mornipg
We propose that the inspectors en
gaged in that work daily receive ap
plications for food fuel etc from
the people living in their respective
districts That they pass on tho
question of necessity for assistance
and forward a list to tho roliof sta
tion of the food needed in their dis
tricts Let tho committee then for
ward from its headquarters beef
poi salt pai ai potatoes and fuel
and let the peoplo cook their own
food and eat it hot ThoJJawaiians
never eat meat raw orinsufficiently
cooked There jsabsolutely no risk
that their meals will not bo properly
prepared and the appointed inspec
tors wil as a rule be around twice
a day and judge of their wants
Ifthis programme ifl adopted the
Teliof committee and all tho kind
ladies will Tiavo attained their bb
jectand thoy will then boaotingfor
the boat interests of tho Hawaiians
When tho Star attributes the
authorship of tho JJiblo to Sarah
Grand iu thoiHeavenlyiTwius it is
time the ohurchos were closed
It is of oourso a great pity that tho
people in Kau havo soon lit to return
the tourists who arrived in tho Aus
tralia and were tausforred to the W
Or Hall without touching
shore and landoi here at Hono
lulu As a resort for tourists
Hawaii has got a black eyo which
jvill not be cured in a day or year
wo hope the authorities Will seek
proper measures to alleviate tho
awkward position Of our guests and
if thoy so desire allow thom to land
and at least boo tho sights of Hono
lulu In tho future tourists wont
como hero in a hurry
Hawaii Maui aud Kauai seem to
bo unanimous for onco in allowing
Oahu to tako caro of its own troubles
Thoy aro right It is oasior to stop
a dlsoaso from ontoring than to ro
gulato it aftor it has attained a
Tho Star is authority fdrlho faot
that the Customs authorities have
not been less diligent in tho past
Iwo or threo years than at present
Well lattorly they captured 610 tins
Before thoj didnt Before the prica
was low now temporarily tho
price is high How is thatt
It is claimed that minister resident
of the Hawaiian Republic in Japan
B W Irwin has officially stated to
a representative of tho New York
Herald that Japan does not intend
to annex Hawaii How nice for us
and how vory discomforting to spe
cial editor commissioner patriot
promoter etc Armstrong
One idiot lives in town and in tho
columns of tho Bulletin writos to
oxpregsihisdosiro of getting general
hash tousei beg pardon relieving
stations in every quarantined dis
trict He ays it would Bave expense
Perhaps it would Some five cents
a day perhaps But the congregat
ing wouldadd to tho danger and
poruaps add 1000 a da to tho cost
in the long run
A correspond tsnt -of tho Star ovor
the iof Cacoethes
Scribeudi donies that tho native
monarohy was covertly hostile to
progress Ho or she or whoever
it may be does this in the face of
that assertion made in one of tho
many reports of tho Labor Commis
sion After this deluge Our only hope
has been in that labor commission
and when two lamnsiof tho Star
are deyoted to destroy its labors
why utiwT5 utjwkinil oriaay uuB
or 8omo HooUIob orCoaim
Marsdons extracts
When the much maligned Gibson
Was In charge of tho executive func
tions of tho government a tramp
steamer called the Madras arrived
It had smaNpftx onboard Ho ro
fusedtitf quAraStino Ho offered
every succor in tho sfynpoof food
water and medical assistance But
ho refused to allow passengers for
this place to land or any quaran
tine or other communication wjth
the vessel and the shore except in
the way indicated above No small
pox resulted here But it cost the
country J40000 about in damages
ft0ae two years afterwards Our
Board of Health lands the Bio do
Janeiros passengers and quarantines
them If it comes out all right it
will be cheaper But if not who oan
estimate the possible loss from the
risk 1
Tho Advertiser does not like tho
Bishop of Honolulu That israther
a mild way of expressing its attitude
towards and writings against Hip
I But the substitute who now
ates in the public pulpit of that
newspaper goesa little too far this
morning in his blackguardly effu
sions against the- Bishop Tho
-Bishop wo believe honestly and
sincerely bolioveaiu tho efficacy of
public worship and in fulfilling tho
TJoripturo oommandj Forsake not
theBSsembling yourselves together
Ho desires 4o Txii allowed to con
tinue to carry out bis belief into
practice and thereby to assist in
cousoling those to whom tho minis
trations of tho Church are an abso
lute necessity of religious belief To
this end he has written lottersto tho
newspapers expressing his views on
tho subject which aro contrary to
those of the Board of Health But
he has never descended to ungentle
manly and blackguardly language
and oven whatovor opiuion he may
or may not hold of tho Honolulu
Puritans ho has novor called thom
as the Advortisor Bubstituto doos
pagans lunatics and backslidors
Nor has ho ovon with all his provo
cation called tho oditorpf tho Ad
vortisor an apo though in our opin
ion ho would bo justified if he called
mm an ass
Tho editors of The iNnEPENPENT
have novor ojaimed to bo champions
of tho HawaiianB Thoy h avo prob
ably proved thoir friendship in the
past and suffered for it Do any of
the relief ladies wish to go to jail
It is unfortunato that tho medical
men of Honolulu do not work in
harmony and that a sort of petty
joalousy is prevalent among them
ovon now President Smith is doing
all in his power to recommend and
carry out the most advantageous
measures for tho stopping of tho
opidomio but his offorts aro gonorally
baulked by tho opposing opinions of
his medical advisors
Doath of Dodge
O L Dodge Managor of the Star
Publishing Co died on Saturday
night at the Cholera Hospital where
ho was take at 280 in tho afternoon
Tho sudden death of Mr Dodge was
a great shock to his many friends
Ho had been unwoll for a fow days
but never quitted his placo of busi
ness On Saturday ho -was at his
office although fooling ill and at 1
oclock in tho afternoon he felt that
he had developed tho symptoms of
tho dread epidemic He reported
at the Board of Health and was
promptly sent to the Hospital
During tho afternoon tho attending
physioians hoped that he would re
cover A relapse took placo and
shortly before midnight ho expired
Dodge resided in Hawaii about
two yoars Ho was a printer by
trnuo nuu nrrivuu uuro wibu tuu oiar
plant purchased on behalf of the
stockholders in the Star company by
Walter G Smith with whom Dodge
used to work in San Diego
The deceased assumed the pnsi
pn as fdroman in the Star office and
after thodoparturo of Walter Or
Smith leased tho plant of the paper
together with Editor Towso and as
sisted greatly in making n success of
the well known printing establish
Mr Dodge was a most amiable
gentleman and during his short stay
here gained many frionds amongihe
men who were fortunate enoush to
moot him in socialand businoss
tsies rne aeceasen was about 35
years old an American by birth and
Ho was an Odd Fellow a member of
the Amorican League and recently
president of tho Typographical
Union Ho had no relations in this
Dootor W Mousarrat who has
-been working vory hard for tho Board
of Health since the epidemic started
and who has been unwoll for a few
days is improving although not re
covered Dr Brodio is attending to
the patient A lot of foolish ru
mors circulated in regard o tho
sufferorthis afternoon were of tho
usual qualityoj rumors
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The Makaainana is out
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Thou its easy
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comes suddenly You must
act promptly
pinedf I Cholera
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Bowel Complafuts It acta
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Cornor Fort and King Sts
Timely Topics
Honolulu Aug SG 1896
Tho boys aro getting rondy for
tho regatta whioh will tako placo
next month at Pearl Harbor It
will bo ono of tho finest races
ever soon in Honolulu Every
body in faot is racing now Tho
boat clubs aro racing Horsos
for tho Waianao mooting aro in
training to race Tho disin
fectors aro racing tho comma
baccillus Peoplo all ovor tho
country aro raising h allolujah
on account of cholera fumiga
tion quarantino and no quaran
tine Tho Claudino is to raco
thoMonowai and advanco re
ports of our cholera And tho
bikers in town aro gotting thoir
wheals ready to raco away from
tho wholo business
And it is to tho sumo bikers
that wo want to talk to day
Wo havo got tho best racing
wheel manufactured in tho
United States The Tuiuunb
Cycle has gained a reputation
not enjoyed by any other racing
cycle Tho numerous good qua
lities of this light ologant
though solid wheel huvo re
ceived tho highest prajse from
everybody competent -of judging
uf tho good poiuts of tho Jin dc
aiecle racor k
The Tribune Wheel is hqilt
by tho Bluck Manufacturing Co
at Erie Ponn and it has given
uniyersal satisfaction to tlio
riders who ihavo tried it during
iho last years Some vory valu
able improvements havo boon
added lo tho original TrTbuno
Tho Cycloidal Sprocket has
mot an enthusiastic approval
from all connoisseurs There is
no additional friction with the
Cycloidal Sprocket no matter
how great tho power appliod tho
chain simply pulls direct und
squarely on tho fuco of tho teeth
and tho power is freoly imparted
to tho wheel This is tho rea
son that tho Tribune Bicycles
have earned a reputation for
thoir smooth and easy running
Wo havo sold a number of tho
Tribunes in town mostly racors
and wo advise tho boys who
want to ontor tho races ijow con
templated to secure ono of thoso
superior wheols Tho Tribune
llacorwoighs only eighteen 18
pounds and tho depth of framo
is 24 or 26 inchos It is tho
fustost and easiest running ma
chine in tho markot mrtj its ad
vantages in sprinting are
yom all question Racing rnoii
wno navo tnou it onco cannot
bo induced to ride without it
Wo invito tho cyclers of tho
town to call in and inspect tho
machine which wo ollbr with a
complete outfit at a very-reasonable
figuro If you want to bo a
winner rido thp Trjbuitp
Tne Hawrfjian Hardware Ci Ld
307 Foiit Stjiet
Olipo itfl HpriMiknU Wrick

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