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k Pilif nfefet kmmiAl
r A- -
Except Bnntlny
At Brito Hall Konia Stroot
0P Telephone 811
Gainst the wrong that needs resistance
For the right that needs assistance
For the future in the distance
And the good that we can do
lam in the place whereof I am demanded
of conscience to speak the truth and the truth
I speak impugn it who so list
Por Month anywhere in tho Ha
waiian Islands N
Por Year 0 00
Per Year postpaid to Foreign Coun
tries 8 00
Payablo Invariably In Advance
Advertisements unarconipnnled by spo
clfio Instructions Inserted till ordered out
Advertisements discontinued boforo ex
piration of specified period will bo charged
as If continued for fall torm
Address all communications to tho Edi
torial Department to Edmund Norrie
Business letters shonld be addressed to
the Manager
a O KENTON - - Oo Edltor
F J TESTA - - - Manager
Keslding In Honolulu
It is a great satisfaction to bo able
to say that tho alleged cholera under
which wo have suffered for months
has disappeared Tho entering into
port of tho Mariposa this morning
shows sufficiently that satisfactory
explanations have been- given and
that Honolulu onco more has been
declared a clean port
Tho time for squabbling and dis
puting as to the hows and
wheres and whys tho recent
opidomio camo is now in order and
the publio will probable got sick
and tired boforo thoso important
questions aro settled which they
never will bo
Tho Attorney General leaves for a
desorvod rest and although some
body thinks that it would havo been
bettor for him to go to California
and thoro explain all ho knows about
cholera instead of going to New
Zealand nobody grudgos him tho
trip Wo fail to see why tho land
business is used as an oxcuso for
sending Mr Smith abroad in an offi
cial capacity and on publio sub
sidy There is no reason why
ho shouldnt make a journey and
there was no nocossity to invest him
with tho sham of a public mission
Doles land bill although mutilated
and in its present shape as faulty as
tho original has been passed and all
tho knowledge to bo gainedin Now
Zealand by Mr Smith will not assist
in improving tho law Tho depar
ture of Mr Smith however proves
that tho authorities of Hawaii do
not ontortain any foar df another
outbreak of tho opidomio and that
an official indorsement has boon
placed on tho statement that it is
stamped out
Undor these circumstances wo aro
surprised to notico tho attitude of
tho U S cruiser Olympia This
vessel so far refuses to como iu port
aud wo havo received numerius
complaints bocause officers and men
are provonted coming ashore
The officers aro allowod to mako
calls during tho day timo but havo
to return at sunset and no liberty is
granted to tho men The comman
dor and doctor of tho cruiser know
their businoss of course but wo do
not think that they havo fully
realized the injury done to this
country through tho attitude adopt
ed by tliiiii Tim Mnriposa left
with a clean bill of health but it
will be stated by her that tho U S
cruiser still refuses to enter port
which will cause tho impression
that Honolulu is an infected port
Wo understand that tho regulation
of tho doctor of tho Olympia will bo
modified and wo sincerily hope that
no exaggerated precaution will bo
taken but that tho officers and men
will bo allowod to couio ashore
Tho cholera in Honolulu if it ever
was hero is pall
A native paper tolls its readers
that soveral officers from U S S
cruiser Olympia called at Washing
ton Place and wore iu privato con
ference with tho ox Queon for nearly
an hour It is unnecessary for us to
state that tho roport is without any
foundation whatever Mr 0 13
Wilson wa3 soon in regard to tho
matter this morning and expressed
himsolf as very anuoyed over such
reports which can only tend to
croato falso impressions atnonjj tho
Hawaiians aud aro injurious to them
and distasteful to tho Qupou We
caunot peo the object in alleged in
telligent Hawaiians spreading such
rumors and even casting them broad
cast over tho country iu print but
it is about timo that such business
was stopped and that the Hawaiians
and others woro made to understand
that tho Queen resides at Washing
ton Place reloased simply on parolo
from her formor prison At present
she doe3 not rocoivo oallors Her
persoual friends aro oven refused
admittance to bor presence at hor
own request lot alone strangors
In tho meantime the easily duped
Hawaiian go around aud think that
there is something up What is
tho next foolishness they will
So far as the conviction of de
fendants brought before the Police
Couit on charges of opium in pos
session it appears that tho remit
occurs beoausa of a conspiracy
Doesnt this show what our polico
force has como to To protect tho
law in ono instance they must them
selves break tho law in another in
stance The time has como to put
the wholo business down to what
tho morale of tho community will
Hawaiian seamen aro those regis
tered under tho Hawaiiau flg That
is in keeping with International
customs the world over If a vessel
ilios a flag the seiman on board be
longs to that Hag Otherwiso the
U S warof 1812 would havo been
of no avail
By tho statemont of W 0 Achi
in his alimony connection it appears
that his taxes and water rates are
duo for two years How does this
comfort tfio unfortunates who have
had to work out their taxes in parti
colored suits during tho period men
Saki seems to causo considerable
discussion hore especially among
tho people who dont use it Per
haps it would bo better to find out
what it is and what its effects may
be aud thou legislate in whatever
way would bo beneficial to us So
far wo hoar talk But practically
wo find no results If saki is bad
from our trado viow raud also from
our hoalth view some oxntuplos
should bo shown To simply talk
iu print bcouib to bo cheap
One day tho Bulletin wants bar
bor improvements Iho next day
it objects beoauso anothor paper has
ondore ed its proposal Lot it show
quietly and unmistakeably what it
wonts Then we shall havo uome
thing to arguo on In thomoantime
any plan which will improvo without
ohancos of deteriorating our harbor
will havo our approval uuless wa
cou show something better
VV - f - vu ri i j
uliiiiiMir iiimii i iimii Minimi i r7
Whites tho Star A proper re
spect for the ordinary amenities and
a studied regard for tho fijollngsnud
characters of all men should mark
tho conduct of newspapers as well
as tho conversation of individuals
No publication cait with hope of
success admit to its columns vague
or utisustaiuod or malicious charges
against reputable citizens Tho
course is both cowardly and uujust
aud cannot but invoke the dis
pleasure and contoinpt of fair-minded
men Now wtJaro satisfied If
all will carry out on this line uows
papor writing will bo as worthy of
dignity as wo havo tried to make it
Tho Bulletin published tho day
before yesterday signed charges
against Capt Paul Smith If they
were true he should have been ig
nomiuiously dUmissod from every
government employment that he
Lheld Oant Smt h rosonted tho
charges He took tho conduct of
tho nffdr into his owu hand
and tho Bulletin siys Cap
tain Smith would seem to bo com
pletely exonerated from tho charges
preferred against him by two lato
employes on tho dredger Loss
harm is done him by lotting his
enemies enme out in tho open which
has given him an oppor unity of
tho most public exculpation than
by having them circulate dainagiug
reports about him iu privato which
could never be fully overtakun
S tho function of a uowspapor is
to circulate chargos iu order that
they may bo denied
Dr Surmanu has thrown down
his glove to the medical members of
tho Board of Health by writing to
them that the recent epidemic was
not the Asiatic cholera Tf the Ger
mau doctor i3 right tho port physi
cian aud tho other mmnbors of the
board aro soverely to blame for hav
ing stigmatized Honolulu as a cho
lera infected port aud thereby
causing great distress hardship and
inconvouionco If Dr Surmann is
wrong and we did havo tho Asiatic
cholera the- Board of Health doe
tors ouglft tb be publicly censured
for having through their tnogloit
allowed that dread disease to enter
the country Iu the mesutimo it
will bo interesting to jitby and
watch tho fur fly when tho doctors
get into the professional wool of
each other
The Star now has abandoned its
enthusiasm for tho deepening of tbe
harbor as proposed It now says as
all kamaaiuas have paid extend the
harbor seaward And tho one
obstacle is Thurstons legacy of a
lease to the O II L Co
Where is the dredger The SJr
says goahead with it or eleo consign
it to tho scrap heap What about
Capt Paul Smith and its other oc
As tho Building Society has to ad
vertise its privileges it is safe to say
that its inside members dont rely
on its profits as muchns the Adver
tiser expects the outside publio to
do If tho thing pays those who
are in ty will undoubtedly use their
advantages as far at they can The
outsido public doosntearo
Sans Soiici
The most lovely spot on Oahu is
Sans Sottci This favorite seaside
resort which hns been immortalized
by the pen of Robert L Stevenson
who resided t litre for months is
only four miles from Houolulunnd
within easy roach of the tramcars
The surrouudings and bathing at
this famous resort are superior to
anything fouud in tho Hawaiian
Islands Cottages and board can
be obtained on easy tortus The
table set by tho manager is better
than any offered hero at other ho
tels For picnics bathing pirth B
and outings tho best accommodation
can bo secured by giviug notice to
the manager
m m m
To close them out Shirt Waists
I formerly selling at SI 50 each havo
1 been reduced to SI aud Pilli Hats
I which were selling at 2 from this
I on will be sold at 1 uaoh Call
I oarly before tho supply is ex
hausted A Barnes Now Ropublio
I Building King etroet
JSLf Sltlrttlk1aJrii WJilX
Urothor John Goes to Rest
After n short illnes Brother John
a faithful and valuable sorvantof tho
Roman Catholic Mission iu this city
expired at 10 oclock this morning
The deceased was a lay brother of
tho church and his worldly nnmo
was John Frauds Pillot Ho was
born iu Belgium on tho 2d of Sep
tember 1811 nnd was consequently
81 years of ago
Ho arrived in Honolulu April 29
1813 and had sinco tho day of his
lauding been esteemed anil lovod
by all who camo iu contact with
him Every man woman and child
rich or poor know his gonial feat
ures and were pleased to receive a
few kind words from tho Brother
who always was around and busy
and who within two weeks of his
death remained in harness and
daily performed his duties as mes
senger and geuornl factotum of the
Sisters of tho Sacred Heart Convout
nnd the Mission When old ago
ijompellod him to retire a fow weeks
ago great regret was expressed not
alone by his superiors in tho Mis
sion and Convent but by the many
outsiders to whom he was always
ready to oflyr his services
Good Brothor John hns left us
but his memory will ever remain
fresh under tho sacred portals of
the church and among the Catho
lics of Hawaii uei His funeral will
take place to morrow m ruiug
Board of Health Notes
Tho Board of Health hold an im
portant meotiug yesterday after
noon at which tho quarantine on
steamers was entirely lifted and tho
regulations relating to the making
of poi in certain districts were re
It was recommended that Nuu
anu refervoirs be emptied aud clean
ed and that the city water bo fur
nished solely from tho artesian
Dr Surmann has written a letter
to tun B which was read
in which the doctor expresses his
opinion that the reetmt epidemic
was not the Axial io cholera
President W 0 Smith gave no
tice that he intended to leavn on a
vacation for New Zealand on tho
21 h inst and would return on Dec
12 h
The following letter from local
sportsmen was read
Hov W O Psiitii President Board
of Health
Dear Sin A party of goutlemon
deiin to make a fishing anil hunting
trip iu the S S Lhuoj leaving
htroFriday evouing 18ih inst pro
ceeding to tho coast ot Lauai and
reaching that point Saturday morn
ing 10th iust
They iepectfully ask pernnB3ion
to proceed as above On arrival off
Lfiiii Sntur lay inornini five of the
party uihi iHriiiii sipn to laud for
i Iih purpose of Minuting game The
linn iiii party consists of Messrs
H MWtituy Jr W Austin Whit
mir Sm W ldt r W Lanz and Gen
W HoberUon If permission to
land is grained Mr F H Haysel
dtm will accompany the party and
take charge of same
Saturday evening tho Lohua
will proceed to Lthaina aud pr
aiiBiou is rnqu sted for any of tho
parly to hunt who may so desire
The party will consist of some
twenty tb twenty five gentlemen
It is proposed to return so as to
arrive back in Honolulu Sunday
fViMiiug and pHrinission is request--d
to land fish caught by tho excur
sionists ou ijinni
I am respect fully your
W Austin WnmNO
For excursionist
J H FisiiEn
Saml G Wilder
11 M Wihtne Jr
Will SheP
When the Coming Woman cots here
Will she offer up her seat
Will she offer her umbrella
WIimu theres rain or snow or sleet
Will she help us iu the wagon
Will she bait our fishing hook
Will she step into tho water
That we dry mav cross the brook
Will she seizM a rail and rescue
When the bully chases us
Will she push tho weezy mower
Every eve aud make no fuss
Will sho run tho locomotive
Shovel coal aud handle brakes
Will sho level mount and forest
Carry bitters for the snake
Will she march to bloody battle
Snap hor fingers at the hurts
Well I guess not j she will merely
Hide behind hor husbands skirts
Joe Cohe
Timely Topics
Honolulu Sept SO 1806
All over tho world nt prcsont
questions of hygiono aro tho
main issuos of tho dny Whilo
tho learned sciontists of Europo
aro devoting thoir timo and
skill to find romodios which
can destroy tho disoaso breeding
germs tho diseases go on and
cholora dipthoria aud typhoid
ravage cities and countries
Whenever a disease becomes
epidemic it is because tho gorm
found conditions which suited
it and in which it folt at homo
and ready for businoss Tho
sanitary conditions of the town
and of tho homo becomos of
vital importance Honolulu is
having a tasto of a cholora opi
domio and it bohoovos every
body to do his best in placing
every homo in tho best sanitary
condition possible
- When tho gonernl house-cleaning
which will take place next
Mondny is over niany house
keepers will find some house
hold furniture which noods re
newal and others missing both
as to utility and convenience
AVo call attention to day to
our Oil Stoves Tho
Stove which wo carry in stock
has gained a great reputation
everywhere Tho ono wo espe
cially recommend is tho most
complete oil stove over offered
in the market It is perfectly
safo for tho user of it and it
will answer all purposes in a
well regulated household Five
quarts of oil is sufficient to burn
ton to twelve hours In ton
minutes a half gallon water can
bo boiled It will fry and boil
bako or broil at tho samo timo
You can boil potatoes and bako
biscuit at tho samo timo In
ton minutes you can broil a
steak to perfection and in an
hour and a half you can roast
an eight pound turkey Onco
tried tho Dietz Oil Stove will
bo found tho very thing for tho
housekeeper and the price
brings it within tho roach of
Tho Water Coolors which wo
havo on hand aro tho very
things for restaurants saloons
schools and stores After tho
water is boiled fill tho cooler
with it and oven without ico it
will keep a pleasant tempera
ture Largo families will find
thoso highly prnamental coolers
of great advantago ttnd a groat
saving in regard to ico
What howover is more ubo
ful than a Monarch Bicyclo In
San Francisco and othor places
mail and papor carriors busi
ness men and professional men
uso tho Monarch and havo
within tho diamond arranged a
leather bag vory oasily fixed
which will contain papor docu
ment lunches and clothing and
do sorvico as tho saddle bags do to
tho horseman Tho Monarch is
tho most solid and host appointed
wheol introduced horo and can
bo purchased on tho installment
Tufl Italian Hardware Co Id
307 Foht Stjieet
Onrxwltn fipraflVU BlooV
Fftft8B i ri t tb wM

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