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M 1
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Excopt Bnndny t
AtBrio Hull Konia Stroot
BT Telkpuose 811 jK27
Gainst the wrong that necdi resistance
Ior the right that needs assistance
For the future in the distance
And the good that we can do
1 am in the place whereof I am demanded
of conscience to speak the truth and the truth
i speak impugn it who so list
EDMOND NOliBTE - - Editor
OO KENTON - - Co Editor
F J TESTA - - - Elaungor
KcsldliiR In Honolulu
Tun Independent Los often polled
attontiou to the crudity and un
reasonableness of certain laws
od by those joustituting the Legis
lative CouMcils of the Trovisional
Govornmeit and perhaps more in
iluentially by tho minds of the Irani
ors of tho Constituttion of 1891 un
der which such laws though previ
ously promulgated received their
practical vitality and vigor Tho
unity of political prossuro and tho
temporary oxigenoies to an extent
controlled public rights and liber
ties and placed the masses in tho
power of the governing minority
as not infrequently has happened
elsewhere when established govern
ments have boon revolutiouarily
One very curious spocimen of this
P G legislation is Act GG Au Act
relating to the landing of aliens in
tho Hawaiian Islands This Act
provides that certain very objection
able classes of aliens aad per
sons without visible means of sup
port which means of support may
be shown by tho bona fide possession
of not loss than fifty dollars in
money or a bona fide written con
tract of employment with a roliablo
and responsible resident of tho Ha
waiian Islands shall not bo allowed
to land here or rather it makes it
unlawful for thom to land
A simple and bonoficidl enough
provision in itself but now to ex
amine the mechauism of tho work
ing of it Tho Customs authorities
are to inspect tho passengers The
inspecting officers says ho law
shall havd powor to administer
oaths and consider testimony touch
ing the right of any such alion pas
senger to land within -the Hawaiian
Islands all of which shall bo enter
ed on record All the decisions made
by the inspecting officers touching the
right of an alien to land shall be final
provided that tho Collector General
of Guttoms may review the decision of
his Deputy and tho several collec
tors of customs in case appeal may be
taken from their decision
Again whilo tho Oircuit Judges
and tho District Magistrates are in
vested with full and coucurront
jurisdiction of all misdemeanors
arising undor the Act tho Collector
General of Customs his Deputy and
tho several collectors of customs
are invested with full jurisdiction
in matters touching the right of any
alien to land or the question whether
any alien who has landed has dqne so
in violation of law Tho Oolloctor
General tries tho alion and the
judges punish him
Thus is created in our opinion
auothor impertum in imperio An
arbitrary and non discrotiouary judi
cial powor is conforrod upon a sub
ordinatq executive officer a head of
a department bureau constituting
him as it woro a Supremo Court of
appeal over his subordinates and
removing him for this purpose ovon
Irom tho supervising control of his
chief tho Minister of Finance and a
cabinet officer By a party of reason
ing hn ih tjio equal of tho Executive
and thfe highest Judiciary He is in
fuel tho Supreme Judgo of a Court
of Record composed of his subor
dinate inspecting ofilcors
It is to bo supposed that tho
framen of tho Constitution con
templated in their mental sanity tho
creation or authorization of such a
peculiarly constituted court of final
nppnalf tho almost informal ten
tative tud friendly discussion be
tween the justices of tho Supremo
Court tho Attorney General and
Mr Paul Neumann in the Habeas
Corpus oasd of- tho two Japanese
ladies on Tuesday last detained by
the Marshal at tho inBtauce of tho
Collector Gouorjd unfortunately is
of littlo value as a matter of
judicial record throwing light
upon the sovoral points thou about
to b raised iuasmuuh as on tho
motion of the Attomoy General
himself theprlsonura were reloaded
As probably a number of Habeas
Corpus cases will be brought should
the Collector General insist upon
exercising tho arbitrary powers con
ferred upon him it will be interest
ing to await a formal decision of
the Supreme Court especially in
view of tho near convening of tho
Legislature which intelligent body
will in view of our treaty folatious
with frioudly powers deem it wise
policy to amend the aot by rotain
uig it good points and rejecting its
defeats before diplomatic corres
pondence ensues
The thinks of t lie Independent are
due to the Hollistor Drug Co for
their haudsomo seasons present of
a theimouioter
Wo have received from H Lose
agent calendars from the Insurance
Co of North America Thoy pro
convenient and handsomo spocimeus
of typography
Tho funoral of Carpenter J Coop
er of tho Baltimore took place on
Tuesday afternoon Rev H W
Pick officiated at the burial which
took place with military honors at
the Nuuanu cemetery
Tents Erected Fort and Berotanla Streets
kills Circus
Proprietor Harry Wlrth
Manager J J Cameron
Special Announcement
Tho departure of S S Kinau to
Hilo being altered to Monday next
Mn Whith respectfully announces
that tho Company will give
2 Iorii Perfornimices 2
Particulars of which will bo pub
lished in to morrows Independent
Good Things to Eat
v nanr
y uhVM
Joseph Tinkeh
- - Proprietor
Home Fed Pork
Fat Turkeys
Sucking Pigs
Tliousifl supply of Beof Mutton
Sausage Pork Vcnl Etc Etc
tXSf Remember tho place and ring up
or call nt tho
151 Ot
Hovai Danish Consulatii I
Honolvlu Deo I 1805
npainst tlio Estato of Ditlkv Tonur
deceased ure requested to present tbo
sumo at thU Consulate within two months
from tbts dato and all persons owing said
lCstnto aro requested to make Immediate
payment W MAOPAIttANE
1 13 1 m Aotlng CoriBiil for Donmark
Subscribe for the Independent 50
tnnt rr month
Mrtw tf ll
Timely Topics
Honolulu Dec IS 1895
Ho had been in tho Hawaiian
Islands dearly a year Ho ar
rived horo in tho lattor part of
January 1895 anil his fortunes
had boon bqtwoon the ups and
downs This is tho first
Christinas that ho is to oxpori
onco far from home far from
his frionds and his rotations
Tho old picture of tho snow clad
hills ho merry bolls of tho
sleigh and the blaze of tho
Christmas troos is inscribed on
his mind IIo has mado frionds
horo in tho over sunny climp of
Hawaii His friends want him
to foiget tho longing for tho
snowy country and tho Christmas
as ho saw it and thoy will offer
him their presents and Christ
mas gifts and try to make him
believe that ho once inoro is
patronized by tho King of tho
North Santa Glaus
To help in that noblo purposo
wo havo imported tho very
thing suitablo for Christmas
presonts This year wo have
mado a speciality of Aluminium
Ware and wo propose to present
to tho public somothing never
soon hero before Aluminium
Toilet Sots are tho rago and
fashion to day in every part of
tho civilized wprld They aro
made of pure Aluminium and
will not tarnish Tho Alumi
nium Waro looks like silver
and give as much pleasure to
tho owner as do goods inado of
sterling silver Wo know of no
more appropriate Christmas
prosont than a sot of Combs and
Brushes in Aluminium Or a
Card Recoivor a Mirror a Cigar
Stand Ash Recoivor etc etc
Tho price of theso oxcollont
goods brings thom within tho
roach of everybody and to givo
a truly useful Christmas pcosont
has become easy to ovoryono
Whilo wo havo imported a
largo invoice of Aluminium
Waro wo havo not neglected our
Silvor Goods Pitchors and Plates
Cocktail Shakers und Forksand
Knives in tho latest fashions
aro a special feature of our
Christmas exhibition AVo havo
all kinds of Platod Silvorwaro of
tho highost dogroo and finish
and wo invito tho public to call
at our storo and remember tho
poor lonoly follows who on
Christmas ovo will fool homo
sick and lonoly and dooply
grateful for tho smallest token
signifying that thoy aro not
forgotton although far away
from homo
Tno Hawaiian Hardware Co Ld
307 Fort Stueet
Onponltfl SprenVnlf BlnnV
I 1
WJV -- l
Our Spocial Ihand of W N
and Star
Guitar Banjo
VioU Strings
Manufactured especially for this
climato and bearing iho
Trade Mark of
Also Our Special Make ot Guitar the W N
N B A largo assortment of
Shcot Music
WaMicSols Co
Kino Stueet
To Waiauae
Saturdays and Sundays
eer Trains will lcavo on Saturdays nt
015 a m nnd 145 r m Arriving In Hono
lulu at 311 r m and 620 r m
XBf Train will lenvo on Sundays at 915
a m Arriving in Honolulu at 520 p m
Round Trip Tickets
1st Class
2d Olnss
General Passenger nndTlcket Agent
100 tf
Holiday Opening
Monday Dec 9th 1 will
open a comploto lino of
Christmas Goods of ovory
EKRomombor thoilO
Bioyclo I will give away
December 31st
05 A Coupon is given
away with Evkhv One 1
Dollah purchase
J J EGAN Fort Street
Health is Better Than Wealth
Owing to ill health and re
quiring a cliango of climato
I atn prepared to SELL OUT
my Entire Stock or Beauti
ful Jeweliit Clocks Watches
Etc at a Saciiifioe Now is
your opportunity to got Val
uable Christmas Gifts Cheap
I am also prppnred to under
take aujr ordora for Special
Designs in Fine Jowolry and
anything olso portainiug to
the business of Watchmaker
and Jeweler
128 Morchaut Streot tf
For Yokohama Hongkong
The 0 It S N Co a Steamship
Mount Lebanon
3500 Tons Hkkdiiy Master
Will be due at Honolulu from Portland 0
on or about
IDHlOEJMBHirc a 1st
And will havo immediate dispatch or
above ports
ftST For Freight and Passage apply to
133 tU
General Agnts
JL tlio nndersignod in anyway tampors
with bad paints or mixes Hmo or other ex
traneous substances In his paint to make
his work go nnhcrat a cheaper cost thun
necessary Professional Houso Painting
and Paper Hanging in tho boat styles by
him satisfaction guaranteed
Cornor of Horetnnla nnd Fort Street h
to lot on llorotanln
streot Hight In town For
particulars ring up Tele 1
puouo ow
051 tf
Is Coming
We Are Not
Ye Are Already Here
and We Are Here
to Stay 1
iu tho lino of Plantation
Supplies come lo me and got
them x I havo thom If it is
Mixed or Plain Paints you
think necessary to ooat your
house carriage or fonco with 1
um ready to furnish it Soap
I havo it and both plonty and
choap Lovers of llowors I can
supply not tho llowors but tho
Pots and the Wiimmianuing
Baskets And in tho cooking
lino whilo you mu jt supply tho
food I can if you wut furnish
tho best Agate and Tinwaue in
tho market
5 And roiuonibor that in
all theso things and in many
others no placo of business in
town soils you what you want
cheaper than you can find at
J T Waterhouses
Queen street Store
Coiner Merchant Richards Sis
Taktzawa Family
FRIDAY Dec 27th
At 8 Oclock Bliarp
Reserved Seats 75c
Adults GOc
Chlldion 25c
Scatn on sale nt ltuildlng on Friday
afternoon Tuesdays Wednesdays nnd
Thursdays reserved for whilo people
Saturday Matinee for Children
At 2 Oclock Sharp
Athletic Trcipezo Exhibitions
Ilalaiiciiifr on Sluck Wlro
Bioyclo Hiding
Juggling of tbe Most Expert Class
137 tf
Tisli 002 P 0 Box 100
Manufacturer ond Importer of
Saddlery Harness -
Doth Shif lo and Double
Has the largest assortment in his lino in
town and soils thom nt lowest prices
Uvorytlilni in the lino of Btablo
uiiuutiiiR in stock
Carriage Tops and Trimmings
vo Onco you call and buy you will bo
337 Kino Stroot lioar Nuu sku
sitnatcd on iiiaukn
sldo of School stront
twnmi Knlinnlntrint lirMA
and Iillha Btroot containing in nren of
uii iw ui uu iium iMir niriiicr pariicuintM
inquire ot KNOPH JOHNSON
150 2v No it Kaahnmanu Street
Ring up 811 if jou havo auythhip
to aay to Tun TvrmpwnwvT

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