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5 w -as--
Except Banday
At Brito Hall Konia Btroot
Telephone 811
1or Month anywhere In tho Ha
waiian Islands GO
Per Year 0 00
Per Year postpaid to Foreign Coun
tries 8 00
Paynblo Invariably In Advance
Gainst the wrong that needs resistance
For the right that needs assistance
For the future in the distance
And the ooad that we can do
i am in the vlace whereof I am demanded
conscience to speak the truth and the truth
speak impugn it who so list
Advertisements unaccompanied by spe
cific instructions inserted till ordered out
Advertisements discontinued beforo ox
plration of specified period will bo charged
as if continued for lull term
Address all communications to tho Edi
torial Department to Edmund Norrio
Business letters should be addressed to
the Manager
F J TESTA Mannjror
Residing in Honolulu
His Excellency the Attorney
General has written a letter in re
sponse to a petition from tho Portu
guese Band of Hilo asking permis
sion to give concerts on Cocoanut
Island on Sundays The lettor roads
as follows
Department of the
Honolulu H I Aug 12 1890
Mn Godfrey P Aefonso
Hilo Hawaii
Sir Yours of tho 3d instant ask
ing that permission be granted tho
Rival das MuBas band to play on
Sunday afternoon on Cocoanut Isl
and was duly received
Tho matter of tho request has
boon considered by tho Exocutivo
Council and it has been decided not
to grant the permission While the
responsibility for enforcing the laws
devolves upon this department I
preferred to have tho matter acted
upon by the Exeoutivo Council
While the action may be deemed
inconsistent in view of tho fact that
the Government Band has been al
lowed to play in Honolulu on Sun
day afternoons there aro certain
considerations which havo weight in
arriving at tho decision
The conditions horo aro different
The Honolulu band is under Gov
ernment control and the kind of
music played and tho wholo char
acter of tho performances can be
Thoro are not less thau three
other music bands iu Honolulu but
permission has not been granted to
any of them to play in public on
I would also add that thoro aro a
variety of music bands iu various
parts of tho Island who if tho Sun
day playing iu Hilo is allowed
would probably desire similar per
mission Many of these bands aro
of such oharaotor that no public
boneflt would result from allowing
thom to play
I have tho honor to be Sir
Your obedient servant
William O Smith
Attorney General
Tho Hilo pooplo naturally protest
aud the Tribuno ovidontly knowing
our Govornmout olpsos an editorial
on tho subjoct by tho following per
tinent remarks
Probably our protest will bo met
as iu the past with the attitude that
Booms to say Tiotoat aud bo
We uioBt eorlaiuly shall protest as
long as Hilo is treated ns long as if
unable to conduct a decent Sunday
concert without Gfvorumeut con
trol aud wo shall also protest
against tho adding of insult to in
jury in having imposed upon us
such imbeoilo excuses as characterize
tho communication of tho Attorney
Wo can fully understand tho fool
ingB of our Hilo contemporary It
is most amusing to imagino Mr
Smith and his colleagues getting to
gether every Friday in Executive
Session aud after a sorious debato
agroo upon a program for the noxt
Sunday concert None of tho
gentlemen havo so far givon auy
proofs thatthey know the difference
between Yankoa Doodle and
Mozarts Twelfths Mass
However they have to their othor
ardent duties added the musical cen
sorship of band concerts What by
the way does Professor Smith mean
by saying that there aro bands of
auh oharactor that no public bone
fit would rosult from allowing thom
to play on Sundays
Tho benefit to be derived from
Sunday concerts does not depend
on tho class of music played It can
not bo expected that bands liko
thoso conducted by Godefroy
Straus3 Guugl and othor great
loaders cau bo found in ovory village
aud hamlet But the vilagers will
after their weeks work feel just as
edified and benefitted by the tunes
of somo throe or four musicians
playing as
Smith we and othor great musicians
are by listening to Mozarts Twelfth
The Attoruey Goneral and his
colleagues have exceeded themselves
in official absurdity and idiocy
It is stated that tho American
born Duchess of Marlborough is
very auxious to purchase Marl
borough House and to restore it to
the family possesions This is not
likely to happen during the life of
Queen Victoria or of tho Prince of
Wales While the house is not
much loved by the Prince undor
existiug circumstances it is both a
convenience and nocessity
Nearly every morning wo road
about doors and windows to offices
being left open It cannot bo ex
pected that tho regular polieoraon
can act as watchmen for our mer
chants and storekeepers They can
not look the doors loft open through
carelessness aud thoy are not sup
posed to loave their beats for a
single moment Wo loam that a
Merchants Patrol is now boing con
templated and that a responsible
gentleman has takou hold of tho
matter Tho merchant a as well as
the Government should offer all
possible help to the promotor This
sohemo has worked well in tho
Uuitod States and Europe In Eng
laud and America tho work is dono
by ex soldiers
It is simply disgusting to notice
the number of Chineso dragged into
tho District Court ovory morniug
charged with violating tho gambling
laws The poor devils spend their
Sundaya in playing dominoos gen
orally for a very small amount The
oaglo eyed satellites of our police
authorities somo of whom frequent
ly havo boon soen with cards and
dice swoop down on tho Chinese
gamblers and instituto a tri
umphal march of tho hoathen gang
to tho Police Statiou under tho soft
nccompauimont of their official
clubs Doos the Attorney General
expect tho hardworking Chineso to
spend thoir Sundays hi going to tho
Central Uniou Church or stay at
home and road novels or take n ride
iu their buggies or do similar things
in vogue among tho ohosen pooplo
Tho poor follows aro not admitted
to our clubs or beach resorts aud it
is not fair to expect them to sleop
all day Bo just for once our dar
ling best Government aud cease
A Sad Death
Lowis J Levoy died at midnight
Saturday tho 22 iust at his residence
surrounded by his family
Tho deceased had only suffered a
few days from pneumonia but his
health was brokon down since his
incarceration iu the pest hole called
Oahu Jail during tho so called revo
lution in 1805
For mysterious reasons Mr Levey
who at that timo was conducting a
prosperous business as auctioneer
aud who uevor had been known as
meddling iu politics was arrostod
and held without trial or explana
tions iu tho jail of Mr Doles Re
Prison lifo did not suit him and
ho grow visibly old and feeble dur
ing the many weeks ho was shut up
iusulted aud when calling for
justico ridiculed
Ho knew that his business must
go under without his personal at
tention Ho know that his wife
who was in a delicate condition and
his five children needed broad and
ho was mentally and physically
Finally iu his despair ho accepted
the terms offered to the political
prisoners by Mr Dole of leaving the
country in liou of an iramediato re
lease Ho was given his liberty and
with his largo family ho started for
The rest of the story is soon told
Broken iu health 57 years old it was
hard even for a man of his ability
to find employ in the rushing capi
tal of the Southern Hemisphoro
After trying in vain to gain tho
necessaries for himself and his small
children he returned to Honolulu a
broken down man
His former friends who know
Lowis J Levoy so well when ho was
a loading auctioneer and the lesson
of the Royal Opera House had
either met misfortunes themselves
or had forgotten their once bon
And when ho waB laid low with
congestion of tho lungs there was
nothing in his framo to resist tho
attack Pneumonia set in and he
died deplorod by all who knew him
Lewis J Levoy was born in Man
chester England September 19
1838 His energy and business en
terprise had carried him into many
countries Ho at one timo managed
a hotel at Bombay and as a travel
ler for big firms in London ho visit
ed many countrios in Europe and
Africa Ho finally accopted tho
position as purser on a Portuguese
immigrant vessel bound for this
port He remained horo for more
than 15 years doing business as
auctioneer and commission agent
Tho deceased was a
to Abraham Hoffnung a millionaire
doing business in London and
The funeral took place yesterday
afternoon undor the auspices of the
Sons of St Goorgo and the Jewish
Benevolent Society
The Independent joins tho com
munity in sincere sympathy with tho
cruolly bereaved family
Elsio Adair
A very appreciative audience hail
od Elsio Adair last Saturday at the
matinoe Tho house was crowded
and iu tho evening a largo number
of pooplo enjoyed tho oxoollont
dancing and tho good acting of tho
troupe During this week begin
ning to night tho Adair Company
will appoar at the Old Chineso
Thoatro in order to give those living
towards Kapalama a chanco to soo
tho fire danco and tho graceful
movements of the sorpent
- r -- - trTrayifrt tares r fiwwg
muwi TWf
The American bark Albert Grif
fiths master arrivod yesterday morn
ing Id days from San Francisoo
with a full cargo of general mor
chandiso aud 18 horses two of which
aro for tho Fire Department
The Gorman bark H Hackfeld
Barbor inastor sailed for LayMm
Island yostorday morniug
The American schooner Alohn
Dabol inastor sailed for San Fran
cisco on Saturday afternoon with
her load of sugar
Tho Olaudino brought in 13 cabin
passenfors and 37 deck Hor cargo
consisted of 5675 sacks of sugar 9G
of corn 258 of potatoes horse 50
hoad of cattle 81 hogi aud Gl
packages of sundries
The Kinau brought G8 cabin and
G2 deck passongors
Tho Kinau brought G530 bags of
sugar 25 hoad cattle 31 hogs 7
balos wool 83 bundles hides 129
pes koa 31G sacks of potatoes 142
sacks of corn and 139 pekgs of
Tho American bark S O Allon
Thompson mastor arrived yester
day forenoon from San Francisco
witn 700 tons of gonoral merchan
dise 9 horses and 28 mules Sho
sailed at noon on August 9th and
had a pleasant passage down Her
passengers were J Lightfoot Rose
Adlor Dr L M Ingorsoll B I
McCullough S O Stewart Alox
Johnson Sho also brought 10000
in American silver
The O A S S Miowora arrived
this morning from tho Colonies and
sailed at 3 oclook this aftornoon
A Jubilee
Hawaiiaus and foreignors from all
district of Hawaii gatherod at Wai
mea last Saturday making merry on
the celebration of tho silver wedding
of Mr and Mrs Saml Parker
Tho visitors had a good time and
thoroughly enjoyed the horso raceB
and luaus arranged by the Waimoa
people Mr Parker and sevoral
mombors of his family appeared for
awhile at Waimoa and received tho
enthusiastic congratulations of the
Later on a luau was givon at
Mana attended only by tho family
and iutimato friends Everywhere
the best wishes for tho silver couple
were expressed and we all wish to
danco at their golden wedding
Special Request
Under Two Flags
At the Drill Shed
Samo Cast of Characters
Same Excellent Scenery
Bame Stage Effects
All Undor tho Personal Supervision of
Seats on Salo nt Jacobsune Fort Rtrcot
Tl I
1 1
King Strcot makai between Manna
Icon and Kokunliko Streets
7fin in SI50 According In Blen
OlD flm
george Tuera
The Boss House Painter
NO Standing Challenge as my Paints
havo boon provod to bo mode of the Purost
Unseed Oil and tho Host Metallic Products
I dont run tho risk of increasing insur
nnco rates by tho uso of Tar or othor Com
bnsliblo or Inlliinunablo Material
IIoiiso Painting and Papor Hanging
Unexcelled by tho trado and always
gey Tolophono to No 023 or call at
tho cornor of Berotnnin and Fort Streets
for Estimates
Hoilister Drug Co
Fort Street
ion Smith Co
Fort Street
General Business Agent
Conveyancing in All Its Branches
Oollocting and All Business
Mattoro of Xrust
All business entrusted to him will recclva
prompt and careful Attention
OOlco Honokaa Harnakua Hawaii
Bruce Waring Jo
Real Estate Dealers
503 Fort St near King
Building lots
Houses and lots and
lands Fob Sale
W Parties wishing to disposo ol their
PropnrllRR nr Invited in paII on nn
Tiio Champion of His Trade
Akana Stnblos Konia Streot above
Blacksmith Carriage Builder
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
Ills chargos as a Smith aro tho Lowest iu
tho Trado and his work Is uncqualed
293 3m
Oceanic Steamship Go
Arrive Honolulu Leayo Honolulu
from 8 F for S F
Septal SeptO
Sept 28 Oct3
Oot20 Oct 28
Nov 10 Nov 21
Deo 11 Deo 10
From San Francisco
for Bydnoy
Arrive Honolulu
Monownl Aug 27
Alameda Sopt21
MnrlpoKa Oct 22
AInmPiln lion 17
From Sydnoy for
San Francisco
Icaie Honolulu
Mariposa Sept 17
Monownl Out 16
Alameda Nov 12
1VTnrnan Ttn 10

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