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At Brlto Hall Kouln Stroot
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EDMUND NOttRIE - - Editor
F J TESTA Mannrjer
llouldlng in Honolulu
The Friend writes
The native people of Hawaii aro
tho boat paid and if industrious and
thrifty tho most prosperous labor
ing class on tho fnco of tho globo
hardly excepting those of tho United
States And all theso high wages
and abundance which they enjoy
are tho direct rostilt of the dovolop
inont of tho country by ontorprising
white men including a few dozon
sons of missionaries whom it is tho
fashion of Anti Americans to accuse
of having robbod tho Ilawaiians of
their property and thoir country
The editor also states that when
ho was a child sixty years ago tho
natives went around in malos and
lived in grass houses That a con
siderable nuuibor of them now earn
from two to threo dollars a day but
that thore jet is a great deal of
poverty arising from idlonoss drunk
enness and gambling He admits
that iu comparison with tho
avorago white man the native is
poor but that compared with other
Polynesians ho enjoys superior
Wo aro then told that this su
perior prosperity is duo to the
Ohistianiziug and liberalizing cul
ture promoted by tho missionaries
and to tho direct offset of tho white
mans wc nlth in this group
For tho accomplifihmont of theso
enriching results it has provbd an
unavoidable necessity for tho for
eigner to take into his own control
the government of tho country The
native Hawaiian is as incompotent
to administer government over all
this immense enterprise and com
merce as ho is to conduct a first
claRS sugar plautatiou Tho whole
concern is like a groat steamship
which ho is incapable of command
ing or navigating but in which he
is welcome as a patsonger and may
enjoy every comfort of tho noble
Ti auk you Dr Bishop Tho Ha
waiians have no objection to being
passuugord on the ship of state
What they desire as owners of that
ship is eimply to appoint the Cap
tain mat8 aud crow
Now let us ask Dr Bishop how
he found the natives sixty years ago
when lie rouipt d around amoug
them on the huds which the mis
sionaries orxatod for tbouisulviB
Were they not happy easy going
and contented It is true they
went about naked but it is hardly
possible that they misted tho com
fort of tho civilization in the shape
of high collars and pants The mis
sionaries took them in hand and
their lauds Tim natives got tho
stiff collar and pants but was ho auy
tho happier Ho was taught to live
in white cottages as a rule to nleep
undor tho house or in his old grass
hut did it make it mako him more
contented He is now told aftor 70
years of the imVi naries labors that
ho is poor Iihoniibo ho drink gam
ble etc otc What then in heavens
uamo hare the missionaries douo
for tho happiness of tho raco among
whom they wont not ns meek Chris
tian preaching the truo gospel but
sovoro taskmasters frightening
tho amiablo iguorant people into
obedience aud depriving thorn of
happiness and contentment
Tho work of tho Now England
missionaries has boon a decided
failure What havo they taught tho
Hawaiiaus To wear pants and
collars livo in mortgaged houses
and remain poor according to Dr
Bishop through idleness druukuoss
gambling etc Verily tho result is
well worth shouting from tho houro
tops And yot Dr Bishop woudors
why thore has been a docidod do
cliuo in tho contributions to Homo
and Foreign Missions iu tho United
States Tho fact is that tho mis
tionaries havo been found out and
that tho peoplo of tho United States
havo tired of feeding aud fattening
a lot of land grabbing missionaries
who instead of enrrying the banner
of Christ travel around with blank
mortgages ossenco of bigotry and
tho gift of sorviug discoutont dis
satisfaction aud unhappinoES whom
ever they go
Wo havo rocoivod advicos by tho
Coptic that tho Canadian Australian
Steamship Company has withdrawn
its appoal in tho Cranstouu caso
and has offered to compromise with
tho Hawaiian exiles No sum has
yet boon agreed upon but it is un
derstood that a compromise will bo
effected Tho stoamship company
has incurred enormous expenses in
defending its case and it has evi
dently had euough of it The mat
ter would bo of comparatively small
interest to us if it woro not for tho
fact that tho taxpayers of Hvvaii
havo to foot tho bill for costs and
damages Tho blunders made by
tho best government Hawaii ever
had are becoming costly As soon
as the exiles have received thoir
damagos thoy will probably return
to Hawaii there being no written
agreoraout to prevent thom from
doing so Thoy might make it un
comfortably hot for certain news
papers which havo traduced their
characters during thoir nbsoueo
from Hawaii
Most creditable indeed to our lit
tle Hawaii was the turn out of our
citizen soldiers last oveuiug Those
connected with this paper have seen
service iu tho ranks and as officer
in foreign lauds and aro competent
to criticizo Perfection cannot be
expected in this climato with hot
uniforms aud perspiring o ouiug
The four companies competing re
presented outside of tho Citizens
Guard and private reserve tho
brawn brain aud power of the peo
ple Each compauy did its beat and
honored itself and our country
From Tnc Independents standpoint
it is a pity that national distinction
should be raised iu connection with
tho companies engaged in the con
tost for tho Presidents prize It
not a question of Hawaiians Gor
maus or Portuguese Wo thought
wo woro all Hawaiiaus undor IreM
dent Doles administration In tho
formation of a nation races muut bo
blended and not antogonizod As
the Portugese ropeopling our isl
ands in opposition to the Asiatics it
is a pleasure to anuouiire that the
Portuguese Company No C has
beeu awarded the Presidents prize
yf mmMaammz
llu do not hold ounelves rctvonsible for the
opinion of correspondents Our column ate
open to every thnde of opinion or parti or
nriciance Correspondence mutt not be libel
hut or indecent and must be accompanied bjj
the name oflheuriter not ncccssarilti for pub
lication but a a guarantee of good faith
Ed Tue Independent
From a mail editorial in the Ad
vertiser of AugUBt 21 manufactured
in its usual swirl of docoplion I
quoto tho following Tho grcoting
given Mr Dolo shows cloarly what
miserable misrepresentations form
tho basis of tho dyspoptio howls of
tho small cotorio who aro given tho
diguified title of tho opposition
Wo fully understand Mr Advertiser
man that your poky couoorn you
call a government was born in lies
and decoption and its nurses aro
absolutely forced to stuff the obor
tiou with that quality of food in or
der to keep them in existence But
with all its nursing poculiar signs
point in tho dirootiou that cold
frost has alrody struck tho doleful
chicken undor tho fifth rib Wo
understand that tho Hon J W Ka
lua was ono of the chief entertainers
of Mr Dole Well well I Tho old
adage that birds of a feather will
llock together appears to be truo
aftor all Will tho Advertiser please
give the truo characteristics of tho
Hon J W Kalua Aud while the
Advertiser is about it will it pleaso
btale to tho dear public why and
wherefore was it that Mr Kalua
was forced to leavo tho legislative
hall in a hurry during the sitting
of tho last Logislaturo uudor tho
monarchy and fled to Lahaina by
tho first boat But then what would
bo tho use when tho Advertiser
seems to think that Mr Kalua is
good enough for Mr Dole
Now then doar reader tho Adver
tiser would wish tho peoplo to be
liove that all this gathoriug as it
says of 800 or 1000 poople v as to
honor Mr Dolo while everybody else
knows tho opposite to bo tho fact
In order to prove it wo will wager
that if tho Hon H PBaldwin
will givo a luau iu honor of plain
persecuted Liliuokalani the beauti
ful amphitheatre shaded by tall
manco and avocado pear trees
would bo out of sight for the crowd
that would bo tboro to do honor to
tho ox Queen Sho would require
no pleading beggiug and ohl do
como now otc as her reception
would bo a spontaneous outburst
straight from the heart In fact tho
ox Queon could dispenso with those
large Japanese umbrellas aud
with those all manner of dainty
viands Haiku
Ed The Independent
We ask tho Advertiser lambs
what living ohanco has tho falso
dotard AloKiuley to reaoh tho Piosi
dential chair at Washington along
side of a man with tho following
descriptive gifts from his Creator
who it eeouiB was sent into the
world for tho purpose of champion
iug tho calico of tho struggling
masses against the grasping boodliug
classes who for tho last ton years
havo boon fast running tho country
of Undo Sam straight to tho devil
Remember tho dastardly acts of the
rotteu U S sugar trust Sonato of
1891 Mnino will return an over
whelming majority for Bryan
Let the Washington Post desoribo
that momorablo scono in American
polities the most memorable sinco
Jefferson and his associates declared
on July 1 177G that tho colonies
woro honcoforth freo and independ
ent Stntos
Tho Post says On Thursday
afternoon at a time whou Bland
seemed to bo tho leader in the race
when Boies was a laborious second
and when McLean brainiest aud
most conservative of thom all was
ouacting tho role of tho dark and
dnugorous horse this young man
Bryan suddenly appeared tall
shapely handsome as a Greek demi
god classic of outline impassioned
of addrefs thrilling with his tro
mondous message to the peoplo
appeared like a fairy upon a dull
and lifeless stage and iu ono mo
ment threw 20000 human boings
into a fever of indescribable exulta
tiou He called back from the van
ished past tho witchery of Orpheus
- JL
tho magic of Domoslhene tho irre
sistible forco3 of tho groat Napoleon
Ho stood thore and with a dozen
fiery phraso3 converted thoughtful
mou into fanatics ho changed thom
as uttorly as the wizzard ohaugos
tho toys ho plays on the stngo In
all tho annals of politics thoro was
never such a scono N Y Mercury
Tho olootion of Bryan tho Napo
loon of Atnorica will bo tho final
nail in tho coQiu of tho Sloven abor
tion tho boycotting onomy of
An Old Typo Dead
Charles Hotchkiss a well kuown
printer died this morning at tho
Queous Hospital Tho deceased
was about GGyoars of ago aud was
born in Ohio U S A Ho was ship
wrookod hero in a vessel from Micro
nesia 32 yoars ogo aud remaiuod
horo over sinco working as a printer
for tho Hawaiian Gazette tho Ad
vortisor and othor printing estab
lishments Ho had boon suffering
from Asthma and a carbunolo in tho
neck for sometimo and doath was a
roloaso to him Tho funoral will
tako place this afternoon at 830
About Oentonarinns
A Germau statistician Horr Moor
professes to havo studied tho cen
sus returns of Europe for tho pur
pose of learning a few things about
centonarians Ho has found ho
says that tho Gormau Empire with
55000000 population has only 78
porsous who are more than 100 years
old France with fewor than 40
000000 has 213 citizens who havo
passed their hundredth birthday
England lias 1 16 Irelaud 578 Scot
land Deumark 2 Bolgium 5
Sweden 10 and Norway with 2000
000 inhabitants 23 Switzerland
does not boast a singlo centonarian
but Spain with about 18000000
population has 101 Tho most
amazing figures found by tho Gor
man statistician camo from tho Bal
kan Peninsula Sorvia has 575 per
sons who aro mora than 100 yoars
old Roumania 1801 aud Bulgaria
3S83 That is Horr Moors stale
III 1180
30S 11
with brown spots on tho fnco has
boon lost A suitable reward will bo paid
to tho person returning t to Honry Damon
nt Nuuami Avenuo or at tho bank of
liishop it Co 370 St
open nasi MONDAY ovonliitf Sept
7 at 7 oclock In iln corf Street School
No iVOi lias olther boon lost or stolon
from my reeldciicc nt Knopnntm Hono
lulu Anyonn finding tho fomo ami re
turning It 1o thn olHcn of ho Malinger of
Tm Iniikpknuknt or to lho law oflleo of
Jns K Knulli will be snltahly rowarded
Honolulu August 17 tfiDO
In tho Circuit Court First Circuit
of tbo Howaiian Islands In
A of Louisa ArniHirong Into of Hono
lulu docenjnil
Tho Potlilcn nnd ticormitol tho Executor
of tho Will of fnld deceased wherein ho
links that his nrcountn bo examined nnd
approved nnd i lint nllnal order bo made
pf diaributionof tho property romalnlne
in hia linndH tot lienor onstliprcocntltlcd
nnd discharging him from nil further ros
r oiisblltty uH6ucb Kxeciitor lss rrdcr
ol that MUNI Y lho -lit day of Sort
ombor A I MJ at 10 oclock a nt
Oiini bors in tlm Court Uonso nt Hono
lulu bo nnd the game litioby is appointed
ns tho tiino and pneo for hcailuc said
Ioltlnn and vuvoiuin nnd that all per
sons interested may then nd thorn nppenr
and enow l any thoy have why tho
samo sliou d not bo grnn od
Uy tho Court
P 1 KKMK1T Jit
Honolulu Aug 2i lNiU Clerk
Comer of llolholnnd Hotel Btsj
Cotiifortnblo Plynte Itooma for Ladles
ttnd Cltiitlenion Open from 0 a u to 1 am
iattr Mcti
Baseball Association
321 321 King Btroot
Tho Leading
Carriage and
Wagon Manufacturer
Will furnish everything outside etam
boain nnd boilers
Horso Shoeing a Spocialty
V J TK8TA riior mitTon
Konln Street nbovo North Corner of King
Book and Job Printing
1atrons can be satisfied by a Trial
Ka Mnkaninann Tho Indopondont
Hooinhn Mnnnolo mm Kstnto Kegls
tor nro printed hero
To save your Txo and a lurgo portion
of your ront bay your edible nt lho
Palama Grocery
Square dcnling at reasniiablo rats has
necessitated incrontcd facilities for carry
ing n much lareor and moro fully assorted
stock trnn heretofore
Kit Mackerel
Soused pig feet
tongufs and sounds
salmon belliks single or kits-
Fine Fnt Salmon Clouds delivered
Tm 705 Unpoiito Itailwsy Dopot
337 tl
Hollister Drug Co
Fort Street
HONnrmu h l
Benson Smith k
Fort Street
r V A liberal rownrd will bo paid to tbe
undor at the ollh o offline Ihdkpendbm
corner of King and Konln Strootu
342 tf

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