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THE INDEPENDENT j topics of the day
Except Sunday i
At Brlto Hnll Konia 3treot
Telephone 811 jjGf
Por Month anywhere In tho Ha-
watlan Islands W
Per Year 0 00
Per Year postpaid to Foroign Coun
tries f 8 00
v Payable Ipvariably in Advance
Oainst tht wrong that needs rerittance
For the right that needs assistance
For the future in the distance
And the aood that we can do
awi in the place whcicofl am demandea
if conscience to speak the truth and the truth
i speak impugn t who so list
Advertisements unarcompinit d by spo
clllo Instructions Inserted till oiderod out
Advertisements discontinued before ox
pl ration ol specified porlod vllbo charged
as if continued for full term
Address all communications to tho Edi
torial Department to Edmund Norrio
Justness letters should bo nddressed to
tbo Manaeer
F J TESTA - - - Manrifor
KcstdluK in Honolulu
Most people iii Hawaii reoivo and
read only Iiopublican papers or
auch journals which have lmen pur
chased bj tho Republican literary
Judging from thestateuionts pub
lished in such papem whinh aro con
trolled and inspired by Iiipublicau
political committees everybody
must bollovo that the election of
McKinley iB an assured act and
that Bryans namo was mud It is
not newspapers however wliioh con
trol a presidential election To dny
it is not even money which can
swing the masses It is uol speech
making and gas buldozing and boy
cotting which will decided the fate
of the United States on tho of
The grnat bosses from mercantile
concerns from factories from farms
and docks havo carried thoir labor
ers to Canton by the thousands
Every man has had a McKinley
badge on his coat Every delega
tion has had a spokesman who un
der the eyes of tho boise oppressed
the allegianco of the workingraen to
MoKinloy How many of hum had
the name of the representative of
capital in their hearts How many
more the picture of Bryau on their
heart even if they obediently carried
McKinloys picture on the Lappet of
their coats to please the boises
Tho result of the election only can
tell The secret ballot will possibly
prove to the monopolists and
capitalists that the days have gono
by when money throats and promis
es can carry the votes of tho United
States Wo do not care to enter into
the merits of the causes represented
by the two candidates Wo only
submit that our contemporaries aro
wrong when thoy claim bat Mc
Kinley has a walk over Tho chances
of Bryan tho man who espouses the
cause of labor ugainst capital havo
never appeared better than thoy
were at tho latest independent ad
vices 4
As far as Hawaii is coucorned tho
election of either candidate will be
of no direct importance Whether
McKinley or Bryan sits in tho presi
dential chair in tho Whitj Houso
the annexation of the Hawaiian Isl
ands against tho expressed will of
tho Hawaiian people will remain
impossible The United States
which believo that tnoir gunboats
cau forco the Dardanelles may
find an easier conquest in Hawaii
thou among ho Turks Voluntarily
thn Hawaiians mil never nurrouder
heir independence and national in
tegrity Not fivati ftt tho bidding of
Mr Doo and hU funny republic
It puzzles The Independent to
know how prostitutes cau be con
sidered Government patients in con
nection with the Queonn Hospital
They suroly aro not so closely con
nected with Government officials as
to bo on tho staff pay roll Mr
Schaefor appears to have ho bolter
part of tho fight so far as prinoipio
is concornod
On our outside pagoB wo roport
au incident which has rocoutly oc
curred in Sau Francisco which de
serves consideration by all intorest
od in Hawaiis future welfare That
by tho will of a foroign power its
subjects rosidiog within theb orders
of a friendly nation can without tho
pormissiou of that nation violato its
laws and carry out its own edicts
irrespective of th laws of tho United
States and the Stato of California is
something amazing in theso days of
law and order Tho action is fraught
with monaco Tho peacoablo Chi
nese suddenly boioming warlike at
tho command of thoir countrys
ropresontativo is not quite a surprise
but it is a warning Fortunately
for tho present at least the Chinese
in Hawaii belong to a different and
a higher piano than those of Cali
fornia especially among tho mer
cantile classes many of whom havo
allied themselves with the H wiiiau
race and reared families an honor to
themselves and tho country but tho
time might arrive when i ho condi
tions might ehauge Even our Gov
ernment itself might bo upset by
oidors from tho officials who control
our quiot and gentlemanly friond
Mr Goo Kim
Tho Advertiser is indulging in tho
publication of a lot of idiotic rumors
Wo are told by the morning paper
that tho Hawaiian Xationil Band
will roturn by tho Australia duo
hero on Monday morning It ia very
doubtful tthothtr tho bojs will bo
ready and able to take that steamer
Tho Advertisers informant then
states that Princess Kaiulaui will
also return by tho Australia A tho
Princess at latest advices was in
Scotland the Australia rumoi must
naturally bo false Thosatoirjent that
2500 havo ben raised to give tho
reluming baud boys a grand luau is
tho most absurd oT the Advertisor
reports That tho baud boy will be
welcomed homo upon thir arrival
by their relations aud friends goes
without saying That a large amount
of money is to bo spent in celebrat
ing their advent is simply a streak
of imaginative fauoy on the part of
tho morning organ which at till
times is trying to boom tho good
times in Hawaii when everybody
else fenls tho hard times Tho
members of tho National Bnd will
find a hearty welcome here if they
return as good and law abiding citi
zous Their merits as musicians of
considerable ability will always bo
acknowledged by thoir compatriots
Thoro will bo no polities couuec
ed witu thorrttum of the National
TheIndepkndent published a cor
respondence yesterday in which an
Indignaut Father objootu to po
lities in public hchools His com
plaint was based upon tho action of
a certain principal of a Government
school who insisted in taking a
vote among tho pupil in regard
to tho presidential candidates in tho
United States Wo havo received
several otiirr communications from
other school districts Aud we uow
respectfully ask tho Board of Edu
cation whothor auothor question has
boon added to tho census blank
and whether it has been found desir
able to find out who ot tho school
children and their paV support
Bryan or McKinley Gtyo us Mr
Dolos fuuny little republic for
ways that nro dark ani ricks that
aro vain Aud it will not ovoo find
an equal among tho lumtheu Ohineto
for its peculiarity
Tho Honolulu corroapondouco to
tho San Francisco Chronicle devotes
considerable space to tho laic Joseph
Nawahi The correspondent who
aj s iwftM t n
is well known hore throws a slur on i
tho docoased patriot whou ho says
that Nawahi was ungrateful to his
bonefaotors tho missionaries It is
truo that tho lato Nawahi receivod
his first education iu tho Lyman
family Wo vonturo to stato that he
paid woll through manual labor for
tho bauofits granted to him by tho
missionaries who arrived Jioro on
public subscription to savo souls
and who alwajs were ready to
feather thoir own nests and take tho
utmost advantagos possible of their
heathou pupils Tho lato Nawahi
was a staunch supporter of tho
missionary faction in Hawaii until
ho realized tho indisputablo fact
that tho Reform Party tho political
torm of tho missionaries proposed
to show tho cloven hoof and to con
trol tho Govornmont by suppressing
tho Hawaiiana Realizing tho fact
Nawahi stood by his countrymen
and on thoir behalf ho accused his
quondam friends of ingratitude to
their benefactors the Aliis of Ha
waii History will judge who was
right and wrong and the patriotism
and gratitudo of Nawahi nnd tho
mnn who now rail against tho al
leged ingratitude of the doad pa
triot will bo determined and com
pared by unbiased mou at a future
date When tho alleged benefactors
of Nawahi are forgotton his memory
will be frosh in Hawaii
Our morning contemporary is per
foctly corroot in saying that thoro
should bo but ono law for the rich
and tho poor and that tho klepto
mania of a millionaire should bo re
garded in the samo light as that of
tho theft by a poor Irish womau
Our friend from Main will find that
tho justice of Eugland will not bo
influenced by woalth no matter how
many thousands of dollars aro ox
pouded for ex parte ovidenco The
amount of bail hod is an indication
of a fair trial without favor They
do not practice tho brokerage sys
tern in tho English Courts of Law
There the samo law applieifor the
rioh as well as tho poor
The Parado Lust Night
Minister Coopor was honored last
evening and tho public pleased with
tho review parade in his honor
Evon the clerk of tho weather was
so kindly considerate as to order old
Pluvius to keep tho top on his
watering pot until aftor the gallant
soldier boys had returned to thoir
quarters aud tho attendant crowds
had dispersed
It must bo confessed that Col
McLean has his soldier boys in good
fettle nnd that thoy looked like
fighters if called upon o tost thoir
mettle n ouo or two of the com
panies wo should like to see tho offi
cers havo a little moro solf confidonco
iu themselves and thoir tactics so as
to impart that absolutoly necessary
confidence of tbo ofikors to the
nieu That will come by degrees
We aro not criticising details but
will quote Irora a military man who
stood by our side You havo done
marvellously well for tho short time
you havo boon at it You must have
a d d good colonel apd two or
threo smart officers among you
Ho was informed that wo had a
few oxporieucod men iu our ranks
Our friend howevor was rathnr
amused and astonished to son tho
Hawaiian flag carried and tho Min
isterial inspection made to tho
strains of tho Star Spangled Ban
ner What already annexed
quoth ho No was tho reply
that is Bargers world famous Re
public of Hawaii maVoh nnd you
see how gloriously tho band boya
enjoy it Woll said ho as I am
off by t ho steamor I will wait for
your national anthem Ho waited
but Hawaii Ponoi was not playod
Ho wearied and went Baying Curi
ous cpuntiy capital soldiers but
peculiarly inconsistent in playiug
tho airs of a foroign country and for
gottiogyour own Porhaps Aloha
Oo will soon bo forgotton for kiss
mo quick but I hopo not After
further compliments to the First
Rogiinotit ho got out of tho rain
Fred Yatei tho eminent portrait
puinlor is tho guest of Mr and Mrs
W G Irwin at Mnuunwili
INippoii Yusen KaisM
For Seattle Wash
Tho Nippon Yusen Kaiehaa Stoamor
HnoMu Mara
Will bo duo at this port on or
Wednesday Oct 28 1896
And will sail tho following day
for Seattle
C0f For Freight or Passage apply
413 5t AGENTS
Operatic Dramatic
fusical Festiva
To be Given In Compllmont to and for the
Benefit of tbo
Nw Hawaiian Opera louse
Upon the Opening Evening
Will Ho Presontcd tlio Grand Opera of
lly Amateurs Undor the Direction of
Hawaiis Irlma Donna
Miss Aimis Montague
On the fnllowlnjr THUUSDW Evening
will bo presented tho delightful play en
Under the directorship of the Talented
Wm H Lewors
On SATUItDAY Evening 7th Xovom
ber a
Will be given by tho IJcst Amateur Talent
of this Olty
lh Orchestra will hn tinder the direction
of PllOK IiRKGliK
Theroelpts for theo porformiinro havo
been Ronurously donated by the ladUs and
ffcntlcnicn tkinp part in tho performances
for the purpcu of asisinR in furnishing
the stngo
Box phns will be oponod nt Woll
Nichols A Cos store Klnp Street on
THURSDAY the Ifith lint at 10 oclock
A M when Boats can be secured for any or
all of the porfnnnanceH 40r tf
Wm G Iiwin Iresldentit Manager
Olans SprcokulB Vice Preoiaent
W M Glirard Secretary Treasurer
fheo 0 Porter Auditot
Oceanic Steamship Compy
O Ron Krnnnlmn Pal
Good Taste la Horse Flesh
-AND -
Now as we are experienced in our Irade
and know tho very best ben wo seo it wo
only make the vory host Harnosa of tho
very host material and only epiploy the
very best of artisans Whtvir wo make
import and sell Is reliable as our pations
always tell us Uxporienco leaches
317 King Street nwir Niiuimnt
mMwmMnHim mi
Timely Topics
Honolulu Oct S3 189G
Wo romombor onco hoaring
Kuto Castloton sing in hor
famous topical song at tho Bush
St thoatros as sho lingered the
diamonds around her pretty
neck Its sugar you know
but for goodness sake dont say
I told you
Sugar carbon diamonds tho
threo sistors connecting links
and tho trinity of natures gift
to Hawaii to conceive and bring
forth our commercial prosperity
But then you know these
threo sistors must havo hus
bands in tho causo of evolution
Theso mates aro industry ex
perience and cultivation destinod
to brood from our fortilo soil tho
necessary results of combination
and repetition
Experionco has taught our
Planter frionds that wo havo
threo husbands to mato with tho
threo requisites and thoy aro
tho Stubble Digger tho Stubblo
Shavor and tho improved Culti
Wo havo also another throe
among many othors who from
experionco prove that these three
implemonts so necesfcary to raise
our cano producing wealth arc
docidedly superior to all others
and especially adapted to Ha
waiian plantations Thoy are
tho Managers of tho Onomoa
Popoekeo and Wainaku Planta
If theso wore now and untried
importations wo would go into
details but as thoy have boon
tried and tested wo only await
enquiries and orders
Tno taaiian Hardware Co
307 Fon 1 Stuket
Opposite Spnckcls Bank
Hawaiian Grown
Tho above delicacy can now bo
procured iu suoh quantities as re
quited upon leaving ordors with
H E ilclDtyre Bro
307 tf
v Oeillery
Nnuanu Street opp Lovas lbkcry
370 1 111
Contractor and Builder
OOlto and Storos lilted up and
Eslmatts given on
Onico and Shop No 010 Fort
Street adjoining W W Wrights Carriage
Shop 377 flm
No 10 Hkiikvama Stkbkt OllOMTr
Qukes Emma Ham
OiucnHouis 7 a m tolJM fi v to
8iM Telephone 1711 377 m
A liberal roward will bo paid to the
Under at the olllco of Thk iNnEi itNDicuT
corner of Kinu and KoniaStroeU
3W U

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