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Tho public awnit the deliberations
of to days Gouucils with eonsidor
nblo intorost
Mr A T Atkinson hai tho con
gratulation of Tub Independent on
his now position as n grandpapa
Tho estate of tho Into Kato Field
ha been vnluod at 11000 The
liabilities havo not yot boon aRcor
Tho Miowora will sail from Hono
lulu on tho 28th inst and conse
quently Minister Coopor will bo
among us a fow days nioro
Tho Australia will arrive in port
early on Monday morning Hawaiis
favorito steamer has boon sornpod
and is roady to make a rooord broik
ig time
Ho took the bottlo from tho board
Its label closely scanned
And sukl us ho tho boor outpoured
Thats Kalnlor and Us grnnd
On tap or in
terion Saloon
bottlos at the
The Kinshiu Maru of tho Nippon
Yusoh Kaishas lino is duo hero on
the 28th from tho Orient on route
to Seattle Washington She is eon
siguod to W G Irwin Co
The woather appears unpropitious
for tho ball gamo to morrow Ah it
is so fickle perhaps if thoy come
this afteruoon the Wailuku boys
may so rule the planets as to stay
tho Stars
For those exquisite Ceylon hand
made laces for precious stones
beautiful handiwork in gold silver
obouy tiger claws and Malacca
canes call upon R 0 Jayasuriya at
87 King street
Tho P C As piizzto No 8 was
oven simpler and asiniue thmi No 5
and yot friend Weodon wai the first
to discover it Probably the many
others were afraid to obtain the
doubtful notoriety
Tho Cousins Society will meet to
morrow uiht at theNoM Bingham
premises It is sincerely hoped that
tho venerable building will bear the
weight and that tho neighboring
buildings will not tnmblo down
The band will play at Minister
Coopers rosidouco at 880 to morrow
morning to bid him farewell Of
course the tunes will lin all San
Oiegau and American with the ex
ception of the Old Hundredth
The Itoyal Annex has received a
sample invoice of the Hofbrati ueer
which is now served on draught
Tho Hofbrau is somewlnt heavier
than tho Pabst Lagor alid will suit
the palates of conuoiseuJs in beer
The Myrtles will entertain their
friends at a dance this nvoning at
tueir club house The affiir will be
one of tho events of tho season and
no offortsor expenses have betn
neglected in making the dauco a
grand success
The social at tho Y M C A hall
last evening was deservedly success
ful Suoh gatherings deserve on
couragomont as they prove tho bene
ficial work being don by the Associ
ation as remodelled It will soon
provo a most eilicient fautor in good
Tho old Velooity has lost its skip
per and the familiar faco of Cant
Martin will never more bo seen in
this or any othor harbor except
the haven of reRt Liko bis old
ship in which he sailed for so many
tears ho was staunch and true to
his friends
Hermann Horn is successfully as
sisting Mrs Horn at tho Pioneer
Confoctionory and Bakery on Hotel
street This house is renowned for
its fanoy work in oakos pioi breads
candies and all that pertains to the
highoat stylo of art and perfection
iu this lino
Tell it not in Oath nor publish it
iu Askalon being Bryan man we
must quoto but wo understand
that Jamos Dodd T B Murray and
v Presidont Dole aro to have thoso
three haughty flagpoles Tho pres
ent to the President is a secret and
kept as all other Hawaiian Bcorets
Wo aro informed that for reasons
unnecessary to explain tho Aus
tralian crioketors were not outor
tninod formally by our local orirtket
urs but onjoyed thoinsolves in their
own way Sans Souoi had most of
them over twenty from the ship
visiting that rosort Cavill tho
swimmer enjoyed himself in his own
way but safely roaohed tho steamer
Thero aro very fow seats left for
II Trovatore Tho singing and tho
orchostra aro nearly perfect and
those who aro not there will miss a
musical treat The aocoustio arrange
ment of tho now theatro is suoh
that you can hoar equally well frorr
every seat in the house Tickets for
Jane and the Frawloy soason
are being subscribed for every day
U S Consul Goneral E Mills and
wife will roturn by the Australia
Tho Hawaiian Hardwaro Com
pany is stating some plain timoly
topics in this itsuo
The Empire Saloon is being re
modelled It is said that Howe in
tend to have billiard parlors thorn
Several momburs of tho Road Club
aro riding thoir wheels on the side-
walks contrary to law Look out
Tho Merohiuta Exchange is
making some long neoded improve
ments iu a most important part of
tho promises
Tho Pacific Tonnis Club mot this
afternoon Tho club ought to de
vice ways and meanR to rogulsto tho
woather and stop the rain during
tho afternoon
As P OSullivau of the Criterion
was ridiug into town this morning
on ajxiss ho was shot in tho brenct
by a Chinntnan carolossly firing his
rico gun across the road The in
juries aro not severo and tho Pake
was arrested
Colonol Geo W Maofarlano has
bought a spa moustor which ho in
tends to pwont to the Bishop
Museum The monster is not to
be confounded with tho Hawaiian
steamer Aztec which is also tho pro
perty of the Colonol but which bo
hardly will present to Professor
Loft for New York
London Eno Oct li Sir Julian
Pauueofote British Embassador vto
tho United States accompanied by
his wifo and daughters left Euston
Station for Liverpool this morning
on route to New York Many of the
friends of the Embassador and his
family wero at tho station to Fee
them off
Prince LobanofFs Probable Succoseor
London Eno Oct 14 Tho Times
will to morrow publish a dispatch
from Paris saying it is believed there
that Count
homeless and without
The Gorman bark Spica is dis
charging at tho Irmgard wharf after
a spoil of delivery of heavy machin
ery at tho Railroad wharf The
Spica returns to tho other sido to
throw out 00 tons of Coke about
Monday next
Tho steamer Waialoalo left Soren
sona wharf this morning whore she
has undergone important alterations
and ropaln Sho will go on the
Marino Railways when tho bark
Gainsborough is through It is ex
pected that tho injured bark will be
taken off at high tido to morrow
Mato Sohilds lato ohiof officer of
tho schooner Aloha is roported to be
coming down on tho bark Andrew
Weloh as Captain Drews right hand
Tho schoonor Aloha is at Dilling
hams wharf to day tumbliug out
8250 bogs of sulphur for tho Kalihi
Fertilizer Works
GimioNSOn October llth at
Southsea England to the wifo of
Lioutonant F K C Gibbons R N
a daughter
Mautin At Hongkoug China
October 2 1800 Captain K Martin
I of tho bark Yelooity
mm mni i hum
Vorontzaff Dasilikoff
Minister of tho Imperial
Household will succeed tho lato
Prince Robanoff Roslovski as Minis
tor of Foroign Affairs
Thirty Thousand Pooplo Homoloos
New Yorui Oct 18 Zimmerman
Foreshay bankers aro asking aid
for tho sufferers from fire that wiped
out half of the city of Guayquil
Ecuador which they describe as the
only artery of communication
twoon that country and the United
States Having sent a message to
Joso Arearbo Aguirre Governor of
the province asking whether assist
ance was required tho firm received
the following response In the
name of tho Government and pddple
of Eeuador I thank you for your
offer and if any assistance cau be
given by tho Now York Stock Ex
change it will bo gratefully received
on behalf of the sufferers
Tho fire destroyed totally more
than one half of tho city including
the richest and finest part The
losses aggregate more than 100000-
000 pesos aud moro than 3Uuuu per
sons aro
Those BuifilOB
Wn must aptain remind the public
that if tho Buffalos of tho American
Oontinont aro now principally to bo
found on reservations alone thero is
still a Buffalo or two loft on exhibi
tion in Honolulu Of courro wo
refer to the Buffalo beer just intro
duced at the Royal Annex tlio
Royal Pacific and Cosmopolitan
Saloons It will be found oxtromojy
palateable and up to tho most re
fined tasto The system of inter
chargeablo checks still continues
and thoso issued for tho celebrated
Pabst are equally valid Tasto and
ago how good it is
Looking for Laces
For real honeBt
beat Kerrs
Go to
value you
Diapors at 70o 80c and SI 00 for
10 yards at Korre
For fifty cents you get ono dollars
worth of good at Kerrs
Roady made Pants at 125
aud 300 per pair at Korrs
Sao tho Oriontai Laco that
is offering for 10 cents a yard
A nicely furnished room to let
at reasonable rates on No 4 Garden
Ladies Shirt Waists Rechorcho
designs at 125 each at L B
Flannolethi 15 yards for 100
A tip top lino at 12 yards for 100
at Korrs
Extra Quality fanoy Laco exquisite
Patters 10 to 12 inches wide 3 yards
for 3 these aro worth double tho
Charley Moltenos friends will
fiud him with M A Peixoto the
Tosnorial Artist at tho old stand in
Unlou Art Gallery lauo
Special Bargains iu Laces this
week at N S Sachs extra quality
fancy Jnce just the thing for wash
Dieeses 15 ceut a yard
At the Pacific Royal and Cosmo
politan saloons you obtain inter
changeable checks for tho famous
Pabst Milwaukee beer on draft
This is a great convenience to pat
At the Royal Annex an adjunct to
the Royal Saloon patrons will find
tho prettiest iittle sample room iu
town ond the anion Qnef io At
lunch time a pleasing luneh is
spread and all the liquors supplied
aro of the fnir st quality
New Departure
The Undersigned beg
that from and after
Will be
Borved ON
at the
to anuouncp
Thursday Night Oot 11896
To meet tho times oud competition
it will be furnished at
12 1 2 cis Per Glass
Wo quoto from letter of tho
Brewiug Association
dated August 8th
Your honorablo Arm having represent
ed us for sn many years wo believe it use
less tn call your attention to tlin ruorlts of
our article but we should like to repeat
ntrain and call ymir nttontlon to ti fact
corn corealiuo and othor adulterants as
well as acids for the preservation of beer
aro unknown in our cstahliHlnuoni With
tho above you miy go boforo the public in
our nama
No enconium of ours can add to
tho high reputation of Anhousor
Beer Its introduction in any aud
every market makes it an immediate
favorite It stantb without a peer
without a rival without oven a com
petitor It rocoivod tho highest
awards at tho Columbiau Exposi
tion The reduotion of tho draught
Boor to tho prevailing price of
12 Cents Per Glass
places it within tho reach of all and
lie is a wiso man who gets tho best
quality for tho least money
Macfarlane Co
89J Limited 1th
FniDAY Oct 23 1800
My opinion h that tho next President of tho United States will be
William MoKinley Uopublicnu
William J Bjiyan Democrat
i i i
This ballot must reach the busiuesi olllco of The Independent boforo
5 oolock on tho evening of Wednesday Nov 1 1890 or if voted in coun
try districts bo posted before that hour on that day
It is said that whon J una gots
tho monoy sho will inherit by
hor unclos will she will buy a
whole row of seats for II Trova
tore Then sho will go in for
solid useful and ornainontal
articles for hor homo What do
you think of tho scheme
Wheel Barrows
Youve paid 5 for a vhcol
barrow and then not been half
satisfied Wo sell you ono that
is neat and strong not too
largo to pass through a gato way
and an all around gem for 350
Solidly braced sides and front
and with a patent steol wheel
It is worth looking at and
Gold Fed
After bath or boforo bathing
may bo avoided in a siinplo
manner Tho patent cork mats
absorb water uid prevent its
dripping over tho batli room
floor Thoy are healthy and
serviceable hard to wear out
and no ono sells them but
Lavfi Sprinklers
Tlio California variety havo al
ways cost you 250 Our latebt
invoico was bought so tlint wo
can deliver thorn at your door
and if necessary attach them
to your hose for 1S0 70 conts
loss than youve boon paying
That is what good buying
And Jardinieres or lamps of
every description in shape mado
of wrought iron black color
uro ait fait Wo havo ovory
stylo you cau think of
Wo want your trade for gro
ceries and we aro willing to
oflor many inducements to you
Low prices Now goods
Our frosh goods go to you as
low and in many instances lower
than you pay for inforior goods
This may surprise you but you
will bo convinced of it whon avo
fill your first order
Our grocery lino Ms as com
ploto as good judgmont will
Fort Street GROCERS Tel 210
As well as other Plants for sale at tho
lesldonco of
Jas HL Boyd
On tho Walklki Itoad opposite Hunny
South 405 2W
Tho Celebrated Thorough
bred Stallion
urn MOCK
Will Stand for he Soason at
The Lemon Waikiki lreiuises
10JU HUOCK is by Bryant W by Mon
day Danii jrodjesKa by Jon Daniels For
oxtensivo pedigree refer to the American
Stullbook LORD IlUOCK is 7 years old
and has un excellent record on tho local
race tracks
For Terms apply to the Stable
3M tf
Tosavoyour nseiand a large portion
of your lent bay our edibles at iho
Pa lama Grocery
Square detlini at reni mablo rats has
UFrooPatcd ncroasort facilities for carry
ing a intieli Inrporand more fully assorted
stock trau heretofore
kit Mackerel
Soused Pig feet
toncujes and sounds
al1ion bellies single or kits
Finu Fat Salmon Goods delivered
Tkl 751
Toll phono bH
Onpoiilo Hallway Popot
W tf
I O Box 461
Fort Htrcct Chaplain Lane
Carry a fall line of
Grncciies ol Eveiy Descriptioi
exo Island ordors promptly attended to
iVJl Goods Delivered Free in Every Pari
nftbPdltv WTWIni
Bale 3table
Nunanu Ave opp Kaplq House
Sidaiu Mage Work Horses
Kind and Trtio Family Horses
CXT All orders recelvn prompt attention
nnd try t please overyone
130 tf
Tho Pionoor Bakery
Dread Firs Cakes of nil kluds fresh
wory day
Frosh loo Oruain mado of tho Best Wood
lawn Cream In all Flavors
Tlio finest Home made Confectioner
UH im

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