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Co A elects two liou ton ants this
Johu F Golburn nisicnpo of IT
IT Loor has n notico in this issue
Thoro will bo anothor dross re
hoarsal of 11 Trovatore this evoning
Tho Board of Education will tneot
this afternoon to discuss two weeks
Charles Wilcox Soorotary of tho
Board of Hoalth still roinainsuudor
tho woathor
Professor Borgors band gave tho
kindergarten childron a musical
troat this morning
It is stated that M Louis Vos
8ion tho Fronoh Commissioner will
shortly looturo at Oahu Collogo
Tho ofTicors of tho TJ S S Adams
will hold thoir monthly roroption
to morrow afternoon from 3 to G
Tho dotectives are still on tho
lookout for Fat Cullon but at latost
roports havo not succoedod in get
ting upon his trail
From January to October incite
sive 16767i gallons of sako woro im
ported and 121027 gallons of wine
according to tho Advortisor e
Spooial Bargains in Laces this
week at N S Sachs extra quality
fancy lace just tho thing for wash
Drossos 15 conts a yard
John Silva tho Manoa Wondor is
organizing tho Reliance Bioyolo
Club A meeting will bo hold at tho
Hawaiian Hotel on Saturday evening
Mr O A Brown was unfortun
ately thrown from hor wheel yotr
day and received sprains which may
confiue her to tho house for a short
The Polico team shot excellently
well ou Tuesday afternoon Among
the best Bcoros woro Lioutonant
Fernandez 02 Chamberlain 87
Captain Kanao 80 Kaleikiui 83
and Wells 82
Subscribers for tho Frawloy tov
son are earnestly requested to take
up their tickets at onco to prevent
errors All tickets not called for
bv Saturday night will bo disposed
of on Monday morning when tho
regular sain opens
Central Union Church had its roll
oallvrooetiug last night and a large
number of members wore present
After the meeting tho Sunday school
toachors mot an iuformslly disius
ed tho Christmas ontortaininont and
appointed a committee to report at
tho next meeting
Work on tho Nuuanu stream im
provements is progressing steadily
and whilo the weather and tho roads
are dry it is worth tho time expend
ed to visit St Louis College and get
inkling of what tho new river and
tho surrounding scenery will look
like twolvo months hnnco
All who have not profited by a
visit to llugo Fishers collection of
the lovely goms of our Hawaiian
scenery at tho Pacific Hardware
Cos Art Gallery should do so at
once as Mr Fishor eoulomplates
leaving for San Frauciscoat an oarly
dato It is understood that Mr
Luco has rocoived instructions to
auction off all pictures remaining
unsold on Monday morning
Jinrmony Among Harmonists
I hope that things are more
poacoful in tho choir than formerly
said tho pastor
Yes replied tho organist its
perfectly calm now
Im glad to hoar it How Was
pnaco secured
Everybody excepting myself re
signed The Wasp
Clerk Do you wish a hammock
large enough for two Youno Lady
I wish onb strong onough for two
Town Topics
The Lady It- runs right into
something tho ininuto you let go
Oh Im sure I con novor learn to
rido it iNSTituoTon Stick to it
maam youll learn soon Why I
taught an idiot to ride laBt wook
TiiEnE aM at present two devices
ou tho market by which tho rider
ho is travel
can tell at what speed
ing at any givon momout Ono of
thoso keeps a littlo boll ringing
whilo tho spend is kept up to a cer
tain point which may be predeter
mined Tio other shows constant
ly tho speod which is being traveled
anywhoro betwoeti one and three
minutes to the mile
A Delegate for Bergon Most Un
ftwornblo Iloports on tho Condi
tion of tho Insano Asylum
Presidont W O Smith presided
ovor yesterday afternoons1 mooting
of tho Board of Health
Dr W T Monsarrats roport for
October showod 817 examinations
of femalos of saleablo illicit pleasures
Inspoctor Keliipio reported 88000
fish rccoivod and inspoctod at tho
Fish Market duriug tho past fort
Tho quarterly roport of tho Malu
lani Hospital showod 53 pationts
treatod and 10350 receivod from
paying patients
Dr Burt S Burgess was rocom
mondod for a license to practice en
tho favorable roport of tho Board of
Medical Examiners
Dr Day presented an applicatjon
from Dr H P Hugtis expoctod on
tho next Australia for a Govern
ment position
Dr Woddick was appointed Gov
ernment physician at Etva and an
agent of the Board He will also act
temporarily ot Waiauao
In regard to tho requost made
through tho French Commissioner
as to the visit of two physicians from
tho Pastour Institute in France it
was statedthatM Vosaion had been
informed that tho Board would do
all in its power to wolcomo them
and afford them opportunities of
studying leprosy M Vossion had
roplioJ that ho would lay tho matter
before the Iostour Institute
T F Lansing presented his statis
tical report on tho Insano Asylum
showing 109 inmates and showiug a
most unfavorable conditio of affairs
This roport was supplemented by
tho following letter from Dr Day
To Mr T F Lansino Chairman of
the Committeoon Insane Asylum
Dear Sir Fearing that I might
not be able to moot you and Dr
Wood at the Iusano Asylum befere
leaving for Hawaii next Tuesday 1
drove over thore this afternoon
Tho situation is critical and I
dont see any way of properly re
lieving it short of building a new
ward of strong cells Something
could be accomplished by weeding
out a number of chronic idiots aud
harmloss cases That ought to be
done at once but it will not relievo
tho situation much because the
pressing netd is for more strong
rooms for the violently incane such
cases as cannot be put into a general
ward liko Ward No 2
Several such cases are now obliged
to spond the nights in the chairs
used for refractory pationts
Nothing short of another build
ing with separate colls will meet
the requirements as they should be
If however that is impossible at
the present time I would suggest
restoring tho separate cells in Ward
No 2 walling in tho oating pavilion
and converting that into a douiitory
for harmless oases and erecting a
new eating room ou the othor side
of the kiteheu
Thoso changes could probably b
made for less monoy than would be
required to put up a new building
and might servo to tido us over un
til wo can put up a handsome new
ward with aooomodat ions for 10 or
50 patients similar to Ward No
will not be horo at tho next
meeting of the Board but any de
cision that you aud Dr Wood may
come to in Iho mattor or any recom
mendation you may make I will in
dorse Yours very truly
F R Day
Honolulu Oot 25th 1890
The following resolution was in
troduced by Dr Wood and adopted
Rosolvod That the Committee on
tho Treatment of Leprosy rocom
mend tho Board of Health to uso its
influonco to havo tho Hawaiian Gov
ornmcut appoint a delegate to at
tend tho Congress of Leprosy to be
hold in BorgoD Norway proyidod
that tho enid Congress receives tho
support of tho European mid othor
foreign Governments
Tho Board then wont into Execu
tive session
Sho You never drank a drop ho
foro wo woro married dear He No
I didnt havo to Life
Novombor 2 189G an Insti
tute wn9 established in Hono
lulu Tho gontlomon in chnrgo
nro woll und favorably known in
Texas thoir homo section and
boar with them tho unqualified
ondorsomont of somo of tho
loading men of thut State In
tho short timo sinco the estab
lishment of tho Institute five
pationts havo dntorod and are
now under troatmont
Tho Institute is located in tho
Arlington Oottago on Hotel
Strcot a contral and advautago
ous location
Tine ouki nAUMijKss and kasy
It is claimed for tho Ilagoy
troatmont that thore has never
been an instance in which any
patient has sufforod in tho least
from taking tho troatmont Pa
tionts pursuo thoir usual avoca
tions whilo boing treated Tho
Instituto guarantees to abso
lutely and positively dostroy tho
drink habit and eradicate tho
dosiro for liquor tho pationt to
bo tho judge in the matter The
samo with tho morphine cocaine
and tobacco habits
Tho troatmont is never in
trusted to any except competent
and roliablo physicians who
malco an individual study of tho
caso of each patient Every
patient is treated separately and
privatoly and his treatment is
inado to meet his individual re
Sufficient evidence 1ms boon
Given bv eminent physicians and
othor exports to convince any
fair minded person that tho
liquor habit is as truly a disoaso
as consumption asthma or any
chronic or hereditary ailment
Then why should the victim
of tho habit hesitate to bo treat
ed Ho would not hesitate to
bo treated for any othor disease
why this Although it might
seem a humiliating concession
to - take troatmont for a more
habit of which ho claims to bo
tho master yet ho certainly is
not master of a disoaso And
this habit soon becomes a dis
Tho hnbit of using opium
morphine cocaine etc is on
tho incrcaso and much more to
bo dreaded than the liquor habit
Thoso pernicious drugs count
thoir victims sometimes among
the brightest and best of our
land who unless cured close
thoir career in a short time
either in a miserable grave or
an insano asylum
Tho treatment of these habits
is practically aliko aud they are
as easily cured as tho liquor
habit but the pationt requires
very guarded attention which
this institution supplies
Tho habit of using tobacco
although not so much to be
dreaded as thoso before men
tioned in somo constitutions is
as much a disease as tho liquor
hnbit is in all constitutions
Cigarette smoking has bocomo
tho bane of California young
mon and is doing as much or
moro to undermine tho integ
rity of tho next generation of
mon as tho oxcessivo use of
liquor Onco within tho cruol
clutchos of tho vile cigarette
tho boy or young man dogonor
atos and becomes in many enses
a wreck
Tho tobacco disoaso is oasily
cured Should tho pationt havo
tho tobacco habit combined
with either of tho above men
tioned disooses and dosiro troat
mont for both ho should so in
form tho physician in charge
who will put him under special
Any person desiring to mako
inquiries concerning tho troat
mont torms etc will always
find tho soorotary of tho Insti
tuto at tho Arlington Oottago
All communications and inter
views will bo strictly confidential
Fort Street GROCERS Tol 210
Contraotor and Build or
Oflko and Storos fitted up mid
Estimates given on
Ofllco nnd Slion No 010 Kort
Streot adjoining W W Wrights Carriage
Bhop 377 0m
notified that nil futwrlptionu are jjiiv
aldu ptrictly in advance by the month
quarter or year
It if Vorjr
injiminimmiMi nmKvumz
ww dimond5 3Je w Departure
The holidays nro approaching
at the rate of a day every twonty
four hours and this is tho month
when childron fix thoir attention
on litoraturo in which Santa
Olaus takes a loading part and
wives and daughtors allow thoirs
to dwoll on tho old gentlemans
purso An old lady was onco
asked tho ago when girls gavo
up playing with dolls and tho
answer came back When thoy
have children of thoir own
So itis about Santa Olaus chil
dron givo him up as tho mythi
cal when thoy aro old enough to
roalizo a flesh and blood Santa
Olaus in thoir father If it hap
pens to bo a girl sho will cling
to tho old gonlloman until sho
happens to win a Santa Olaus
who will bo hor individual pro
It is with theso flesh and
blood Santa Claus that wo wish
to whisper On tho Australia
which arrived last week tliero
were sovoral largo cases of solid
silvor waro for us In turn wo
will dispose of it to Santa Olaus
Wo will have no diificulty in
doing this as tho assortmont is
from four of tho largest and best
factories in the United States
You will havo an opportunity to
viow tho goods later v
WofcU Jl
Among tho noblo delicacies
enjoyed by everyone who has
triod them aro tho SPICED
ONIONS put up in small bottles
and sold at 15 conts a bottlo
Assorted pickles go to you at tho
samo prico
PORK and BEANS with TO
MATO SAUCE put up in small
tins aro ologant for lunch mid
theyre cheap Two tins for a
quartor mako onough for a big
too in ono pound tins is worth
considering if you want some
thing really good So is AN
It is not oxponsivo and you havo
your choico of quantity two
pound or five pound packages
The UNDEiisiaNCD beg to announco
that from and after
TlniFsday Niglit Ocr11896
Will bo served ON DRAUGHT
at tho
To meet Mio timoa and competition
it ill be furnishod at
12 1 2 GiX Per Glass
Wo quoto from lMtor of tho
Browing Association
dated August 8th
Your honorable firm having represent
ed na for so mnnyjenrswo beliovo it use
less to call your attention to tho merits of
our article but wo phould like to ropcat
ngain and call your attontion to th fact
thatouralaTllE ONLY PUItR BAItLEY
corn cerenlino nnd other adulterants ns
well as ids for the pioscrvntion of beer
are unknown m oar establishment With
tho above yoti may go beforo the public in
our nnnio
No eucouium of ours can add to
the high roputation of Anhouser
Beer Its introduction in any and
every raarkol makes it an immediate
favorio It stands without a peer
without a aval without oven a com
petitor It received tho highest
awards at tho Columbian Exposi
tion vTho reduction of the draught
Beer to tho prevailing price of
12J Cexts Per Glass
placet it within tho reach of all and
he is a wiso man who gots tho best
quality for thp least money
Macfarlane Co
TosavoyourTflxoiand a largo portion
of your rout buy your edibles nt the
Palatna Grocery
Sqnnre dealing nt reasonable rats has
necessitated uicroased facilities for carry
ing a much Inrgor nnd moro fully assorted
stork t an heretofore
Kit Mackerel
Soused pio feet
Tongues and sounds
Salmon bellies single or kits
Fine Fat Salmon Goods delivered
Tm 755 Dtposilo Kail way Popot
W7 tf
Good Taste In Horse Flesh
Now ns wo aro experienced in our trade
nnd know the very best when wo see it we
only maUo the very best Hnrnoss of the
very bjt uiuterinl nnd only employ the
very bR of nrtlsnii3 Whafvcr wo make
I mi ort aud boll is roliablo as our patrons
nlvuijs tell us Kxporionco teaches
317 King Streot near Nuuanu
Win G Itwin ProsIdent Manager
Olaus Snreakels Vice President
W M flltlnrd Secretary ifcTrcnsurei
JLheo C Porter Auditor
Commission Agents
Oceauic Steamship Compy
Of San Francisco Onl

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