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The Independent. (Honolulu, H.I.) 1895-1905, June 04, 1897, Image 2

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Rsuftpt Huuliiyi
i Brlto Hall Koniu Stvwtt
3 TbluUonb Ji 11 3C3
aausauipnoN BTK3
IV r Month ntiywhern In tlio
wuilnti Istlnnito t M
fnr Vur 0 00
vt Sft noittmld to ForMn
lnyablo Invariably In Advanco
V J TESTA Iropriotor und Pub
liOMHND ftORRIU Kditor
llalillnR In Honolulu
Hatch to Dole Kinney wauls to
HO bourn Do uot blntiio biiu Wish
I could K 0 I10 Utili annex
ation roolution was lnugkod out of
lii FTouso You mint rwllz that
nuauxitiou ia a dead cock in the pit
Ob innrl Tariff has tho II ior and
tbo olauo affocting Hawaii is out of
it MoKiiilny is very polito and no
ii Aldrich wlinti I talk with them
Tboylook tired HioiikIi when ispmtk
about Hawaiian suar Ilastiugn is
worn out Swoonod aud foil whitn
attomling Postal Convention Ho
ooptiou nt Whito House Hoavt
failure I am not polarizing very
high cit bar The Qucpus bug par
don Mrs Dominis lulluuuco blocks
us at ovory turn Hiro a Kahuna
Why did you lot bnr got away Oh
doarl Tbo Japaunso affair was a
dead failure as a scare Too ulutn
aily bandied by Thurstou Has done
more barm thau good Oh doarl
What is tbo use As Cuba comes to
tho fore Hawaii goes to the
roar D Cuba Damon and
Iaukea did not stop Thoy aro on
velvet wish I was too Miuifitr
Sawall has loft trr his post You
cannot bank on him What shall
we do uext I wish I was back on
Kaabumauu struot Send moro am
munition you kuow John Sprock
ols is hero and lays all ovor mo Wish
I hadnt boon bornod Ob doarl
Mr Doles Minister of Finance
was interviewed wbilo on his way to
Quoon Victorias jubilee and said
Do you wish Hawaii lo coma in
as a Stale or Territory wn askod
Not as a State for I roeognizf
that with our mixed population it
will uot bo a practical step The
political parties in this country aro
so ovenly divided that it would not
do to have Hawaii in the Union at
n Statu Wo might then hold tun
balance of power and that would
not be desirable In fact that
possibility would prevent annexa
tion If wo can como into tho Union
as a Territory or somewhat liko a
State that will suit us Wo believe
that tho United Statos will not lose
anything politically or otherwise
but would gain much
Thero can bo no quostiou as lo
this intorviow for it bears tbo oar
marks of Hawaiis greatest liuancior
Ho in too modest wbeu ho disclaims
any desiro to hold tho balance of
power Why that is just what ho
always works for when on his own
dunghill It is true that bo has not
always tcored hulls eyes in Iub
efforts for powor but that is no roa
son why bo should uot try again
If tho interviowor had probed n lit
tlo doepor thoro would have been
fun in tho embarrassment of our
Minister For iuttaueo whou our
great uuanoioroaid If we can como
into tho Union as a Territory or
somewhat liko a State that will suit
us thero would have boeu fun
galoro in asking him to explain what
lie meant by tho expression or
souiowhat liko a State Tho faot is
our junketing Minister is as ignor
ant of tho difference botweon a terri
torial and State government as bo
is of tbo auoiont language of tho
Hiudoos Wbon tho Minister is
sought for an intorviow it would bo
far aafor for him to refer tho inter
rogator to Col Iaukea
Marshal Uronii dpeurves all posai
bin oredit for upholding tho notions
of his subordinate and utauditig by
t limit wbfii they aro wrongly accused
nf twpodiiw their authority Tbo
Mnudial bowevir hhoiild liso cou
fcidrithlu discretion and whenever
bo has reason to believe that his
men have licoti brutal and allowed
their tompor to get tho bottor of
their judgment be should promptly
stop in reprimand or poremptorily
flro tboiu The utio heard in tbo
District Court m of mich a nature
that everyone lisleuing becamo
viucod that tho pnilor Hendrickson
and Johnnoii of tho Foundry bad
bpeu Biibjmtcd lo an outrageous
ttfiattuent by police officers Tho
witnesses called by the nttornoyn
for the two mou told a straight
story They wore moreover men
of good standiuK and repute in tho
community and absolutely disintor
uatd The ovidence for the prose
cution could hardly bn satisfactory
to tho Mnrtiliiil It was conflicting
and evidently in some oaos maim
factum I ho man Hendrickson
was undoubtedly intoxicated on tho
day of hisarrest n d he undoubted
ly got into a light With the lieuten
ant Krkai The police should bo
instructed to tolorato a great deal
of ubuto and only iu case of abso
lute uoctsitity should tht y be flow
ed to ui b the rtlrong hand and
thfii ve Ibink the club should bo
used in pieforcnco to tho boxing
matches now in vokuo in tho publio
stroiUs It is iu tho receiving sta
tion however that tho worst exhi
bit ion of brutality takm place
LliHro un arretted mu is at the
uieioy of a few hot tempered
policemen who perhaps under diffi
mi I tie have made an arrest and
aro as mad ai H iloites Tho
aaplaiu of tho natch should bo
tho person to receive tho people
arrmted aud the responsibility of
their trentmeMt should fall on his
shoulders Tho mutilated faco of
tho man Hendriekjou shows that be
wib abupod pomowliiro It was not
iu the streot and tho wound to his
eye could certainly not bavo been
iuilicte d by bis being pushed
Jown on tho floor in the receiving
station Wo bopo that Offieur
Needham told tho truth when ho
denied having stated to Mr A
Rosa that Hendrickson waj kicked
in tbo eyo in tbo receiving station
Mr Rosa will return in a few days
aud it may 13 of intorost to hoar his
statement Lot brutality of police
men bo stopped at all hazards Lot
thorn understand that they aro sim
ply tho servants of tho public aud
that ovon if a drunken man calls
thorn namos they are not justifiod in
retaliating with blows A reason
able auiouut of abuse is what they
must oxpent whou thoy join tho
force and thoy must cbargn it against
thoir calary May in tho future tho
Marshal bn as anxious aud ready
to protout tho publio as ho now ap
parontly is in shielding his officers
How not to grade might well
bo tho title of an euginooring and
road making ORsay on Nuuanu
The Advortisoris probably right
when it says that I bo troaty situation
is improving but then tbo news
papers may bo lying
Aro tbo works on the Nuuanu
si retm ovor going to Uncompleted
buforo Mr Rowoll takes up a now
scheme of reconstruction
It is interesting to learn from tho
ovor inaocurato Star that Minister
Sowall was Minister to Smoa wbon
ho was a visitor hero before
From tho touor of our intoreoptod
tolegram from tbo Hawaiian Minister
at Washington it would appear that
he is on tbo vergo of norrous pros
tration Qivo him a rest Mr Dole
Tho Hilo Tribune for May 29th
says It comes high but we must
bavo all tho privileges Thoro was
just ouo volor enrolled at Hakalau
and it cost tho Government Slfl CO
to gnthor his namo and be the
voter has since loft tbo country
and goiio to tbo Coast
Unloss tho Health Inopectora
make a little closer examination
into domestic privacies there will be
trouble boforo long Tho slouch iu
the early morning or lato in tho
avening iu several sections of the
city is utiboarablo Somo of the
large Chinese restaurants are Tory
unhealthy iu this regard
If The Independents privato ad
vices from Washington and New
York are as reliable as thoy uetially
are thero is no hopn for aunoxatioii
f xcopt through a pleboscito Hurry
that up and bo done with itl Tho
Mibridlzed press will object but it
will bo cheaper in tho long run if
they aro left out in tho cold
Dont worry yourselves about
England Sho doesnt waul to an
nex Hawaii About tho timo that
tho United States has annexed Cuba
perhaps Hawaii may be joined to
the Dominion of Canada or tho
Commonwealth of Australasia It
might bo so if all tho parties in in
terest wished it to bo so How
about tho ides and nones of October
Thero was somo surprise iu tho
community yostorday wbon it was
loamod that Major Frankey Has
tings had fainted at a publio recep
tion owing to some trouble in his
bruin Holy Mosos exclaimed sev
eral citizens where oh wbero is
Fraukovs brain Tho explanation
came out in tho official organ this
morning when it assorted that tho
physiciau called in to administer to
tho fainting diplomat that there
was congestion of tho brain dun to
indigestion And now wo all know
that Frankeys brain is located in
the vicinity of his indigestion
Honolulu May 29 1S07
is luirdly worth tho picking und
oven whou it is in its primo it
requires dolicato hundiing lest
tho beauteous bloom upon it bo
tarnished by indblicuto hands
Wo aro not in tho garden of
Ilosporidcs whore tho gods
would pelt us with goldon ap
ples but wo aro hero in another
fruit paradiso whoro avo can
gatlior tho fruit in a prettily do
signed lotus leaf shaped WIRE
FRUIT PiCKEll absolutely un
injured Try it for 50 cents and
when you aro tirod of it turn it
into a flower basket
AVo bavo to import all our
sweet songsters in tho feathored
lino and cage them when caught
Mako thoir homos comfortable
and yours bright with ono of
our cages Wo havo u rich and
raro assorlmont of thorn from
1 50 to -150 in brass or painted
wire and in pretty shapes
Come and sco them
Tna Hawaiian Hardware Co Lo
307 Fcrnr Sthket
Sook us for tho EPICUREAN
BRANDS of delicucics wo have
others Next wook we
by two steamors to arrive
When opened wo will publish a
list look it ovor for what you
want and WHEN FOUND
You know our prices thoy aro
cheaper than thoso charged at a
clearance salo and our goods
aro fresh Telephono ordors
carefully filled and goods
promptly dolivorod
J T Waterhouse
We shall offer to the Masses a Large
Portion of a Bankrupt Stock
bought in New York
The Goods are now being Marked and
will be ready for Inspection
We shall Sell Organdies at 15 Oonts per Yard
We shall Sell Gringhams at 20 Yards for 1
l VlVVklll
li ZE3 ZEIZIHiIEZER Queen St Honolulu

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