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(Kxpcpt 8 mill ivy i
At "Jirito Hull," Konift atroot.
SJKT Telephone 81 1 JS
ler Month, nnywhero In tho Hawaiian
Islands K
Tor Year BOO
Per Year, postpaid to Foreign Countries
8 00
Payable Invariably In Advanco.
F. J. 'JE3XA, Propriotor and Publisher.
W. HOR&OK WRIGHT, Asaiutant
KcslclliiK In Honolulu.
MONDAY, SEPT. 13, 1897.
Mr. Richard Bland, of Missouri, a
loading Silver Democrat, dauouuees
the proposod annexation of Hawaii
as a political job of tho worst kind.
He maiutaius that Frusiflont
is an obedient tool in tho" hands
of unscrupulous schemere, whoso solo
object in securing annexation is to
enrich themselves. He is sura that
the pooplo of tht Uuilod States do
not waul Hawaii.
To all those persons who beliovo
that governments derive their just
powers from tho consent of tho
tho following named persons
should be held in remembrance as
those who have proved themselves
recreant to principles upon which n
government of the people, bv the
people and for the people should be
Sanford B. Dole, Prosideut of the
so-called Republic of Hawaii
Henry E. Cooper, Minister of Foreign
James A. Kino, Minister of tho
Interior; ,
Samuel M. Damon, Minister of
William 0. Smith, Attorney-General,
J. Kauhane, F. Norlhrup, H. L.
Holstein.'F. S. Lyman, H. P. Baldwin,
W. Y. Horner, Cecil Brown, J.
A. McOandless, Henry Waterhoue,
H. W. Schmidt, W. 0. Wilder, J. N.
Wright', W. H. Rico, and G. N. Wilcox,
Senators of the so-called Republic
of Hawaii.
The meanest of tho senators, bo
cause of his nationality, being Rev.
J. Kauhane, a full blood Hawaiian.
Mr. Kauhane is reported by a writer
for the Star, as saying, that an influential
body of his countrymen are
annexationists; that the Hawaiian
people are indifferent as to the policy
of annexation; that so soon as
tho Hawaiian people are satisfied
that tho monarchical form of government
cannot bo restored they
will welcome annexation. All of
which statements are false and misleading,
and unworthy nf a man who
posoa as a spiritual loader of his
Konu. Wit.
Tho following paragraphs from tho
Kona Echo of Sept. shows that
the Kona "Thunderer" is nearly as
amusing as our dear old Bulletin:
She Iovob Ham m. Miss Bernico
Young is engaged to Mr. 0. von
Hamm, of Hoffacblaogor & Oo.
Love in a cottage. Miss Kinuoy
and Mr. Dickey are ongaged. Mr.
Dickey is an architect and has promised
Miss Kinney a fino homemade
cottage. Both of Hoiiblulu.
MIbs Helen Elwell of Riverside,
Oal., whore tho world's best oranges
and pretty girls grow, is to bo decorated
with Kona orango blossoms, if
sho will accept thorn, on tho day
'that tho Rev. J. M. Lydgato of
Kauai is in his turn to bo united.
A vinculo matrimonii,
Petition Start on Their Bounda
Around the IelaucM To-day.
To-day tho Woman's Hawaiian
Patriotic Leaguo and the Hawaiian
Patriotic League food out by special
moengerR to every distrio' ia tho
Hawaiian Islands petitions against
annexation for signature by Hawaiian
citizons in order that tho
people's will may ho accurately
as a plebiscite is not at
present to bo permitted by tho Annexation
It !b understood, and desired by
the Patriotic Loaguers, that wliilu
the wishes of the Hawaiians should
be mainly ascertained all nationalities
opposed to annexation are eligible
to sign and it is suggested that
foroigners signing should affix tho
namo of their nationality.
The forms of the petition are aa
petition aoainst annexation.
To His Excellency William
President, and tho Seuato
of the United States of America.
Whereas, there has beon submitted
to tho Senate of the United
States of Amorioa a Treaty for the
Annexition of the Hawaiian Islands
to the said United States of America,
for consideration at its regular
sesMon in December, A. D. 1897;
We, the undersigned, native Hawaiian
women, citizens and residents
of tho District of , Island
of , who aro members of the
Women's Hawaiian Patriotic League
of tho Hawaiian Islands, and other
women who aro in sympathy with
the said League, earnestly protest
against tho annexation of the said
Hawaiian Islands to the said United
States of America in an; form or
Name. Age.
To His Excellency William
President, and tho Seuato
of the United States of America.
Whereas, there has been submitted
to tho Senate of tho United
States of America a Treaty for the
Annexation of tho Hawaiian Islands
to tho said United States of America,
for consideration at its regular
session in December, A. D. 1897;
We, the undersigned, native Hawaiian
citizens and residents of the
Disti ict of , Island of
, who-are members of
the Hawaiian Patriotio Leaguo of
tho Hawaiian Islands, and others
who aro in sympathy with tho said
Leaguo, earnestly protest against
the annexation of the said Hawaiian
Islauds to tho said United States of
America in any form or shape.
President .
Name. Ago.
Tho Children's Loyal Temperance
Union is meeting in Central Union
Church this afternoon.
Tho sohooner Transit, Captain
Jorgorsen, is now on tho berth loading
sugar for combination shippers.
Captain Jorgerson got o first shot
at sugar per Noeau on Saturday last
amounting to 14.77 bags. F. A. S &
Co.'a shipment.
Tho S. N. Castle, Captain Hubbard,
arrivud in port thiB morning,
Id days from San FranoiBco. There
were five cabin passengers, and 800
tons of general cargo consigned to
W. O. Irwin & Co. The Castle will
commence to discharge to-morrow
morning at Allon Street wharf.
A number of sportsmen wont on
a shark fishing expedition in the J,
A, Cummins last Saturday, Tho
sharks wore ongaged at tho boat
races and refused to accomodate the
fishing expedition. Since we went
auuoxed tho Pearl Harbor sharks
have become slow and diginfiod and
even tho Loilanis and tho U. S.
"brass buttons" are. too speody for
them. I
Tho bktno. Archer departed
' on Saturday afternoon last with a
load of 1392 tons of sugar consigned
! to Welch & Co., San Francisco.
I Mr. Vetleson. of tho Hawaiian
i Hardwaro Co., is enthusiastic over
, the vast improvements and
ments in the country districts,
in tho new and outlying
onos, through which ho has recoutly
passed. Tho indications for substantial
movements in coffee planting
are extremoly favorable and
gratifying in outlook.
Tho brig W. G. Irwin got away
for the Coast on Saturday last,
shortly before tho sailing of the
Archer for tho same spot. Both
vespols havo excellent Hailing records,
but we are inclined to
on tho W. G. Irwin as tho first
to arrive at tho Golden Gate.
Williams treats when he arrives
back if wo aro corroct.
Tho steamor Waialealo entered
tho boneyard on her last arrival
from Lahaina last Friday. Tho yard
is known as tho old fishmarkot
wharf, where several other Island
steamers aro lying idle and getting
carbuncles on thoir bottoms. Tbo
Waialealo will got a now kottlo put
into her; the work of which with
other improvements ordered will
occupy about six weeks or so.
1.0 3T.
fy Sep'. It, a letter mlilrepseil to J. T.
Wntorhouso was lost sorao whero on King
be ween Mnnnnken and Nnuoriu
s'rots, containing two money orders.
Payments hasi been stopped. Finder will
pleaso return tothlsotllco nud rccelvo reward.
I f MURRAY will leave Honolulu for a
three weeks vacation. Dr. A. Pinolair will
tak charge of his local practico, and Mr.
H Herbert will attend to nil
Honolulu. Sept. 0, 2807,
The Pioneer Bakery
Bread, Pies, Cakes of nil kinds, fresh
vory day.
Fresh Ico Cream mado of tho Best Wood-lawn
Cream In all Flavors.
The Finest Home-made Confoctljnerj,
A E Bl sWfc 1 A I oft T
m m
I'HlLMll 1 1 1 1 III I I
I lllftilalllh ill I h
But Once Secured it is
We propose to HOLD A POSITION, that has been won by a
The things that havo made this Stqre one of tho
Are Conscientiousness and Attention to the Interest of Our Patrons.
Handling the Very Best Dry Goods
that the World Produces,
These principles are the
Timely Topics.
Honolulu, Sept. 4, 1897
What is It?
You can't afford to bo without
it, around house, mill,
plantation and farm, especially
if you have wire fences attached
to posts by moans of
Fence Staples. THE RUSSELL
a drop forge tool, made of
Black Diamond tool steel, and
is six useful tools in one,
weighs about one pound, and
cun be carried in tho hip
pocket with ease. Besides
tho eix tools, it can be used
for various other purposes,
which will naturully suggest
themselves. The tix tools
are as follows :
1 A double staple puller.
2 A double wire cutter,
and tho best made.
3 A double hammer and
no danger of its breaking.
4 A good wire splicer for
any kind of wire, barbed wire
5 A good pair of pincers
with long leverage.
(5 A good monkey wrench
for plows, machines, etc.
It is good for tightning slack
wire by grasping the wire in
the jaws of and pressing
handle to right or left
until it bends the wire and
you have it tight enough.
Tne BHwaiian Hardware Co., ,L
268 Fort Street,
Hiociitaiiing continues, we are repeateuiy mrowmg out
03DT3 3LiIISrE3S J&.1X1D
which are immediately marked down to ONE T1IJRD of tho ORIGINAL VALUE.
Now is the Time to
bases upon Avhich wo ask
J. T. Waterhouse.
There aro three brands of
Jams and Jellies known to be
i absolutely pure. Crosse &
Black wells, Morton's and
Code, Elfelt & Co. During
tho pure food crusade in California
the goods of the latter
passed every inspection and
now come out of the factory
specially stamped "Pure
Food."' "We" have a complete
stock of these goods and offer
them to the public at very low
Our grocery department is
full to tho brim with reliabl
goods and our prices are low
enough as to draw common
from other dealers. We buy
for caBh in quantities to suit
the demand and consequently
they are always fresh.
"We handle the celebrated
Albert boneless sardines and
the Palace brand of sliced
bacon, two articles for the
table that are unext elled.
We carry a full line of table
delicacies, English and American
and promptly fill orders.
Prompt delivery in all cases
whether in person or by telephone
and careful attention
paid to the selection of goods. .
J. T. Waterhouse.
Priceless !
for your patronage While
- IBZEjR,:., Queen St., Honolulu

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