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Ooucort at Iiminn Squaro nt -1:30
this nftortnion.
Hnrry Swinton lectures in
Oliurcli to-morrow ovnning.
Oriokot tuntcti tliiH aflonioon nt
the old recreation grounds, Makiki.
Solid Silvor Uat pins will ho Kivnn
away on opening daya at N. S. S lobs.
Tho schooner Ka Moi and Moi
Wahine loft late last evoning for
Don't fail to attend tho Fall Millinery
Opnning at N. S. Sachs on
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Tbo 0. D. Bryant will commence
discharging hnr cargo of fertilizers
at Dillingham's wharf on Monday
The Australia's cargo for San
Francisco will consist of about
10,000 bacB of sugar and SOOO bags
of rice.
Children's Hats, trimmori gratis,
for ono week, at Saoha' Millinory
Rev. Douglas P. Biruie lectures
on "Work, wago and religion" at tho
evening service of Central Union
Ohuroli to-morrow.
The cess pools of the oily are
being ezaminod by polico officers.
Where are tho Sanitary Inspectors
of tho Board of Health.
Tho heaviest rains during tho past
month wore at Ahuimanu, Oahu,
12.07 inchoi; Lanihau, Hawaii, 11.62
and Maunawili, OaIiu, 10.82.
Mr. Arthur B. Wood will speak at
to-morrow afternoon's gathering at
the Y. M.O. A. on tho subjpc.t: "Life
what will you make of it?"
The Noeau nrrived from Waime
oarly this morning with 150 bigs of
rico. Left behind 2000 haps of diamond
W sugar for Sohnefor & Co.
Itev. T. D. Garvin has selected as
his morning topic at to-morrow
morning's service at tho ChriRtiau
Church, "Tho rolation of husband
and wife."
The Hawaiian Hardwaro Company
are rapidly disposing of their
Fischer No. 7 range", which aro admittedly
about the best that can bo
obtained in Honolulu.
Tho steamship Australia and bark
It. P. Rithet received consignment
of sugar from tho Mauna Loa this
foronoon. Hutchinson Mill sugar
figured at 2113 bni?o, with Hawaiian
Agricultural at 6b93.
By degrees tho annexation organs
will obtain information instead of
manufactured fuu in regard to tho
Hawaiian "Commissioners" to Washington.
They aro already toning
down and.will soon roaoh zoro.
Call and iuspoot L. B. Kerr's now
goods received by tho S. S. Australia,
and then furnish your home to
your own tasto and with true economy.
BxQollont quality and rare
'prices suit tho changing condition
of the time.
A grand concert will ho given
by the Kaumakipili and Pa lam a
Glee Clubs at Kaumakapili Church
on Saturday evening next. The proceeds
of tho entertainment will go
towards tho fund for, building a now
native church at Palama.
Tho U. S. S. Yorktown arrived
this morning 1-1 days from Yokohama.
Her officers aro: Commandor,
O. H. Stooktonj executive officer,
Winslow; surgeon,
Dr. Bailey; paymaster, L. O. Carr;
Liout. Luoien Young, Liout. Bell,
Ensign Trant,
Tho morning sorvice of the Second
Congrogatiou of St., Andrew's
Cathodral tomorrow will bo at 9:15
o'clock, when tho following musio
will be rendered: To Deum in D,
Woodward; Jubilate in F, Taylorj
Anthem, God Is a Spirit, Bennett.
At 0:30 o'clock in the evening the
male surpliced choir will sing a processional
hymn and full ovening service.
Sunday Populars.
Tho band will ploy tho following
well seleotod program at Makoo Island
at 0 o'clock to-morrow.
rAivr i.
Old Hundred.
Overture Joan of Arc". Vordi
Adagio Sonata Pathetiquo
Ballad The Lost Chord... Sullivan
Grand Seleotion Alzira Verdi
Cornot Solo Grand Fantasia....
Mr. Charles Kreuter.
Prologue II Pagliacoi (new)
Proludo Parsifal (new).... Wagner
Overture Tho Oath .Aubor
Hawaii Pouoi,
Tlio Senator From Alabama
Answers J. K, Kanlia's .
Open Letter.
Ha Defando tho Position of Himsolf
- and the Annexationists.
Honoldlu, Oct. 12, 1897.
Mil. J a ms K. jKadlia,
Dear Sir, A prossuro of engagements
has necessarily dolayod an
aniwor to your opon lotter.
Having no disposition to interfere
in Hawaiian affairs or to attempt
to influence tho opinions of
the Hawaiiaus on tho subject of annexation
to the Unitod States, or to
any country, I do not wish to enter
upon a discussion, which you invito,
as to any views I have heretofore expressed
on that subjeot.
A preferouue is quite a different
matter from an alternative, when
the latter is furcud upon us by circumstances
beyond our control. As
my government has not submitted
to a vote of our people, the question
of our willinguess to accept the annexation
of Hawaii, and has not
a proceeding so unusual
and so idle, 1 have not thought it
necessary, or fair, that this question
should be submitted to a popular
vote in Hawaii, Your Constitution
provides for annexation without
such a vole. But I would regret
to have you feel that I am indifferent
to tho wishes of your people on
this subject; I wish them to feel
that our motives aro honorable;
that our seutimouts aro only those
of sincero regard for their happiness,
and that our course towards thorn
will bo wise and just.
I have said in tho Sonato that if I
was a Hawaiian citizen I would not
prefer annexation to any country.
If I wore a Cuban I would havo tho
same preforoneo for a soparate and
independent Republic, won by Cu
ban blood. This is in the sense of
national pride, which must always
yield to national safety.
But the prosont condition of Cuba
and of Hawaii doos not admit of
such a proforouco.
Cuba has found that she must be
a republic in order to escape the
torrors of foreign monarchial rule,
and Hawaii must also remain a republic
to avoid sinking into a like
If Hawaii relapses into monarchy
she will be cut off from any reliance
on tho protection of tho United
States. In that oveut wo could not
accept her into our Union, nor
could we, in any event, oocept Hawaii
as a dependency, or oolony.
Wo havo no such powers under our
When the alternative is presentod
as it is, whother I would prefer annexation
to tho Unitod States rather
than have Hawaii sink into a petty
monarchy, to be ruled by some for
eign country, 1 would prefer to save
the liberties of tho poople, through
annexation, to a tawdry show of
royalty by a fow persons set in authority
over thom, who would bo compelled
to do tho bidding of some
monarch. In the Amoricau
Uuiou Hawaii would bo really independent,
and would be forover safe
against any foroign interference,
She would not bo smothered with
Asiatic immigrants, nor would sho
over become a sugar oolony of a
monarch, as Cuba is, to bo
robbed and oppressed by
nabobs, and thou flayed alivo
on the first utterauco of a plea or
protest in tho name of humanity,
Finding that it is nocessary to not
in order to moot tho clandestine
movements of some citizens and
othors who are aubjeots of foroign
monarchies, for tho destruction of
republican govornment in Hawaii, I
would prefer annexation to tho
Uuited States, rnthor lhau risk the
danger of having to fight for tho
life of the country, us Cuba is forced
to do,
Whou Japau wished to nunex
Formosa to her Empire, sho did not
consult tho Ohinoso thero, to ascertain
their wishes. When by a
of emigration Japan has filled
theso islands with her people, who
still owe allegiance to the Emperor,
sho will ask no quostious of the
whether thoy wish to become
Japanese subjects; nor will
your peoplo bo able to resist this
quiet process of absorption, you will
sink, as tho rains sink into tho
thirsty soil.
If your peoplo wero all united in
their preference for republican government,
I would, -if I wore a citizen
of Hawaii, now prefer her soparate
iudopoudeuep, an a matter of pride,
yet I remembor how costly, to Ire-laud,
a like feoling has beon, and
how it has lost to her people all
hope of separate nalioual independence,
but tbo Hawaiian Islauds are
not indopondent of fato, however
much their nativo peoplo may de
sire a separate government. If I
belonged to that race 1 would
sacrifice any preference, either of
pride or convenience, rathar than
be suffocated with poople who havo
nothing in common with them in
religion, or in thoir ideas of government.
I would uuito with tbo American
people in their support of
free, constitutional government
rather than seo any republic relapse
into a monarchy, in this Western
Very respootfullv,
John T. Morgan.
Nervous Prostration, Dizziness and
Extremo Weakness Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills Onmo to Her
Rescue After Hospital Treatment
lu the lown of Fort William,
Canada, lives a bravo widow, who
for years has by dint of constant
labor kept the wolf from tho door
and her little family together. From
morning till night sue toiled to
comforts for her loved ones
until uaturo qt last prptestod against
such a constant draiu ou her strength,
and soshobegauto lose health. Soon
tho slender frame became unable to
boar ita daily load of toil, aud tho
poor mother was at last forced to
give up tho unequal contest, and
become a burden where sho had
once been the chief support. Nervous
prostratiou, heart disease,
consumption, and other names wore
given to her malady by local
but mouths passed, during
which sho suffered untold agony,
without finding any relief from her
sufferings. Palpitation of the hoart,
dizzineta, extreme pain in the chest,
loss of appetite and nervousness
were some of tho symptoms of the
disea:e,gathoringstbat caused
pain formed at tho kneo
joints asd other parts of the body,
aud at last she became perfectly
helpless and unable to walk or even
sit up. At this stage she was advised
to enter iho hoapiu 1, that she might
have the benefit of skilled nurses as
woil as best medical treatment; but
after spending some time thero without
outaiuiug any relief tho poor
woman gave up al hope of recovery
and asked to bo taktu home, So
and weak had bIio become
that her f rienda wero shocked at her
appearance, aud so uttorly bopoless
was her condition that it was like
mockery to speak hopefully of her
ultimaio recovery. What thon was
the astonishment of all who had
known hor dreadful, condition to
hear that bIio had at last found a
remedy whoso magical power at
once domoustreated the faot that
where there iB lifo is hope. Tho
name of this remedy that worked
suah a wonderful change iu such a
short timo was Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, and after taking five boxes sho
was able to walk about and visit her
frionds. Hor streugth gradually
but suroly returned and in a fow
months from tho time sho began
using tho modioino sho was nhlo to
resume her work, Tho subject of
this article, Mrs. Jano Marceille, is
well known: aud her youthful aud
healthy appoaranco to-day causes
peoplo to oxolaim wouders will
uever oeaso, Sho attributes hor
restoration to her family, solely to
tho virtues to be found iu Dr, Williams'
Pink Pills, and her experience
she hopes, may put some other
on the right road to health.
This great remedy onrichos and
purifies tho blood, strengthens tho
norves, and in this way goes to tho
root of disease, driving it -from the
system, nud ouriug when other remo
dies fail. Sold by all dealers iu
Of Philadelphia, lu.
Founded, 1792 Cash Capital, $3,000,000
Oldebt Fire Company in the Putted States.
Losses paid since organization over - - - $90,000,000.
Established, I860. - Capital $6,000,000.
Insurance offeulod on Buildings, Goods, Ship, and Morchandiso
f0 For lowost rates apply to
General Agent for tho Hawaiian Islands.
Good, Bad and Indifferent.
:3s.s Proven Its Superiority.
Noahs Certificate is Wot Needed for the Best. The
Consumers Aro the Judges.
Is World .Renowned, Holds Its Own, and Don't You
Forget It.
Macfarlane & Co., Ltd.,
Sole Agents.
Coal Oil
Can be used iu hot cold,
soft, hatd and sea water.
For the laundry; no boiling
For scrubbing' : cleans paint,
vanish, etc., without destroying
the polish.
For dish washing : the
in this soap cuts the
For printers, painters and
iron workers: removes ink,
puiiit and black grease from
the hands.
For tho stables : cures cuts,
bruises and sores.
For windows : cleans tho
For tho bath.
For tho toilet.
For tho hair : cures dandruff.
For the baby : will not
make tho baby cry, should a
little got into the eyes.
Money saved: saves the
cost of ammonia, borax, soda
and wash boiler.
Special sale for this week
Price 5 cents per cake.
Von Hull. TUnnl:.
J. T. Waterhouse.
There are three brands of
Jains and Jellies known to be
absolutely pure. Crosse &
Blackwells, Morton's and
Codo, Elfelt & Co. During
tho pure food crusade in California
the goodB of the latter
passed every inspection and
now come out of the factory
specially stamped ' 'Pure
Food.'' Wo havo a complete
stock of these goods and offer
them to the public at very low
Our grocery department is
full to tho brim with roliabl'
goods and our prices are low
enough as to draw common
from other dealers. Wo buy
for cash in quantities to suit
the demand and consequently
they are always fresh.
We handle the" celebrated
Albeit boneless sardines and
the Palace brand of sliced
bacon, two articles for the
table that are unexcelled.
Wo carry a full line of table
delicacies, English and American
and promptly fill orders.
Prompt dolivery in all cases
whether in person or by tele
phone and careful attention
paid to tho selection of goods.
J. T. Waterhouse.

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