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-ST Telknhink 8 11 J23JS
Kiiwiit Unnilny
At Brito Hall Xoniu Strtut
ter Mouth anywhere lu the
wntlnn Islands w
for Yonr 0 00
Ier Year postpftkl to Foreign Uonn
tries 8 00
Payable Invariably In Advance
K J TESTA Xropriotor and Pub
UesliliiiK In Honolulu
Iii this morninga P O Adver
tiser appears a letter signed by Miss
Kaholemauua n jraduato of Kawal
ahao Souiinary to which that
journal pays a deservedly high com
pliment It is suoh an honest com
ment ou the situation iu which tho
Hawaiian girls find themselves after
receiving an education which ole
vatoj them above tho ranks of the
ignorant poasant sorfs of Europe
aud so much more of a practical
sermon than wo gouorally hear from
tho nulpits of our Christian
Ohurchos that taking advantogo of
our Editors absence we shall adopt
it as our leading editorial to day
probably much to tho rplief of our
readem Miss Kaholeraauna says
Mr Editor lu this mornings Ad
vertiser on tho editorial pago is an
article under above headlines iu
which you refer to a New York in
dustry which you would have trans
plated to thoso Islands using tho
mountain tops for goat culture
and intimating a source for the pro
filnblo employment of graduates
from Kamohameha and Kawaiahao
sohoola in tho manufacture of gloves
from tho skins of such goats I do
not in common with some of tho
natives find a connection between
this proposed industry and the re
port that they are to bo drivon to
tho mountains when annexation
comes but I do find in it an occa
siou to mako Romo opportuno state
ments as to the present condition of
many graduates of Hawaiian girls
schools Somo days ago in writing
on A good class of Portuguese
you said This class muBt share
homes that iB own land in fee sim
ple and they must be able to obtain
a decent living from it and again
We compel their children to attend
sohool and got knowledge
Knowledgo breeds wants and plenty
of them I havo merely quoted
this booauBO if applicable to an
alien friendly element settling in our
miiUt how muoh raoro so to the
native llawaiinus From tho earliest
dayB of thoadvont of missionaries iu
these islands our uatton nas ueeu
tutorod in tho ways of oiyilizition
Our wauts begotten of knowledgo
as you truly stato booamo many
aud our opportunities to satisfy
thorn seemed to dimiuish in propor
tion as tho wauta increased You
will pardon mo for saying that our
prosont condition is largoly due to
tho fact that the offspring of our
earlier tutors forgetful of tho God
of their fathers found comfort in
worshipping mammon
In tho first Hush of thoir on
deavors whilostill under tho influence
of their fathers and brothers in tho
conduot of thoir onterprisos our
womeu went into tho fields to strip
tho cane did washing aud sowing
incidental to tho requirements of
the times and industry soemod tho
watchword ou all sides but as one
by ono tho monitors of our earlior
days went to thoir last long rest it
seemed as though au estrangement
were cdmiug upon tho foroign
element in our midst In thoir
oagorness to curry tho favor of thoir
now fouud master and forgotful of
tho duty tlioy owed to Iho natives
among whom thoy had been pros
pored thoy sought in every clime
to find tho choapest oloment to per
form tho labors theretofore done by
our own peoplo
Tho natives iu thoir simple con
lldiug way looked on and ovou on-
couraged tho work of these people
because from tho very nature of
tiling it must he right being in
largo measuro tho work of tho chil
dren of those who had sacrificed so
much for us in the past But lol
what au awakening those years of
tolling for the uueeepanos of life
have brought to our people and
more particularly to our women in
their endeavor to keep thornaelves
respected while laboring to satiify
their wants As a seaiustross In this
community I havo laid aside my
usual lamp light vigil over the Row
ing machine to givo vent to my long
pent up thoughts and foelings It
lias aeeuietl to mo since reading An
Iudustry this morning that I
should pay something for the girls
of Kawaiahao and Kamohameha
schools- as a scholar in t bo former
school with our lamented Princess
Liltelike as a clasp mate I was
taught among other things tho art
of needle work by which 1 am now
eudoavoring to mako a livelihood
I was also taught many things that
gavo mo new ideas of life ideaB that
created wauts as you call them
faster than they could be satisfied
aud when after my years of educa
tion aud sojourning among those
who seemed to have the moans to
satisfy their overy waut when after
this I was set adrift to make a living
by tho meaus at my command
how cruel it seemed to me to find
almost overy avenue for honest em
ployment filled by an alien element
whose coming has beeu at the
bidding of thoso who from selfish
motives were seokiug only personal
gain and from like selfish motives
allowed their hireliugs to flood the
rest of tho country taking away
our opportunities one after another
until now I ask you what in to
come of the girls of today With
the education they are being given
the wants that thy feel aud tho
constantly dwindling opportunities
to satisfy those wants
Your people took from us our Gov
ernment five years ago under a plea
that our Queen was hostile to the
best interests of tho country justi
fying the expectation on our part
that after such representations wo
should have a more conservative
Government of the country one
that by creating conditions under
which a white man could prosper
would atao bo tho means of up
lifting our own people inasmuch as
they were educated ou similar lines
how rudely such hopes have been
clashed to piece needs uo repetition
from me the constantly increasing
poverty among the natives tells its
own story
Your Government seokR to coerce
our men into its support by means
of oaths and the like it could long
ago have had the loyal support of
uvory thoughtful man aud woman
of tho race had it shown itself re
gardful in tho slightest degreo of
our interests and welfare aud it
might even commaud our ropoot
if it had beeu faithful to its own
supporters but how can you blame
tho large number of natives who
still hold aloof and whom you term
Royalists wheu the Government of
your creatiug ia bo weak in the
presence ot Hie Aimiguty jjouar
Talk about a mountain goat ranch
as creating a possible industry for
our girls why with tho present
outlook they would starve before
this could becomo a reality even
though it wore a possibility
Looks Bark f r tho Hawaiian
Representative Johnson of In
diana a republican turned himsolf
loose ou the Hawaiian annexation
scheme tho other day in the house
and belabored it unmercifully The
newa reports said that Mr Johnsons
speech electrified the house and tho
galleries and produced a deep
impression This is particularly
unfortunate for the schemers at this
time bocause they are not in a
position where they oau stand an
eleotifyinR opposition or tho pro
duction of deep impressions They
are at sen so to speak and only a
very little thing is required now to
force them into a position where
thoy would find themselves under
the disagreeable necessity of
clutching at straws or suoh flotsam
as might como within reach
Tho fact of tho matter is that the
annexation pmjpot can bo carried
to a successful finish only through
such devious ways as do not thread
public sentimont The abandon
ment of tho nations historic policy
is p ssiblo only through defianco of
the wishes of the peoplo Tue real
rulera of tho United States will
have no hand or part in tho Ha
waiian steal N Y leader
A Misfit
is called the
Hawaii key to tho
Pacific but it doesnt appoar to fit
tho congressional keyholo JJenvtr
On our outside pages wo com
mence tho publication of the speech
of Representative Williams in oppo
sition to annexation as printed in
tho Congressional Record
It is understood that Boss Row
oll is reducing carpenters wages to
those of Chinamen For bridgo
building it is said ho has offered
only 75 a month for a hoad man
This does not soem just for mon ac
customed to receivo from 3 50 to 5
a day Rowells mishaps and errors
in judgmout must mako him a white
elephant for tho Interior Depart
ment He himsolf would mako an
oxcollent journeyman for to give
him his just credit ho is au inde
fatigable workingmsn
It is loarned that Mr Joseph
Marsden having retired from the
Commissionorship of Agriculture
which ho has honorably filled with
so much benefit to the country and
credit to himself will now inform
ally addroRS himself to the procur
ing of European labor for our plan
tations Tho writer is under tho im
pression from aonsiderablo travel iu
those sections that an oxcollent
class of labor could bo obtainod
in tho south of Ireland and the
southern countios of England
There would be no difficulty at first
about the wages the main trouble
would be in connootion with the
living accommodations and tho food
and tho granting of a patch of
ground for raising vegetables Anti
English prejudice jealousy and
fear will probably however prevent
any effort being made in this direc
tion Tho independent spirit of
these nationalities will not bo in
consonance with practical serfdom
A friendly word in regard to the
parks or recreation grounds for the
Palama and Kalihi districts The
Legislative committee has reported
favorably in connootion with the
Aala site and tho old Makiki baso
ball ground for rooroatiou purposes
In regard to tho latter it will bo
valuoles for athletic purposes so
long as the turf is trampled and out
up by tho hoofs of our voluuteer
cavalry and mounted police Clubs
as for instance the Honolulu
Cricket Club willing to expend
money in ita preservation and im
provement and to make it conveni
ent and comfortable to all with a
neat fonco and turnstiles and shado
treos are not justified iu doing so
so long as it is a cavalry drill
ground Iu regard to tho Aala
Park although The Independent
was tho first to select and support
the adoption of tho reconstructed
grouud as a good sito it now fools
inclined to support what it has roa
son to bolievo are the viows of tho
administration in opposition to it
We think that a special committeo
should be appointed to first ascer
tain whether thoro ia not a more
convenient sito mauka of tho pro
posed lot before tho Legislature ap
propriates the Aala plot perhaps
only to meet a possible veto at tho
hands of the Executive with tho re
sult that wo shall havo to postpone
the creation of a now park or recre
ation grounds until tho peoples
legislature moots next session
There is plenty of time to go slowly
and suroly and this is certainly a
caso justifying the adoption of tho
motto fratina Unte
The Football Oamo
It is whispered that out of the
117 received at the football match
on Saturday for the benefit as all
imagined of an Orphan Fund no lots
thau one third Or 39 wore paid to
the Y M O A for the use of tho
grounds Tho players it may bo
said defrayed all their personal ex
penses inoluding their Jorsejs
themselves It is understood that
the Y M 0 A first requested one
half of the proceeds and claim that
thoy were reluctantly compelled to
mako a charge
Ring up 841 if you havo anything
to say to Trie Independent
Honolulu April J 1898
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