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f7 Telepuonk 841 jJ
Kxuupt Bnudnyi
1- Brito Hull Konln Street
Ier Month nnywhere In the
wnllnn Islands SO
Per Year 0 00
Inr Year posttmld to Foreign Coun
tries 8 00
Payable Invariably in Advance
K J TEBTA Proprietor and Pub
KcsldliiK In Honolulu
It is gonorally understood that
Mr Dolo proposes to spring a meas
ure in the Legislature the effect of
which weans that Hawaii enters
into an offensive and defensive
alliance with the United States
This sohemo was hatched in the
office of Mr ThurBton in Washing
ton and is considered an excellent
method of getting the islands au
nesod The eventual results in
oaso of American rovoraes in the
war are of no consequences to Mr
Thurston and the other agents of
Mr Doles government but we hope
that there are sufficient cool headed
men in tho Legislature to defaat ft
measure which will mean a viola
tion of the Constitution of the Re
Tho men who have control of this
Qovernment cannot- afford to stul
tify themselves They overturned
the monarchy because as they
claimed the Quoou wanted to violate
the Constitution They held up
thoir hands in holy horror bocause
the Queen signed a bill licensing
opium Thoy appealed to the civil
ized world because liquor was
tolerated in Hawaii legislators got
drunk and took bribes and general
corruption reigned
Au opium bill is now before the
Senate reoommended by a commit-
too of the men of 92 A liquor bill
has passed the Senate composed of
the men of 93 A member of the
House has ohargod his colleagues
with being under the control of tho
moneyed men and the whole coun
try friends and foes alike are cry
ing corruption when reading tha
roports of the experts employed by
the committees having charge of
tho accounts of cortain departments
of the Government
Mr Dole on behalf of his handful
of supporters has offered Hawaii to
tho Unitod States His offer has
not been favorably received but he
has persisted in throwing Hawaii in
the way of Uncle Sam The rela
tions of tho United States to Ha
waii havo often been compared to
those of a man seeking a girl in
marriage In this instance the girl
has been very bold and very for
ward indeed but if the Thurston
bill Bhould bo adoptod by tho Legis
lature it will mean a clear caao of
politioal rape with the girl as tho
attacking party
Uncle Sam will not bo caught in
tho trap however or take any risk
of blackmailing and Hawaii poor
girl will remain the humiliated
ridiculed and dospisod spinster
of tho Faoifio Oooan
Transport Ships Sail
Nbw Orleans May 3 Tho South
ern Faoifio transport ships left hero
to day for Tampa carrying horsos
and initios for tho army of invasion
They have imperative orders to
reach Tampa by Friday morning
The fonce on Palnco Squaro has
gone down and The Independent
ha fcored another victory The
good 801180 of the averago citizens
can not tolerate memorials on pub
lic squares in honor of heroos of
tho Carter stylo
Charles Wilder Iihb written a long
porsoual letter to 1resident Dole
Rays a San Francisco paper in which
the young Consul givos suggestions
as to tho most politioal course for
the island republio to pursuo in re
lation to tho United States No
wonder Mr Dole looks happy this
morning With the suggestions
of Mr Wilder in liin pockot he neods
not feel shaky in his foreign policy
and he can now safely back tho
sure thing team at the noxt base
ball game
It is amusing to liston to tho war
talk in town at present espsoially
from men who havo no idea of the
geographical position of Manila
Havana or Madrid This morniug
Gonorol Jingobus and Judge Go
slow entered a place where refresh
ments are sorvod by a polito bar
keeper The Goueral callod for
drinks aud while the mixologist
was attending to his duty tho Gen
eral explained the situation Give
mo none of your neutrality business
Judge said tho valiant officer
oven if the Spanish cruieors como
here wo can easily stand them off
You may do that whispered the
polito barteuder as the General
who had swallowed his poison
walked towards the door but you
cant stand me off aud Mr Jingo
bus blushed like a Spanish damsel
at a bull fight and after planking
down ten nickels left the room feel
ing like tho treasury of Spain
No Tlmo For Schemes
It is nearly 2000 miles from Hono
lulu to Manila yet the Hawaiian
annexationists aro saying that
Honolulu would havo boon a valua
ble base of operations for Downy If
a coaling station 2000 miles from
our coast and 8000 miles from the
scone of our great naval victory is
of any use wo havo it already in
Pearl Harbor That station is ours
to occupy fortify and uso to any
advantage it may be to us without
taking upon us tho civil ombarrasi
ments that will attond annexation
It will b rnmemberod that
horotoforo all arguments in favor of
annexation from a military view
hare been addressed to tho defensive
idea that they were ueedod for do-
fonso of this coaat The fact is that
any man-of-war coaling at Hono
lulu and steaming under forced
draught for this coaBt is out of coal
whon sho gets within strikiug dis
tance and would be about as valua
ble as a fighting maohino as a
floating watermelon Spain has is
lands and coaling stations every
where and what good aro they do
ing her in her omergenoy Every
one is a weakness If sho sat upon
hor poninsula she would bo uncon
querable as she has always been at
home Sho has islands and naval
stations and wo without any are
blowing hor out of water
Instead of this war demonstrating
our need of oxtracontinental pos
sessions it proves that tho nation
which has them is at the mercy of
ono that has thorn not
This is no time to work Bchomos
Tho island politicians will improve
it of oourso but the Amerioan
people aro not under any glamour
that shuts thoir eyes to the olear
facts Tho speculative yellow proas
has tried to use tho war fooling to
validate Cuban bonds which has
been tho price of its abuse of their
own Govornment Thoy failed and
the island schemers will fail also
During the quiet whioh ensued
upon tho defoat of the treaty over
2000 Japaneso oooliea havo beon
introduced into tho islands as con
tract laborers although tho Legis
lature pretendod an intention to
repeal tho contract labor law
It may as well bo understood that
the Amerioan people aro for this war
and will fight it to the bitter end
with Spain and all the allies sho can
get on land and Bta But they dont
intend to pormit speculators to use
thoir patriotic fooling to covor such
deals as tho annexation of Hawaii
Thoro is no more reaion now for such
aotion than there was last December
when tho defeated treaty was intro
Oligaroh Dole professes fear that
Spain will oomo and tako him in
when overybody knows that Spain
couldnt tako in anything and that
ho being a neutral would be safe if
the world wore at war His Legis
lature is inquisitive about tho
sumptuous items in his bill of ex
penses paid during hisrecontjunkot
to Washington and it is convenient
for him to get afraid of Spain to
turn attention away from his cash
accounts Spain cant hold what
she has and Mr Dolo estimates tho
intolligonco of his own people and
ours at a low plane if ho thinks
black mammy nonsense will icaro
anybody S F Call
Wasuinqton May 3 The day
passod without a hIdrIo word from
tho American fleet in tho Philip
pines and in view of tho
interruption in cable com
munication tho officials are begin
ning to resign themselves to the be
lief that they must await further
official news until a boat arrives at
Hongkong This will not noces
arily bo a naval vessel for it is not
bolioved that Commodore Dewey
who will bo admiral as soon as ho
con be reached by cable could havo
spared any of his ships even the
McCulloch to carry dispatches be
fore the bombardment In ordinary
times there is plenty of communica
tion by steamers as well as by na
tive vessels between the Philippines
and the mainland and tho officials
will be rather surprised if somo
news doos not come by this moans
by to morrow
Draperies at coat this weok at
Sachs store
Twilled drapery now designs 11
yardB for 1 this week at N S
SaohsiDry Goods Co
Threat from tho Oznr
London May 1 The Berlin cor
respondent of the Sunday Special
asserts that tho Queen Ksgont of
Spain has appoalod to tho Czar
through Emperor Francis Joseph
of Austria to assist her in hor con
flict with the Unitod Statos
Emperor Nioholas roplied direct
ly to tho Queen Regent assuring hor
of his doopest sympathy with Spain
on whioh country the United States
had forced war stating howevor
that ho does not consider mattori
ripo for Russian diplomatic or mili
tary intervention but that ho will
do whatever is possible at tho pro
por tlmo
Gorman Warships for tho Fhilipinno
London May 3 A Gorman war
Bhip has loft Kiaochau for Manila
This with tho Irone now en routo
from Nagasaki will make threo Ger
man warships in the Philippines
Tho last official statiatics show about
100 Germans in Manila
Siunouai May 3 The Gorman
warship Gefion has gono to Manila
to protect Germans thoro
I sponsible lor any debt contracted in
my namo without my consent or written
order O H FOOK
Lihalna April 12 IbOS 8GMm
Steamship Co
Tuesday May 17th
The undersigned are now prepared to
issuo Through Tickets from thin City to all
points in tho United States
M For further particulars rcgardtip
FreiRUt or Passage apply to
Oonnrnl Agent
Timeiy Tuples
Honolulu April SO 1898
If ho the proper way to
get it is to buy an
the Mill that runs in the light
eat wind that will not rot
that will not blow clown in a
gulo of wind and will regu
late itself in strong or light
breezes Tn addition to the
foregoing advantages it has
another which will recommend
itself to some people and
that is the little fact that it
will pump more water than
any other mill at present
known to the world
Come and see us in regard
to prices
TbB Hawaiian Hardware Co Lh
208 Four Sthkbt
nun iinib
We will begin a New Month with
We have scoured the Earth for
the most
And they are now gathered together
and ready for Inspection at Our Store
on Queen Street
AVhich having been personally selected aud Bought for Spot Cash
Values are such as have never been offered here
Gome Early and have First Choice
B KZS3IELIR Queen Street

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