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d TnLFruoNs H ll J3
Kxoniit Bnnrtayj
At Drito Hall rCoaio Qtroot
Pnynblo Invariably in Advance
f J TESTA Proprietor nnd Pub
UeaMliiKln Honolulu
Wo always predicted that annex
ation would demoralize evon our
best people but wo did not think
that a change for the worse would
Iw noticed within the next few
voars Imagino the shook to the
ebmmuuity when a number of the
most select alighted from their
carriages and in the face of our
goodie goodie Indies waiting for
their letters boldly entered that
dun of inequity knuwu as the Union
Art Gallery
The parly was composed of Presi
dent S B Dole Minister Kinp
Marshal Brown Fired out Minis
ter Thurston and ex Minister
Hatch They mot near the entrance
to Cunhas anloon where Mr Dole
shook hands with Dr S E Bishop
and then whispering Com1 on
boys load the party through the
narrow path which leads to whiskey
and soda What happened in the
saloon will remain a mysten As a
mntier uf fto t e parly Mumum
safely and evuleuily deteriuiueil 01
further shocking the town With
springy steps they proceeded to the
Koyal Annex and after a brief visit
I here waltzed iuto tho Royal which
frowned at the combination of these
good republicans From there Dole
steered carefully towards the emblem
of hope the Anchor Hatch was be
ginning to drop behiud In the An
ohor the annexed leaders bei au e
goodnatured and in slow mirch the
reached the Pacific Thurston wa
dropping to the roar but the Mar
shal still hugged on to the Presi
dent In the Pacific they must have
discussed stocks because suddenly
a rush wa9 made for the Merchants
Exchange In straggling order tho
Cosmopolitan and Empire were
reached where the daring band was
lost sight of but later reported as
travelling to the rest of the refresh
ment saloons in hacks
It is rumored that the President
and I ho distinguished prty went
around to inspect back doors and
blinds painted windows and side
roomp but we can hardly believe
that he would lower tho dignity of
his nondoBoript ollioo in such a man
ner And why was not Damou iu
vitod to come along Ho might
have set em up every time out of
the new bond money That Smith
lefused to join the expedition is
natural He didnt wnut his col
leagues to hoar him being greeted
by the afTable bar tenders with a
hearty tho usual Mr Sinithl
A Cabinet meeting was to be held
this afternoou in regard to saloon
mattors and regulations The mem
bers did not meet but a telephone
message was received in a Bomewhat
indistinct voice saying Evorshing
shatisfaothis allrnundshaloohns
Tho Reverend Sereno E Bishop
considers the performance of biga
mous marriage n very trilling and
frivolous matter Wo have never
eulertnined a high opinion of the
moral character of the reverend doc
tor but wo never expected to find
tho Friend downright immoral
But as tho Friend says tho Bishop
is of uusound miud
President McKinley is reported to
bate raid tbat He dots not wish to
hivo tho United States appear bo
fore the world as the robber of a
proUrato and helpless foo How
like tommy rot this ooundB to
those of us who know how Hawaii
was annexed by McKinley and his
pet Dole The strong suit of both
of those groat and good men ap
pears to bo rank hypocrisy
It if to bb deeply regretted if tho
administration should be unablo to
spare suQlciout funds for tho imme
diate establishment of a sewerage
system in Honolulu The sanitary
onditions are becoming worse every
lay and if something radical is not
lone the rate of sickness and death
will become appalling Tho money
o far secured by tho salo of the
bond issue will not bo sufficient to
carry out the plau for a sowernge
Local capitalists should come to tho
front and buy the bonds if for no
ither reaon iu tho intorot of tho
health of thoniBolves and their
The good sense of tho soldiers
garrisoned here and of tho poliro
officers Bhould toll them that thero
is no possible reason why there
should be any friotion between the
military and tho civil authorities
IoU of the soldi rs have until very
recently bon civilians and never
doubted that they must respect the
authority which is represented by
the Iluh wielding star bearing
pdicemiu Becaine they havK
changed their civilian coat for the
military uniform of Uncle Sam
hero has been no change in their
rotations to the civil authori
ties wherever they go The
difference is simply that besides
minding the police they must
also mind tho military author
t Tn fai fc their chances for
piiuihment are two to one against
thoo of the civilian Tho police are
certainly not hankering for a row
with the soldiers ami it is no pleas
ure to them to run iu the boya in
blue They must do thoir duty as
much ns every soldier must and
when a member of the garrison in
fr nges on tho law it is tho plain
duty of tho police to arrest him arid
of the authorities to punish him
B tween th two brances of the
Government there t eed be no fric
tion and there will be none as long
is the soldiers behave themselves as
orderly citizens nnd the younger
inemliers of the police force drop
ill uecessary ofBciousnesB nnd use a
little discretion
Soldiora in Trouble
Two soldiers of the local garrison
were arrested last night for areating
a disturbance in front of the Post
Offico by assaulting the Japanese
coachman of Dr Day and police offi
cer Espindn
At the request of Capt Killan of
the Nebraska volunteers who hap
pened to be around tho men woro
Mensed and ordered to appear in
tho District Court this morning
Captain Killan who evidoutly is
an aide lawyer appeared for the
two men anil explained their case to
the magistrate in eloquent language
Tho Marshal could not altogether
drop tie charge against tho men
but did not press a sevoro punish
ment Alter considerable speech
making and a lecture from tho judge
tho men were let off with a fiuo of
S20 oach
Tho two soldiers will leave for
Manila bv the Arizona and there re
member tho club of tho Hawaiian
B von Tompaky Dead
By the Lehua a brief note reached
Mr J MDowsett informing him of
the death at Makawao of his brother-in-law
Randolph von Tempsky
Tho sad message was sont by tele
phone to Lahaina to Captain Ahl
born who had just timo to pen a
note announcing the death of
whioh no particulars have yot reach
ed his friends iu Honolulu
Tho docoased who was about 42
years of ago was quite well a week
ago whon ho was visited by Messrs
Edward Dowsott aud Jaraos Wildor
who returned from Maui on last
Sunday Randolph von TempBky
was manager of the Erehwon ranch
at Makawao and was married some
yerB ago to Miss Dora DovvBott of
this city who survives him with
two children
Tho Dorfe Arrivea
Tho S S Dorlo orrivod last oveu
ing with a light mail tho hoavv mail
being on tho transport Indiana
whioh arrived this morning The
Doric como down in GJ days from
San Francisco and brought tho fol
lowing passengers
James Morgan and two children
Col J H Soper wife and two chil
dren N Halstend E M Muroh Miss
March E Lindormanu and wife
Miss Lindermann J K Farloy Geo
F MoLeod Jns Ogilvv Miss Anna
Perry Geo A Paine W W Hyslop J
0 Iseuberg wife and maid Paul
Isonherg Mr NoltonhiB Mr Slrooko
wald E H Anthony O B Stillman
Judge A S Hartwoll Miss Made
laine Hartwell Jas Brewer Miss
Rachel Brewer A D Cristiansou J
A McCandless B F Sandow and
wife W P Do Coligny in cabin and
J E Duff GhBB H Hamburg T L
Holloway CyrtiB Way in the steer
Tho Dorio is booked to sail for
Yokohama at 2 oclock this oftor
Zlocoption Invitation
Mr and Mrs Henry E Cooper
present their compliments to the
ladies and gentlemen of Honolulu
and invito them to attend a recep
tion and danco to be given iu honor
of Miss Anna Rose at their residence
in Manoa Valley on Monday ovon
iug November tho 7th at 8 oclock
0 LID Solicits your patronage and
Giiraneoi the
ReisonalDle Prices
Only White Lab
or ho
M FLANNEL8 and BILKS Wasu d by
Hand Ordinary Mending and Buttons
S wid on
TKLUPHONE No 633 and leave your
or ers 1039 tf
Mro Botkin Indictod for Murder
Mrs Cordelia Botkin has been in
dicted by tho San Francisco Grand
Jury for tho murdor of Mrs John
P Dunning at Dauvor Del on
August 12th Tho indiotmont was
presented to Presiding Judge Bel
cher of the Superior Court who re
marked upon rending tho document
that it appearod to him that the
orimo of murder in tho first degree
had been committed for which
reaBin ho would rofuso bail for the
Opera House
Thursday Evening Noy iOili
McKee Raokins Go
Prices Evonincs 6 00 nnd 150
Prices Mniineos r0 75 and U0
Bole of season tlckes confined to even
ing performances nly coiumccen nt
Wall Nichols Co Tlmr dny 0 n m
Frle for tho nino evening performances
resilience to Thurston Ave I he offices
on Berotanin Htreet are retained
Othoe hours after Oi to or 15th will b
0 to tt a m j 2 to I r mj 770 to as3n a m
S nriays I to 11a m only
Office Tel ph no No flli
Ileatdenco Telephone No 831
1018 lm
Notary Public Typewriter
Conveyancer and Searcher cf
Office fJampbell lock Merohnnt Street
m xt door tn Hnwnllnn Wine Oo
Honolulu Septal 1S9S
Tu nil agricultural couutries it is
on a good plow that tho tiller of
the soil relies for a good crop Wo
carry all kinds of plowa from the
Sulky Plows
to tho smallest
Rice Plows
But it is on our
Plantation Breaking
that we chiefly pride oursolvos
Those are iu use on nearly every
plantation on tho Islands Only
within the last three weeks wo have
sold a number of the large plows to
take the place of plows from other
firms which had been returned as
The great advantage of tho Porfect
plow is that it requires less animals
to draw it aud cuts an excellent fur
row without digging down
Trio HnwiUlsD Hardware Co
2GH Fort Sthket
A X Aoxxo 1
We have received an IMMENSE
lot of goods by Ihe Warrimoo and
will offer them for sale Fresh from the
Factory at price Extraordinary low
Bemember they are not old and shop
worn goods SOLD AWAY BELOW
COST bnt new goods sold at a profit
to ns even at the prices we ask be
cause we buy in LARGE QUANTI
TIES and can afford to sell cheap0
Victoria Lawns Egyptian Mull Madras Indian Silks
Lace Gnriains Valenciennes Fancy Dross Goods
ms Soilings Napkins and Table Damask
K l fl AllfliiYi Ql nH IW
yuuou ui ucai run

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