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American Messenger Service
Masonio Temple Tolophono HL
There ia n still hppoBof a foot ball
garao on Thausgiving Day
Leah tho Jowosa is tho play to
uight at tho Opora Houso
Judgo Maguiro states that ho has
retired from politics for over
Thero will be a public Evangolistia
mooting at tho Y M 0 A at 730
this evening
Waimea rhubarb celery cabbage
nud potatoes Edgar Honriquos
Masonic Templo
All wool oropouB tho moat fashion
able material reduced to 75 cents
per yard at SacliB
GoorgoLnunsJrlia been appoint
ed as clerk in tho Agricultural
Bureau uudor Commissioner Olark
The rainy season is upon us You
will want a dark skirt or two Seo
tho Specials at Sachs
For Limes Lemons and Alligator
Pears etc go to Masonic Temple
Fruit Store Edgar Henriques
The Norwegian bark Garrigal
Peterson arrived yesterday GO days
from Nowcastlo with coal for Castle
For rubber tirod hacks with care
ful drivors ring up tolophono 113
City Carriage Co John S Audrado
Tho Republicans will have a ma
jority of at least 50 on joint ballot
with n majority of 12 in tho Senate
of California
One hundred and thirty six scores
of a century have been rando this
season in the English County Cric
ket Championship
The Rio Janeiro arrived this
morning from San Francisco with
11 cabin passengers for this port
She will leave for the Orient to
morrow morning at 8 oclock
The Aloha branch of tho Theoso
phical Society celebrate their twenty
third anniversary at Foster Hall this
evening A cordial invitation is
given to friends of the Society
Tho San Francisco Democracy
olectod throo out four Superior
Judges Borden Muraskey and Sea
wall Judgo Troutt was tho Re
publican elootod defeating Wallace
The Odd Follows Rabekah Lodgo
of this city have undertaken to fur
nish a ward at tho Military Hospital
in Nuuanu Valloy with the consent
and approval of Surgeon Major
Somobody has started a report
that tho United States will swap tho
PhilippiuoB for Canada There
seems to bo n lack of information as
to what asylum tho report omanates
from S F Call
Ahel the Surrey cricketer has
now made over 2000 runs this sea
son and scored 7 centuries The
diminutive player has been before
tho publio as a first class exponent
or the game or nearly 20 years
J T Waterhouse boliove they
httve tho handsomest lino of holiday
urookory and glassware and for this
reason wish you without fail to see
thoir stock before buying Their
thanksgiving groceries and delica
cies gladden the heart
United States Attorney Footo has
entered a suit in tho United States
District Court ou behalf of the
Government against Captain K Vau
Otereudorp of tho Alameda for
3000 penalty for lauding throo
passengers without the consent of
the customs ollioials
Iu Judgo Perrys Court yesterday
aftornoou n jury found the Hawaii
an Star Newspaper Association Ltd
guilty of having libelled Harry Say
lor of this city and assessed tho da
mages at 500 An appeal was
uoted Oroighton and Honshall for
plaintiff Kinnoy Ballou and Mo
Clauahau for tho defendant oorpor
Jackson Iu this city on tho 17th
of November 1808 tho infant child
of Toyo Jaukson agod nine moutliB
Yacht Itaco for Models
Kalakauas birthday was com
memorated as usual by tho minia
ture yacht raco regatta
Tho Wild Swan owuod by E H
Mahuka finished first Wela Ka
Hao James Mahuka owner soeond
Lady L Prince Cupid owner third
Wild Bird Alex Smith owner
fourth Lady L 2d Kaleikau owuor
fifth Lady L took first prize a
cup and 15 and Wild Swan second
prize ou tho time limit
The Slavo
Tho Galiciau laborers aont to
Oahu Plantation yoatorday by tho
police returned to town this morn
ing Thoy woro 17 in number and
woro locked up together with tho
21 men who wore arroatod tho day
beforo all are charged with refusing
Tho 22 minors whose contracts
woro cancelled and who siguifiod
their willingness to go to work as
free mon notified Manager Aureus
this morning that thoy would not
work except under tho 8 hours prin
ciple adopted by the labor organi
zations of Europe Ahrens imme
diately discharged tho men and it
will bo interesting to watch what
tho authorities and tho Austrian
Consul will do in regard to theBO
youngsters who havo been strandsd
in Hawaii through the blunders ot a
Hawaiian Consul and of tho agents
of tho sugar barons who induced
tho poor Slavs to immigrate to
The Board of Hoalth
Prosidonl W O Smith presided
ovor yesterdays meeting of tho
Board of Health
Dr Monsarrat submitted the fol
lowing report of inspection at the
slaughter house Week ending Nov
lGth total number of bullocks kill
ed 207 fluked livers 30 number of
calves killed 28 fluked livers G
sheep killed IGOj hogs 172
Koliipio roported d-1-187 fish as in
spected during the week
The Hoalth Agent was instructed
to require that all persons applying
for a burial certificate should pre
sent a statement of cause of death
from an attonding physician Dr
Day thought an inquest should bo
held in all cases whero the deceased
was not attended by a physician
and also in occasional cases of ty
phoid fever
w m
Tho Crouch Fleet Beady
Special Dispatch to Tho Call
Paius Nov 9 The Echo de Paris
to day publishes a dispatch from
Toulon whioh says tho entire
French Mediterranean squadron is
ready for sea It adds that Admiral
Fournier its commander received a
cipher dispatch last oveniug where
upon ho signaled to the Forbin third
class cruiser to bank her fires and
her fastest torpedo boat conveyed
orders to tho admiral commanding
tho squadron of French oruisors and
torpedo boats to assemble immedi
ately at Toulon where all tho ves
sels are prepared for action and
whero the arsenals and shipyards
havo been worked all night
Later it developed that Admiral
Fournier had been summoned to
Irish Agricultural Laborers
What would happen I wonder if
a multitude of English labourers
were to cross St Georges Chanuel
every autumn to take part in the
Irish harvest It is a pretty safe
prophecy that ructions of a for
midable character would ensue But
whou Irish labourers iuvado England
for tho same purpose it is quite a
rare thiug for their English class
mates to resent tho intrusion they
may not porhaps heartily welcome
tho Hibernian pilgrims but they
koep their hands off them at all
oveuts I hear that in some parts of
Great Britain those waudorers have
been earning as much as a pound
per wook as harvesters the greater
part of whioh thoy carry baok to
their tattorou homes The People
A Sad Death
William Noriug first mate of tho
American ship O F Sargont which
arrived yostorday with coal from
Taoouia foil ovorboard on tho lfith
iustaut throo miles south of Maka
puu Point Oahu and was lost iu
spito of ovory effort to aavo him
Owing to the largo number of sharks
in the neighborhood it is supposed
that ho was dovourod Tho de
ceased was a nativo of Denmark
Tho Bishop Homo Concert
Mr AVray Taylor has arranged for
a concert in aid of the piano fund
for tho Bishop Home at Knlaupapa
to tako placo in Progress Hall on
Thursday December 1 The pro
gram will bo au unusually fino one
You Will Want a Dark Skirt
All Wool Ckepons
Reduced from 125 to 75c per yard
All Wool Serges
Reduced from 75c to 50c per yard
Jarring Incidents to Mar tho Pleas
ure of His Trip Through tho
Holy land
Beyisout Syria Nov 7 Emperor
William is much displeased ovor
several jarring incidents of his trip
to Jerusalem The reply of the
Vatican to his notification of rights
acquired at Mount Zion is considered
extremely curt while on all import
aut occasions tho French Consul
General attended iu ordor to assert
Francos guardianship of holy places
Moreovor it appears that the Sultan
practically took forceful possession
of tho land he presented to Emperor
William tho qwner objecting to
selling ocolesiastical property The
authorities here tried to dear tho
harbor of all shippiug yesterday in
view of tho arrival of the German
majesties but the steamer of Mossa
geries Maritimestho French Steam
ship Company refused to leave
To tho Soldiors
Tho Boys iu Blue complain that
they havo not boeu served with tho
Eastern beor whioh tickles thoir
palatos and makes them good
Pabst Milwaukee Boer ou draft is
now served at a temporaturo in tho
Royal Pacific and Cosmopolitan
saloons conduotod by the elite of
the employees of tho Peacock Co
Tho Milwaukee Boor on draft has
proven a tonio whioh is daily help
ing tho sensible Boldiors who are
patrouizing tho three great refresh
ment places whore tho beor ia serv
ed that oven prohibitionists from
Milwaukeo recommend
m 9 m
Princo Goorgo Gommandor In Orote
Constantinople Nov 9 Groat
Britain Franco aud Italy havo
adopted Russias proposal to ap
point Priuoe George of Groeoe
High Commander of tho Powers in
Oreto Tho Turkish Government
has appealod to Germany and
Austria against tho proposal but in
See tho throo leaders advertised
by Sachs this week
Wool Plaids
Reduced from 65c to 35c per yard
Upholstering and Mattress Making
Matting Lounges very oheap Box Couches for Ladles
Dresser any size at Reasonable Charges Office Desks
Billlaid and Pool Tables re covered Awnings and Tents
made to order
Telepohno 928 MASONIC TEMPLE Alakoa Streot
Gormana Dying at Kiaochau
Bedlin November 5 The climate
of the German coaling station at
Kiaochau bay China in spite of
official denials appears to be very
bad The deaths of tho German
soldiers and sailors chiefly from
malarial fovor are becoming alarm
ingly frequent
Teddy RooBovelt has been elected
Governor of Now York
w W W W W
T A Failure on Your Part
H to delvo into the
beauties of our
fArt Crockery - f
I -- Art Rlasswara i
I for tho Holidays willjresult I
4 iu disappointment U
Thanksgiving Groceries
nvarvtliinf for tho rnhln In J
make that dinner of din- j
J nors what it should bo L
Wawrley Block Bethel St
I Groiiories Hardware I
Grockery f
Established la 1851 Leaders In 1898 f
5 M M M
Jesse Moore
The soldiers from the South pass
ing through Honolulu on their way
to Manila aro always clamoring for
the famous Jesse Moore whiskey
and heretofore they have been un
able to obtain it The owners of
the Annhor Saloon has filled a long
felt want and Wm Carlisle and
Ohaa Andrews aro biiBy from
morning till night supplying this
health renewing beverage to the
boys in blue All judges of good
whisky admit that the Jesse Moore
brand is the best and it is well to
know that it can now bo had un
adulterated at the Anchor ou tho
corner of King aud Nuuanu streets
m m
Oamarinoa Hofrigorntor
Per AUSTRALIA Frozen Eastern
and California Oyster tin and shollj
Game in Season Fruits and Vege
tables Fino Olive Oil Dry Fruit
Now Crop of Nuts Raisins etc etc
Telephone 378
A MnmifnGturiiiK Jlusinoss iu this City
Necessary Capital 4600
appiy u mo tuis uiucu iuiu u
10ns who have loft their wntchoB with
1110 or repairs to cull mid redeem thum
within thrco weeks from date or thoy will
bo sold to pay lor such repairs
No 8 W KitiR Street Honolulu
10te lw
In rear ot Mrs J Lemon liumlro
1010 tl or L K MoGIlEW

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