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fi Telephone 841 JJ
IKicopt Sunday
AI Brlto Hall Koula Btroet
F J TESTA Proprietor and Pub
KoBldinc in Honolulu
FRIDAY FEB 17 1899
Wo can well understand the sym
pathy of the editor of the P 0 Ad
vertiser with Mr Gorham D Gil
man better known here among the
kamaainas as the Star of Bethle
hem and his endeavor to gain a
pension or some public recognition
of his unbought labor in regard to
the annexation of Hawaii and -his
untiring efforts to write defamatory
articles against Queen Liliuokalani
and everybody connected with the
cause of the Hawaiian people
Mr Armstrong naturally feels
that if a substantial public recogni
tion cash preferred is given to
Gorham D Gilman he may have a
chance to get in for a pile on ao
count of his having shown the same
degree of ingratitude towards Kala
kaua as Mr Gilman has done to
wards Liliuokalani
This fellow Gilman who is now
begging for a pension we presume
that is what public recognition
means wsb a few years ago one of
the most subservient of toadies and
lickspittles as could be found We
beg Mr Armstrong and those of his
readers who may believe in pubic
recognition for patriot Gorham
D Gilman to read the following ex
tracts from letters written by Mr
Gorham D Gilman to a representa
tive of Queen Liliuokalani while she
was on the throne of Hawaii
Bead and think
Extract from letter written May
14 1892
I would like to be remembered
to Her Majesty I almost hesitate
to presume to do so as here national
cares and her bereavements in
which she has my sincere sympathies
may oocupy all her time
Extract from letter written in
September 1892
If it becomes convenient and
agreeable opportunity offer would
like very much if you will present
my request to Her Majesty the
Queen asking her if she will favor
me with one of her photographs
taken Bince she became Queen I
have others which she kindly sent
me years ago with a little Hawaiian
inscription but have no cabinet
since her aecension Please should
you speak to Her Majesty about
this state I send through you my
most respectful aloha
I trust that all affairs of State
and national prosperity may tend to
give to Her Majeity a long and pros
perous reign and we be enabled to
sing for years to come
God bless our Queen
Extract from a letter dated No
vember 18 1892
I would acknowledge the receipt
of the Book of Music so kindly sent
by Her Majesty
May I ask the favor that at some
appropriate opportunity you pre
sent my sincere thanks for her re
membering mo so very pleasantly
I and mine will prize the gift while
I ever remember the giver
I take the liberty to enclose a
published interview Bought fdr by
one of our wirieM nirculnted papers
It ivn in rtianl o a rii Hiiatch Iroiu
San Francisco
Should Htsr Maj -sty have knowl
edge of it I trust I may not have
mistaken the situation I have en
deavored to do what within mo lies
to uphold tho honor and charaotor
of Her Majestys Government and
her interests in this country
1 should prize a sheet of tho
Queens paper with her autograph
to paste in tho front part of the
book I had the honor to receive
from her
Is the Chief Justice aware that
Judge Zane of Utah a strong candi
date for tho position of C J for
the territory of Hawaii is a relation
of Mr W A Kinney tho special
agent to Washington Have we
nursed a nasty serpent in our judi
cial boaom Albert Francis
There are numerous and just de
mands for more lights on the Wai
kiki roads The fashionable suburb
of Honolulu is virtuallly in the dark
and the road every night crowded
with thevehicleB of all description is
not lighted as well as any back alley
is in the city The Government can
certainly afford to place electric
lights in the Waikiki district when
it always has money to burn for
junketing trips and fuss and
feathers Put some lights on the
road gentlemen
It would be interesting to learn
by whose authority Chinese in the
vicinity of Nuuanu and Hotel dis
turbed the quiet of the night about
4 oclock this morning by a long
and tremendously noisy furiliade of
fireworks There is a limit to human
endurance even during national
celebrations and for the workers the
last hour or two of the nights rest
is the most generous and beneficial
If the Government must persecute
the Chinese let them do so legiti
mately for infractions of the nui
sance law and not merely with an
eye to the future
The Independent has received
written and verbal communications
from white compradores complain
ing of the favoritism shown to Chi
nese supply merchants by the per
sons responsible for procuring stores
for the U S transports and war ves
sels The statements although ex
parte have been sent to responsible
persons on the mainland for investi
gation In one instance the captain
of a transport is alleged to have
Baid He would employ the devil if
he pleased and ceitaiuly a China
man in prefereree to a white man
or something of the sort
There is a good deal of sound
common sense in the following ex
cerpt from an editorial in the S F
Call of the 8th inst Many thought
ful people believe that the United
States is now passing through tho
most orucial test of her existence
and it is not necessary to be a pessi
mist to entertain the same feeling
We are refusing to placate the
Filipinos and our own people are
proceeding blindfolded and in the
dark apparently in the direotion of
another trap set and baited with
manifest destiny If we are to
merely assert a Philippine protect
orate a final declaration of inde
pendence and ask only repayment
of our costB there is a better way to
suoh end than the sacrifice of more
American lives in the slaughter of
more thousands of a people who
offer their blood and bodies in the
fear that they have been merely sold
to a new mastsr If we are able to
say in good conscience that we
have not bought them but their in
dependence Irnin Spain not anoth
er shot need be fired not another
tear shed in the home of an Ameri
can volunteer
Why should not this assurance go
forth as well as an order to crush
those people Lot us beware of tho
consequences to ourselves Tf this
means conquest and colonization so
be it but let us not conceal from
ourselves the fact that it will also
mean the abandonment of every dis
tinctive American policy If it be
permanent conquest let the original
copy of the Declaration of
ence which hangs in the State De-
pnrttiipnl at Washington be no
Ion nor protKctnil from decay Lot
tliH parchment rotund the signature
fndt for wo will have destroyed tho
ppirit of tho inntrumont Let thore
bo also immediate acceptance of
Genoral Merritts declaration that
wo have outgrown tho constitution
and it no longer deserves considera
tion or rospoct and let tho Monroo
Doctrine just risen to full glory in
its last interpretation bo put away
as a childish vagary inconsistent
with tho imperial policy and mani
fest destiny of tho nation
Down Wont McQinty
Tho boat landing a Chinese driv
er his vegetable cart his horse
and a plunge into tho son
Such was the program at 7 a m
to day when a Ohinaman backed his
cart loaded with vegetables for the
menof war up to the edge of tho
wharf whore tho boat boys hold the
fort The horBe was full of energy
and kept on backing The driver
jumped in the nick of time and with
a splash the pure water of the Pa
cific received in its bosom the cab
bayos tho cart and the horse
While the haole bystanders on
the wharf advanced all kinds of sug
gestions of what to do and what not
to do a native boat boy jumped
overboard and cut the harness and
saved the poor animal which with
some difficulty was hoisted onto
terra firma The vegetables and tho
cart remained at the residence on
the bottom of the sea for the bene
fit of McGinty
The Merchants Exchange
The latest quotations on the
bulletin board ot the Merchants Ex
change on the corner of King and
Nuuanu streets quotes a big rush
for Enterprise beer on draught the
arrival of a special cargo of Scotch
whisky and a full supply of assorted
liquors of the very best brands The
Merchants Exchange will be kept
open daily from 530 a m to 1130
p m during whinh hours quota
tions will be obtainable upon
Waimea rhubarb celery cabbage
and potatoes Edgar Henriques
Masonic Temple
For That Tlrod Foolinc
That steals over you as tho dajB
work is over theres nothing olso
so good as a refreshing gloss of
RAINIER BEER Itisthotonio you
need heats all tho medicine you can
takobringson a sdund refreshing and
healthy sloop and makes one feol like
a now person On tap or in bottles
at the Criterion Saloon Phone 783
Tho following sign appears in
front of Nick Brohams store on
Konia street Home made German
Irish Sour Krout pressed by tho
400 lbs beefsteak Jack Kelly And
now people want to know tho na
tionality of Hop Nick
As we go to press a foreign steam
er was sighted off Waimanalo
in rear of Mrs J Lemon Inquire
luln tf or I K MrGRRW
It isnt uncommon at all for folks
to say No old KONA coffee comPB
here and when discussing oil those
same doubters say its cotton seed
Theyre right theres nothing
genuine in the world everythings
a sham every person is a hypocrite
some folks think
You have often heard it said The
best fruits of California go east and
the ordinary is consumed at home
Yet when speaking of coffees and
olive oils these same wise anres tell
you the choicest is kept at home
and the ordinary exported
Timely Topics
Honolulu Feb 3 1899
blossomed in felicity before
the discovery of gold in
California Hawaiian saddle
trees and saddles made from
best Mexican models were the
vogue and were exported to
the Coast
We invite your attention
now in return to our imported
built on identically the same
lines but with the improve
ments suggested by experi
ence and modern progressive
neBS They are as comfort
able as a cosy rocking chair
vry handsome very strong
and very reasonable in price
they have been devised For
the cowboy neat and plain
with especially strong pom
mels for the lariat for the
ranch strong and durable
and for the wealthy hand
somely stamped and emboss
ed with woolen protectors
and blanket lined to save the
horses back
The prices range from 25
to 40 and we feel satisfied
that if you will thoroughly
examine them you will be
pleased with them
We keep all kinds and
classes of harness and sad
dlery goods at your choice
The Hawaiian Hardware Co Ln
268 Fobt Stbeet
Bargains Bargains Bargains
Will be commenced To morrow morn
ing Feb 1 and continued for the
Month of February only
That BANKRUPT STOCK must be cleared and to do this the goods will be offered
at ruinous prices even for a Bankrupt Stock
White Sheeting 10 4 20c yard worth 353 Full Sized Bed Spread 75e each worth 150
Brown Mating 10 d 174c yard worth 30c Percales fine qualities 15 yards for a dollar
Towels full siz 75c pcrdoz worth 1 50 worth 15c per yard
White cotton shirting 25 yards for 100 Trimmed Hats large assortment your pick
Biqwn cotton 25 yards for 100 for 100
A Large Assortment of SAILOR HATS Latest Styles at
Bargain Prices
At Special Bargains
A large assortment of Prints new and pretty designs 30 yards for a dollar Now is
your time for Bargains in this Store Come early and have first choice
jLmmJm wJTbWi iCiij jLhijEw y imp or tor - yU66Q bL

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