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y rrrVgFrlxttyWrxtx r
Orphiuim to night
Tlio Board of Health moots this
Minister Damon i expected homo
by tliH Bio de Janeiro
A largo tale of New Goods at L
B Kerrs Queen Street
Old timo f rleuds of Jaok Hays can
moot him at tbo Orphoum
ALL WOOL SERGE 20 pieces
45 inches wide 50a per yard N S
Sachs Dry Goods Co Ltd
American Mosnenger Service
Masonio Temple Telephone 444
All night nervioe
Closing exeroisos and sports at Io
lani School to morrow nftornoon at 2
oclock Everybody cordially invited
Dr Poaey specialist for Eye Ear
Throat and Nobo diseases and
Ostnrrh Masonic Templo 8 to 12
LACE CURTAINS 100 pieces 32
inches wide at 2 75 per piece of 24
yards N S Sachi Dry Goods Co
H Mackfeld Co have received
notice that the City of Peking will
probably be seven days late on this
The Amateur Orchestra is request
ed to meol at Progress Hall nt 7UR
on Kriday evening to take partem
the Odd Fellows tnusioale
Tho band on board the Solace is
quite a treat toh waterfrontors of
an eveniug Jbast evening a pluasaut
reception was held on board
The Orpheum has a new bill to
night Tho curtain raiser is a scream
jug farco by Post and Marion Mur
dr at tho Poll Gate Several new
sketohea will also he given
Mr Xieoti Gislaiu has been nfll
oially recognized as Consul of Bel
gium for the Hawaiian Islands to
which his jurisdiction as Consul nt
San Francisco has been extended-
Tho New York Chamber of Com
rnerco has accepted an invitation to
dine withSjoudous Chamber of
Commerce next year The guests
are to be the President
and committees The actual
date of the banquet is not yet fixed
The transport Pennsylvania eailt d
for Manila nt 13 oclock this after
noon There was the usual bom
bardment of fruit and a largo con
course of Japaueso aud Chinese and
a few soldiers see her 0 but no
band or Goverumeut fuss The City
of Columbia looked disconsolate
alongside her pier
Judge Wilcox disposed of a brief
calendar in his Court this morning
The hammering by meohauius on
the ntw addition to tho Police Sta
tion makes it nearly impossible for
the Judge to hod Court as the
noise smothers the words of wit
nouses the wordpt of counsel the
pleas of aoousod and the lectures of
the Magistrate
Chester Doyle writes from Houo
kaathatheis seriously ill with an
attack Irom the grippe He doubts
that he will ever be able to reach
Honolulu and wo presume he has
given an order to have his colli n
made of Kou wood v He makes no
refureuoe to money ip his letttr aud
has evidently not heard about the
t000 whioh certainrlawyers wish to
get out of him
i i o m
A Knifo Wielder
There was a serious affray at Ko
walo last evening in whioh Antone
Presa was stabhedtwioe It is
alleged that JaoienteMiguel wilded
the knife and bo js held at the
Polico Slation for investigation
while Presa is at tho Queens Hos
pital Tho injured man will recover
Thero was a general row in progress
when the stabbing occurred
David Kui charged with assault
lig Arthur McGolghau with a
weapon was further remandtd in
I ho District Court this morning
Tho injured boy is yet in tho
Queen Hospital but is out of dan
ger Rev Mr Kinoaid takes an in
terest in tho defendant and the
young fellow will be ably defended
by counsel r
Dohorty Brothero Win
London June 27 In the oham
pionship round in the lawn tennis
gamps to day tho Doherty Brotherey
holders of the championship boat
Claronoo Hobart and Nisbet 8 to
love Miss Hillyard beat Miss Coop
er bolder of the ladleb champion
1 jj Wiil iujStuit
Its History nnd Procnt Gondttin
Dy JLucian JTouutr U a N
Lieutenant Youngs bonk Is an
pxpansinti of TIim Butoi nt Ha
waii a book bared upon his ex
porienoes during tho overthrow of
the native mouarrby in Hawaii Tho
author covers tho enrly and later
history of tho islands tho manners
customs resources and cbaraotor of
tho pooplo His account of the
revolution and tho outcome thereof
is strongly biased against tho native
monarchy Wo do not doubt that
Lieutenant Young thought that he
was hoitig entirely fair to L liuoka
lani it is a temperamental question
entirely Why tho nntivo owners of
laud should have no rights if they
do happen to be of dark com-
plexiou is a question that only a
thorough going imperialist can ade
quately explaiu At the hands of
Lieutenaut Young tho queon bo
comes a traitor aud a rebel when she
attempts to hold that which is hers
by consent of her people If she
refuses to sign the constitution dic
tated by herenomief a constitution
that deprives her of all tier ancient
prerogatives that cbauges the mon
archy to a republic that takes tbo
sovereign power from the crown
and limits the franuhiso of the na
tive population alio is reaction
ary and as we have learned in
oeut years a reactionary native ruler
may be trampled upon by any white
man who comes along But there is
nothing here that would mislead
the reader who choose to draw his
own conclusions from- the facts
hinted Thee facts are very fully
and interestingly presonted and
there is n variety of useful data as
to tho resources of the islands its
school trade etc The ajBteui of
government devised by us is spoken
of as though it were iu actual effoot
The chapter upon the strategic
value of the islands shows that
Louleuant Young is uot an elemen
tary si udeut of uaval science The
book is well illustrated Public
Want Damages
MrsJeBpio Kaaehts brought suit
against the Oaliu Radroad Land
Co fordauingex Tbeplaiutiffulsiuis
that through the negligence of the
Company two baud satchels the
property of plniuiiff were lost aud
she places her loss at tho astounding
Ggun of 8000 The contents of tho
satehels are enumerated iu the com
pluiut aud show that the wearing
apparel is valued at 78 Tho large
auiouutchtimud isduuiothe fact that
the satchels coutaiued a royal tieuk
lace a royal bracelet and a royal
Niho Palaoawniuh Mrs Kaso values
at 7001 Humphries aud Hapkey
appear for the plniuiiff
A similar suit has been brought
by Mr Juuiua Kaae who states that
he bad persoual apparel in tho
satchel to tho amount ol -13 and he
claims as moral aud iutelleolual
damages wo presume 500 for his
H J Harrison by bis attorney
Paul Neumann has brought suit
against Marshal Brown for unlawful
detention of certain horses the pro
perty of plaintiff who claims 700
damages This suit nrises from an
execution Several other damage
suits nro in the air It must be tho
m m
IuBtallotiun tf Odd Fellows
Excelsior Lodge No 1 O O F
installed tho following officers last
J H Walker N G
Ed Lofiquist V G
L L LalVrre P G Secretary
W O Park P G Treasurer
Goo Dill P G R S MG
LH Hough P GLS N G
O S Crane P G B S V G
G Boisse L S V G
Geo Johnson I G
P Martin Warden
M Hare Conductor
A M MelUs P G R S S
Rev A Mackintosh P G Chap
INDIA LINoNS 100 pieces 82
iuiheB wide at 2 75 per piece of 24
yards N S Saoon Dy Goods Co
tf r i v f wt
An increase in the purchasing power of your hubnnfTn
dollar iu worthy of eoiibiderution ISWT IT
Its worth while rending what we have to say when by
bo doing you save your husbunde dollar
Earnest Patriots
The bird of freedom must not be
alnived to remain silout and the
Erneft Patriots will show our
Courts and Vr Carl Kommo that
frei dom is only for the liberty loving
American citizens aud not fur othur
nationalities who honor their flags
Hence tho following petition which
is being circulated to day It reads
We the undersigned American
citizens deeply sympathize with Mr
WBt and willingly contribute the
amount not one dollar
each set Opposite to our respective
names to employ able Counsel to
defend him in the coming trial
Dated at Honolulu this 11th day
of July 1899
A tin re is not going to be a com
ing trial Mr Wnot having pleaded
ffuilty in the inferior couft the
subscriptions not exceeding a dol
lar may be wanted But it i bully
for the able counsel every time
Sailors and landlubbers soldiers
and civilians flook to the Anchor
Saloon because they are woll t reated
in tbHonoy room of that eftatliph
ninnt and s rvnd with first clasn beer
high grade liquor aud the favorite
drink Canadian Malt Whiskey
SHIRT W Alt IS 25 dozens at
2Rii eaeh Sanh Dry Goods Co
Valoncionneo Lvsw Now Pattern
iiio a doz n yards at L li Kerrs
Queen otreet
Steamship Co
Friday July 14ih
The nnderBiguud am now jirepared to
Issue Through Tlokets from this Oity to all
points In the United States
tar For furthur nartioalars recardtUK
Freight or Pasnaee apply to
What is the use paying 1 a yard for TAFETTA SILKS
When you can buy them from us for 76c
What is the use paying 125 for BL0K OKEFONfe
When yot cm buy tlu m from us for 75c
What is the use payiny SSffi a piece for IiidiaHnons
When you can buy them from us for 225
What is the use paying 150 each for lieilspreads
When ou c in buy them fiom us for 100
What is the use paying 2 2b u pair for I a o Curtains
When you can buy them irom us for 125
What is fhe use paying 100 a yard for all wool serges
When you can buy them Jrom us for 50c
What is the use paying 15c a yard for pinted lawns
Wlien you can biy them from us for 10c
Buy only at the Peoples Provider
Pacific Heights
Applications will bo received at the otlke of BRUCE WARING CO
for the purchase of lots on
situated on the magnificent bilside between Nuuauu and Fauna Valleys
and commanding a super marine and sceuiu view stretching from Dia
mond Bead over Punchbowl to the Waianae range of Mountains
A broad winding boulevard giving acceoa tn tbo property is now in
course of construction aud choice lots of sutlicieut area for tnagnifieont
homesteads will kooii be available
On the Nuuauu side of the bill is a Pali protecting it from the high
winds and heavy showers of Nuuauu Vallev em uriuv a salubrious olimato
The Elevation of the Property is from 150 to 750 feet above sea level
Applications will be numbered nnd filed aud ohoico will bo allotted
according to the number of applications
0T Only 1000 for a lot 100x200 feet
fT Tnrms Easy
We havo been authorized
to sell
Harzer Saneikmnen
500 per Case of 60 Bottles-
Owing to spurious imitations hav
ing beeu brought to thin market the
Public is hereby notified that the
oenuine Saueibnumen
Barz5r KoeDigs Bran neaQ aelle
And every bottle beata their trado
mark aud stamp
Solo A4JOUU Hawaiian Ielanda
wStjJfca i j iw ihAi jt 1 vu jf tuiui a i w aiAW 4jii ivwftov utA
Provonts Baldnpfs
atos v cak Hair
Ih un Uceorn tllr Dressing
Cur s iriiitly lloit at Unco
thetjea ptilnnn
UtxvrM ti Head Cool
Yoiiiiu an I Uld ood It
Hnls ail Bpnlp Dmnriers
i ir ituallv K mlloatfaDiuilrnfl
Aiilmius tlin Uro vih f the tialr
lUvt h bo Mm Like It
For sale by all druggists and at the
Union Barber Shop
Sola Proprietor
Tlphon No- tnfil tf
A Vaxxiily Hotsl
w Day 2UU
Hp o AHuprtnnr h B RUllHtloU
mid tlis flnt Mal In tUIi Oity

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