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iMMm iIWim mi u wmif iicuwviiwartw
ICxCont Uundny
P O BOX 81
aicr Month nuywhero In tlio
wiiinn Iulunila CO
JVr Yenr 0 00
Ter Yrcir postpaid to ForoiRti Goun
trios 8 00
Euyaulo Invariably in Advanco
W J TESTA Proprietor and Pub
llesldlnc in Honolulu
tteforo tho Republican Delegates
from Hawaii open thoir months this
ovoniug thoy should carefully rood
tho editorial comments by the New
York Times which wo print below
Tho roasting of Colonel Samuel
Parker is perhaps not quite fair be
cause Mr Parker wont to Philadel
phia and Cauton without being ver
sed in American politics or properly
Tho Now York Timoa is one of
the loading Republican papers in
the United Stalo3 and it is ovidont
ly hostile- to aoy attempt of making
tho territory of Hawaii a Slato Tin
Independent can not Lolp feeling
pleased in being supported by the
most influential Republican paper
in ilB doctrine that wo nm dealing
with territorial issues only and have
no right to interfere in national po
litics Lot Colonel Parker explain
to night liia address at Canton to
President McKinley Let him ro
dioule the Democrats and the 36 to
1 plank but by all menus lot him
road tho complimentary romarks of
fered to him in tho organ of tho
Republicans of Now York Tho
political managers of the Republic
an delegates should havo muzzled
tho outfit rather than allowiug them
to making a total failuro of them-
solves and their mission
Jloro is tho N Y Times article
One inoidont of tho ceremony of
notification at Canton on Thursday
should not pass unnoticed becausoit
was unofficial That was tho intru
sion of an appoal on a political
question on which the Republican
party is not agreed and the attempt
to obtain countenance for a policy
to which a large majority of tho
partys best olements aro unaltera
bly opposed In view of tho acta
and disposition of Republicans and
tho failure of tho National Conven
tion to givo any countenanco to the
idea the declaration of Colonel Par
Iter of tho Hawaiian Islands that the
Republican party was in favor of
admittiug those islands as a State
mado on an occasion of high oflioial
imporlnuauca and dignity in tho
very presence of tho Prosideut
was an unauthorized assumption
and a pioco of unwarrantable as
surance which ought not to have
boen allowod to pass without
prompt repudiation by some of tho
authorized and responsible londors
Golonol Parker and his follow
HawaiiauB have a right to cherish
ambitious for Statohood if they
wish But no man has a right to
promulgato his desire on such an
occasion as a settled Republican
dootriuo No man undor cover of a
epeooh of compliment has a right
to intrude upon the Prosideut a
question ou which tho party has
not committed itself thus otriviug
to placo tho Presidont in tho posi
tion of seeming acquiescenco in tho
declaration unless ha realizcc an
men soldom do on Buuh occasions
tho full slgniflcnnco of tho words
utlorod in his hoaring and responds
to tho ungrateful necessity of
disavowing ogrcoment with his
own gilest Colonol Parkers at
tempt thus to force support of his
policy wts an iuoxcusablo abuso of
It is not truo that the Ropubli
can party favors tho admission of
tho Hawaiian Island Many Re
publicans consider it sd vitally
dangerous that if ever the Repub
lican party should be found f voriug
it thoy would ceaso to be Repub
licans Thoy aro thoroughly con
vinced that tho salvation of tho
Republic requires tho limitation
of Statehood strictly to this conti
nent If tho procedont is made
of going further thoro may bo no
end and tho Unitod States of
America may ceaso to bo the
Unitod Sta tes of America by tho
dilution of its citizenship with
peoples of other races Kanakas
Tagale Sulus Samoans wherever
ciroumstancos may forco us to exer
cise sovereignly or demagogues
may seo n chanco to uiako votos
Even tho Domocrats in spito of
thoir dootriuo that tho Constitution
covors all acquisitions repudiate
any such notion and declare that
tho pooples of our Eastern posses
sions must not bo admitted to citi
zenship No party hero has de
clared in favor of making Hawaii a
State That is not a question at
ipsuo in this campaign and ho
Republicans dwelling in our Ha
waiian dependency should not
attompt to moddlo with our politics
Thero has been every disposition to
treat them with fraternal kindnosB
and consider thoir wishes in shaping
American policios which concern
them If thoy abuso in this way
thoir opportunities a change will
be uoco3sary
Treasury Rulings On Customs
Tho Treasury Department has re
nounced rulings on several points
that will be of interest to all Hono
lulu importers and all persons who
have business with tho local Custom
On tho mattor of returning cigars
received in parcels post the depart
ment rules that thero is no objso
tion to returning to tho country of
origin as undoliverable cigars im
ported by parcels post whan the
addresoe refuses to receive them
a3 such articles are sometimes al
lowed to bo exported when reg
ularly imported and tho importation
does not involve fraud
On tho matter of storage charges
whero tho goodB importfid have been
entered tho department ruler
Whero imported merchandise is
rogularly invoiced and of which
comploto ontry has been made
carriage and storago ohargos are
not roQuirod to be paid by tho
importer for convoying tho goods
and retaining tho same in tho
appraisers store or tho place
utilized as such for tho purposes of
examination and appraisement but
on failuro to remove tho goods
within tho expiration of two days
excluding legals holidays after
notice to remove thosamo given on
completion of appraisement of tho
merchandiso tho importer will
bo hold liable for tho payment of
such storago and labor charges as
may accrue After tho expiration of
said period at tho customary rates
prevailing at tho port in accordanco
with tho prinoiplo enunciated in tho
decision of tho Board of Geuoral
Appraisora T D 15176 G A
The imporlor is required to pay
uartago and storage charges in all
cases whore merchandise is ontorod
on appraisement orders or on do
foctivo invoices or of which incom
plete ontry has boon made or an
ontry without specification of parti
culars either for want of tho origi
nal invoiae or for any other oauso
under 292G Revised Statutes and
the decisions of tho department
datod January 25 and May 27 1808
T D 18760 and 10330
he Girl I T
will be the woman of to morrow
She docs not Know it perhaps
- i r
ner motner aoes not runy
understand it but between
the to day when she is
a dirl and the to morrow
when she will be a woman
her lifes happiness and
health are in the balance
If she is to be a full breasted
trnnri healthy woman she
must develop rightly now 5h
is at a crisis one necus mu
strerVdth more blood to tid
it oveV Or Williams Pink Pills
for Pale People arc the one
medicine that will dive her
the strength and make the
new blood
Our new book PLAIN
Per AUSTRALIA Tor Camarino
Refrigerator An oitra freah supply
of Grapes Apples LemonB Oranges
Limes Nuts Raisins Celery Fresh
Salmon Cauliflower Rhubarb As
paraguH Cabbage Eastern and Cali
fornia Oysters in tin and sholl
Crabs Turkeys Flounders etc All
game in season Also freah Rook
fort Swiss and California Croam
Cheese Placo your orders oarly
prompt delivery
Insure Tour House and Furniture
For Insurance Company of North
America and
New Zealand Insurance Company
1311 y
JEiuiimIbb iJUiwI
day IS
muaatl Sir
flmm PI
MNm l I
v w1 l
why these pills arc of special benefit to grow
ind dirls A copy will be sent to any address
FaE on request
Miss Frnnklo Htithnwny of Sixteenth Street Holland Mich en J
I nm 21 years old nt IS I was pnlo nni won Ic and did not gnlu under tlio
dootors care Other trentmont brought no better rotult and by tha
tlmo 1 wns nineteen years old t was so weak I could not walk across
tho floor I wns terribly omnclated and my sliln had lost all color
Tho doctor pronounced tlio disease anrcmla Ono of my frlonds ad
vised me to try Dr William Ilult rills for Pale People I bout lit a
box and be for o 1 hud taken all of tho pills I found that were dolni
me good Appetlto Increased and the healthy color began to show In
my cheolts ana lips I conllnuod to use tho pills until 1 had taken fif
teen boxen and found myself permanently cured Slnco then I have
had no return of my old troublo and cannot remember when I was so
strong and healthy as now 1 know that Dr Williams Ilnk Pills for
1alo Pcopto Bftved my life and I believe that no other modlclno could
have Uonelt Fbankie IIatuaWay Oltawa Timet Uollana Ulch
Look for the full name on the package At drugglib or direct from the Dr
Williams Medicine Co Schenectady N Y 50c per box 6 boxes 250
When you want a haok ring up
191 On that stand you will got a
roliable and good driver a fine haok
and no overchargim
Kentuckys famous Jpseso Moore
Whiskey unequalled for its purity
and excellence On salo at any of
tho saloons and at Lovejoy Co
distributing agonts for the Hawaiian
M R Ciuulor practical watch
maker jeweler and optician person
al Attention given to repairingwatch
clock and jimolery ovor 30 years ex
perience Gold and silver jnwelery
manufactured by experienced work
man on short notlcoquality of good
and work guarenlecd as repre
sented M R Counter
73 tf
From 25 conls up Wo nro now hay
ing a special salo of theso goods
Seo what n beauty you cau purchase
for 50 cents
Prize Window
Divided off into departments
Alluminum Ware
Tin Ware
Wire Goods
Wooden Ware
And uumorous othor useful house
hold articles Everything is in sight
Any perEon giving the correct num
bor of articles displayed in thin win
dow will receive one of our hand
some dollar Jatdiniores
THIS WINDOW will remain in
tact or one week ondiug August 7th
Tho correct number will Co an
nounced Wodnesday morning Aug
8th at 0 a m when the goodB will
bo takon out and counted
Persons can register thoir count
at our offico or send tho same up to
5 p August 7th nud can have
the privilege of wituessinu tho count
commencing at 8 a m Wednesday
August 8th
i tn
tnHsssBMsfl bBusi
Have gone in the Shoe Business
First Glass Goods at
Reasonable- Prices
They offer Shoes at Price at the old Shoe Store of Fnirchilds comer of Fort and
Hotel Streets We purchased the combined stocks of the A B Murphy Co and Fair
child at Price and now propose giving them to the Public at A price this is the fhvst time
it has oyer been known for shoes to be offorcdat retail at less than Auction Prices yet such
s the case
This phenomenal sale will begin
At the Shoe Store of
Corner of Fort and Hotel Streets

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