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- 2- -
wnMte V - - Wkiw Mt -
ri r a ii4i
I1 HUll B
USxccpt Unntloy
P O BOX 81
iSntsrcu sit tho Yost Offloo at Honolulu
H T ns Sccoml clasa mail
Far Month pnyrlioro In tho Ha-
vnfinu lolamla BO
1cr Year C CO
Per Year poctputtl to foreign
trios 8 00
Puyttblo Tiivn inbly In Advance
J TSiSM Trcvriotor and
EDiZimi KOKICIK Editor
Kesidiuj u Honolulu
Accidents from hoadless driving
aro repotted ovory day Wo have
vury narrow streets very many car
riages nud tho tuot imbecile drivers
ever known in tho civilized world
Lit us havo a municipal goveru
moat which will make a few cast iron
rules prohibiting drays from smash
ing buggies buggies from smashing
cyclers and tho wheelers from
knocking dowu pedoatriana who are
hardly Bafo on a sidewalk By the
way tho Suporinteudeut of Public
Works or whoever is in charge of
our streets must have some vrkoelB
in his hnad What is the idea of
allowing tho building of Bidewalks
at the satno time on both sides of a
narrow but important thoroughfare
like King Street And yet every
thing is blocked outside Kawaiahao
Church as far as pedestrians are
concerned for the present but then
of course the taspayeisi prcvido bug
gies for the officials and laspayors
have no busiue3 uot to own a car
We hope that Mr Dolaa organ
will continue publishing cartoons of
Robart Wilcox They elected him
before and thfoy will corve to
strengthen his influence in Wash
ington Why not make fun of some
of the good while Americans whose
sympathies go out to tho Filipinos
vho fight for their rights to tho
Boers who fight for their country
and to the Ilawaiiaus who weak as
they were trivd to preservo tho in
dependence of their country Mr
Wilcox has been patted on tho back
recently byMrDoles organ and told
he was really a good fellow Now he
is again made tho objoct of ridiculn
by Mr Doles organ and Billy Hay
wood is annouucod aa the savior of
Hawaii in Washington Wilcox
stated that Kalakam dollars wero
nofat par with gold in Hawaii atid
ho certainly told the truth as every
merchant can testify to Mr Hoy
wood might havo had a different ex
perience but than his wad is always
paid in gold Givo Mr Wilcox a
chance to show what ho can do in
the face of the low opposition from
tho Sawail clique and the cartoons
and slurs from tho whining dying
family compact If he turns out O K
as representing Hawaii lot us take
our hats off to him if ha does not
The Independent who did not back
him in his election will be tho first
to howl But we at least never
judge a man until we have heard or
bcou truo evidence
A few days ago wo received a com
munication iu which wo wero told
that at tho Mardi Gran ball the
othor night an ernployeo of the
Bishop Museum appeared in tho
role of -an old chief and robad in
ono of tho historical feather cloaks
which aro deposited in the Museum
and which was readily recognized as
ll 1 U IW I il -
inuv uotu uy wu uuuUtutuur CI
Katnohnuioha I Tho man was Cif
lri lVTfc rl
counsq entitled to appear iu any rolo
ho wished to within tho rules of tho
management of tho ball but we
cauuot understand how the directors
or thp managers of tho Museum
could permit tbo uso of tho histori
cal cloak for arrh an occasion The
Hawaiian justly couBidor it au in
sult especially ns the ubo of a
feather cloak was refused by tho
Trustee at tho funoral of the late
lamented Princess Kaiulani Wo
have investigated tho matter and
people who know all about the
trasurds of tho late Aliis of Hawaii
assert possilively that tho cloak
mentioned wa3 used at tho ball and
they aro ready to personally say so
to tho directors of tho Museum if
thopo gontioman cau risk au investi
gation We understand that there
are a few cloaks of the kind in ex
istence but the ono uned wai inimi
dialely roeoguicad by the Hawaiian
ladies familiar with these relicts of
Hawaiian savagery au expression
we balieve the custodian of the
Museum used when ho Gred out
some highly respected Hawaiian
ladies fiom the grounds of Pauabis
granc fli stitutii n If that cloak
was used ai our correspondent say
tho man who did it committed an
offence which in the eyes of
the law might bo trifling be
cause the cloak is of course re
turned but which in the eyo3 of the
Museum should moan the dismissal
of tiieir employees and iu the eyes
of Hawaiians tho osptilsiou from
their homos of men who in such a
manner would commit an act which
to all patriotic Hawaiians must
stand noar to sacrilege We are
ready to assist tho trustees iu the
investigation which undoubtedly
should be made and we trust that
it can bo proven that our inform
ant is in the wrong1 and that at all
events the outrage was not com
mitted with tho sanction of the
At the lmt
W M Cunningham tho well
known sportsman and financier has
opened a Mint today which will
undoubtedly be will patroniznd by
all who like the golden liquids of
the fineBt grade and tho silvery
voices of tho mintors
J H MoDonougb who has a host
of friends here has been appointed
director of the Mint and the pubru
unanimously endorsed his appoint
ment and that of his assistants this
The Mint ia located on Nuuanu
stroit opposite Ghaplaiu Lane and
ia up to dato in ovary respect
Bonuy Lemon Ah Hillary and
Wally Davis have boon seleoted as
chief raisers of the precious stuff
which the Mint will turn out with
out using machinery or water tanks
Reading rooms have besm arranged
for those who wish to wait for ser
vice but thoy needui wait too long
botwoen drinks It b a fine place
and that tho attendance and stuff
dispensed uxuuse tho word will be
firat flaes goes without paying A
Mint it not a bnnkhoweveraccording
to the Dictionary
Tbo Last Parade
What wo prosumo will bo the
last parado of tho National Guard
of Hawaii took place yesterday
afternoon before Dr Russell Gov
amor Dole and members of tho
Legislature Hon A G M Robert
son was proEont in search of
bayonets with which to uphold
Honnery Coopertho intruder in
tho Legislaturo
Tho soldier wero undor oommand
of Colonol Joue9 and tho company
undor tho command of Captain Na
bora Hipa made a very good show
MedalB for those whq had won in
competitive target practice wore
presented by the Governor to Cap
tniii Wilooi Liout Short Lieut
Wirud Lieut Nakuina Sergeant
Kokaulike J Kuliko J Colo C
Kanoe J L Kukahi Jos Morse
D Nahoolowa IH Sherwood John
Wallace fc T Wiuant J03 Per
reira W DSpeckmau Paul Coala
E E Miller Jas Mahonoy
The Governor mado a few remarks
without a prompter or hits cabinet
being present and tho show was
pan t
A Moth
or direct by mall fiom Di
i i i i
V5l4CTTMirJpv aA fffffwi nl
ti n w i hwitp TriFwMWKriHiKMrri ni
mav bo bulafulldriiLrflstp
Williams Mediclna Co Schenectady N Y
Wlxen 3Tocl Want
Do not accept goods bearing a similar name
RH rro QEawaBpsjn rawrw
V V lacomMiKiKseaK aa b
It io distilled by J W McCullocb Owonsboro Ky
GREEN BIVEPi is the official whiskey of the TJ S
Navy Department
G8EEH RIVSR whiskey was awarded the Gbld Medal at
the Paris Exposition 1900
For Salo in All Saloons and by
P T3aai 0 f
Lj rnn k s f 1
u i n w
d ypo
aa vtvvvv VdiMWMfA v
SOLE AEMTS Hawaii Territory
Cofliienciiig To day Fokuarj 11th
W S3aall OfTer
Ladies Black Hose
Prico SS00 a dozen now 000
Ladies Black Hoio
HEMSDORP DYE Plain forruer
Prico 23o a pair nowC pairs for 1
i rt
i T J
Ladies Black Hose
HEMSDORP DYE Drop stitch
Price 25e a pair now 0 pairs for 1
Ladies Black QOsiy
HEMSDORP DYE Plain former
Price S750 a dozen uow 400
Mens Sail Hqsq in Black and Cote
jttjt Proportionately Low Pries
0 j
ft 10 Foal Street
- uv i
1200 LOTS
ers ri
sibility ij fidIATIUTT
A great responsibility rests upon mothers at the time their daugh
ters are budding Into womanhood If your daughter is pale complains
of weakness is tired out upon slight exertion if she is troubled with
headache or backache pain in the side if her temper is fitful and her
appetite poor she is in a condition of extreme peril a fit subject for that
most dreaded of all diseases consumption II you nctice any of lues
symptoms lose no time in procuring
ii V -
Pink Pills for Pale People jiqt SJIj
Thev will assist vour dauohtcr to devcloo croocrlv and reeularlyj
they will enrich the blood strengthen the nerves and all danger of
consumption and premature death will be averted
Mi s Tolin Tnnsey of ISO Unltor Street JJetrolt Mlcli ny
Woliiutn ecrjoua tlmo with my duugliter Blie did not lmT9 1
nny serious Iltivt but seemed to griidimlly unito nuny Our
doctor called tliodlsopo by nn odd nnmo which ns I nflcnuird
learned meant luclc of blood
Wo finally found a medicine- that lielpodher After thren
months treatment licr health us so greatly iiuproN Pd j on would
not liavo recounted her Slio pained In llcsh ronldly and soon
was in porfect lieidtli Tho mcdlclno ued was Dr Williams Ifnle
rillB for Palo Ieople 1 liavo ulways lcpt theo pills lu tho honso
Blnco and liao told many mothers about them Thoy havo
eaectcd fioina wondciful cuioh
rom the Vicnlng OCcus Detroit JficA
All the elements necessary to give new life and richness to the blood
and Vestore shattered nctves are contained in a condensed form in Dr
Williams Pink Pills for Pale People They arc a specific for troubles
peculiar to females such as suppressions iiregularitiea and all forms of
weakness They build up the blood and restore the glow of health to
pale and sallow cheeks In men they effect a radical cure in all cases
arising from mental worry overwork or csecsses of whatever nature
Dr Williams PJnlc Pills for Pale People nro sold In boxes fnecr In looss
cunt atuurentsaiiovorRitnoxosrorsjwaiiu
The Kapiolani Tract ex
tends from King street to the
Beach A road GO feet wido
will be opened on the east
side of the property adjoin
ing the Kamehameha Girls
School said road will extend
to the sea
Cross roads will be opened
between blocks EVory lot
will havo a frontage on a
road The elevation vaVics
from forty feet high to ten
feet high above sea level
No swamps around the
premises No freshet will
enter the property
There istan offer to buy a
part of tho property by a
great manufacturing com
pany The chances are the
offer may be accepted There
is every reason to believe that
the prices of lots will increase
in a short time The owner
of the property will give all
chances to purchasers to
make money on tlieir invest-
The ground is superior- to
any tract in the market
The premises are situated
within one mile and a hilf of
the Post Office
The Government water
pipes are laid along the upper
portion of the property
Tho prices arc the cheapest
of any tract within two miles
from the center of the city
The terms which will be
given to purchasers will be
the best ever given by any
real estate dealer or broker
during the last twenty years
in Honolulu
For terms or more particu
lars apply to
S M Kanakanni
Or to
Surveyor nnd Malinger
of Kapiolani Tract Co
W C Achi CO
ileal Estate Dealora and

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