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Oahu Collogo will open on
Honolulu ia again threatened with
a water famine
JudifB Estoo ia hearing habeas
corpus caei tolav
There will Lib no meeting of the
Etglos tins evening
Maofarlane Co bav been
granted a wholesale liquor lioouso at
Tho Kahlii District will havp n
Irouipleto nervine of water within
three month
The Commission nn Fire Olaimi
have ao far hard G151 unimn
amounting to n total a 2 50022321
Tb sparring match between Jim
my Fox and Lon Aguow will not
prune of owing to nn injury to Foxs
A rouoprt aud ball will be given
on Monday evening th Otb itit at
Progress Hall by the Native Sons of
Ca ifornia
Tho police is endeavoring lo looato
tho whereabout of L W Morrill
tho nbscounding collector who io
BUppoBod to have returned to the
city by the Olympio
Backy Panee haa brought Buit
against J A Migoon for the termi
nation of a spendthrift trust which
made Magoon her guardian i
Judge Gear and Judge Little are
both holding oourt Judge Little
evidently intends to expedite mat
tern by sitting from 9 a m to mid
night with intermissions for mealB
There were one hundred deatha re
ported during the month of August
During the name period tbre were
thirty seven marriage eertiGoates is
sued and thirty six birth reported
The Gaelic arrived ibis morning
from Sin Francisco Owing to the
Strike it wan difficult lo load the
steamer Tho oeoond mat was
badly injured by the strikers and
was aent to a hospital
Joaquin Bsptiste no aged Portu
guese died Monday at his home on
Punchbowl street opposite the Ha
waiian Nursery He wa eighty five
years of age and was born in San
Miguel Azores Death was due to
cancer of the stomach
Wade Thayer the attorney left
on the Kinau yoaterday for Hilo and
Paauilo Hawaii for the purpoB of
arranging for the sale of the stock
of C T Amana who has been
adjudged a bankrupt by the United
StatesiDistriot Court
The monthly meeting of the Board
of Health will be held this afloruoon
Applications for permits to accom
pany the board to Molokai have ao
far not been very numerous All
those desiring to go must have filed
their applications before the board
meets this afternoon
The bark Olympio Captain Gibba
arrived yesterday morning 1G days
out from San Franniaco with a full
cargo of merchandise and a deck
load of 107 horses and mules and
1G9 hogs Among tho horses ia a
oute little Shetland popy which J
F Oolburn bought in San Francisco
for hii little son The Olympic bad
considerable trouble in getting
loaded in San Francisco owing to
tho strike
mm m m
Another Title Bought
Pnis August 28 The betrothal
ia announced of Prince John Ghika
Lieutenant in the Fourth Regiment
tbe Red JHuaaata at Bucharest to
Mies Hazel Singer daughter of Mr
and Mrs Obarlea E Singer Prince
John is the son of Prince Alexander
Ghika Roumanian Minister at Con
Tho Singer family bos lived in
Europe principally in Frnure for
more than thirty yoarB The daugh
ters of Ioaao M Singor all married
gPrincea while bis widow became the
DuubesB Oaraposelioa and on again
becoming o widow married M Paul
Sohege Another member of the
t Singer family is Priuoass Edmoud
de Polignnc while tbe late Duchess
de Oezes was o Mies Isabollo Singer
Tho Haptd Xrunslt
A largo number of invited guests
attended tbe formal orob ug of tlo
Rnpd Transit service on Saturday
afternoon at the power houBe en
Alapai street Tbe bind waa in
attendance Governor Dole set the
big drive whol in motion and
thereafter Mr Ballentyne tho su
perntnndent of the Company made
an opptopriate address to which
Governor Dole leaponded as fol
Mr Ballentyne Manager of the
Rapid Transit Company I wish to
nay before this gathering that I be
lieve very few nf ua realize what an
important event this opening of
thia line ia to Honolulu Iain euro
in my own mind that it will maku
Honolulu a different placo to live in
from what it haa btou heretofore
and I earnestly hope that tho Hue
will be extended according to the
plan of tho company without delay
I congratulate you Mr Manager
for the success withwhioh you have
pushed your operations and I
kuow tho difficulties have been
groat I have been cogaizint of
many of them and I feel that it ia
my place to congratulate the public
more heartily even than t congratu
late tho company
I thank you fur the honor which
you have extended to me Mr
Manager and will be very glad to
assist the company in my small
Nine cara all filled with passen
gers and the first occupied by the
band then took a spin over the line
aud all admired the smooth running
of the cars their fine appointment
and tbe courteous attendance of the
Upon the return of the excursion
party the regular was inau
gurated at once aud Saturday Sun
day and Monday tun ears were
crowded from morning to evening
The figures of the traffic carried
by the Rppid Tritnit company show
that the number of uoagerstraus
ported Sunday wSajibova 10000
while on Monday lh pissengera
exceeded 12C0O The record for
Saturdays traffic waa not oompoe
but was close to 4 03 J passengers
Another War Cloud
London August 28 The Frnnco
Turkiah situation etusea a reat
deal of apprehenaiou in nluYiil cir
cles It ia felt that I ho concert of
Europe relating to the preservation
of the Ottoman Empire ia seriously
threatened It ia believed that the
action of France iu don andniK an
immediate settlement of all claims
by Turkey ia but the firat step in a
Franco Russian programme to de
stroy the concert of the power and
that it will be followed by Russias
withdrawal from the old treaty re
lationa with Turkey the presenta
tion of similar demands against tho
Porte and the enforcement under
pressure of such term as will open
tho Mediterranean lo the Ktistian
If thia programme is carried it ia
England not Turkey who is threat
ened The Fraueo Ruasian alliance
could at any time be made the most
powerful naval factorin the Mediterranean-
praotioally destroying
the proatige of Great Britain for tho
preservatiou of Ejypt against
France and even threaten the con
trol of the Suez Canal With Run
sia preeciug on tho border of
Afghanistan and with France
dominating tbe Mediterranean and
blocking Englands passage to the
East her colouits would be in ab
solute peril
Outness Complications
Beuun Augunt 27 In view of
tbe faot that the expiatory mission
of Prince Chun brother of tbe Em
peror of China waa one of tbe con
ditions of peace embodied in the
demands of tho powers the inter
ruption of the journey of Prime
Chun vho was in BaBle Switzer
land baa created considerable com
ment The excuse of uiekuerfl ia
nowhere entertained seriously Tak
en in conj juction with the sudden
detention in Shanghai of the ex
piatory miesion to Jpau it U be
lieved to indioato fresh complica
tions in reference to the signing of
the protocol iu Pekiu
The German papers BUgeest that
the delay of Prince Chun is due to
au intimation from Emperor Wil
liam ns to certain matters of cere
mony aud etiquotto with whioh
Prince Chun is unable or unwilling
to oomply without p rrnlasion from
the Chinese ooiirt
Mnrquls Ito Going East
Victoria IB C August 27 The
Japan Herald nnnouticts that Mar
quis Ito intends lo make a trp to
America fur tho benefit of hia health
Itia announced tliat he was recent
ly in indifferent health and in ac
cordance with the advice of hia
phyaioians decided to reouierflte by
undertaking a sea voyage but he
waa prevented from carrying out hia
idea owing to the pressure of busi
ness but as hoifi now at liberty he
has determined to start early and
will leave Japan for Ametica very
As the object of bis trip ia the re
cuperation of hia health by sea
traveling the Marquif on his ar
rival at thn sjde of the Pacific will
not spend more than a wepk on
shore and will then return to Japan
Czar May Intervene
London August 27 The Daily
Mail haa dispatch from St Peters
burg which says the Czar haa chang
ed hia attitude regarding the Boers
and Great Britain and now seems
disposed to interfere The TranB
vaal question it anys will form tbe
suvpct of political disousaiou when
the Czar goes to France The Czar
aud Czarina leave St Petersburg on
August 29th on the yacht Standard
to visit Denmark There they will
meet King Edward at Caatle Fred
enaborg where they will talk of tho
Boer war Then they will proceed
to Dijntzig where they will talk
with the Kaiser before going to
France to raset President Loubet
Qnow Falls in England
London Auguat 27 Bitterly cold
weather prevaila throughout Eng
land Snow fell today at Birming
ham and violent storms of wind and
rain are reported from all quarters
Herein London where a few days
ago we were sweltering overcoats
are the rulaand people are wishing
they were in New York or Egypt
or some place where they could get
warm This bitter cold coming as
it does direotly upon a season of
almost unprecedented drought and
tropioil Ueat is having a seriouB
effect upon those crop3 that are not
A Big Seal
Philadelphia Auguat 27 The
Bethlehem Steel Company which
also includes the Bethlehem Iron
Company today paBsed into the
hands of Charles M Schwab A
obeok for 1032 000 waa deposited
with tho Girard Truat Company by
Drexel Co in payment for 168000
shares of Bethlehem Steill stock
Tbe total number of Bharea iu the
oompany is 800030 Immediately
after the receipt of the cheok a new
board of directors and officers was
- Stores
On the promises of tho Sauitar
Steam Laundry Co Ltd between
dnuth and Queen streets
Tho huildings are supplied vitb
hot and cold wator and elojtric
lights Artoaiuu water Perfect
i i i
For ptiouJara apply to
On tho premises or at tbe office o
1 A Mauoon 8S tf
Premises on Kukti Lane Pos
session given ou January 1 1901
For tonus apply tp
Garden Hose and
Lamps -
Dinner and Toilet Sets
Refrigerators and
Ice Chests
Michigan Stoves and -
Kerosene Oil Stoves
House Furnishings Goods
Fort and Bethel Street Stores
If j
W a Si Sfo
saraMSflMfl AX 8ftH
T1 IPO fi V tv fSYiW MMKM
13 p J
Virents for Llovds
Canadian Australian Steamohin Tjinp
British Foreign Marine Insurance Co
Northern Assurance Co Fire and Life
Canadian Pacific iJailway Co
Pioneer Lino of Pjirfref from Liverpool
Win G Irwin Frebidemt MannRi r
OJnus SprtikBls First Vice ProaidM t
W M Oltrnnl SPuoiia VIce ProBidout
M H Wiiltney JrTroBurer ikSoorotniy
Qeo J Ross AndtT
ian -
OssffilssSon AgQssfs
at THX
Oceaslo Stamship Sohips
iJlHMt i ranclEon Cjhi
Robertson Wilder havo moved
tbeir law oilices to tbe Stangenwald
building Merchant street rooms
D0206 207 eeoood floe 16 hv
The delightful flavour and unmis
N takablo aroma peculiar to
Canadian M
are not affected in the slightest de
gree by the addition of carbonated
3r still water High Balls mode
Caieilaa Club
are unusually fragrant and deli-
cious and have a flavour wbioh is
thoroughly delightful ond satisfying
Fifteen Car Loads
Brewed by tho renown
rlnlioflser BQscIi Brewing Assn
St Louis
and PINTS are due to arrive with
in a few days
Sole Accnta forllawuiiau Territory

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