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tHicnpt Uunday
P O BOS 01
ntored nt tho Post OHlce ot Honolulu
H T na Bocond clnsa mall
Sot Mouth anywhere In tho Ha-
wallnn iBlnnda J
lor Your GOO
Bor Year postpaid to Forolgn Ooun
trios 8 ou
Poyablo Invariably in Advance
E J TESTA Propriotor and
Itosldlnc In Honolulu
The Independent kaow3 whoroof
it speaks Editor Smith was taken
down in the polios patrol wagon
after the noon hour layt Thursday
and we fail to see what there is ob
jectionable in it for all are liable
Ho is not above the law is he
Suro tho Aloha Aina newspaper is
roally tho leadiuR ouo among all
our contemporaries in the vernac
ular and again ropont that it is
inclined Democratically straight
Al others properly speaking nro
secondary The above was inad
vertently omitted iu spoaking on its
behalf the evening before last
Our contempt muddle oeoms as very
strango proceedings When our
Courts are not iu harmony one with
another as is plainly to bo seen tho
country cannot expect capitalists to
make investments hero What will
tho end and tho outcome be It
will havo to bo coon yet again aud
An American Churchwomin re
cently told tho writor that thoso
people who havo been clamouring
persistently and tho most for a
change will rue the day whon an
American BiBhop comes here iu this
Diocese now a missionary district
She said that then tliey cannot do
what thoy havo dono but will be
mado to oboy and to do what is
told them otherwise they will bo
given thoir passport When that
ocours thoy will thou think of Bish
op Willis and tho liberties these low
and alleged OhurohmBn enjoyed
uudor his Episcopate Wo hopa to
live to ago that dsy and to seo thorn
out Timo will toll
For horrors aakd tho oouduolof
the Advertisor towards Bishop Wil
lis is something very ungontlemanly
uuoouth and highly improper and
uncalled for If its editor is all
what is claimed for him by iti
henchman ou tho Star Tun Indepen
dent has utterly foiled to Hid it to
bs tho caso No gentleman with
any protensions to eolf rospect
would do what is being dono to
ward a prolate unless it is for
sinister or ultorior motives or pur
pose but in othor wordi it is all
for politioal purposos What can
bo oxp cted from ouo who traduces
helpless aud defenceless womon
The Independent is of the opiuion
that if Bishop Willis did not con
summate the consecration of the
Cathedral Church of Honolulu to
St Androw its patron as originally
intended as a mounrial to Hawaiis
former monarchs an American Bish
op who is outirely Amarican in
hoart andwsoul and not iu sym
pathy with the Hawaiian people
for how can ho havo any sympathy
forthoui being altogether a malihi
Hi ho might consecrate it as a
memorial to MoKinley which would
be entirely against our grain nnd
acrimonious to tho Hawaiian peo
ple As it is it is now dedicated
onco aud for all no matter what
and who shall come hereafter
Thorofore tho consecration is par
feolly proper and in accord with
the original iuteutions of tho3Q who
have gone boforo us
While touching upon our carpet
bag judiciary recently The Inde
rcNDENT stated that in makmg
Fodoral appointments that it was
rightly within Federal province
to do so But in the instance fol
lowingTnnlNDEPENDENT will animad
vert from tho position then taken
being of tho opinion that all Feder
al appointments should by all
moans and in all oases if possjble
bo mado from among thoso of tho
country and are residents here of
long otaiiding irrespective of raco
and colour and erpeoially from
among those who have families de
pendent upon thorn No carpet
baggers should be imported aud in
troduocd hsre Enough good ma
torial can b3 fouud within lhe3o
insular confines to fill all positions
of trust and emolument without
feeding outsiders and utter strangers
at that Will our Federal ap
poioteos seo that thoy do thsir duty
by this country Moro will be
heard later on this matter if the
occasion should oall and demand it
Finis of tho McCarthy Assault Oaso
Tho caso of the Torritory against
William McCarthy which will go
down in tho annals of the Judioiary
as tho oauso celebre of tlio Febru
ary term of 1902 came to an ond at
1 oclock this afternoon when Ihe
jury filed into tho courtroom after
an absoucoof 10 minutes and rondor
od a verdict of guilty of assault and
bnttory Tho aoousation was assault
in Ihe first dogreo McCarthy vaj
sentenced to servo a term of G
months at hard labor in Oahu Jal
In passing sentence Judge Gear
remarked that the ovidenco showed
a most cruel and cowardly assault
and he rogrottod that the jury
had not fouud him guilty of suoh
Tho penalty in such a casj wuld
havo been six yenn
Orders came from Washington
yoatorday reinstating Will Ilsniia to
his former position in th registry
department of the Post Offioo no
was mis ponded several days ago for
alloged infraction of Ihe regulations
and au appeal was mado to Wash
Tho Honolulu Atholtto Club is
makiuK extenlivo preparations for
tho international tugof war which
iu to bo held iu a fow days under the
auspieos of that club Tho follow
ing loamn have been entered bo far
Wola kaHao Police
Portuguese All Atuorioans and
Oortain Doing ot Our local Postal
As alroady anuounoed to its road
eri yesterday tint Tub Independent
would to day bring before them
what it claims Ib a flagrant mark
of partiality in tho management of
the local Poaloflho The Independ
est herewith prosonts tho facts aud
loavo its roadors to draw their own
In August of last yoar tho free
mail del very was inaugurated in
this city with a force of 10 carrieri
Four of that number are still in tho
Service tho six others have loft to
accept better positions and better
treatment Threo wneki after one
of the original carriers had severed
his connection with tho service ho
was arrostod by the U S Marshal on
a warrant sworn by L T Konake on
the charge of delaying the maih
It appeared fnim tho proceedings
hnld attho timo that 80 days bofoio
ho foft tho sorvice a package
was found uudorueath his
desk unmailod Thb package was
nou wraiPid up and no stamps had
boon allied to it Still Konake
ruled that it waB mall nnttor
Why suoh a long time elapsed be
fore ho was arrpsted does not ap
pear clear to any ouo
Auother tniil carrier No -1 was
suspended for 3D daye without pay
forau alleged infraction of tho rutes
Whilo tbo two above mentioned
carriers wero mado to fool tho full
severity of tho law others enjoyed
tho friendship of the cashier to a
marked degree Reporting late for
duty or absonce from work wero of
fenBo punishablo by fino or
aion Carrier No 5 one day asked for a
permission of two hours to go be-
fore Judge E3tee to get his natura
lization paper but did not got it
until ho pleaded hard for it and
ovoa then ho was warned that on
the next occasion ho would have to
put a man in his plaoe and pay him
for his work
Ouo day last October tho Alamoda
arrived from tho Coast with a very
heavy mail A carrier askod leave
to go d Jwn and meet the steamer as
au acquaintance of his was n pas
senger on board Permission was
readily granted und the carrier
since that time never went back
to tho postofiico For sovoral woek3
aftorwards his name wa3 carried ou
the payrolls although ho was work
ing for a private oouceru and not
for tlie postofiico But he had
frionds at court aud his position was
kept for him iu caso hn wanted to
go back Oa pay day ho waa seat
for to sign the payroll tho rules and
regulations of the department not
withstanding Tha oxjuso of a va
cation cannot be brought forward
as it i3 explicitly stated in the rules
that no clork or carrier shall bo on
titled to a vacation until ho has
boon one year in tho service
Wo rest our oaso and the public
is left to judge whether or not two
weights and two measures are in
use at the local postoffioe
A Further Oauoa for Contempt
Georgo A Davis appeared boforo
Judge Gear yesterday afternoon aud
requsted that a citation bo issued
for tho High Sheriff to nhow cause
why he should not be punished for
contempt iu not obeying tho mit
timus of tho court in tho oaso of
Walter G Smith
Mr Davis claimed that tho body
of Mr Smith was uot delivored bo
foro the SupromoCourtaccording to
law aud tboreforo that tho writ of
habeas corpus is uot valid It is
olaimod furthermore that the mit
timus is still iu full force and tlM
Walter G Smith ought to ho ro ar
rested Tho Oifouft Judges eotra
to agree that no furthor action
should be takon by iTiom at preseut
but will await for developments
tama cwnai ua yoarn to
urn rrpaont not laootao uu por
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EdiiUir Jinn v w t aagaaac
Saturday Evening March
16 1902
Grand Production of a Saries of
Interesting Incidents iu
Ancient Hawaiian History
Adaptod for the stage by the Ha
waii Ponoi Diumatio Company to
he presented iu English by Native
H nwniifina on SaturdayEvouinr will
oo produced a Mello Drauia in two
Aot eutilled
The Lady of tho Twilight
Now Scononl Now Costumes Now
Sona A Musical interlude by tho
Landing of Lono and His DEAxn
Chnraotors by tho Company A
scono of roalistio ecouory has boon
epeoinlly designed- arid painted
for these representations 8H8 2w
Tickets ou sale at Wall Nhihols
Oo PrioeB as usual 1 7Co aud
50 cents
Liliha Street near King Only small
oash paymont roooiyed Apply to
200 Merchaut Street
E22 s s 303toma
English Bloaters
Fiiidon Haddock
Fancy Cheese
llllgp LlSJh
Frora KEilo
TO -
411 Way Stations
Tolegramsi oan now bb sent
from Honolulu to any place
on the Islands of Hawaii
Maui Lanai and Mololsai by
OALL UP MAIN 131 Thats the
Honolulu Offioe Timo saved money
onved Minimum obargo 2V per
liltfs Steamship Go
Freight and
Pass 3ii gers for all
Island Pots

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