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Subujriba Thr lNjDOTENnrNT 50 por
Tha bath Qerard O Tobov eniled
for San Frauuiiseo lji ruorniug I
Tlio steamer Qregonian will sail
ior jvauuiui and Uilo lomorrow
Tho Band will givo a public cou
cort at the Moana Hotel this even
Tho Enginoors Olub will have its
headquarters in the Y M 0 A
Tho steamor Mibohaln arrived
from Kauai yostorday with 3200
bags of sugar
0 P Oletuonp a graduate of Yale
law aohool was admitted to prao
tioe by the Supremo Court yester
The baik S N Oontle sailed for
Saa Francisco yesterday with ton
pasBengors bx of whom were Japa
Henry Smith h3 been appointed
guardian of Madeline nnd E K
Lazarun minora upon tiling bond
in the sum of 10000
Tho Kilohaua Art League will
give an at home next Friday eveu
ing when Mr Vickery will deliver a
short leotureon art
At 5 oclock this afternoon Miss
Elizabeth Oartwright will ydve sev
eral prooe and poetry readings at
at tho Y W O A room
At the npxt meeting or tho Minist
erial Union the Riv Dr Biugham
will recount Soran reminiscences of
Mission work in the Gilbert Islands
John Waldron for tho pa3t two
years superintendent of the Boys
Brigade has resigned his position
the resignation to take tffdet May
Tho ship Eaiily F Whitney
which has bean loading at Makanb
li will ail for Ssn Franoisco this
evening with 31000 bags of sugar
on board
Invitations havo boon issued by
Col and Mrs Samuel Puk r for a
reception iu honor of Priuoo and
Printers Kawananakoa and Miss
Alioa Campbell on Thursday even
ing the 10th instant at ihn old
Campbell refi enoe on Emma Street
The captains of the villous teairs
competing iu tho athlolio cotosta
of next Saturday err Y M CA
Fred Young Mailo Ilinn Percy
Beneon Punahou W W William
son H A d W C Crool j Kairo
hameha U Lamon Artillery Lieut
The TNDcrENDUNT has received the
firBt number of the Friend under He
new manaRemeut The old misson
tyry papor is greatly improvod in its
general make up aud typographical
appearance A temperance pago
Y W O A topics and a young peo
ples page ara somo of the now
features of tho Friend
Attorney General Dole who came
bask from Molokai yesterday tnys
that thero is no truth in tho recont
ly published report that Kalaupa
pa was being undermined by the
sea Tho Board of Health investi
gation oommitteo went over the ret
tlemont very thoroughly and not
the slightest indication was fouad
of any underhanded work of the
ccaan there
Tho annual business nootiog of
the Y M 0 A will bo held nest
Monday evening in tho Association
Hall Tho tlootian of officers will
then be made A public modhg
will bo hold on Thursday evening
April 17 when addresses on Y M
0 A matters in general will ba
made An exhibition of thewuk
in iho oducational departmont will
also occur
Dr Hiram Biugham is about to
make another valuable contribution
to the long list of benefits which he
baa rjndored to tho people of tho
Gilbert Inlands It is tho liret
volume of tho Commentary on tho
Now Tostamout on which ho has
labored for nearly five years Dr
Bingham haa alroady translated lo
whole of the Bible into tho Crilbort
eso Inuguago The Friend
Utter Faluro of a Knpubliaui Gftth
trlufr to Arouao IuiuikUuiu
The quesllofi of tho legality of
Droieis candidacy mniii up befoie
noting Governor Cooper yolerday
afternoon tthmi W W llatrp tho
Republican Candidate by his attor
ney A G M Kobortsou Clod a pro
tect with tho Socrotary of the Trea
suaty against planing the namo of
August Droier upon the ollkial bal
lot Thero wan somo argume t on
the question betwoen tho Attorney
General and Robertoi but Secre
tary Cooper stated tuat ho could
not find any law which would per
mit him to go behind tho cortoct
raturn of a nomination to him Tho
result was an ogreorteot between
the attorneys that the case should
be brought into the Supreme Court
and the papers weiu drawn at once
The campaign was opened last
night by the Republicans holding
two mnettnge one at Kakaako and
tho other at WnikiU About a
hundred people attended tho mept
irj at Kowalo whore Willhm Olo
pau was tho fLt speaker Ho brag
ged about having been with Wilcox
iu three revolutions and with being
an original member of -the Alohn
Aana and claimed to be a represen
tative of tho laboring men
Labor leaders along tho water
front this morning olaimod that ho
was nothiug of tha kind Olepnu is
a stevedore and when he speaks at a
poitical meeting ho speaks for him
self and no one else When the
libor organizations are ready to
take part in tho fiht they will do so
through their reguhrl appointed
leaders and delegates
Representative R William Aylett
proclaimed himself a lawyer iu con
stitutional matters and ex
plained at longth why Droier
should not ba fallowed to run The
r siimo of it nil was that it was a
meoliug without enthusiasm and
ipeeehes without arguments or rea
son nnd very much lacked conviction-
The meeting at Waikiki was
nn utter faiiur only a few people
being present It was deoidod to
hold another mooting thera this
week with the hope thai moro R
publicans could be found iu the
mqulimo to bo presont nud cheer
tin soaktrs
Hoard of Health Bleutin
All the membrs uere pretont at
tho regular weokly meetiug of tho
Board of Health yesteid3y aftor
noon with the exooption of E A
Motl Smith Tho committee ap
pointed to investigate the complaint
of Ambrose Hutchison regarding
the maltreatment of a leper at Mo
lokai was not ready to report and a
special meeting will be called later
to consider the tnaltor
Inspector Keen made a report
favorable to the installation of pub
lic diinkiug fountains for man and
In tho report of tho modical ex
aminers Treasurer Wright was re-
quested to issue licenses to M Osa
ma and E Ishimitsie
The application of Dr Ohas E
Butler naval modical officer aboard
tho Albatross for permission to
visit the Lepir Settlement was
Nanus of Japanese Suinta
Tho sacred preoinls of the Dis
trict Court rosouuded this morning
with tho uames of all the saints iu
the Japaueso calendar Nineteen
Japs were nrrostid lait night for
gambling but were released later on
furnishing 10 bail each When thoir
oasoa came up for trial this morning
none of thorn wore present Tho
clerk of the Court oalled out 13
Japanese names 3 cliff rents times
but only the echo tesponded to tho
call Judge Wilcox declared their
bail forfeited eo the Territory oauao
out SIS winner on the transaction
Heros to Alphonse tho Bum No 2
of the Merchants Exchange Call
for Book
Tho oaso against Geo Kaeo aud Mrs
H J Mossman acousod of adultery
wa postponed im the Dlstriol Court
this morning until tomorrow at tho
request of tu0 defense
BnnTWiri im
A French Woman Wouto to Oomo
and Worn at Molokai
A Frenchwoman Maro Lourquin
by name has made an official oil r
of her sprvicoB lo tho inedcal autho
rities and asks that sho bo allowed
to oonsecrate bur life to the cam ot
the lepers at Molokai Two montliB
ago she wrote to Miss Alice Roose
velt daughter of tho President ask
ing her aid to cany out her plans
Miss Roosovelt promptly took up
the matter and laid the lottor boforo
Preeidont Roosevelt who in turn
Rubraitted it to tho Department of
tho Interior From there it was for
warded to Gov Dole aud the acting
Governor yesterday tranemitted the
whole correspondence which iuolud
ed translation ot tho original letter
to Miss Roaovelt to the Board of
Presidont Sloggott stated that the
BoafU has no objections but that
the Sisters already at Molokai and
Bishop Gulstan should first be con
sulted os to whethor they desired
any further assistance If a favor
able roply is received the Board of
Health will return such an answer
to the request Mite Leutquin is
10 years old and statos that she will
pay hor expenses to comxover from
Europo and will pay 1000 francs a
year for hor board
A Koported Russian Concession
It is rumoured in local msndarin
oircles to the e fleet that the Ruesiau
Minister at Ptking negotiated with
the late Li Hung cbang not long
before bis demise for the granting
of a special Russian Concession in
the district of Nanhui coll Nay
way oaBt of the district of Shang
hai aud that the Concession was
granted to Russia by the Empress
Dowager at the strong roaoinmenda
tion of the late Li The negotia
tions were secretly dote that It was
uot until lately that the thing has
come out Hongkong Telegrah
Folitlas In Court -
The oaso of W W Harris candi
date tf the Republican party
against Secretary Cooper to com
pel him to withdraw August
Dreiera nam from the official bal
lot oamo up before the Supremo
Court this afternoon By common
consout the oase was set for hearing
tomorrow morning at 10 oclock
Col S Nowlein is celebrating to
day Many happy returns of the
day old boy
His Lordship tho Bishop of Pano
polis leaves on Tuesday next for
Kauai on a three weeks pastoral
A party of police ofQcore under
tho charge of the junior captain
is going around the town this after
noon roaoiviug instructions as how
to use the Gamewell system of Po
lice alarm calls
JWhito and Blaok Sand
In Quantities to Suit
ST Dump CartB furnished by
tho day on Hours Notice
Offioo with J M Monsarrat Cart
wright Building Morohant St
Wiltes Sbunihty Go
T v
Freight and
Passengers for all
Island Ports
nnvnnjruiwMr mwwmmwuwy
Wc have a large stock at prices lo suit every puree
We now have a very complete assortment received
direct from the manufacturers
amis Oils aid Varnishes
Brushes Homo Furnishing Goods Tools and Implements
of tlie Most Approved Patterns
Stoves for Gasoline Kerosene Wood and Goal
Fort Street Art Rooms and Bethel Street Department
Selected Highland
Sola Agents
8 WR mTmAZm
Stents for Lloyds
Oanadian AuBtralian Steamship Line
British Foreign Marino Insurance Co
Northern Assurance Co Fire and Life
Canadian Pacific Railway Co
Pioneer Lino of Paolretfl from Liverpool
On tho protulnsa of tho Sauitor
Stoam Laundry Go Ltd batwoon
South nud Quoon 8 treat 3
Tho buildings aro ouppliod with
hot and cold water and oleotric
lights Artesian wator Forfeot
For paitioulars apply to
On tho promises or at tho ofBoeof
J J A Mwjoon 88 t
Sanitary Steam Laundry
Co Ltd
Tp n
Having mado large additions to
our machinery we are now able to
at the tate of 25 cents per dozen
Satiofaotory work nnd prompt do
livery guaranteed
No fear of olotbing being lost
from strikes
Wo invite inspeotion of our laun
dry and methods at any time during
business hours
Riny Up Main 73
and our wagons will call for youi
U work it

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