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CRzoopt Unniiny
P O BOX 01
ntared at tUo JFoat Olfloo at Uonolnluf
H T ob Booond olans mall
Set Mouth nnywlioro In tlio Ha-
wnlian Islands
6 00
lor Year
Eor Year pontpnid to Foroigu Ooun
8 uu
rnyafelo Invariably In Advonoo
J TESTA Proprlotor and Pub
Roaldlnc In Honolulu
Their Excellencies the niediooes
of the Board of Health have goue
on tboir annual visit to tbe Leper
Settlement at Kalaupapa MoloUai
Thoy loft last evening not eleven
thousand strong but Dr Sloggett
naid they bad b3on stroDg enough
to keep away tho little but much
feared Independent and our bigger
brother The Star
Thoro is no use talking Doctors
Sloggett Pratt Moore and Cooper
nro out of their element their quali
ties scientific attainments and exe
cutive abilities are lost in these far
away Pacific Clauds their pheos
are in Russia aye in Sboria
Thvy would be admirably fitted in a
land wero tbe knout reignB supreme
and people ara thrown into prison
without trial
Thoy have gono to Molokai aud
by and by tbe world will hoar of
their visit The groat medical
authorities of tbe United States
Franco add Germany aro anxiously
awaiting for reports of the condition
of the Lspera aud deep troatisoa
on Laprosy signed by suoh names
of Dra Sloggett Ooopor Mooro or
Pratt Their reputation ia undo
and they havoclaimn to immortality
Aud to think that Tub Indefend
ent and The Star have dared oriti
olza the acta ot theso great men To
think that a small paper liko Tin
Ihuepekdcnx has compelled our local
autoorata to fuo ex-Superintendent
Reynold one of tboir creatures
and withdraw tho order request
ing tho Bishop of Panopolis to re
move Father Wendelin from the
Saltlemeut The audacity of Mm
Star turning into ridicule men liko
Drs Sloggett Coopar and Pratt
whou it darod look up the records
of tbo Board of Health mid prosent
as eviduueu against denials made
by Doctors 0 iopar and Moors mo
tioiiB sigued by Djaora Ojoper and
Moore a fow moutba agol
Tbe doclors aro ovon They
linvo iutontionally forgottou that
auah newspapers as The Indlpend
knt and tbo Star existed u Uouo
lulu aud only iuwtd to no with
them to Molokni representatives of
tbo Advertiser aud tbo Bu lotin
The Independent lias moro friends
and acquaiutancos at tbo Soltle
inout tbau all tbo other uewppaptns
put together but The Independent
oauuot go It would be too danger
ous probably to let a representa
tive of this paper have a few mom
ents conversation wilh tbo Rev
Fatbor Weudolln or Ainbroso Kut
Abl if everythiug could be told
If tbe Rev Father Woudeliu could
bo induced to opoakl if the dramas
on noted wilhiu tbe coduuo3 of that
bell on earth were published to tbe
world 1 But bavo patienco Al
though absent Tub Independent is
tbotoaud in a few days our leaders
will be tnuJe engniaiutof the do
iugs of tbe Board of Health during
that exocutiyo trip to tbo Lsper
Settlement on Molokni
Cardinals bats aro now earning
to the United States in blocks of
three according o veracious Rome
correspondents The dato of tboir
arrival is diecreolly withhold how
Tbo Republiau parly has no oc
casion to worry its head over the
proper candidate for Dolegalo if
Trinca Cupid will consent to run
You betl And what U moro Re
publican politicians need not throw
any campaign money away either
It Mr A H R Vioira di aires to
disciHB the Primo joiitfl ques
tion with Tue Independent be is
welcome to it But honestly wo
think that tbo Rev Editor ought
to bo tbo last one to spsak about
joints A word to the wise is suf
Treasurer Wribtj Biiggeotion
that tho Pimo licenses be raised
into full licenses iu certain sec
tions of the city is ono that will
have tbo endorsement of all good
oitjzone High lieonsa would pjrpve
in overy sense morally and other
wise advantageous to a communi
ty laboring under tbo disadvant
ages of a depleted treasury Tho
moro aud tho bigbor the boter
Tho Evouiug Ballotiu endorses
Prince Jounh Kalanianajlo as Ha
waiis next Delegato to Congress
The Prince is a good man A rep
rosentativo Hawaiian a nmi ol
sterling qualities and fasrloss iuda
pendonof a acion of Hawaiie
monarch ho would be a Delegate
of whom the Territory would have
a right to be pnud Provided
of oourso that a compromiao be
tween libsral minded politicians
oau bo made on lib namo
Tho Senatorial Commissiou will
be interested to kiiow that accord
ing to a morning paper their minds
aro already made up bofore they
arrive Bnllotiu
Tub Inpei endent endorses tho
opinion ot tho morning paper
re3ontativo Haywood at Waihlug
toii and L A Thurston nnd V A
Kinnny on their way there it ia
ovideut that th Commission ought
to bo well posted as to who ib
who aud Vaich is which iu tbe
islind3 before they arrive
This Territory will nevor have a
good 1oard of Health until doctors
aro Mt to practice msdicino and
solid reliable business men aro ap
piiotod to tbe Board We want
men aud uot ehildreu in our Health
Djpartmont mahope
After having been a Home Ruler
and then a Democrat Johu E Bush
now announces himself as a Re
publican Incidentally audi an
announcement shows how much we
wore correct in our remarks made
about Mr Bush some two mouths
ago It ia withiu tho range of pos
sibilities that before loug we shall
have to record tbo announcement
that John E BubIi baa jiiuod the
Populist or porhnps the Know
Nothing forces Perhaps I Who
In a poem published in tho Ntw
York Sun A ram from OP Mia
soury thus oniphasz33 a fact re
latiog to the South African war
An I toll you that tbe story
Your graocbildron will be atudy
in iu school
Will aay that Kruger still ud
bold Pretory
If it wasnt for the ol Mis30ury
What will tbo graidchildren
think of tbe story moro 03p9cially
after studyin soma earlier stories
in the history -of their own coun
try including the Diclaralioa of
One of thj momentous spiritual
questions debated at a recent min
interal association in tho Eastern
States was the expediency of cler
oil whiskers Seme of the
brotbreu maintained that it was
politia in the present overstocked
condition of tbo iulpit profession
for candidates for calls to pro
sorvo as youthful an appeararce a
po33ible since physical pulchritude
is an important factor iu ditorm
iuiu3 aspirants eligibility to the
moro desirable and higher sala ried
plaes in the profession Tho
beardod ellera of the nuombbgn
made a brave but convincing argu
oient in favor of the value o min
iatorial wbitkira as a prjfd3siona
isset Ono fjnoios tbo venorable
spiritual guido3 of the early Ghrijti
us with whom these preachers
modestly seek to be identified tak
ing oounsel among theniEelveB on
tbo grava matter of facial emtol
lisbment And yet there are min
istors at Ioes to account for declin
ing religious enthusiasm among
their people
Xho feirst Local dint
Ono of the inutitutious hove
which baa the special attention of
touriBts at well as tho local people
iB tho ftliut which is established on
Nuuauu Btroot opposite Queen
Emma Hall It is interesting to
mter the large main working room
vhere general mauager MoDonough
aud Iub corps of ccirtaulo aro ut
work Iho cool aud lcrge lanai is a
proper resting place aud the vaults
vhorothe bara to be miuted and
beer atekopt preont a very tasty
3peotaolo The Mint ia open from
5bU i m to 1180 p m and during
thoco liOiirs the work iovur tcaacn
Visitors after looking over tho plaoo
will Cud fint cloE r f real men ts and
Tbo nerve our contemporary had j Witb Goyfral Hart well and JJep t the purest ol liauoro
Women hi r
4 Business
n 1- muinmmwJlimJUCTI
Business men often
express the opinion that
jr there is one thing which
vwiii prevent women from
completely filling mjVs
lcejn the tDusmess
world thercatYt be de
1 pendeel upon because they
are sick too often It is true that many
women are compelled to j look forward to times
wnen tney are unaoie to attena jto3souai or
Business auties meir appearance piatniy in
dicates their condition and they arc reluctant
to be seen even ty their friends Read what
abusiness woman says to such sufferers
lira C V Mansfield M Fnrrnr Streot Detroit Mich eajri
A complication of fuinulo iillmonts kopt mo nwulco nights nnd
CTromc out 1 could fretuo relief from moillctuo nnd liopo wai slip
ping uuuy from mo A younif lady In myomploygavonio n box of
Dr Williams llnl r lllnVDr Iulo leople 1 loolc them nnd wn iiblo
to rent at ulit for t ho llrst tlmo In mouths 1 bought more niul they
cured me ns they nUo cured soveral other pcoplo to my knowledge X
thluk Hint If you should ittlt nnyof tho druRlsls of Detroit who aro
the best buyers of Dr Wllltumn Ilnlc Pills thoy would say tho
young women Theso pills certainly build up tho uorvous system and
innny n young womnii owes her llfo to ttiom
Ami buslnei womnnl um pleased to recommend them nsthey did
moro for mo tlmn nny phvHlcIun nnd I c in rIvo rr Williams llulc
Pills for Pulo Peoplo credit for my general good heilth to day
Dr NVilliams Pink Pills for Pale People are for
sale by all drujjdists or will be scittpostpaid
on receipt of price 5o cents per bojsix boxes
a5o by the Dr Williams Medicine Company
Schenectady NY Our new booU Plain talks
to Women jventfree to any address on request
Competitive exhibition of fruits veg
etables and plants for money
pilzes and diplomas
Monday and Tuesday July 2Sth and
20th 1902 In tho Drill Shed Ho
Exhibits aro invited In the various
divisions named In the following
specimens two
Alligator iears six specimens
two prizes
Pineapples Four specimens two
Figs Twelve sppclmens two pilzes
Watermelons Four specimens two
MHSlunclons Four specimens two
Brendfiuit Four specimens two
Oranges Twelvo spcciniens two
jjlmeo Twelve specimens two
Lemons -Twelve specimens two
Japalas Six specimens two pilzes
Grapes Six bunches two pilzes
Gliavas Twelvo bpcclincns two
Peitclies Twelvo spscimons two
Strawberries One quart two prizes
Pohas Ono quart two prizes
Mountain Apples Twelvo speci
mens two prizes
Bananas Best bunch two prizes
Bananas Best buncje Hawaiian
cooking tyo prizes
Bananas rBobt inni two prizes
Cocoiuiuts Four specimens two
Best exhibit of milts two prizca
Potatoes Irish ten specimens two
Potatoes Sweet ten specimens
two prizes
YaniB Six specimens two- prizes
Cabbage Tlnee heads two prizes
Cauliflower Thrco heads two
fjOlpry Three roots two prizes
fcwee Cijen Twelyo cjrs wq
Beans String two pounds two
Beans Shell two pounds two
Beets Six specimens two prizes
Tomatoes Six specimens two
Carrots Six specimens two prizes
Lettuce Four heads two prizes
Turnips Six specimens two prizes
RodBifB Pwo bunches two pilzes
Onions Six specjmona jwo piizos
Chlllpeppers Ono pound two nriea
Dnlanil Taro Six speclutno Iwq
Wuilanrt T1Jo lx specjinepB two
Pumpkins Four spegiiucns twy
Rilimslj Four specimens two prizes
Best exhibit of vegotaltlos Two
Coffee Best exhibit two piizos
PaddyTwo pounds two prlztB
Rice Two pounds two piizos
Sugar Caue Tei sticks two prJzoB
liny One bundle two prizes
Sorghum Ono bundle two prizes
Guinea Grass Ono bundle two
Buffalo Grass One bundle two
Alfalfa Ono bundle two prizes
Clover Ono bundle two prizes
Panicum Grass One bundle two
Potted Palms Best collection two
Hawaiian Palm Loulu lelo best
one two prizes
Best collection of ferns 12 at
least- six distinct varieties
Cut Flowers Best collection two
Roses Best collection two prizes
Carnations Best collection two
Asters Best collection two prizes
Orchids Best collection two prizes
Illma Lels Best three two prizes
Carnation Lels Best throe two
Plumarla Lois Best throe two
The necessary accommodation for
exhibits will bo provided by tho Com
missioner of Agriculture and Forestry
who requests that notice be sent him
in wilting of Intention to exhibit to
P O Box 532 Honolulu
Tho exhibit opens at 1030 oclock
am Monday July 28 All oxhibit3
must bo In place one hour before tho
opening or they will ng bo entitled
to compoto for prizes Tho steam
ship companlo3 In order to give tho
pcoplo of the Islands an opportunity
to view the exhibit have reduced the
steamer iate3 by one half and agrco
to carry all exhibits free of charge
For any fuithcr Information address
Commissioner of Agriculture and For-
estry 2217
From OHllo
TO -
aj stands
Tolegrams cun now bb sent
from Honolulu to any plaoo
ou tho Islands of Hawaii
Maui Launi aud Molokni by
- Tekgraph
GALL UP MAIN 131 Thati tho
Hone lulu Oflice Time saved rn pjy
oaved Minlrnuvn ohrtygo J2 per

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