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The Independent
CO cents per
Band oouurt tonight nt Emma
The Detnouratlo Club msets tbif
evening at tho usual time and pUce
The steamer Olaudino leaves nt
noon tomorrow for her rogular wind
ward ports
A Sheriff a sale notioe under ex
ecution is advertised in tbia issu
under By Authority
The steamer Lohua left at 3
oclock this afternoon for Kalaupa
pa and otbor windward Mololtai
The Fire Claims Commission was
before tho Senatorial Commission
all this forenoon in tho former
throne room of lolnni Palacj
Hon J O Carter is now a grandpa
and tho Carter boys uncles since
yesterday morning It is the first
evont of tho kind in that respected
Among the pasaungers who ar
rived by the Claudine were Rov O
P Emersou P Y Carter A Lyman
Miis A Perry Misses It K and M
Daniels T S McKay and others
WH Babbitt is being congrau
lated by his frionds today in being a
father The new comer in his fami
ly only arrived early yesterday
morning B ilh the mother aud
child are doiug nicely
Sneak thieves entertd the home
of Dr and Mrs Herbert on Alaka
street about 8 oulock Saturday
evening Jewelry and other valu
ables were stolen Detective David
Kaapa is working on the matter
Senator Mitchell informed Dr
Sloggett this morning that owing to
the limited time at the disposal of
the Commission they would be un
able to make the trip to the
Thorn was a roariug good meet
ing of Portuguese yesterday after
noon at the corner of Punchbowl
and Kinau streets Addrerses were
made by A G Correa Mijnr J M
Camara J M Vivas M A Silva and
L R Medeiros
The sohooner Herman Captain
Brown Bailed yesterday morning
after an eventful stay in this port
Notwithstanding stories of hidden
treasure on out of the way islands
in tho Southern Seas Captaiu
Brown deolarea the Herman is go
ing direct to Sydney
Moturn of the Senatorial Oommssion
The steamer Helena arrived about
8 oclock last evening from Hilo
with tho Senatorial Commissioners
and party after visiting Hilo and
the Volcano on business and where
they were enthusiastically leoeived
and entertained by the white resid
Among those who returned wore
the following
Senator Mitchell Senator Foster
Senator Burton and wife Miss
Griggs Secretary H E Cooper H C
Robertson and wife Senator Thurs
ton and wifo Col Parker and wife
E M B jd and wife Carroll Pur
man OWDu Kulght RCA Peter
son Paul F Mohr and wife D L
Conkling Judge Gear E S Boyd Q
B Gehr Capt J Ross Mrs Nawahi
W A Purdy J T McCroston A B
Loebenstein B F Dillingham WL
Stanley Cecil Brown George R
Carter Mr Braemor 0 Notley
Mr Burgstou E B MiClauahau left
the steamer at Lthaiua
m pi
Puna Lnnda Allotted
Hilo Sept 19 Stvenlaeu bun
dred aud forty one acres of land
paised from the ownership of the
Territory last Saurday into the
hands of privato parties The
lauds were allotted by Agent E D
Baldwin after lining advertised
There were but thirteen allotments
made The laruest was a trant of
999 acres which was taken by an
Hawaiian at 50 wills an aero The
olhor trarti ranged from 20 to 100
aarus iu extent and were apprais
ed at from 75 cent to 5 per acre
The hods allotted are situated
in Iuno
Olhor Bcflectona In tho Jllrror
Lapann a Homo Ruler accord
ing to the Advert ior promiaod if
nbminnted for the Legislature to
try to Bccuro the passage of a law
prohibiting white men or foreign
ers of any kind from marrying Ha
waiian girl contending that this
was the only way to keep tho Ha
waiian race alive If the Adver
tisers report is correct Lapann
has sand iu his eyes and woara a
poi pouuder where his heart ought
to bo Lovb knows no law outside
of itself nud Hawaiian girls like
girls of other countries will con
tinue to matry whom they please
God bliss thorn 1
Tappan Tannatt says there aro
people afraid to testify before the
Senatorial Commission for fear of
jeopardizing their poBitionB or busi
ness interests Another proof of
minority rule The Advertiser in
effrtct says Tannatt lies
The Advertiser liesl
A S Humphreys fonrloaaly gave
tho Commission facts Dont you
believe a word he pays whined tho
indecent Advertiser he aint play
ing in our yard Wo are the chosen
people Swallov what wo say we
make it to order iu the Advertiser
office Advertiser Btock dropo two
points every time Humphreys
passes the Slaughtor House of
J D McVeigh addressed the
Commission on Leper Settlement
matters iu a manner to tho point
practical aud able
Th Commission listened learned
and laughed when D G Cainariuo
made his apeoch
United States Commissioner Ed
win S Gill spaakng before the
Senatorial Corn mission referred to
when he edited the Honolulu Re
publican aud that paper conducted
a crusado against what was known
as the Iwiloi stockadf It iB an
open Question Mr Gill whether
the abolishment of that institution
has proved a blessing or a curse to
the city What have the doctors to
Delegate and Mrs WihLX invited
a number of friends aud others to
their luau in honor of the members
of the Senatorial Commission A
number of h soles who wanted to go
but didut got a bid went anyhow
a thing that they wouldnt have
dreamed of doing had llio hosts
bean vtbite people If we have
space next week wo ah ill publish
tho names of the butt iup to
youd bbtter get a move on aud
brush up your alibis Ah Brother
Uesta would say Hilahila old
and quoting agoin But what went
yo out for to see Wahiuea shaken
by hula hulil
Haukdrivers ooinpUiu of bar
times but they will nut bu driven
from busmen entirety until the
Eapid Transit Oompmy lays its
track along the Bach road and the
moon fails to give forth her light
When angola ween the devil fcrus
But when the angola smile
Theres such a fulling ojof flips
As would patch hell a mile
Theres a dog on the wistrrfrout
that catches fish eats thorn raw aud
then picks his teeth yilh the bouofi
Good dogl Tho Mirror
m n
Volonuo Again Actlvo
Hilo Sept 18 Tho fire linn re
appeared in tho crater of Hale
maumau and though the rpeao is
uot as awe inspiring as during the
outbreak a few weeka ago nor the
Hro as oxtetiBivD it is of Piiflioiuut
volume to repay tourists who visit
the crater
During the last outbreak a large
lake formed in tho pit thiu time
the lava has taken the form of a
cone nud is slowly riaiug Foun
tains are playing almost continu
ouily from the lop aud sides of
the cone On Tuesday uight the
illumination was very bright and
the view from the verandaR and
rooms of the Volcano House was
exceptionally grand
The Independent 50 cents per
iAv n
WiroloBa Telegraphic Triumph
Rojtc September 11 Marecni
in an interview pitbltMud horn de
dares he has completo y solved the
problom of b nMug wieless uies
sages ovr a distance of more lhau
1500 miles and that ha in confident
that communication between Eu
rope and America will be eBtablinhed
iu the immediate lulure i to
visit Kug Victor Emmanuel at Rag
conigi Piedmont September 14
Tho lown All Klght
New Yosk Sept Ja iij Unittd
Stales battlethip Iowa arrived on
Frid y at Bahia in apparently uu
damaged condition cables the Rio
Janeiro Brazil correspondent of
the Herald Her capain ays that
her ruuuing ashore on tho Brazdi
an coast did uot prove to be sori
Otis All on board aro well
Wireless Signals to Italy
Roan September 10 Signor Mar
coni will sail on tho Italian war
ship Carlo Alberto in n few day
for Capo Breton N S aud thence
to Cape Cod where tests of wire
Ices telegraphy will bo made bo
tween Americau aud Italian sta
Ckozieu At Lahains Maui S pt
17 19UJ to tho wifo of W U Crczier
a son
Babbitt At Makiki a suburb of
this city Sapt 21 Ji02 to tho wife
of V H Babbitt a daughter
Among those who loft by tho
Mauua Loa Friday wore Mrs
Arnold J V Kuaimoku D J
Weddiek and wif Jnrpd G Smith
Rev Canon W Ault Mrs W K Ka
luakini and chiden Mis R A
Carlisle Mrs Esther Baker Miss
Mary Grewes and runny others
Uner and by virtue of a certain
Execution ispud by Lvle A Dickey
Seeoid District Magistrate of Ho
iinlutt Island of Ohhu Territory of
Hawaii on th J8hdy ofSeputn
bur A A Ifi02 in the matter of
vs W H KAILIMI et l T have
on lhi 19 h day of September A
D 1002 levied upon and Miall i 0i
for sale and fell at public niutiou
to the hleh Bt bidder st tlo lulce
Station KaJakaui Hale iu sad fin
nolulu at 12 oVlik noon of VRl
DAY the 21 h day of OCTOBER
A D 1902 all Him riht title and
iutereft of s iid W H Iviuimai el
al c j partners doinn IniSneB uud r
the ime of thn Kskaako lamilv
Store and of W 11 Kailimii and
of S domnn Paoia in and to iho fol
lowing desi riied pergonal properly
unless the judgment aud copt nt
exculion mnoiinli i to TWO
and r8 100 DDLLAUS imprest
ooata and my fXpenseB are previous
ly parid
Proviioii crockery ice dies
show case tobacco cutter lamp etc
Seo rnvntnry of sad prnportj
nt iur olllce
Deputy SW ff IVr of Hartnii
2317 now
A meeting of the Democrat itt
Club will be hed in Waverey
hall thin Monday earning to re
ct ivo reports and hear epeeuhes bj
proiuiuout gcntlmen
By ordr of
c j McCarthy
JWi t A fottsge ou Kipg fit
tffaM No 1101 uonlaiiiiiii
Tj 1 vl
S V5
iiZAtSSJ roiu laieiy oocu
pied by Mr W P Bury Rent med
erate Apply to
with lliwaiian Hardware Co
2J10 U
Kentuoliya larnntie Jeiace Moo
Wlijekoy unequalled for ila puray
Mid exoaljoncq On tale at cuy of
be ealoous and nt Lovejoy Co
riiitrlbutinR snjeotj for tite HaRjian
TOv i
3 efLiertor uinxien
With Glarot ranlien n uioo refroBh
iujj clriuli
A iiuo Bceotttueut of llio Bert
Brauda of Wiuea ncd LiquorB juit
rotfivnil M
ABBOitrd Goods for Family Trndo
n flifttpialty
Oamara Sc Go
Oorner uten and Alakesoo
TelBUe m 323p
rnr nlMr inwqpeftiiMWJVtfyiiWHikft
Ib nn ab3ohitolY pure product of malt
and hops brewed under the most
favorable conditions and with tho
most approved methods Order from
Telephone Main 341
AVe hae a large stock at prices to suit every purse
We now have a very complete assortment received
direct from the manufacturers
Paints Oils aid Varnishes
Bruges Home Farnisbing Goods Tools and Implements
of the Most Approved Patterns
Sfovis for gasoline Ksroseno Wood and Coal
Fort Street Art Rooms and Bethel Street Department
v gents for Lloyds
Cftuadian AuBtralian Steamship Line
British Foreign Marino Insurance Co
Northern Assurance Co lire and Life
Canadian Pacific Railway Co
Pionoor Line of ParilretH from Liverpool
a Good List to reaci From I Sanitary Steam Laundry
fin Ltd
ISudwnirnr A C G Bohemian
Ireiiiium Inle JJninior aud
Primo in Quartfl apd lioto
Gorman Malt Exliacl
J -
Having made largo additions to
our maobinery wo are now able to
at the rate of 26 cent per dozen
Satisfactory work and prompt de
livery guaranteed
No fear of clothing being loat
from strikes
Wo invito inspootiou of our laun
dry aud methods at any time during
buHiuoaa hours
Ring Up Main 73
aud our wagons will call for your
14 work tf
Notice is hereby given that all
pownrs heretofore given to Tuos
It Morbihxii by Pownr of Attorney
or otliorwiao ar hereby revoked
conoelled and annulled
Honolulu H T August 23 1902
1W2 8U

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