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tBoopt UtimUrl
p o box ax
E itored at the Post Olllco at Honolulu
II T no Qcooaa olrCB mall
Sec Month anyrzhoro In the lift-
wallon lBlnadD 5 60
lor Year B w
Ear Year postpaid to Foreign Conn
tries H uu
Xayttblo Invariably ln Advanco
J THBSA Pronrlotor ana Hut
Residing In Honolulu -
A report is current that when Governor
about Secretary
ernor Dole was approached
retary Cooper anout the Chinese pass
port lees which is hinted has been
appropiiated as a perquisite or QUice
it is claimed that the Governor made
reply that he knew all about it and
that ho had mado a personal investiga
tion into tho matter and tound that
there was no lav about such fees being
turned in as government realiza
tions Ho Is said to have said on
such a showing Mr Cooper had a per
fect light to apply it to use Other
than the above we know not but wo
corjeeluro that whore theres smoke
theres fire Wo cannot for a moment
believe that Governor Dole is sq blind
If this is truo to concede that II E C
is under his Federal appointment en
titled to Terrlloiial perquisites Whe
ther si factor not we hold that no one
holding a Federal commission can
alienate any pcrqs of tho Territory
to his own personal use and benefit
unless plainly stipulated by tho law
No such travesty upon American offl
claldoin can bo safely enacted undor
such tulse and Bhould It really bo so
a boveio censure ought suiely to fol
low without any Intervening palliation
of official varnish unless it is deemed
that tho culprit should have three
coats of whitewash Instead of two
With enly ono Hawaiian recognized
Js not a fitir show In proportion to tho
offlcei to bo filled Yet ono 13 hotter
than none at all ns was rt first pro
crammed by tho cailcus or rather
tho machine As it Is wo must en
deavor to bo satisfied for the present
Iaity 1b always considered in tho par
tition of plums but there pro other pa
triotic rons of tho soil outsido of tho
Victorious naity and souio of these we
think Jioultl bo considered as well na
Rahubllcnn compatriots Did not the
Homo lulo majority of tho last session
go on of US own circle and rccognizo
avowed Republican lluwnllans And
jot Ibey have been blamed for doing
so Why Dccausc llioso they rccog
nized wcrn uncliuicd hero and there
lore o tho people although not of
their paity
Unmade tail
A news item has appealed In the pa
pers piolcslng to give a report or the
Pi esldonta comment on the elections
Speaking to a Western visitor Presi
dent Uoosovclt is reported as saying
that ho was not deluded by any con
viction that tho results or the voting
meant that ho would bo reelected two
years riom now or that at that time
thcro would bo another vote or confi
dence In the Republican paity In his
opinion the result In 1901 depended
entirely upon tho rccoid mado by tho
Republican party In Congress and
upon the administration Ho thought
that there would bo a loactlon against
the Republican party it the public wcro
disappointed fn Its work during the
next year What legislation was
passed or what might bo attempted
to be done would count less political
ly than the question whether any ac
tual results had been secured
Fxohd lrflneoce
The coercion process was prettj
well presented in the unfolding of tho
mission which took Senator Baldwin
to Maul so hastily and bythc aid of
a Federal vessel Judge Kepolkal was
a strong candidate for the position of
Superintendent or Public Works ho
was an earnest worker in the Repub
lican ninks and therefore had a no
ticeable claim for prefcrance In offi
cial appointment But his nomination
was 1n opposition to the machine plans
and If Kepolkal was nominated tho
curcfully prepared -slate would be
broken To avoid this happening
Baldwin goes fonvtlnl to use his in
lluuurc with Kepolkal to accept some
other office rather than touch the
one so desired for Poobah
sialics Welcome
The Ail vei User ha3 mado good its
statement that the Bunders and Tra
ders Exchange aio in favor of and
lcconrmcud tho iurthor introduction
of Oriental labor Thcro can there
lore bo no objction to the employ
ment by Jones or 13 own or any one
olsc or tho giving of Increased patro
nage to tho Oriental mechanics espe
cially when tho representatives of
white labor conseut Jap and Pako
sit on iHoir haunches smile and say
Mn rube bline by mo and my bludder
have plenty stoic King sleet Will
Wjik For tli3 Donate
Arizona Mexico and Oklahoma will
bo knocking nt the doors of Congres3
and demanding Statehood again this
winter Tho piospoct for their success
has grown considerably brighter Sen
ator Bovei dlgc chairman of tho Com
mittee on Ten Itorles will visit tho
thico Territories this month In whose
capitals meetings will bo hold and tho
desires of tho people and tho conditions
will bo ascertained In timo to submit a
loport loCongicbs at Its opening Now
that frco silver is dead and the
chances of elections nre icasonably
even tho dominant party In Congress
agajgWo --
Territories It Is a matter In which
tho wholo West is patllcularly lnlcr
cstcd Tho erection or the Territories
Into States will add the w fight of six
senators and nt least throo represen
tatives to tho Western contingent Cnl
irornlans will natuially support the
movement tor that icason and so
should tho Delegate fiom Hawaii an
well as to aid the Terrltoiiesln saining
n position which will help them to
grow Into Important and populous
Good Prospers v
It Is announced that San Francisco
Is soon to have another Hue of steam
ers for the Oriental trade Tho Mcs
sagcrics Maritime do France Is mak
ing arrangcmontH to put on a lino of
steamers to ply between San Francisco
and tho Hawaiian Islands Australia
the Far East and Europe Now Cale
donia and Tahiti The Messageilcs
Maritime is one of tho largest compan
ies plying between Europe Australia
and the Asiatic ports It was organized
in 1851 and ten years later obtained
the French India and China mall con
tracts It has about sixty two vessels
and a total tonnage of nearly a quar
ter of a million The line which it is
proposed to extend to San Francisco
now runs between Marseilles and Syd
ney Australia Tho service will ha
monthly at the start and will be fhado
more frequent if tha trade justifies it
The French mall contract now held by
tho Oceanic Steamship Qpmpany will
be probably transferred to the new
Thp Ad vol User Is of the opinion that
Minister Wu wont be as big n man
in China as he was in America iUcsjj
yer right Bier Tlser chances are fa
vorable for Wu to bo a head shorter
Citizen Jonah has caused a weaken
ing of tho knees amongst tho machine
politicians and as his voice has been
once recognized the spoils party are
afraid nowof another ebullition of de
mand for fuilher locogultlon tor Ha
waiian In official positions
Petticoats are all right In their prop
er places But when their wearers go
beyond thomuclveB then t is time that
a halt bhould be called and thg offend
era brought to the right about with a
sharp and round turn Thoy aro very
well as they aro but when thoy tutor
meddle in matters not within thcli
sphcie they then should be mado to
know that thoy aro not wanted nor
aro -they desirous as allies A wom
nnB first place is her homo if sho has
Wo understand that Senator Achl
ashed a Homo Ruler and wa hy him
lntioduced to Minister Wu lately its
ono of our Senators and ns a frleud of
tho Introducer Wo nro further given
to uncjci stand tltui during their short
conversation Mr Wu tgld Mr Ajdil tp
do whats right and paitlculaily
Tor his fathers people who comnoso
Quito an Important factor In tho fur
therance of tho agricultural Interest
of this country timl uso quite a nu
merous and largo colony which am
mostly all law nhidlng citizens Tho
Chinese ueoplo be It said to tholr cred
it huvo turned marshy and vfiluylugs
jiiopcities Into income moducing ea
talos and furthor they aro thn pro
genitors of many of our recognized
best cltlzeus runong whom may bo
is showing a disposition tp mjinjt tUeso I mentioned the genatpr from Oajiu
is often one of the most distressing cfter
effects of the Grip It may also be caused
by overwork worry mental strain or excesses
of almost any nature Whatever the cause
a debilitated nervous system means that the
nerves lack nutrition Feed the nerves and
liFc will renew its iovs For vou
The best nerve food and the most valuable
tonic because it botn builds up the biooo ana
strengthens the nerves is Dr Williams Pink
Pills for Pale People Hundreds of worn out
depressed men and women have been made
strond nerved ambitious energetic and
healthful by this remedy
Amonc lie well known men ot tho newspaper ptofoPRlnn Ib I
J Inu rcnci1 on V Court h Aw imc Detroit Mlcli who for lliopuit
levcn years lins Iummi lit liln flchk ocry ilny Ho bujs
Alone time 1 huh In hiicIi ii condition Unit my phyulclnncnltl
I would bao nervous prostration that 1 would Imvoto Btopncws
paperwork or 1 would k to plcrcs If 1 porMstcil in dotnclt an I
wat destroying what ncno lurce I liml lcfU 1 lost tlesli and had a
complication of allmentd which Imlllod skillful physicians An
associate iccom mended Dr Williams 1lnlc Tills for Ialo lcople
and I Kavo them a trial I cant say that I received ntiy bouoflt
from thonrst dot but dcilved very good results from tho ccond
They cme mo Mreoith and helped my ehiiUeicd nencu totbiit I
oould got a full nljilito rcr t
A prcatdenl of pain In thonmnllof the bnclcl attributed to
ilrraHKement or thn Kidney 1or this complaint Dr Williams
link llll for Pali IVnpIn wrlcd vondcrx Soon nftcr bcnn
taklmr them rPKHhrlv thi pal caned and I folt like a new innn
- I am Kioatly cuiourntel from tho rosnlts of uslugu few boxes
and mn cnnlitlcnt thattho pills will work a complete restoration
of uiyfonntr coudltlon From IXening Acws bch ult Mich
Sold by all drudriists or sent postpaid by the
Dr Williams Medicine Co Schenectady NY on
receipt of price 50 cents per box 6 boxes 350
Tha Turned Down Resolution
The followlcfj reeolution was
presented iu tho Stinate this i
itiR and after a short controversy
was ruled out of order hy Prtuid I
ent Crabbe on tho question being
msdo by Senator Cecil Browi
WiiEitms it io current rnport th t
H E Coopor Secrnttry of the Ter
ritory of Hawaii hi obraii ed a
largo sum of tnouey from Ohiuer
leaviog this couutiy for Gliinf fot
iertiUoatQ3 of itlnutitiiibttnn rain d
under the teal of lh Tt rriorv tt
pay for which shmid be n G Vhrtt
raant Rbalizilion now thornf r
Be It Uns lvcd that a Commit
tee of three bo appointed to in
voatigato the matter act report tf
the Senate Wilkin one day at d orn
body inits repoit informaio j upph
the following EubjuCf
1 Number of GrtiGoite s issued
2 Anjiunt eliirgeil ihorefor
3 Mnlbod Of isll0S till 84I11B
4 By whom thn S3me ar pn
pired aud whoher tho persons pre
ptrnig tho same arj iu receipt of
pay frm tbo Gjvrom ut
5 What dipposiliou bffi bern
nidrt of fcai I moneys to a lleod
iy saiti Stjerotare if snj 7
D Kalauokalani
Snuator IiUud of Ua u
Honolulu Dae J h ltO
vf y
Tbore will b a ooneort t Mi tp
island on Sunday by the bj d
McKinlo JtdKf KmcLIb nf
Pythias will Invj work mj tho thud
degree tonight
Light politH bjhiubji last uhhi
made light woik for Judga Wileix
this moruing
Steamer Kitnu nirvud t fT prt
horn t 10 wlin klliiw luornig f ir
qiicknju ficin Ililo nud wit
Tner iollgTute outbid o Pum
ion groundi At in tin Aiwmii
tion bill at tho Jiatstki ground J a
330 p m today
Judgo KnpoikHi of Maui has
taltjbd tha uotuiuatiou and tho uun
firnition of thn Son tiu tha p xi
tion of Treasurer tf i ho rnrrilory
TTuga pitches of mud runiii
on many of the eUh ta ready f r
liqu fioatjou by aid of tha cost rain
Street uleanitig ie slow
The Crtthoio fair ion ht Progres
Hall this aftfinjqqu This eviing
from 7 to Joolnok tljero will bo n
concert aid tablanux and lattr a
danco unJor thn stnip iiitpiiM
The dhw niiidiug oriieUd by
rj9Wora fi Couk ii expeoied
to ba rovly fir oooupiticy by Kii
ruuy lt l03 iid tha A xaadar
Yo ing building lo iaqtn may bt
all lattalled by Uisah tU
PnENDEitaAST In this city Deo
euibT 5 1902 at tho family reei
deaci Mrs Eleanor Kekoiobiwaka
lima Prnnrorgait apo 37 years G
tnonthB and 24 days
0 ranca Fair
In Aid of the Chapel
Will bo held at Progrets Hall on
SaUudaDec 6tb 1902
From 10 a m to 5 p m
To b foil wed in tho evening
by a roncert tableaux and dancing
Entrance to Fair 25 contt to
evetiirg 100
Lunch at noon 50 cents iiiplud
ing free entrance to Fair 1H77 It
Fire Loss
- - -
A largo lot of Horto and Mulo
shoes assorted sizes
Gilvanized Iron B jekols assorted
Hand galv Im Tubs at ported
Sisal npd Manila Uopo assorted
Plautern and Gooso Neck Ooes
assorted sz h
R It Pieba Axe and Pick Mat
took aborted szer
Asp Hon and Pick Haudler ob-
sorted sizer
Ready Mixed Paints assorted
Agate Ware
The abovo merchandise must -be
sold cheap for cabh by
Tha Hawaiian HMsare Co
810 Fort Street
Q LOTS at Knlihi fiOxlOO ft
J back of Ka nthsineha School
aud Kalihi Road
For full particulars inquiro of
at Ilawaiian liardwnro kCo Store
Fort St 2170
Orlan Clyde CulteM
atL aw
U S Siipruuin Court Hoginlirpd
AHoruuy U S Patent Mil oh Uuit
d Suites and Foruigu Patento
Caveat Trade Marks and Copy
No 700 7th Btreet N W
WonhingtoD D O
Pip U1 PtHutOinge
22M ly

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