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Detective Kuspa is ropored lo be
quite ill from the prevailing grippe
Attorneygouoral E P Dole will
retire from tlio Board of Hoaltb nt
tho end of tbo month
The Kameharneua nlumui associ
ation will meet at their club rooms
this evening at 730 oolock
Tbo Hawaiian Agricultural Soci
ety will meet tbia evening at 730
oclock in tbe YMCA hall
February 1st ia the prospective
date set bylke Kipid Transit Co
for the opening of tho Waikiki ex
The steamer Iwalaui ia reported
to have sailed for Hawaii yesterday
with a lot of laboreia for the various
Leo St John Gilbert a Biitisher
and William Heine a Deilacher were
made American cilizaus yesterday
by Judge DdBoit
Tho dalay iu distributing the
copies of the Comity bill is said to
be caused by the usual political rea
son lack of coin
The mooting of the Federated
Trade Union has been postponed
for one week on aecoutit of the ill
ness of the presiding uiliuer
Queen and Mitsui streets neods a
ligut bdly It would seem as
though within tbe province of the
Sher lla bulurseu to demaud it
Colonel William Nvin Armstrong
is reported to bo yet in the fiht for
the position of Altoruo General A
S Hartwell can nevor take it
There is a prospect of the Couuy
bill being presented at the opening
of tbe Legislature although tbu
printed copies are not yet circulated
The inspector of Government
oleotrio lights shoul I arrange for
the proper lighting of the very dan
gerous corner of Qaeon and Mililani
- streets
Thepbimse United Society met
i yesterday afternoon and it is
that it was decided at the
ing to the coming Chinese
New Year
Warden Henry is not tver pleased
with the prospective proceedings to
r taka place in thejil iu the near
future Tha haogiog bees disturb
bis rest v-
Tha name of ei judge WL Stanley
is now mentioned in connection with
5 the position of Attorney General
- The dictators will nerdly approve
him T
The common nuisance of sidewalk
blockade by the Government snw r
pipes still exists outside tho Bjard
of Health olBc orner of South and
Kawaiahao streets
The old building abutting ou
Hotel street and nearly opposie the
New England bakery h hioh has been
so long an eyesore and a uuisaucr
is now being rozed
Report has been received from
Touga that Rt Rev Bishop Willia
was an attendant at a largo public
gathering held at a garden fete iu
Mektialora on a late datB
The steamer Alameda Captain
Dowdell ii duo here tomotrow from
Sail Frauoisuo The vessel bring a
number of passengers and mail and
news dates to the 17th inst
The steamer Korea is looked for
j from San Francisco onSunday next
the 2oth inst It is bolioveu that the
ig lier will eudeajor lo lowjr the
record to leas than five dys
f OH Brown has assumed the qot5
Ive duties of manairpr of tbo Cali
fornia Fruit Co and all the usual
dalloacies in imported goods obtain-
oble during Oamariuou tiinftaronow
on Bile
Tho marine and stationary en
gineQra met in eaciitive oojjnail last
pyening at their hall in the E ite
building nud formtilated provisions
for a bill to be presented Iq le b
gUlaturo onnoernind llocuaea of on
glueers and the appointment of a
local inept oton
Thoro will be funeral services held
ovtr tli9 cremated rotuaiuB nt the
aged choir singer llebocoa Haawi
naaupo at Ktwaiahao church on
next Sunday Rsv H H Parker of
The first practice game at basket
ball of the team bolongtug to the Y
W 0 A look place on tbo Cathedral
green off Emma street yesterday
afternoon There was an excellent
The trial of the cnsos of the three
soldiers charged with breaking into
the Tantalus residence of Judge
Frear hai been put over on requpst
of tho prosecution for two weekr
i e to the 29th int
News fiom Lvhaina by wiroless
telegraph ia to the effect that John
Wise Bart Colburn and Everett
Richardson who had been arrested
in connection with the Liuai trou
ble had beon tried and acquitted
George Ferris Eontucky Bill
under sentence of death for murder
has been granted a further rospite
of ten days by Judge Da Bjlt The
man is in the last stages of consump
tion and apparently has a gocd
chance to escape the hangman
Deputy Attorney General J W
Catbcart who has made himself per
sonally and professionally popular
in office has withdrawn his applic
ation for the Attorney geueraUhi
and hsd aUo tendered his resign
ation as deputy
Merchants Association Zoit
At a meeting of the Merchants
Associatiou held yesterday after
noonthe followiug rernlutions were
read and recommended for endorse
ment by the organizations represent
ed in council for the purpose of pre
sentation to the L gitdature The
resolutions were eigne I by John
EmraeluthF L Waldron W W Har
ri JunasNottJr W L3rsep and
0 SI Taylorarid are as follows
Ittsalved that it is tin senas of
this organization t haft he Legisla
ture should ma ke this year an
i Bull dent to pay the
- establishing anu maintain
111J4 t Ijlly equipped prraaneut
bureau whoa du y it
shall o compile all a stiug ta
i j formal ion regarding the
rlawai i I Kinds aud tbe Ukiugof u
enui i cmimia of lln T rriloryo
Haw twi particularly for ti i purpose
f siiuwiug tho a du1 r jroautile
ud i idvisuial condition- ln ein
11 hi hvd that tho I
id- of thia ortiij ttiou are
tuj directed to caU this matter
to the attention of the Governor aud
urge It ie incorporation of suoh a pro
vision in his recommendations t
the Legislature both iu hiB Biennial
Message and in his Estimate of Ap
propriatiuns and Baid cointpjtlH am
also diiectol to Uy this resolution
before the Republican Territorial
Central Committee aud Legislative
Caucus and endeavor to secure theii
appoval thereof
Light Worded
OJO of the most dangerous cor
uera in the ciy if not actually the
iost tlangorotjiis tha Gouth easterly
corner of the tljlilaui aud Q ieen
stroots There is nothing discerni
ble at that plnua In the n flht tberr
being no light and the treoBin the
Jiulioiary building grotud mnkpg
darkness most profound The cdrb
jug ia low and there s practically
little to indicate to a driver of any
vehicle the location of the corner
The plaee is dqugerous and tinsaf to
vehicles and sjioqlJ u properly
Xlio Third Alarm
j At midnight last night the third
of the trio Eories ol lire alarms came
iu from Box 75 tho cause being the
burning of a dwelling ijejonpsing to
one Akqua ouri situated off of Punch
bowl strett above School street re
eritiug in the ola1 destruction qJ
tjie dwolljug ant lw jlenpoglnB of
an adjunct housu ocyupied by N II
ymythe The Pepartment rendered
quiok aud elllceut service Oaure
of the fire unkuowui
Fire Loss
- - r
of Oommorca
At the meeting of the Chamber of
Commerce held yesterday morning
it was decidod to memoraiiiz Con
grota against taking the action pto
pesed by the Senatorial Committed
with regaid to land control hero aid
the establishment of a national lep
rosaria at Molbliai Resotutms of
condolence in re the death of Hon
Paul Isenborg wero passod and en
grossed copies ordered tc be for
warded to the family of deceased
and to Mesrra H Haukfrld Co-
National Guard Promotions
Honolulu Hawaii Jan 18h 1S03
General Orders No
Tha followiug promotions are
hereby announced for thwiinformat
idn of the National Guard of Hawaii
H Van Giesen to be Sergeant
Mnjir 1st Battalion 1st Regiment
N G H with rank from January 19 h
I L Sherwood to be
2od Battalion 1st Regim tit
N G Hwi h rank frcm January 19 h
They will be obeyed aud repectod
By order of Colonel Jores
Odptain and Adjutant
Another Bobbery
Between G and 7 oclock last eve
niog the room of the Jaranfse ser
vants empoyed by Dr It wat ou
i1 his premiser wta entered by an un
known thief and 15 in ca h nd
some clothing was taken No ar
rest has yet beeu made although it
is well known t bat the thief was a
person well acquainted with the pre
mises and the habits of the losers
Tistrict Oourt Wilcox J
Only a bad hand in crlbbago but
which counted a big 10 In the number
ol cases was the total presented to the
ntteutiou of Judge Wilcox this morning
nad thoy were disposed ot as follows
Ben Paakai selling liquor without li
cense -sentence suspended for 13
months Linn Tal and Ah In
llng nolle prbsil Isabella Morale and
Ullsa who foregathered with C O
Peters and F O Uarnos had their
rases continued until tlio -Jill inst
und Jlarla Saiftos and Dclauuy on a
like charge had their cases nolle
prosd Ah Lura for gambling was
nolle prosd Roger James the tall
man burglar otc was conunUUit lot1
rial flufi lllcUavdtfpr soiling litjuot
Jlllcltly wont over until tho 2tth
Lum Tal maintaining a lottery was
discharged KnlnUalnuI vulgar lan
guage was mulcted 3 costs and 1
fine and one Jnebilato paid n cash lino
Of fll Ad Interim the judge settled a
Kalihi squabble In his usual suave nnti
wise manner by admlnlaterlug homeo
pathic doses of advice to neighboring
disputants mid hoydcnlsh girls
A large lot of Horse and Mule
shoes assorted Bizss
Gslvanizdd Irou Buukets assorted
Rand galv Ira Tnha assorted
Siaul an I Manila liope assortod
frizes l
Planters and Gooee Neck Hoa
asorted sa s
U H Picks Ax and Pick Mat
locks assorted s zosj
Axe Hoe and Pick Handler aa
Birted Bizef
Heady Mixed PViut assorted
Agate Ware
The above merchandise must bo
Bold oheap for oaeh by
Tq Bavallm Hitdwai
ii i
810 Fovt Street
13 an absolutely pure product of malt
and hops bruwed under the most
favorable conditions and with tho
most approved methods Order from
Telephone Main 341
bargains In Holiday Presents
Unprecedented Inducements
Artotypes Platinotypes Etchings Engravings Marked Down
Our stock of mouldings is up to date You can have
tures framed to suit your taste at cost prices
Findon Haddock
Fancy Cheese
ilCsH B
P O BOX 386
U S Supreme Court Kegistered
Attorney D S Patent OQice Unit
ed StatoB and Foreign Patents
Caveats Tiade Marks and Copy
No 700 7th Btreet N W
Washington D O
Opo U S Patent Offico
22il lv
Cousellor at law
Mclutyro Building Cor Fort nud
King Streets
P O Box SG9 Telephone 181
Honolulu1 H 2102 lm
KoutyoUys lamoua Jeasae Moore
Wbiekoy uuoqualled for ita purity
and oxoollonce On sale at any oj
tho saloons and at Lovejoy Co
distributing egeats for tho Hawaiiac
Iilouda i
your pir
Parlor Library and Boudoir bought direct from the
Mists Materials
Oil China aud Water Color Painting and Pyrography
Umbrella Btaids
Which may be UBed for Flower Pot Holders fifty per cent
present cost of importation
Articles suitable for Presents in China Crockery Bieque
Paint Bosep HammockB Japanese Flowpr Pots Trays and
Tables etc etc 5 10c S5c 50c and 1 Counters
China Firing at San Erancisco Prices
Fori btreet Art Rooms and Bethel Street Department
S2 3 s so3sro3rL
dish Bloaters
G Irwm Co
WmQ Irwin President Manager
Olftus apreokels First Vice President
v7 MQltfard Bewmd Vice President
M H Whitney Jr TreaBnrer 4 Secretary
aeo J Koss Andltof
Gommlssioa Agents
HmniG fsamsliip Cotupy
Of Rn JVranaluvi UI
Manufacturing Jeweler
Call aud inspect tbe beautiful and
useful display of goods for pres
ents or for personal use and adorn
Love Building 580 Fort Street

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