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Bxospt Baauri
P O BOX 81
i v
Batorod at tUo Offloo at Honolala
AiJtVm Beoond OlMS mall
Par Month anywhere In the Ha-
wailan Islands CO
lor Year 6 00
Br Year postpaid to Foreign
tn 0 00
Tayablo Invariably in Advance
Jt J B8SA Froprlotor and Pub
Residing In Honolaln
Surely tho first second district
magistrate is not taking boxing
lessons for exercise We bad always
put it up that be usually took
enough of that in a day to last many
men a week
As the County election is now
coming round Diamond Head the
Republicans had better open their
employment oQlcofor the benefit of
the voters who were promised jobs
last Fall if thoy would support
Prince Kuhio and have not worked
It la worthy of note that Republic
ana who have the honesty of purpose
and courage to stand for their prin
ciples and for clean open and above
board politics like Curtis P Iau
kea and T MoCants Stewart are
straightway condemned by tb Ad
yartiier Star and young Bubo
With the Republican Central
Committee faction tho Thurston
laotion the Home Rule Republic
an faotion the Stewart faction the
Birbe notion and a dozei other
factions to split the G O P the
chances of the Home Rule-Democrats
in tho County elections seem
to bo much above par
An ostimsble citzjn with a large
a to re a plumbing shop and an ex
tensive plumbing business wants lo
prevent working men tracing at
Chinese and Japanese stores At
the same time he admits employing
Asiatics in his shop and to build his
house The case brings up the old
story of the pot and the kettle
gain It seems to us that a man
who has gained a conspicuous busN
Bess steading and comfortable oir
Bumstauoes from the Irsde of the
jyorkiugmau and other oltgeoe
should bo tho first to load off in tho
reforms suggeBtod Thoro is llttlo
diffaronco in trading with a Japa
nese who employs Japanese and
with a citizen who employs Japa
nese savo that in the lattor caeo
highor prico aro usually paid
Why were some of the contractors
who habitually employ Japanese
absent from the meeting of the
Builders and Traders Union last
evoningt Well tell you They wero
ashamed and afraid to go there A
senao of guilt and knowlodgo of
wrong doing kept them in thoir
homes But the day is oloso at hand
when they will be drawn from thoir
holes and shown up in tho proper
In tho bloodless fight last night
between John F Bowler Represen
tative W W Harris W E Rowell and
others over tbo emplojmont of Japa
nese out Moiliili way every speaker
seemB to have been laboring under a
misapprehension In hiB letter to
The Independent Representative
Wright referred to the large gang
of Japanese working on the Waialae
rond under a Japaneso supervisor
and not to the gang of citizen labor
ers at work in Eomoiliili
The proposal of Mr Thomas one
of the settlers at Wahiawa to forest
a seotion of waste land near the
Colony and turn it over to the Gov
ernment at tho end of twenty years
should not be passed lightly If the
land is not more valuable for settle
ment or other purposes aud Mr
Thomas intends to forest it free of
charge and without hope of advan
tage lo himself save of establishing
a wood supply near the oolony
for the future wo think the scheme
a good one But if Air Thomas pur
poses raising and outting wood for
market he should oertainly pay a
reasonable rentolon the land
If the local stevedores will stick
to their preieut plan there will soon
be no Japanese labor employed on
the waterfront Tho San Franoisoo
stevedores have sent word that they
will oo operate with their local fel
lows and will refuse to touoh any
vessel at San Frsnoiaco that may
have been loaded by Japanese hero
That aation would tie up almost
any vessel such as tho San
Franoisoo Union is praotio
ally master of the situation
If the San Francisco men could be
induced to agree not to load a vessel
that had been discharged here by
Japanese after duo and sufficient
notice the thing would be settled
Si Congressman McCleary and
other travelers have been frightened
away from here by exaggerated and
absurd stories bout the dengue
fever and armies of tourists have
halted inside the Golden Gateafraid
to come on Who was responsible
for these stories Shortly after the
appearance of the ailment lost Win
tor the Advertiser and Star publish
ed aolumn after column of sensation
al matter calculated lo frighten our
own people let alone the tourist
who is inherently leary of diseases
in the tropics These papers are to
be blamed aud condemned for the
false impressions that have gone
abroad and for any harm that has
been done
Things are looking dark iu WalL
street says a despatob Several
big failures occurred yesterday and
the financial situation in tho east is
far from satisfactory This is tho
beginning o the renoUon following
tho prosperity after several yoara of
good crops and tho boom incident
to tho Spanish war Republican
tariff and trust tactics havo brought
the oountry down to proaisoly tho
situation that obtained in 1892 8 A
panio is brewing and it will almost
surely come within the next twolve
months Roosevolt and the Repub
lican party will not be able to stay
it for it is the child of their own
polioios It all means that tho peo
ple will again tako tho reins of gov
ernment will afoot a Domooratio
President and Congress and will
restore confidence and prosperity
To those members of tho Hawaii
an Band who this morning signed
an already proparod dooumenl al
leging that the statomontB made in
Tug Independent in thoir behalf tbo
other day aro false and entirely un
true so we aro informed and believe
are not tho ones wo caro to mke a
fight for We perfectly know and
are satisfied that tho statements
mada are absolutely true But to
hayo such Hawaiianswho lack back
bone and sufficient manhood to
stand up for themselves go back on
us knowing that whatever we have
stated is true is to us most despic
able and that further they are
beneath consideration especially
when thoy have not the oourage to
stand forth and oppose the Siberian
taotios of a man who has been mado
too muoh of in this oountry and who
is playing them for obildron As re
presenting the Hawaiian people wo
cannot help but make a fight for
them even if they turn against us
by makiug pigmies of us in our at
tempts for their woal
Talk About Labor
At the meeting of tho Builders
and Traders Exchange in conjunc
tion with the Federated Trades
last evening there was a good deal
of talk soma of which was quite
warm although little was actually
accomplished The employers
agreed iu a half hearted way to
employ only citizen labor and tho
unions consented to pass rules en
couraging their members to pa
tronize only the stores of citizens
Most of the members expressed
themselves ai confident that if the
agreement were adhered to it
would go along woy toward ful
filling the purpose aimed at
Instances of Japanese being em
ployed by different concerns
wero pointed out An to steve
doring on the waterfront a busi
ness in which oitlzen labor has
been practically supplanted byJopa
nose it was decided to refor to the
Merchants Association
John Eaimeluth Baid he was ob
liged to employ Japaneso on account-
of losses sustained through
union strikes a- wjb warmly an
swered by Mi Callahan of tho
Plumbers Union who declared ihat
the Emvtith firm had acted in bad
W W Harris was appointed a
eommittee to enquire into the state
ment of Representative W J Wright
that Japanese wero being employed
on tho Waialae road
L E Piokham charged that na
tives wero unreliable as stevedores
This brought up a wrangle which
resulted in tho resolution to the
shipping firms requesting tbem to
employ only citizens
W E Rowoll S Stephenson and J
Nott were appointed ia committee
to request the transfer of the
lighthouses to ths Light House
E J Tannatt W W Harris and
L E Pinkbam were appointed a
committee to Hraft further re
commendations to be made to Dele
gate Kuhio
Annie Olaudine and Mrs Phillips
have been sent to tho reef for a yoar
by Judge Davis on a charge of vag
Fino Assortment of ISLAND
VIEWS Send for Hot
First Glass tfork GnaranteoiJ
Photographic Co
Corner Fort and Hotel Streets
2G7G tf
IProra lEIilo
TO -
-- AND
k Way Stations
Telegramo can now be sent
from Honolulu to any plaoe
on tho Iolands of Hawaii
Maui Lauoi and Molokai by
Qssxmc Biwaskia
Mess -- Telegraph
GALL UP MAIN 131 Thats the
Honolulu Office Time saved money
raved Minimum ohargo 2 per
WHOM office hqoqh bloc
On tho premisos of tho Saaitar
Steam Laundry Co Ltd b6twooa
South and Quoon streets
The buildings aro supplied with
hot and cold water and eleotrlc
lights Artesian water Parfoot
For particulars apply to
j mit mm
On tho premises or at tho oSiso o
J A tfnffnnn 08 tf
Wsa GL Irwin ft Co
WruO Irwin PmldsntMrtnaget
Ulau Bproakels WintVico President
W M Qlirard Beuond VIcoPre8ldont
U JIWWtnoy Jr Treasurer 3oorotnrj
QeoJ Uow Auditor
For Everybody
are now putting up thoir BEST
Number SOAP in 50 pound CaBes
family Bize at 2 25 per box deliver
ed free to every part of tho oity
Full coses 100 pounds will bo de
livered at 125
For all empty boies returned in
good clean condition 10 and 20
cents will bo paid
Every Family in tho Islands
should have a osbo of Soap at this
price The best Soap mado for tho
Kitchen and Laundry Try a case
It is cheaper than buying by tho
Order from tho Agents
M W McChesney Sods
Queon Street
243G tf
A large lot of Horse and Mule
oboes assorted Bizes
Galvanized Iron Buckets osaortod
Rand galv Im Tubs aisorted
Sisal and Manila Rope assorted
Planters and Goose Neok Hoes
assorted sizes
B R Picks Axo d Piok Mat-
tookB assorted sizes
Axe Hoe and Pick Handler as
sorted sizes
Ready Mixed Painto assorted
Agalo Ware
Tho above merchandise must bo
sold ohoap for cash by
Tbo tallm Hartaa Go
810 Fort Street
Woll now thoreo tho
You know youll need ico you
know its a necessity in hot weathor
Wo believe you nro anxious to get
that ico whioh will givo you satis
faction and wed like to supply
you Order from
Tim Oalin tea FMflo Go
Telephono 8151 Blue Post oeffl
Ttnr WM
capital d3BOoooco
Organized under theLaws
- of the Territory of
LoauBjMortgogos Securities
Investments and Real Estate
HOMES built on the
Installment Plan
HOME OFFICE Molulyro Build
ing Honolulu T H
The Hawasinn Rsalty
and Maturity Co Ltd
The residence and premises of the
undersigned at Knlihl For terms
apply to him personally at tbo Ha
waiian Hardware Con storQ

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