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tBsmpt BUnaar
SntrtJ t ik Pos omoaat
ing him a square meal
HT u Baoond olais mall
jmsaoaipsion batesi
in ins II
Pit Month anywhere
watlan Islands
Im WpoKpiVd Vo Kisign Ooo
o uu
Payable Invariably la Advance
jr J VMYA Propria d
Kflitaius In HQnolnla
OUIxen labor was yesterday dis
charged from at least ona of the
Government quarries that wo are
aware of and today there aio forty
odd Idlers among the sons of the
soil where yesterday there wore so
many bread winners
There are features of this transition
froa citizen to prison labor that
would appear comical in the extreme
were the resulting conditions lets
serious to so large a number of the
eleotorate For instance the free
laborer baa to find bis way tobjs
work as best be oao most eat such
food as bis spouse or landlady has
fixed up for him in the sweat of his
brow and cold While the law
breaker rides to his work and has
following him all the paraphernalia
necessary and incidental to provid
sooner or later demand a solution
What to do with our criminal ele
uinnt to glvo them thoso opportuni
ties for redemption to an honest
induatrious oourio aftor tholr inoar
Deration and still ioavo tho honest
citizen an opportunity lor earning
an honorablo livelihoods
It in a notorious foot that men
have heretofore committod offenses
punishable by imprisonment for tho
solo purpose of obtaining the neces
saries of life from whloh they wero
bar tod throuRh inability to obtain
tho some In a moro houorablo way
Shall the jail be the avenuo by
which honest tollers may bpoIi sus
tenance for their physical being
God forbid Lot a healthy publio
sentiment be nrouod ou this subjeot
of prison laborers dally parade in
publio and employment oa public
works outsldo of prison gates
Lot tho Prison Iopootors put on
tholr thinking caps and devote a
little time to this phase of prison
moraio a phaso whloh throughout
tho mainland States and Territories
is tho ohiof oonoern of thoso devoted
to Prison Reform
WhaUvor sacrifice must be made
to this end let it bo made and cheer
fully but lot it bo understood as a
maxim of thoso that diroot our looal
affairs that prison labor shall not
stand botwoon froo labor nor bar a
oitizon from oarning for himself and
family tho neoossarlos of llfo
Moro anon
Now that Supervisor Goorgo W
Smith has boon mado tho official
guardian of the band It will bo in
order for Bargor to compose a lively
maroh relating somewhat to rat
It Is to be noted that the Board
of Supervisors has money with
whioh to pay interosl on the bonds
of county oulcors but not onougb
to keep up a sufficient force of work
men on tho roads
If the Japanese will just halt on
the firing Hue long enough they will
probably find tbat the Russian
forces in the Far East will have to
be withdrawn to aid in tho restora
tion of peace at home
Columbia College has conferred
the important degree of So D upon
WTBrlgbam of the Bishop Muse
um Evidently the people over
them do not know the oraok curator
as well as he is known here
Iaukeaa election oontest accord
ing to yesterdays Advertiser has
bsen deolded adversely The de
oislon is by lb Washington corre
spondent an ex parlo one arid is
without appeal And the morning
sprout is happy
Walter 0 Weedon out himself
very badly last Sunday night while
trying to kill an Intruding dog with
a sword He selected the wrong
These were i kind of weapon It should have been
our ooular observations of and a pitchfork tbo kind with which
al reflections r incoming tbe gang j Dr Sereno Bishop jabbed tbat borje
tbat went n vork at tho Puunui
quarry this im ruing In
Oyster Bay to tell tho President all
and we sup- thero
rest Ho needed it desporately bad
beforo ho left hero and evoryono will
oinooroly wish that he avail himself
fully of this sploudld opportunity
Jaokio Luoas has introduood be
foro the Board of Supervisors ft sot
of rules to govern tho proceedings
of that body One of tho first rules
should provido a bridlo and bits for
the prickly poor horo Ho coeds
a lot of ourbing
It seems that Russia has not only
bnou liokod by Japan but is being
givon auothor wallop by ono of her
own battleships mannod by a mutin
ous orow This must indeed be a
come down for a nation that bat
stood for years as tho proud and
arrogant but overrated power of
two continents
Tha singing by oertain matrons
t the Romas Cathollo oonoortof
last Saturday night former and
preiont members of tho oboir wero
well rendered showing that they
are not yet bsok numbers to the
younger olement It was a pleasure
and a troat to bare hoard them in
publio onoo again
Thero Is anolhor thing about tho
coming of tho four icfautry com
panies that will shortly intorost
Honolulu In tbo stroots tho
monkoy uniform adopted by Goo
oral Miles for the army will be a
familiar sight Tbat uniform carries
moro stripes and traps than propor
ly bolong to a Fronoh admiral and
is sot off with a cap that makes on
think of throwing peanuts to the
objoot under it
Tho appolntmout of E M Watson
to be deputy eounty attorney would
be a distinot compliment to tbe
voters of Oabu who almost elsftted
tbat gentleman to b Mtpy Al
though he was 4rt tttof tbe
country and did sat viiven kaq w that
ho was a candidate Mr Watson
would tauke aa ablo iuoucabent of
the office ooo tbat would give com
plots satisfaction to tho publio It
Is to bo hoped that bo will decide to
la sometimes caused by overwork either mental or physi
cal There are many other exciting couocb such as
exposure to cold excesses emotional Influences etc
The approach of the disease 1b generally gradual Fre
quently the first warning iq n vague feeling of headache
vertigo and muscular weakness
Dr Williams
nlngton from Honolulu pa Saturday i whloh dato bo J5 lS rlliffC
this port will again be left without
a war ship This will affird the
Chamber of Commerce and other
bodies a cause to get busy As this
Js a time of peace so far tbe United
States is concerned not only one
but perhaps several vessels might
be obtained to remain indefinitely
hero as station vessels This would
mean a great dal to tbe I tlanrts in
many ways particularly In money
spent here for supplies
Tbe appointment of Elibu Root
to beSeoretary of State doubtless
cstno a a great surprise to tbo
whole United States but it need not
hav done eoof r Root is notoriously
unfit for an office of so grrat im
portMiop but whit does RooieVelt
I In llt t TI la til PrtiManta
poispoa friend andthat is enough
Ruorevelt has honored a certain
looal man or two for the same reason
and the oases are parallel at mof
points than one
plaoeof rushioR post basto to L Its a pity tbat tbe bo air iojuojt
eleotion day June
would have
It seems iaradoxioal to say tbe about it and reoeive official console- jets was not done before the County
least tha these conditions should
be possibh under one and tbe same
pnvptnmeut and we mention it sole
ly to awakeu publio opinion to tho
cotjJaration of a matter tbat will
tion Governor Gaiter la proceeding
by uasy stages rtluiuR
pose winning ns
leisurely aloDR It is bitter so Tho
ed yesterday into Police beadqus
20 lest then
been enough
ha proceeds aulpbuiio gas to ve laid out all
opposition Surely theUiUrotvu would
added to or changes mado in tbe
new book
Houolulu June 27th 1005
31B8 2wd
Well now theres the
Yob know youll need loej yob
know Its a Beoetaity in hot weather
Wo believe you aro anxious to get
tbat ioe which will givo yon satis
faction and wed like to supply
yon Order from
Tin Oabu lee fi FMrlo Ci
Telephone 8151 Blue PoitofUce
OolIIster Drug Co Ltd
Dnuas and Medical Supplies
Governor floeds tho lolsuretho bavo beou defeated by Henry and No 1056 Fort St
Pink Pills for Pale People
restore tho nutrition of the nerves and have cured many
caBCB of paralysis when all other remedies and mothods of
treatment have failed The record of this remedy entitle
It to a thorough trial
thK l m I l nlnn bUr kJotrn In the oltr or Lnwrtnoe lUniiJi
I nm now event- of -About
jrean or nja tlireo
rear Import
need n cpldneu pr nnmbneis In tho feet tben creepfnit up my tt nnfll
i Wl mr ur grw hn n flMh r Ppottti i was viry poor
and I did not rollili my food At Uit 1 became 10 bud I via unobVe to
ESTfrVV I conei dUtlnRUI htd phTRle one ono tl Tbk
FtniJbW1 lV210t0i JM J1hr lh8t 1 liworeenli epnrMystf
I took their raedlolnoi but thedld
me no good and 1 continued U
Crow irorie
n Sn y friend advlted me to try Dr William rink rilUrpr
lbr un thilnr all other
ratdlelnei away JJfore l had nnltbtd my flret box 1 sound Uialthtr
werebenentlncme XueedlweWel0eelnallandwaeprfeotly cured
Vm IAt Javrnot Xawvrrtet
Dr Williams Pink Pllla for Pale P6pla contain In condensed form
all the element neceieary to give new life and richncup to the blood and
restore shattered nerves They are an unfailing apecifjs for luch dlieasta
as locomotor ataxia partial paralysis 8t Vitus dance nclatlca neuralgia
rheumatism nvous headache the after erfecti of tho nrln palpitation of
the heart pale and tallow complexions all forma of weakness alther
In male or female
Dr Williams Pink Pills for Pale Teople are sold by all ilealcnlor
will be sent postpaM on receipt of price Joe a box or nix boxes for sjjo
they ore never sold In bulk the- Wilfiama
or by too by addijcwluc uz WJiuauia
Medicine Company Schenectady J Y
Henry by Poopco Now it is bojng
dono to kill gorms and mlorobossnd
furthermoro it is a means of cleans
ing tho building audio give out
aomo oouuty work to palntors and
other artisans
Offioa of tho Board of Health
Honolulu Hawaii Juuh 28 100T
All bills ngainst thu Board of
Health must bo delivered at its of
fice by July 10
Appropriations for the period
100i lD05 lapsn July 20 100G
President Board of Health
aiGO iot
Motoil Telepliona Go Ltd
Notice la hereby given that a nw
Telephone DIreotory will shortly
be published and all persons intend
log to bava uew telephones Installed
aro requested to make application
at s earlr date
Ssbsoribsra desiring any changes
o bo tnade in their names or plaoss
With the deoartura of the Bad- of residence etc wil nleasn notifv
A Fernandez Son
Importers and Dealers n
Afjricultnrtl Implements
Hardware Cutlery Stoves Leather
Skin Shoe Fltidings Fish Nots
Llnou and Cotlnn Twine Rope
StoM and Galvanized Wire Cloth
Poultry Netting Rubber Hose
Paints Oils Colors Varaishof
Brushes and Goneral Uercban
- tt
ISTos 44 to 50
1 Bitwesn NanaBQ and Smith Sli
KATiV BLOCK -Telephone
Claas Spreckels Go
BAM jrKAKdIBOO Tho Nevada Maltoua
Bank ot Ban yranolieo
LONDON The Union ot London A Bnliths
Bank Ltd
MSW YOSK AmtrlMii jSxohanirs Xt
tional Bank
OHIOAOO Oom Kiohoge NaUonal Bank
PABIB Credit Lyonnali
BHBLIK Dreidnerlisnk
STHW Konr ABhaDghainanklnsCorporatloa AND
Banka ot New Zealand and Aaitralela
VIOTOniA and VANoouvaaJ Baai
ot British North America
rramaol ffwiroj Bpnking and Jtum f
Depodte Received
Loani made on Approved
Hecurlty Commercltl aud Traveller Cred
w uiiii 01 jiicniugc Dougui ami told
Golltotlon Proaplly Aocoantedl For
HntfioUrlQg hi sift
Call and Inspsot tho beautiful and
useful display of goods for pres
ents or for person aXy p aqd adoric
Tol MajDl iQ Lotrc Building 680 Fort Street
P 0 DOX 74f
Main 189

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