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Japanese Thought of the Oriental.
The policy of marking out
spheres of influence by different
powers in China has so far been a
matter of tacit understanding. Rus
sia, Germany, England, and even
Japan seem to look upon the con
cessions obtained from Ch'na as
the first step toward the ult'mate
realization of their greedy end.
This, however, argues the Tokyo
A.tahi, could afford but tempiraiy
satisfaction to the powers, and
hence the policy has enteiel upon
the second stage of its development,
when the Anglo-Russian agree
ment defined for the two powers the
exact boundaries of their respective
spheres, which example the journal
is certain will be followed by an
Anglo-French and an Anglo-Italian,
and, in fact, all sorts of entente.
But in the journal's opinion, the
spirit of the aggressive moves by
the powers is the grabbing at gains,
or more respectfully called, the de
velopment of their commercial and
industrial interests. With the ex
ception of Russia, in which, still
survives a tinge of mediaeval love
of territorial conquests, all the
powers are governed by the sole
desire of applying their surplus
capital to the inexhaustible re
sources of China, and of reaping
the profits of their commercial and
industrial activities. If this object
be realized, the journal doubts
whether the powers would care
much even were their rulers still
Mandarins. Only the lax, irres
ponsible government by the Man
darins would not be a sure guaran
tee for the safety of foreigners' per
son and property; and it is this,
our contemporary believes, which
will serve as the pretext for the
coercing by the powers the trans
ference of government from Man
darins to their hands. This will be
the third stage in the development
of the policy. Arrived at that stage,
the spheres of influence will have
become partitioned territories, or
colonial tributaries. To those that
would object to this pitiless fore
cast for China's future, our con
temporary would reply that China
in the present state of impotence
is no more able to escape the fatal
end than Africa in the hands of
European powers.
country, and opportunities like the
present uprising of the Nan-liak
mal-contents should be availed of
for ingratiating ourselves with that
impotent government, by the
prompt dispatch of a man-of-war
to Chemulpo not only with the ob
ject of guarding1 our interests mere,
but also to be prepared it neces
sary, to undertake the work of sup
pression of the riots in aid of the
helpless country.
I'esides Japan's justifiable claims
upon China, the Tokyo Asalii finds
an exclusive sphere of influence for
her in Korea, with regard to whic'i
an explicit clause in the Russo
Japanese protocol allows Japan to
establish the closest tradal and in
dustrial relations. We have been,
however, the journal thinks, mak
ing but slow progress with the task
of establishing our interests in that
The Osaka Asalii is determined
that the administration of Formosa,
which has proved ever since the ac
quisition of the island constant
source of trouble to us, should bj
nevertheless pushed on to succcs;
at whatever cost. For that end, the
journal would give all the appro
priations needed for its efficient ad
ministration, and would leave the
matter of expenditure much to the
discretion of the island government.
As to putting an end to the con
tinual uprisings of the raiders, the
journal sees no more efficient means
than the construction of radways.
It is a great pity, thinks the journal,
that the Formosan Railway Com
pany that was organized against
great odds but under a favorable
subsidy from the government,
should now have relapsed to a state
of utter collapse and be petitioning
for government help. The journal
holds that the government which
exerted its utmost influence for the
existence of the company, should
now share the obligations of the en
terprise, and should now undertake
on its own account the completion
of the most important means of
humanizing the benighted islanders.
(The government has decided with
the consent of the Diet to construct
on its own account railways in For
mosa. Ed. J. T.) What gives
more hope for a better government
of the territory is the extensive
subscription given to the shares of
the new Formosa Rank. With the
necessary capital on hand, the jour
nal is confident that the government
will be now on a highway of realiz
ing all its reforms for Formosa.
One thing against which it warns
the authorities is their time com
plaisance toward a few foreigners'
opinions, a chronic weakness in the
superannuated minds of the clan
extraction, which the journal hopes
will be remedied by the appoint
ment of new men to the offices in
the island government. If again, a
change be contemplated in the gov
ernment, our contemporary can
recommend no other than either one
of the two names ; Viscount Kat
sura, who was once appointed hut
who has never actively assumed the
office, or Marquis Tto, who is re
ported to have assured Li Hung
Chang of the successful government
of the island in our hands.
'ifimaiFia. jswaaser, . orM 3Sis r.5ic,!way v..m,mmmcm
The grounds upon which it stands comprise an entire
square fronting on Hotel Street. There are twelve pretty
cottages within this charming enclosure, all under the Hotel
management. The Hotel and cottages afford accommoda
tions for two hundred guests.
Imports of ChnmiuiKiHj into the United States
from iTnnunry 1st. to Oct. 1st, 1898. . . .
G. H. MUMM & (O.'S (Extra Dry.) 57,910 cases
Moet & Chandon 21,1(13 "
Pommerv t Greno 19,220 "
Heidsieck & Co. (Dry Mouopo'.e) 8,830 "
1 onis Hoeilorer 5,451 "
20 other brands 34,960 "
Total 150 480 cases
Macfarlane Co., Ltd.
Sole Agents.
zt Ui4 2iB E2a
H Ssaznc2-"'
l The Vessels of this Line con
sist of the New and Mag
nificent Steamers
8000 Ton.
3000 Tons.
4000 Tout.
Carrying Her Majesty's Minis be
tween San Fkanuisco. Auckland and Svdnky,
Every Four Weeks, anil
Touching Each Way at Honolulu
liimuing Direct lii'twwu San Kninoi.eo and Honolulu Kvery
Fourth Week.
General Ayenlx,
Krelclit Department, 327 Muiliet
Strvet. S. K.
l'lissencei s Dermrtmetit, 114 Mont
gomery Street, S.F.
General Agent.
Honolulu, H. 1,

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