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The scene on our cover page to-day de- cian may ask for. After the cards for a given
picts the Chinamen transplanting rice on a district are thus passed through the tabula
plantation in the suburbs of Honolulu. The ting machine, we know the number of native
harvest is now at hand. The yield will not born, white males of voting age, the number
Pdblilhcd bv tht fltlltin Publishing Company, be as great as in some former years owing to of white children under five years ot age born
the drouth, which has parched some fields, in this country with both parents native-born
swankmn AtTBTix. MAWAomo mditoh. , the piagUe( which has causeda scarcity or the number of such children with one or
SubscfptloI$3.coperYear,UhedStatMadCanadaof,.abor. b paints fbreign born or another in-
$S.CO per Year. Other Countries In Postal Union- .f.n.,!pjB ,W,.BO aha,PH.
juu rtLLUivanii' hub juiupcu uiei m. c.wwi ......... ...v. .................. ....... ..--. -.---.
eight-barred gate, as Oliver Wendell Holmes In short, it is only necessary for the statisti-
would say, for it celebrated its 8 tot anniver- cian to decide upon the information wanted,
sary last Thursday evening. The late la- and for the electrician to make the proper
mented Autocrat of the Breakfast Table truly connection from the counters and relays to
said regarding himself that the effort became the circuit-controlling device into which the
greater with each succeeding vault. With cards are fed. The methods employed for
Odd Fellowship, however, strength comes checking the proper workings of the machines
with increasing age and there is every pro- are ingenious and interesting. If the card is
mise of manv more decades of life for this not completely punched, or not properly fed
popular society. Honolulu has the oldest to the machine, or is placed upside clown, or
lodge west of the Rocky Mountains.
Dented to Ibe Intcnitt ef the Pteltk,
$6.00 per Year, Postage Paid. Single Copy 5 Cents.
Retirement Of Our Editor.
Mr. Franklin H. Austin, managing edi
tor of this paper, has resigned his position.
It is hoped that his retirement will not be for
any extended period. By the advice of his
physician he relinquishes literary work. For
the past five years he has been under a severe
mental strain with the result that his health
has become shattered. On April 10th he
went into the Queen's Hospital, where he has
since been lying. Upon recovery he contem
plates going to the mountains of Hawaii.
While there he will employ his time in pre
paring a book of short -stories, which will be
published in the near future.
The nomination of Admiral Dewey on the
Philadelphia or Kansas City platform will be
equivalent to defeat. General Miles ditto.
" No seat, no fare !" was once a cry in
Chicago that compelled the street car com
panies to bring their capacity up to the public
requirement. ,
Lawyer Humphreys can find solace in the
fact that a man is judged by what he is not
what he was. A whole lot ot esteemed cm
The historical novels like "Via Crucis,"
"Janice Meredith," "Richard Carvel" and
"When Knighthood was in Flower," which
have had such great sales lately, are good
money-makers for their authors and pub
lishers and perhaps answer very well for
those readers who have perused Scott over
and over again. One book of Scott with its
virile vigor is worth a whole shelffull of the
blazoned works of these up-to-date roman
cers, who ever fail to grasp the pith of the
romance in history. " Richard Carvel" and
books of that ilk are made to sell.
if some item has been overlooked, or, in fact,
if everything is not all right, the machine
refuses to work, and the card is rejected.
Neither will the machine work if the circuit
controlling device is operated without a card
in place. Such a machine also has the
advantage that it will not make mistakes
because it is tired or does not feel well, or
because the weather is warm, or by reason of
the thousand and one causes which will upset
the human machine.''
A Mechanical Detectioe.
TO&X ,"
.Three Neio Things.
1000IMii.es on a Moiie.
The AMomobile Club of London, has just
issued a (ffcailed program of the motor car
trial which Isjto he held from April 23 to May
12th. The course isjfrom London toEdin-
. .? j : 1. .j -ttTj ?.i
burgh and return, and includes pne day ex"-
hibits at Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester,
nj- I L. vr .1.. '!'.. j?.1 CL.IC.IJ
liuinuui mi, rNcwtasiiC'Uii-i yucv oucuiciu
onr1 T ooHc onrl eVinrtr pvhihitinns nt 'rtttlpr
..no nf Hmugti if uainaH tn.Aa v at what thfv law will enforce the answering of everv aues-?i tl. ..,.u:i.... ...:n u. .i...j .. u
"' ' ......, .. ..--- .- m.j - ....... ...-j - .... . ... " i ' . . SPIatca. 1 11c vcuiwics tviu uc uiaoosu ao iui
On June 1st the census enumeratorlrwill
commence their work in these Islands. The
were, would not be esteemed citizens.
EH' tf lr
will be observed as
ther day like it. Then
Hawaiian gives itself
wing aside all cares
II spirit that good
The Jockey Club
arthy, Prince David
executive committee
ria. w.uy . wcckb tvoewrlter8. calied
c up the runners and ' tU..v. 'j r.i
ark horses down from
some ot the unknowns
usual. There
the soul of th
to ioy uncon
and enterin
horse racini
have namei
and C. L,
to supennti
remain in wl
trotters and
the coast, althoi
may be here already,
The consequential damages of the plague
suffered by the residents of these islands are
more than the rnial damages. Charles
Brewer & Cotpf3cPBk who have many
tenants amongtheinBitile class, are the
first absenteeNbjjjlRI to sympathize
with us in our hTTstortune. They have al
lowed a ten per cent, rebate on all their rents
for the months of January and February. It
is an act that is appreciated.
tion as rigidly as though it were
to a witness in a court trial.
returns are made at Washington there is a
very ingenious AechniiiMMhthere that
will act asgpelecuve in- the wow ot the
enumeratqHrMr. W. K. Merriam,,JBirector
of the Unld?Su
follows : Vjl&fj
" This transcript
oi theenumeratorjt
be done with small
1 yHF
propounded ,ows . A with a sein,, price of $1000" or'
wnen ine ,. r Wwn Rinnn and Kinnn- c. kr.
, .WW-, , ..... ,,.-- -.. , . -
tween $1500 and $'J500; D, over $2500; E,
vehicles for public service. A number of
prizes will be given, and more than 60 vehi
cles are expected to complete. The start
will be from Hyde Park at 7 A.M. on Mon
day, April 23d.
No Prefix on Visiting Cards.
it as
e original returns
unched card will
something like
chers. About
used, and the
(75,000,000 or
done in about
or nearly four
one thousand of these
entire wqrlc of transcribin
more individual record
one hundred'ftworkingj;
montns. g
"These pMjutf record cards are then
counted, or nHVd, in the electrical tabu
lating machine! These machines are pro
vided with a circuit-closing device, into which
the cards are rapidly fed one by one. The
holes in the card control the electric circuits
through a number of counters, which will, as
desired, count the simple facts as to the
number of males, females, etc., or the most
complicated combination which the statist!-
The fashion long in vogue among men of
having no prefix to the name on visiting
Cards has been adopted by the " political set"
in Washington. The wife of one of the
foreign ministers introduced the mode, and
" Margaret Blank " is now the approved
form for the card. It should be engraved in
old-fashioned script, such as the social world
used twentyfive or thirty years ago.
Clean Path for the Bicycle.
The path in front of a bicycle is cleared of
substances which would puncture the tires
by an .attachment, comprising clamps for
suspending a small circular brush in front of
the forward wheel, with driving wheels to re
volve the brush rapidly on the ground.

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