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IT .
To-morrow will be an unofficial regatta day
at Pearl Harbor.
Oahu plantation, having acquired Ford's
Island, is putting in 600 acres to cane there.
The case of the Hogan Minstrel Co. against
the C.-A. S. S. Co. will come up on Monday
Bets on the governorship are not decided.
Stakeholders will keep wagers until definite
news arrives.
The naval transport Solace, now in port,
will follow the Warren to-day or to morrow,
touching at Guam.
Fred. C. Smith brings the good news from
Hilo that the new railroad will begin opera
tions on the first of next month.
The adjourned annual meeting of the Aus
tin Publishing Co. will be held next Wednes
day afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Next Saturday night another musical en
tertainmet will be given at the Irwin Opera
House. Some superior local talent will be
brought out. "
D. Keefe & Co., of San Francisco, have
established an agency of their grain business
. in the islands. W. L. Witham has charge
of it on Kaahumanu street.
The Oahu Ice Co. will begin business
about June 1st. The many friendsjjf genial
Theodore Hoffman will be glad to see him
in business harness again as manager of the
ice works.
While the First New York Regiment gain
ed no plaudits by its conduct here after the
Spanish war it has earned a credit maik
recently in guarding the Croton aqueduct
against Italian strikers.
Rose colored stories continue to come in
about the prosperity of the coterie of Hono
lulu fortune seekers in the Philippines. Some
can sign checks in six figures and Jim
Sherwood is wearing a diamond as big as
a kukui nut.
Mr. A. Marques, the leader of the Aloha
Theosophical society, has returned from an
interesting tour through India and Australia,
where he met some of the world's most dis
tinguished Theosophists. It is hoped Mr.
Marques will deliver a lecture on his travels
in the near future.
Subscriptions for the Hospital for Incur
ables have reached $75,000. The incurables
are the most unfortunate people we have
among us and far more move deserving of
attention and sympathy than such invalids
who have the comfort of hope in their
Lunalilo Home appears on our cover page
to day. This elegant building and grounds
are the gift of King Lunalilo, the Mat of the
Kamehamehas, to aged Hawaiians who may
be in want. The inmates of this beautiful
home revere the memory of their royal bene
factor. The Orpheum holds the interest of the
public very well, considering the infrequency
of changes. Hogan's minstrels are ever at
tractive, throwing out their gleams of vaude
ville and keeping their evening visitors in a
constant state of merriment. This week's
attendance at this cozy little theatre was as
large as the most sanguine manager
could hope for.
The army transpoit Warren came on Tues
day with the tidings of the passage of the
territorial bill. She has already sailed for
Guam and Manila with fifty-five cabin pas
sengers, consisting piincipally of acting
assistant surgeons and several officers as
signed to duty in the Philippines, and about
350 recruits, under command of Captain Ed
ward D. King. Th ; steamer carried a large
quantity of supplies and the usual mail.
From a White House View.
President McKinley "Say, Hanna, tell
the boy to bring in that Haywayin sack of
papers. I want you to take a day off with
me' and examine those bids for jobs. I
glanced over the lot the other day and they
made my brain reel.'
Senator Hanna "I'll fetch 'em myself,
Mac. You're not goirjg to forget our Ohio
friends are you ?"
McKinley "Not all of them, 've got to
respect California, though, as I'm not so sure
of that state in November. Let's see, here's
quite a large bundle of applications for post
master. They all read about alike and refer to
gunning and voting the missionary ticket,
whatever that is. One feller summarizes his
qualifications at the close of his letter in this
way, and it is a fair sample of the lot:
" 'Before coming to Honolulu belonged to
the South orMaiket Tarryers in San Fran
cisco.who carried the state for Harrison. Ar
rived in Honolulu in the spring of 1887 and
packed a gun in the following July. Voted
the reform ticket. Packed a gun in l89.
Worked against Wilcox for the Legislature.
Packed a gun in' 1893. Denounced Cleve
and and Blount. Packed a gun in 1895.
Wrote articles to the American papers ad
vocating annexation and burning up the
royalists. Assisted at the flag ceremony of
1898.' "
Hanna "He's a regular gun man, isn't
McKinley "Ye-es, but I don't see what
that has to do with running the postoffice.
Do you know anything about island politics,
Hanna ?"
'Hanna" Never studied it. It's kept me
busy finding out things in Ohio. They say
a man changes his faith at every election
own there and your military applicant may
have packed a gun on both shoulders."
McKinley " I gu.ss I'll tuin them all
down ; there are at least a dozen of t em.
That Honolulu postoffice is seeking an old
neighbor of mine in Canton."
Hanna" How about the Collector of Port
at Honolulu ?"
McKinley" Seven chaps are after that,
all of more or less warlike disposition. That
Co'umbus friend of ours can fill that billet,
and as to those Honolulu parties, why I'll
let them down easy and make them Customs
Inspectors. They'll be satisfied. If they
can't make enough out of opium to bring
their earnings up to the mark of the Collec
tor's salary they won't be on to their jobs,
that's all." J
Hanna " Where are you going to get
the Governor and U. S. Marshal ?"
McKinley" Four are after the governor
ship and no less than thirteen are willing to
take the marshal's .job. Dole has had the
governorship bee in his bonnet longer than
anybody and I think I'll let the cherry fall in
to his mouth. He'll have to curtail his ex
penses it he wants to exist on the governor's
salary, which is a few thousands less than he
has been getting. I hear he is a man of
plain habits and a stickler for economy.
He's owed the barber two bits ever
since I've known him. It will often devolve
upon a governor in his position to entertain
American and foreign naval officers and he
will have to set aside his Jeffersonian
simplicity. By the way, Mark, who are
those two morose looking felleis from Ho
nolulu who hung around the lobbies while
this territorial bill was pending ?"
Hanna' 'Hartwell and Smith. They are
only lawyers." "
McKinley" Don't sneer at lawyers ; I
was one myself once."
Mother I'm surprised at you ! Couldn't
you t.ll he was going to kiss you ?
Daughter Yes, mn, but there was no one
to tell except him, and he knew it alieady.
Philadelphia Press.
" You remember young Caipley, who used
to have an ambition to be an actor, don't
you ?"
" Yes."
" Well, he's playing a leading role now."
" Ypu don't say so ! By George, I never
thought he had it in him !"
" He's with an ' Uncle Tom' company and
leads the bloodhounds in the stretf; proces
sion. Chicago Times- HerrfTf?-
"This," said the guide, "is the grave of
Adam I"
Historic spot ! With reverential awe nay,
with a feeling of deep thankfulness the
wealthy merchant tailor on his first trip to the
orient drew near and cast a flower on the
" Erring ancestor," he murmured, " I
should be the last man on earth to revile
your memory. To your sin I owe my pros
perity."Chicago Tribune.

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