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Hi D
ttU .
Great Crowds Witness
.Departure of the
Largo 2usiber of Passorigera Sail
for tho 2IaiziJand. Gaelic
-with. "Lataat and
Kail from the Gtat63.
There here beon crowds on the
Ooeanic wharf at the departure of th
Anetralia bat yodtorday'a record
beat any othor. At .1:30 o'clock die
vdiarf was veil filled; at 3?I5 it was a
dlulcult laattor to move hbont and at J,
n person in the midst of the crowd
must needB remain there until the
outer edges had -worn away.
It was jnat abonfc thU tuna that au
accident barely averted by the
of tbe ship nnd policemen dolnilo.1
for duty on the wharf. It being n03r
4 o'clock, crowds of people attempted
to rush the gangway to get aboard in
order to say farewell to friands while
jjb many people who had already done
this, Mere attempting to Ret down.
The consequence was a bloclrnde and
tnefOLwaaiTio movement either wuy.
Al!fSiehile, moro pooplo were
the wharf and steamer's
deck until tb gangway began to S3S at
tbe middle.
Ouptain Lawless rushed through the
crowd, took his stand nt tbo foot of tho
gffway, shouted to oUlcers aboard to
do tho sKino at tho head and then proceeded
to clear the gangway. Captain
Fox and three police ollicers camo to
the rescue and tho danger was averted
Had the gangway given way, tho result
vould have boou awful as there wore
no less than a hundred and
upon it, the majority being
After the gangway wa3 cleared the
(kjtr ia giveu to ullow no one bat
jiassongers aboard tho steamer and a
youu? man on dock wae seen to shed a
fcllent tear for, just at this moment the
land btr.ick up, 4Tho girl I loft behind
ejo" and all he could do was to wave
bis farwell.
On uocount of the largo amount of
freigLi and baggage on tho wharf, the
Austr ia was delayed until shortly
after o'clock. Even at that time, a
largo number of pepplo stood on tho
wharf waving aloha to their lei bedecked
friends aboard. Tho occasion was
much oulivened by tbo music of
liergor'a band. In fact tho departure
of the Australia would bo tamo without
the elforts of tho baud.
Tho Australia was crowded throughout-
Not a berth was left in cabin or
fcteerago and some, it is understood,
will havo to sleep upon mattresses in
various staterooms.
For San Franclajto, per O. S. S.
Achilles and three children.
Mrs. S. T. Alexander, W. Altken,
Charles Bon and wife. Ed Baker. W. I
ttoardniau, wife and child; D. Center,
Wife and six children; J. B. Castle, J.
Colman. S. H. Constock, Colonel W. H.
Cornwell, J. Dorward, Charles Elston
and bride..Mlc3 Elstoa, Miss M.
Mrs. English. Mr. and Mrs.
Gay and maid, V. J. Galbraith, Jr..
G. Green way, Captain Green, E. P.
Gray. S. Greaschweig, F. IX Greany.
W. F. Hellbrun. wife and three children,
A. Haueberg and wife. Dr.
A. K. Hartford, Captain J. A
Kayaes. John S. Holt, Miss Belle Johnson.
Mrs. Kopke, Miss G. Kopke. Miss
3. Kopke. Master Allen Haynes, Prince
David Kawananckoa, Mtsa Laughlin.
Mrs. R. Love, James II. Love, Walter
Love, Miss Sarah LyccU, E, P, Low,
Mr. and Mrs. McClaaab&c and daughter,
Mr. nnd Mrs. W H. Morrison, Mrs.
J. McCoCrriston. Mrs. L. Morgan, J. E.
Miller, J. T. McCrosscn. C. .V. Mackintosh.
Mother Deiphina, T. H.
NOhlamlt, Msa Pauldlns. Miss
Patch. Mrs. C. Richardson and infant.
It. IUcdetnsnn. Mrs. .Retd and dsughr
ler, Miss NJStcvcas, MlssCXA.
crs., snow, wxioana tvoTmiruren;
Irs. J. Sutherland, J. S. Snitrer, Ai
Schierholts, Mrs. Sicbccker and child,
W. H. Smith and wife. Mrs. S. N. Sexton,
Miss U. Shraeder, H. S&iOi, W, A-.Smith,
Miss Totten, E. P. Walsh. John
H. Wise, Mrs. J. J. Williams, Mrs. M.
A. Walih. Miss J. Walsh. Dr. J. A.
Welsh, George WateraouEe, a. L.
Young, Miss Zinnncrman, Mrs.
and daughter.
For Makaweli and Koloa, per stxar.
Mikahala. Juno 13 J. C. Wells, J. A.
Aklna, Mica Minute Akina. Mies Lillian
Aklmf, Mlbs Llbhle Kauai. Miss
Ptelel. P.ev. J. B. Kaholeole. Agccs
Ida lakara, Korah Kaholeole.
Tor Woimea, per stmr, Keauhou,
June 13 G. N, WUcor. C. H. Wilcox.
ir. Blankniaa. Mr. Roblascn, Mr.
G. I- Kep3i Joseph Ala and
th Alu and Lucy Kapa.
Por Kaunakakal, Lohaica, HHq anI
ay ports, per star. ICinau, June 12
Rv. S. L. Dcsaa and children. Charles
Williams and two daughters. Iter. S. P.
Perry and wife. Rev. a W. Kill. C. M.
Le Blond, Rev. C. A. Austin. Mies L."
Wells, Mrs. a B. Wells. M. M.
O'Shaugluiessy, Theodore Wolff, W-Campbell.
E. Campbell. Mte Alice
Weight, Mrs. Stone. R. J. Smlrl, A.
Lindeay. T. U. Hughes. J. S. Low, H.
J. Oatai. Mrs. E. Sanders and daaghter,
Mks E. Kaohi. Rev. 6. W. KektHjwa,
T, H. Sedgwick, H. A. Isenberir. Miss J.
Dieeyor, Mrs. J. T. Ellis, His. If.
Cols, Mrs. J. B. Castle aa serv&at,
XkK K. D. Jcnca. Mrs. Buchanaa, J. W.
Masoe, Dr. W. L. Mboro, wife, "child
and mftid.
FOrXaai and H&wail ports, per rtmr.
Maun Loa. June IS P. Oockett, wife
and child, Kelipoli Sylv, Mr. Ille?
. DoHtTosia, A. w.Jieytnmaan, APot
" "a ' 'Mipi v&uHmi . "l" w '
F" "' &&
Annie Kino, Helen Bartels, J. M.
Simth. W. J. WrigfaL Miss Daplin, G.
IL Robertson, L. P- Lincoln, W. H.
Cornwell. Miss McCall. H- M. .Whitney,
Col. Norris, Julia Lazaro, Fannie Leslie,
Julia Joe.C. B. Hall. Robert Lea-lie,
L. M. Mitchell, 3Ir. RemlUord.
Sarah Yates. Julia Kalaklela. R. S.
Scalce, A. de Rego. Miss Twombly.
Ovcrend and wife. Dr. Winslow.
John Gabler and wife, P. Adler and J
P. O'Connor.
San Francisco, per S. S. laellc,
A' r.a. R M. Armstrong, C. G.
J. M. Bright. Mrs. J. Campbell,
isisi Campbell, Miss Vlice Campbell,
Bit.. Cartwnght. Bruce Cartwrigbt
Jr.. m&s Kathleen Cartwrlght, J. P.
Ccoke, Mrs. M. K. Cooke. Miss Irene
Dixon. F. W. Dohrmann, J. R. Fulton,
A. Gartcnbcrg. Mrs. A Gar.eaberg. W.
Hevdtmaaa, aJIss Annie Holt. Miss
Eliza Heir. Miss Lizzie Holt. Miss E.
Howe. . W. Lather, Mrs. W. P. Luther.
Charles Matheon, Mrs. Storan
t a. Koontn. Mrs. K. L- Pivcr
Mies G. Pivcr. Miss Peerl Pierce, W.
L Reiu, Dr. R. H. Reld. Mrs. R. H.
Held. L. A. Itoatin ana child. W. P.
Roth. W. A. Sauer. E. D. Teuney, J.
A. Tuthlll. H. A. Weihe. C. Wlicor,
Miss M. Wilcox. Miss L. Wilcox. Miss
Sadie Wilson. For Yokohama S.
Hashimoto, Dr. David Starr Jordan. W.
Kobayashl. F.sv. T. M. MwNair, Mrs.
T. M. McNalr. J. 0. Snyder. T. Taked?,,
for Kobe F. H. Hosier. :.tis D. E.
Ogden. 3IIS8 E. Talcott. For
Skcrrett Rogers. Mrs. Skerrett
Rogers and caiid. Rev. Pius
For W. 11.
N. Beuw. Mn. h, en?. 0. Cllft,
Dr. G. D. Costlgau, Dr, 3- Davis, J,
Esllck. Dr. J. T. Kennedy, Dr. Georg
A. Lung, Lloyd M. Robblns, W.
Tuesday, June 12.
Br. cp. M. E. Watson, Wilson, for
the Sound.
0. & O. S. S. Doric, 3mlth, for San
Stmr. KInau, Frcemaa, for Maul and
Hawaii porta.
Stmr. Clandino, Macdonald, for
Kahulul and way ports.
Stmr. W. G. Hall. Thompson, for
Koloa and Hanamaulu.
Stmr. Mckohl. N?.pc',a, for Mclokal
ports and Lahaina.
Stmr. KHauea Hou, Parker, for Mau
nalei and Kaanapall.
Wednesday, June 13.
0. S. S. Australia, Lawless, for San
Stmr. Mauna Loa, Simerson, for Lahaina,
Maalata, Kona and Kau.
Stmr. Mikahala, Pederson, for
aad Koloa.
Stmr. Keauhou. Mosher, for Waimcn.
Stmr. Maui, Parker, for JCukaJau and
Simr. Lehua, Bennett, for Kaanapall
and Olowalu.
Schr. Golden Gate, for Kaanapall.
0. & 0, S. S. Gaelic, Finch, for China
and Japan,
American ship Cyrus WakoJleld was 3S
day coming here from tho Hawaiian
Islands with a load of bugar, and during
tho passago was caught in a storm
which sprung her foretopmest lioid
and carried away the main topgallant
ma3t. She will probably go back into
tho sugar trade when the repairs are
SAN FRANCISCO, Juno 4 The Hawaiian
Bchooner Americana
is now out 9C days from Iquinuc,
and It is about time she was shewing
up. The chances are she has got CSUijlU
in tno doldrums on the equator and Ler
crew has had nothing to do but curse
their luck.
The steamship ManauonS9, Johx
Barneson commander, has been chartered
at San Francisco to mako a trip
to Vancouver and St. Michael. It will
be remembered that tho Manaucnse's
laat trip was to Kahului. She wruic a
record at that time, doing the round
trip In 25 days. This, of course, included
the timo taken at Kahulul to
discharge 1C00 tons of freight aad to
take on 1500 tons of sugar.
cruiser Ynriag, which left Cramps'
shipyard last Tuesday for her builders'
trial at sea, returned to th!3 city today
after having been given a satisfactory
test. The big warship and her battery
were tried out la every conceivable
vrar flBu 119$ oe weak spot was
found la the construction of the vessel
or In her engines and boilers. On her
speed trial the cruiser developed 22
knots an hour under natural draft and
with one of her boilers out of use, and
the builders are cpajden thet stie can
cover fully 24 kcots when put under
forced draft -The Varlas will have her
otllcial trial In July and will be ready
to bo placed In commission late in August
SAN FRANCISCO, June 5. Captain
John Barneson of the Army Transport
Service received word yesterday that
the transports Buford and Kilpatrlck
would soon sail from New York for
thU port, via Manila. Tb3 vessel's have
teen in the Cuban service, ar.d are undergoing
a thorough overhauling before
leaving on their long trip. The
Buford and Kilpatrlck are rather
smaller than tho transports Meade.
Thomas, Grant, Sherman, Sheridan,
Logan and Hancock, end from Information
at hand are classed with, the
SAN 7KANCI5Q0. Jung LCaptaln
I A. W. Hayvrd of San Francisco, who
formerly commanded the steamship
Mariposa, was in Washington last
week. He has charge of the work of
outSlUa; epe of the pew steamships
now bull&ag JTcr the Oceanic Company
at Cramps yard in Philadelphia.
A late San Franclsio paper says: The
steamer Mariposa has just'btc. released
from Quarantine. She will discharge
her sugar at the refinery and
will bo coaled there, after which there.
-will be a rush to get her Australian
freight aboard in order to get her away
with the mails on the 13th Inst
The bark Olympic was cleared for
this ort from San Francisco Jane 1.
Following are the principal jteaa of
her etrgo: "11 bbls flour hay,
I38 ctls barley, 1750 sks brJia; iZ
and 115 bbis oils, 1150 cs sup, 132
49 cs bread. 50 bbis vfMfcar. Idea
lbs codfish, 20 cs olives,a0cs canned
nrua C 'KSJtt anA ISflc Balmr. VJW'
gal and 217 c wia,tl4,7771bs soda;
id carboy-acid. 3W bdls hcbk. 20
whisky, 5150 lbs larfi 53S ctls corn, 49
pkgs bicycles, 335 doorS, cs paints. 56
rolls paper, eta, valued at $32,322.
Additional per stmr. Australia for
Honolulu 34 cs hats and cans, 50 rolls
paper, 65.100 lbs rice, 9 cs sheetings,
etc, valued at $7,202.
American bark Er3kine M.
Phelps, now on her way from the Philippines
to Honolulu to load sugar for
New York, made the fastest run of the
year from Norfolk. Va.. to Manila, abe
left Norfolk on November IS and averaged
125 knots a cay for 7 days, whlci
carried her to the Island of Sumba, at
the entrance to the straits of Bomber,
on that showing Captain Graham expected
to make the run to Manila la
record-breaking time, but light cad
contrary wlnas, calms and adveise currents
In the passage spoiled the ship s
chances, and the average each day was
only 65 knots, much to the disgust of
everybody on board. The Phelps was
122 days making the run, which is, nevertheless,
a goou showing, considering
uie average ran is 150 days. The
Phelps discharged 4627 tons of coal at
the navy yard "at Cavito and on April
24 sailed for Honolulu in ballast The
Erskine M. Phelps will be remembered
a3 one Ot tho handsomest steel ships
that ever came to this port. Captain
Graham has a host of friends in San
rraucisco who will be glad to bear ot
his. whereabouts. He is accompanied by
ujs ttife and daughter Gladys.
The M. E. Watson sailed for Astoria
yesterday, she having been chartered
to take on a cargo of wheat at
that place.
The schooner Neta Nelson arrived
in San Francisco from Kahulul June S.
'i!io bark OJympic cleared on the same
day for Honolulu. Sho brjnga a very
iargc cargo of goneral merchandifp
Tho Mauna Loa was over an hour
late gotllus asy for Maui and Hawaii
ports yesterday morning on account of
the largo amount of freight it was
nccescaiy for her to take.
The Mariposa, due June 20, will be
tfcS 5e?t rnP lhe Coast The
Hongl:3ES Marti fa!!a i cuo the nest day.
The nest msUi for the Coast will be by
the Nipfca Maru, duo hore from the
Orient or. the 22d Inst
The last mail brings Tiewa that the
bapk Amy Tujcsr Rgd th,? IrrsgQrd.
were eilcrsrjsfl to Kp up alongside the
wharf upon arrives! In San
Tlie Turner wag ?$ snj t;:5 Irmrd 0
days from thhf port. 'iSio'tapsafai 'tre
very happy at not bslng competed tc
thj uual week in quarantine ,
Angel Island. !
The big freight steamer Algoa. whLh
rccsntly left San Francisco icr the Orient,
too the largest cargo ever carricJ
out of the harbor of San Francisco in
a &5sia bottohi. Jior frejght ca;'?
of about 17.000 tons of. general racr
chandiso for China and Japan. Amonc;
the cargo are 156 carloads of whiiky
and alcohol, iesides flour, wire, wire
netting and machinery.
Tho Bennington and Concord will
notcomo tp IcjoIulji fnjsa the Asiatic
station, as was ez&ccter The J?dvy
Department' ha3 decided to havo them
overhauled at Hongkong, inatekd of at
Mare Island. The Philadelphia is
a thorough overhauling, preparatory
to a hurried trip to Jap,ui636
vat::s. The Concord and tha
cro light-draught vessels and
aro very serviceable cither In. China or
the Philippines. For this icason the
grdsr y come hpige was
Captain F. A. Hart well known hero,
died in the military hospital in San
Francisco on May 26th. For maay
years Captain Hart was on the
&pd 'hUe chief officer Qf ftSt
vessel was very seerel' Injured uy a
wave which washed over the deck.
When the SpaniBh war broke out Captain
Hart was given command of tho
transport Scandia, and later took command
of the Warren, of which vessel
he had charge at th& tlma of his. death.
He leaves a widow.
Steamers due and to saI r51iJ
for the nwt six days are ss follows:
Gaelic, San Jane 13.
Maripcsa, San Francisco, June 20.
Hongkong Maru, San Francisco, June
China, San Francisco, June 29.
Nippon Maru, San Francisco, June
Moana, San Francisco. June 22.
Rio do Janeiro, San Franclico, June
(This list does not Include coasters.1
Albert Am. bk., Griffiths. San Francisco.
May 25.
Archer, Am. bktn., Calhoun, San
Francisco. May 23,,.
Ac;encr, Am. cp., Colby, Newcastle.
May S.
Albert Meyer. Am. cchr., Nielson, Seattle,
May 5.
Aloha, -Am. schr., Fry, San Francisco,
May 15.
A. Jf. Ropes, Am. sp., Charuian, San
Francisco, April 15.
Australia, Br. sp., Jcuss, Newcastle,
May 12.
Blccmfonkin, Br. S. S., Balioch, Seattle,
May 19.
Bangalore, Br. ep.; Blaachard.
May 9.
Big Bonanza, Am. bk., Bergman,
Newcastle, June 3. - -
Carrier Dove, Am. schr C. WVj
Fort Townsecd, May 31.
C. D. Bryant, As. bk., Collay, San
Francisco, April 27.
Carondclct. Am. bk., Stetson, Newcastle,
June -5.
Edward May, Am. bk., Ssn Francisco.
May 17.
K. 'Vcad. Am. schr., Hansen,
June 3.
- Florence, Am. sp., Rhodes, Newcas
tle, way 9.
George Curtis, Am. p., George S.
Calhctic, San Francisco. June 5.
, Halcyca, Am. schr., .Charles Mellin,
Eureka, May 3L
Himalaya. Haw. bk.. Dearborn, Newcastle,
April 17.
Henry D. Kyde. Am s?- Scrlbner,
New York aad Valparaiso. March 20.
L F. Cbapjsan, Am. sp., Carter. San
Francisco, April "2$.
Ivanhoe. Br. bk., Newcastle, May 13.
James "H. Bruce, Am. schr., Peterson,
Aberdeen, "May 26.
Luzon, Am. sp Park, New Xork,
May 1.
Mauna Ala, Haw. bk.. Smith, San
Mary Dodge, A. schr.. from Eureka, J
M. P. Grace. Am. bk., Grant, Sydney, fe
'April 2. - H c
Ok&sogxB, ATiXr:rReuseh, Port
TOWMesd, April ,?.
.OakJand, Am. bk., Ackerman.
Piaster, Am. bkta.. McNeill, San
.'RmMT 1m ''M'VMMMUSValf
w.ip.w. ot mjp .iwi w.WT mmji .-
San Francisco, May 5.
Sebastian Bach, Br. bk., Nagasaki,
February 17.
Sussex, Br. hk., Guthrie, Newcastle,
May 2L
Standard, Am. sp Getchell, Newcastle,
May 2L
Star of Italy, Haw. sp., Wester, Newcastle,
June L
S. C. Allen, Am. bk Johnson. San
Francisco, June 6.
Subscribe for The Republican, 75c a
month, delivered to any part of the
The employes of iheLL S. X. Co. will
all have a holiday to-day.
G. N. Wilcox left for Walmea ihe
Keauhou yesterday afternoon.
.T. C. Wells was a passenger in the
Mikahala for Kauai yesterday.
C. E. Le ilunyon and wire left in tho
Gaelic yesterday for the rhilippbints.
There is a three masted vessel, lumbar
laden, off port. She will be inin
tho morning.
John J. Dlzs Las bssn appointed
Stamp Olcrk in tbe Internal Keveaue
D. Dousdas, who is in charge of the
blacksmithing department of the Ewa
plantation, was in tho city yesterday to
see friends off on the Australia.
Walter F. Drake whoso faithful service
in the Customs Department has
mado him a valuable man has been appointed
a deputy internal revenue col
The inventory of the property on
quarantine Idlaud has beon sent to the
office of tho Minister of Interior and is
reported to tho valued at abomt
Viituixird was arreted auI landed
in the stiiion Lgjico iut night by Defective
3vaapa far rtvoiviug stolen
goods. His ca3o will ba a:rd in the
polico court this xnor&i.::r.
The bicycle race at the races today
is going to be fppti Pr.u has
offload" a prize of $10 ro tin men whose
wheels are in front at the quarter poles
and tho prize for the race is $30. In
tha mile and a quarter dash the following
horses have Leeu oaiercd Antidote,
Aggrivation, Evoroit, Cagimh',
gad Mnple.
Tue business of shipping sailors for
various foreign vessels 1 i port has
ilio bands of the i rnt
so that thjut3 yUl bo
quiet aian? the vharvea from now on.
Tno Iw.innl from iiamaaaa una
baa fram Anuhola, Kauai, are both
tvctkl in this marriing with sug".r.
Tho 7aLi2e ds wjll probaoly sail this
WcrUtc riglit.
Yesterday mornings LHe having their
shoos shined, a prominent government
ofilciul and a well known photographer
were treated to a flns little 'scrap' w kilo
they waited. Tro boy qn tc. ;",aj.i
wofo Qt we,rk pa thp cbcos oiriti
wben"withciit auy c."JhraPiO!
of a belliGoso aatnid thov dapptd
their brasjjeg nn& olartd m pommeling
flaau'0.hep inuen to tnu enjoyment or
their customers. They wore surprise d
at tli3 tfro it eil arts m.uie tiv tao sniaer3.
The fun lasted until it was stopped by
a passer by who bclioved not in fisticuffs.
aacranianto 2co Icclarca That to Give
Him Second Xltce on the Ticket
Would 2e Suicidal.
SAOhUEKTO, June 1. The Ueo, whose
position as a leader iu Bryaa soatim"
teu publicly acknowledged
publicly warn3 tue JJemocratic
party that, to uso the laugn3go of its
own o Jitorial headline, ''the idea of nominating
Vv. U. Dlearst would bo
nothingshort of polftcal suicide " The
Bee carried Sacramoaio, one of the
banner Republican coaatiss of the
State, for Uryaa in iho last
campaign, bat thzt it despairs of
accomplishing ILhi feat again with, the
Hearst handicap would appear from tho
following double-leaded editorial tonight:
widespread effort is on foot to
give W. R. Hearst the second placo on
the ticket with W.J. Bryan. The Bee
hopes it will not be successful. Hearst
does not believe in the doctrines which
Bryan has eo eloquently advocated.
He is not a silver man. He never was
a silver man. He i3 a gold bug pure
and simple. His .newspapers have repeatedly
done all fhey conld to belittle
Bryan, and there is no douot
that they would have thrown the
peoples's advocate over for Georye
Dewey if tho times had bean propitious.
The most virulent attack ever msdefiaiL
Bryaa appeares ia tha colams of thi
.New York. Journal, writtsa hy Arthur
McEwen, evidently si tho suggestion
of W. U. Hearst 'Eis nomination would
be suicidal caiPwouId probably lose
California a&dNew York to Bryan.
1. H. FESHER k CO.,
ATerabors of Honolulu. SscliiingQ
Stock and Bond Brokers
.Advance da on A?yrovd Security
H. J. KOLTBa : : V Proisrwtor?
- r
3Fbf opp. Sprackel's Caulr.
First 01as3Lunolies Served
t'WitkTft,.Coff, SodHVater, Ginger
MUfC. , uiwuL.lrosn
Ccspaay Give an Excellent Seaditton of
esorv ihat admits of P-: i'1? "U5HJS Fnu P ""?3.
.- . .,, ,. ..... , . Mis interpretation of tbe title I
fessionaily speaking, tne latter class 15 roie in ufl Trovatore most musical of
Auber's Fra Diavolo is prehaps the
pleasantest and without doubt one of
the most musicarof light operas. With
Carmen it approaches closely tie realms ;
of grand opera and may be said to ;
fairfr rank with. -Majlis' whieh is t
usually admitted into the ranks of the
more classical woncs. To the general i
pnblic all opera that is not "grand 15
brocdly termetl -light"' a sweeping cat i
divided into ucomedy," "lightand To - !
maiie." Under the last head, which
arc usually of considerable more merit,
musically, than the others, are included
'Maritana, Carmen," Fra Diavolo and
others. They are all essentially
. . . 1
ing" operas being as dependent on a (
skilfull musical rendition for their
. .. I
success as is 'Majcotte," on its non -
Sense. I
Fra Diavolo "possesses ample oppor
tunity for the display of good voices
and tbe showinc up of inditferent one3
and .. it is a . bright feather ... in the cap . of 1
txe organization now singing at tne !
Onbeum tbar, musically, there is little
room for even the captious critic to
lodge a complaint against their render-
ing of the opera.
That past-master of criticism, Cle-;
ment bcott once issued the axiom that 1
'it is tho true critic's delight to find
matter which he can consistently and
conscientiously laud." It is therefore
pleasant to be able to bestow laurels
where laurels are due which in tho
present instance extends from principals
io property man.
Dramatically tho cast of Fra Diavolo
is weak in spots and strong in spots.
An operatic "Admirable Orienton" who
shall combine tho dramatic power of
an irvtug or a iuansueiu with, tiie voice
or a Jean de Be. ike has yet to be bom
and it 13 almo3t invariably tho case
rhrti' thf crontpsf. tlia urcj. (
nMit,p(nr "xr,. TVif? 4Vta n-X..
u,.,,.i..iiiv.o ic.j ucnuj u.u ucdircu )
consummation, nowever, Urtnng remarkable
and versatija dramatic force
besides, en unusually fine basso. Mr.
Golf is a trifle lacking at times in bis
stage craft and Mr. Baker seemed somewhat
nervous, which perhaps ia only
natural considering that this ia his first
appearance u a strange part and hi a
strange town where tho critics have
sesmed to be hunting for opportunities
to cavil rather than to praise. Neither
cf these gentlemen's shortcomings how-over
are sufficient to detract in any
way from the pleasure of the whole
performance; wbibj qf ter all, it is njusio
that one gqea to tfie opera to hear and
a Letter naritone or tenor would be
bard to find.
ter ot
axUta as Mr. Wolff and his com-
robing coming
UU iii 1.UW OCVUHll wi is
pariicularly tryipg ortjeal tq
ress. MiMa "(o muav tv
-it Aii ,17 Tc i penmenc wmca tno urpneum manage-Suhr
feaSSf Jffir; ft"e I F 1 arTlikely to repeal
villas mdeu 'that should be shown ' XTnducement 8allSIaCt017 iln'
oSS d?SfJf ftM nSSrshouldtouit, despite
iSL&uiie & .?"! Jffiar ?Lth rtho ball, pack the house. The work is
"" "J'K'O.alwavs a favnrSU nt,fl ,na Hmm 1,1
ao7 Th, country gDrrnatural vanity
at the pleasure her charms wore likely
Jn lwiafnw nnnn l,nP Iorr ,r,A 4?
iatoewMoh ia -11 W f W.T'a nn ' Ukey to render of lt Tho
inmate modesty of tho pqrtSl
and originality to the rendition. Miss,
Ladd is eminently able to sustjun the
vocuiizauon oi me roift Retujj gtued
witb a pure "or STjal range
prices for j European
We are slocked with the
Complete Assortat of these Goods
3P '
Eina English and French Percales
'" in'lmmense Variety of Color and 'Uesigii. ,S
2 1' 9
I - s
CChese well
j &.
W. B.
known staples are herein large quanlitieV
and at the same prices.
VltM CO., to.,
Retail Dealers at Wholesale. Prices
i.- 1
and sweetness that has already won re-
peatcd plaudits not only here but in
cities far more metropolitan and blase
than Honolulu.
Mr. Goff, haa a barytone that should
rapidly bring him to the front rank of
his profession. Both in upper and
lower register there is strength, sweetness
and purity of production. Mr.
Golf sings dramatically and feelinely
and in every part attempted has given
his listeners an undeniable treat
Grafton Baker, the new arrival had not
? SXwfat?,,za & f
pure, mellow tenoro robusto voice;
mti h hl to sim !, mc .n
! nrrtrlniAfl n nTVlrt s
moo. . 5lr. iJakcr lias come here
? , ,
Italian operas, to night may bo looked
forward to as a treat
vuliam olu was by popular acclaim
a masterly Beppo. In Gaspard
he gave proof of oil dramatic force and
in the last act of Diavolo he increases
the impression after keeping the
-1? ? . . , . - ...
eace m perpeiuai goou numor witn
gf, tSfitS,"
His voice too wa3 in great form last
'nit and he was forced to repeat his
Kjl?nrT nf flia "tnl.v.
Chief three times to an enthusiastic
house. Mention must be made cf Miss
Fairbairn's and Mr. Branson'a Lord
nnfl T.?iilr A1!(n' rrn?(., iwnihnfjvl
...-.- ......w.. -. ...4. v.........x.
mo5t materiallv to tho success of the I
performance. They both presented I
excellent nieces of character work,
vocally and dramatically. Mr. Rogers
makes a forcible and effective Matteo
and Naco Bonvilie had a make up
and conception of Giacomo. Misa Ter-
smith, with only one little "No" to
say made a winsome bride-room.
Tbe chorus haa very little to do in
Diavolo which is a pity, the rank and tile
of tbe Orpheum folks beina blessed with
good voices and. well drilled precision
of attack and climax reaching powers
that are most refreshing. What little
chance they had however they made the
mwt of and helped in no small measure
in bringing about that mot desired
consumation, a curtain call after
the lat act. So liboral indeed aro tho
Orpkaiim audioucos of late in tho
cucotm and curtain calls it is a
of wonderment that the theatre
is not crowed to the doors nightly.
Honolulu does not seem to revel in
tb.3 present opportunity for opera and
it is a hard matter to ascribe the correct
reason. Hero is an opera company
wheze principals aro held in high esteem
in Greater America and have certainly
"mado good" here, a chorus that
smg3 excellently, drUla well and is
lavishly costumed, lu all, an organization
far ahead of what wo have hitherto
enjoyed here or with present
ara likely to do again. They
present a scries of operas, tnany of
which ore royalty pieces and havo never
been heard here before They present i
tnem too at a mouwato price cf admission
and yet at the hich salaries which
oven. ThLi attempt to bring a
attraction to Honolulu is an ox-
I S! Kirl.wl
5,1 lnfSi,n? '
"W f setfely S3ld it Was presented in
SJSSSSi SSS compared with
present company are
R3t W cents. Tho opportunity should
bring out a good house. Grand Opera
at half a dollar n head is not an every
uay occurrence m Honolulu.
Most gali J
which we are
JoSbliig Promptly Attended to
CAPITAL $,000,000.00
Agent Hawaiian Islands.
i Hi 1-1
,, f
Agent Hawaiian Islands. -
of Records
Abstracts and Certlcatcs of Tltlo
Carefully Prepared
$2000 to Loan on Real Estata
Hawaiian Ballasting Co.
H. l. EVAN,
- 'N.
Foundation Stone,
Curbing, Bla&cplut .
White Sand,
Soil of" all Description tor
Sale. -
JtSDray for Hire.
the Old Prices
Cents w' ;
-v K
"CSnts .
5 Worth
Worth 35 Cents
Honolulu. H. i,
McPtoil. iuaBMnu aaetiuitar la
if J

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