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Wliat People Tliink of
Begistration Board
Dr. McOrew Says Tbur day's "Work
Will Sesult In Strengthening
Democracy and Enabling it
to Carry the Election.
There has probably been no official
act here for years, and certainly none
since annexation, that has so aroused
public sentiment as Governor Dole's
action in making appointments for the
registration boards.
It has been the subject of general
discussion on the streets for the past
two days. The strictures on the appointments
come from all sorts and
conditions of men. without reference to
party Hues. They are condemned oy
Republicans, Democrats and Independents
alike, Trtth very few exceptions;
and some of the severest criticisms
heard have been made by. the former
political supporters of the Governor's
faction, who, for "auld lang syne,''
wish their expressions of opinion withheld
in tnc hope that the appointments
will be recalled and or bipartisan
boards appointed.
The general feeling seems to be that
new appointments should be made
more fairly representing all political
parties In the Territory. There has
been no objection to a majority on the
registration boards being Republicans;
the objection Is to all the members being
of that party. Among a large number
of opinions expressed to The Republican
yesterday, the following wlil
be found typical of A'arious shades of
"I consider it an outrage," said Clarence
M. White, a lifelong Republican
and a r ent member of the late
Territc jpublican Convention. "I
am in ravor of an equitable distribution
of the members of the boards of
registration, according to representation
tcrthenepubltcan. Democratic and
Independent parties. As it is now, the
Democrats and Indepenuents are entirely
without representation."
Mr. White roundly condemned th
selection o Lortin Andrews as chairman
of the Oahu board, stating tb.t
he was In no way a representative of
tnc party.
"I want to congratulate The Republican,"
said J."S. Martin, the Tammany
Sachem of the local-Democracy,
"for the able fight It is making for all
parties .In this board of registration
matter. What kind of a Democracy
have we without representation?"
W. R. Farrington, member of the
Republican Territorial Committee,
"Tho most serious mistake in connection
with these appointments is the
precedent established of making the
registration board representative of
only'one party. As a Republican, I do
not think the appointments will either
make or break tho party. I shall do
all I can at all tinies, in every way
possible, to secure the success of thd
party at the polls. If the Governor has
made a move which Is likely to endanger
the success of the party, 1 consldei
it my duty to work all the harder for
the party, Irrespective of any appointments
or preferment of which I may
or may not approve. I am first, last
and always a party man, and i do not
helleve In violating party
and precedents."
Dr. McGrew was seen
Italsingh Is hand in the air.
the doctor said with emphasis:
"It is Just tho best thing the Dole
government ever did for the Democrats
of the Territory; I believe thes
appointments on the boards of
will insure the Democrats a
-victory t the next election, and you
Ky be assured we will take- every
that Is offered us by the
appointees to heat the
party lth. The Democratic
party ot tho Territory will be heard
from fn o uncertain way before tha
first actions are held."
Kd Towse, jseafer ef the Republican
Territorial Commltte s&id: "Let
the ctnd committee take it up. That
body'mwet niwwer for the
4wi the approaching cam-
Mr. Hash Xtfatyr aald with great
dldw: "Wei!, whatdW you j
jct? Tfcwe appolatits are not a
iBrprlse to e, ad they k2J JJ
betoi anyoa that la aerated
the past of :
seated hv Governor If yw x
my he did not knw J
..,.,. uwiaii ware, utd wtuucaa
Goveriwc 4e a pnir SStthii
te simply a repetia of l
Pfa 2L
always la r Jif
thir,frkd have Ltla
the the 1 jJ52J
hoards th- have lply afr
wa party, a they woW aay other,
-, . . r
x&fea ifer wju
Xnty , a
e "3 '-.
9flimA& , 2rttt ;k
- A
A ldia Ptibott;rf
pubiiew W ycdy "?
amt a wHitowwt wmwTTrrm
afti mm h
staricdia Honoldtu It was fnHLer
stated that both the oatflfc and the
editorial staff woald b brought down
&flmtsanFrandL5eo.ond that teenes
newspaper would have a millionaire
Farther Inquiries developed the fact
that the project of. starting a. Democratic
newspaper here had been under
consideration for some time. One gentleman
Eaid an effort had already been
made to bay the evening Star, but bad
failed. He further said that he had
lately offered to bead a subscription
list with 3000 to start a Democratic
newspaper, and that he had no donbt
the statement that other Demrcr&ts
bad arranged to start a paper In the
near future was true. He believed s
good Democratic paper would -greatly
aid in solving the political question
and drawing party lines.
Other Democrats, who were questioned,
admitted that a Democratic
paper would be established here
ere the election.
Report of the Committee Authorized
by a Majority of the
Members Yesterday.
Yesterday afternoon the following
resolution was submitted to a majority
of the members of the Board of Health
and authorized for publication. The
resolution is the report of the committee
appointed at the last regular
upon the qnestion of raising the
building quarantine brought up during
the discussion of the permit for the
rebuilding of the Pantheon block:
"Resolved, That all quarantine restrictions
upon property condemned
by the Board of Health on, account of
tho existence of bubonic plague, be removed
after the expiration of five
months from the date of destruction
by fire of the buildings upon such
0. B. WCOD,
A Chinese Shooting Hens.
Two mounted policemen were sent
up the Kuuanu valley, early last evening,
in response to a telephonic message
tbenco to the eifect that a shooting
affray was in progress thereaway.
It proved an innocent aifair, a Chinese
simply shooting some chickens
and celebrating his success by healthy
A Record-Breaking Jag.
Citizen Brisland holds this year's
record for getting drunk and sober
again. He was arrested and sobered
and arrested again and sobered again.
The third time the jag inocnlatiou
"took," and at last accounts he was still
drunk. Here is the time by innings as
copied from the register at the police
station: "Brislaud, dkn arrested July
13, 11:45 p. nu, discharged on bail July
14, 5 a. m.; arrested July 14, S:45 n. in..
dk., released July 14, 4 p. in.; arrested
July 14, G:15 p. m.
Three charges of drank will be entered
against bin. on the calendar in
i the Police Court Monday mornluc.
Judge Wilcox will have to decide
whether it was a continuous jag in relays
or three distinct and separate
It Was Decided Iiast Night to Ask
the "United States to aid
Reform Party.
A mass meeting of tho Chinese residents
interested in the Heform Party,
in the celestial empire was held at the
corner of Smith and Hotel streets, last
evening. The meeting was attended
by about twenty-five huudred celestials
of every walk of life. There were four
speakers, each of whom was attentively
listened to during his discourse. The
situation in China was goue over briefly
by ail the speakers. The efforts of
the Reform party were explained and
a proposition was discussed to have a
petition generally circidated and signed
by the Chinese resident In the Territory
of Hawaii asking the Presidentof
the United States to use his good offices
to uphold the efforts of the allies
to control the acts of the Dowager Empress
in the present difficulty and to
stand by the young Emperor in his
strtiKgle for the betterment of his
country. The petition is to be made
up here signed and delivered to
through Governor Dole.
jSTo speeches of threatening, nature
against the Chinese Consel resident
here were made, although he was openly
accused of having sent the names of
Chinese active here in the reform
movement to the home government so
that their relatives might be punished
for the actions of the men here who
are giving aid to the reform party
Leung the reformer, did not
gpeafc, and tha crowd was disappointed
at hk failure to appear. There was a
rimer about town yesterday that the.
Guises Consul had asked for police
protection ftoaa some of the Chinese
here Deputy Marshal Chuliugsworth
stated that be had heard nothing from
the Coaeul nor had any guards been
sent to the Consulate to protect it.
WI 1
Tie salt of Mrs. .H.MaoPbersoft
acaWtatry F.M. Brooks has been
wHbttrawB. !Tber wait to recover:
ainfli jRofier all L to have been loan-:
arf rteirrw Brwte wheu the l&UttUS
w;MMaryeorlr:w oucdimxb:
$b afjeattiottec;
'-W befW Oort
MK of thaoaBt was given
Brooli : go4 "4a whens lie" wag,
to wuirt tmmm& torinm at the bar,
WbeKtrooJE'acoodln to
tion. Bkely;3sadiia.rUiPhii
aine Mrs. Porter oootiplatd teg
fjM W fcaooaae Mf. Brooka. , '
It fa tnuteratood ftba Brooks mm
fias n-W 2& f r t'a111!.1 .v So. .a-v,. m... .1 s &mvH,tA k. X1.V
i iliiw i jr "v -. jq: iiit it iT i isftiirriiifiri
I BEER StMtlHI Uii tt I
uiom nils . f
1U iUilof flmlllii I , !
Great Potato 'i
arrjRDER cases.
Candidates for Deputy Marshal
Fred Clinton's Sad Accident
Alien Hilo Office
In a communication to the Hflo Tri-
hune, H. W. Heashaw says that whU t
visiting the districts of Kaiwiki; : I
and Olaa sometime .since; "hie attention :
was called to a blignt,
of parasitic origin, widen had attacked i
potato plants. In some !
the potato crop had fsc&xi absolutely '
ruined. As the disease is, or sooi:
will be. widespread over the Island, 31 I
Henshaw deemed the matter Importafs;
enough to warrant the sending of specimens j
to the Agricultural Daflm.i.
at Washington, with a requ&si tor information .
as to the disease &ad .u
treatment At the same time he included
specimens of blight on" gtaus 1. 1
and lemon trees from Dr. Rag&eirs
plantation In Olaa. The infort&a&ca
requested has been furnished promptljr
to the effect that usually the fungus
need not be feared, and prevntLY
measures are rarely found necessary.
If, however, says the agent of th?
Agricultural Department, it becomes
necessary, probably either Bordeaux ,
mixture or ammonlacalsolutka of cop- j
per carbonate used as a spray would I
prove effective prevenuveness. Judging
from the fact that the fungus you
send attacks tne leaves and simpiy
causes the decay of limited spots, 1
hardly believe that it will caase any
serious damage. .
The lemon leaves are affected by tfc
disease which we know in this country
as '.'scab" or verrucosis. It is pro
duced by "" ". " J""-""""
nioilncTinrllim Thic
gus w.Uv.U0i.v...uu. .v... i, "-""o-
considerable aamage io tne lemon in-
dustry in certain parts of Uie United
States and has been the subject of
some invcsUgaUon by the Department j
ot Agriculture, xou win nna a
siou ul ue uibcuse ami uikluuus ti
treatment in Bulletin No. S of this dl
vision, a copy of whicfi is maiieiF to
you under separate cover.
The potato leaves were in a bad condition
and we find that they were undoubtedly
affected with the potato rot
fungus (Phtophthora infestans). You
will find a description of this disease
and treatment in .Farmers' Bulletin
No. 91, a copy of which will be sent
you'. This disease is more fully described
in Farmers Bulletin No. 15 of
this department, which may be accessible
to you.
The potato disease bulletin describes
the disease and recommends treatment
as follows: This disease attacks the in
leaves, stems and tubers. Generally,
the first noticeable effect upon the
leaves is the sudden appearance of
brownish or blackish areas, which soon
become soft and foul-smelling. So
sudden is the appearance of the disease
in some cases that fields which
one day look healthy may wither the
next day or two, become blackened as
though struck by fire. . The rapid
spread of the disease, which is, caused
by a parasytic fungus, is dependent in
large measure upon certain conditions
of moisture and heaL A daily mean
or normal temperature of from 72 to 74
degrees for any considerable time,
moist weather, furnishes
the best condition for the spread ot
the parasite. On the other hand, If the
mean dally temperature eiceeds i degrees
for a few days, the development is
of the disease is checked. The tubers
affected by the disease show depressed
areas on the surface, .
while withm. are blotches oretreaks of
a' brownish or blackish color.
TreatmenL This blight may be held
in check by the application of the
Bordeaux mixture. This is prepared
and appliedas followsr Pour
into S barrel 25 gallons of M.
Clearwater; then weigh out .6 pounds of
crushed bluestone, or copper sulphate,
and after tying it In a piece of coarse
sacking, suspend the package just beneath
the surface of the water by
means 'of a string tied to a stick laid
across the top of the barrel. In another
suitable vessel, such as a tub or
half barrel, slack, 4 pounds of freih
Jirae. Slack; the Usae carefully by pour
ing on small quantities of water. Add
su&ele&t water to. make ' 25 .gallons. As
soob. asfrtbe blaestoae is dissolved,
which will "require aahpur or more,
poar the liaae, and 'bhiestoae solation
together, barret for the E.
purpose and stirring; coastantly. It
'sowetlnaes happess that saMcleet "lime
knot" added, :a reslt the foil-age
maylbe it for 'this
"pmpose. JM steerlfKueMade In u f
for two. or three r minutes;, if the ,:
ia: it .for;t;'bc'th:Mlaaie8;;,fif.1the
Wade shows ;a1eop?celored';ilBge.
add bliiBe.V!4BMcatiob the
tre feW la: when the are
4 to Slcl! hihv:aad;l)e;reted at; ,
tatecAaiiilwaari' tuttll"';
'flve":or'iXv tiaiOats,;hiVe,'b6eji made. ; in
It ahW W awli th a ftae
fiwees&wip., -Th-a;
frBaiaark aprayr will - bveid . on c t
A-- tt - - - - - - T
am mnnwmwtt for ryiBx I
rs, 1-A-.
akta a tiurwj
V. .'-& - 'kfni4
HfeXtel.Sile BajBroifti.' r
itiTe fa rai&rsd ra:ticr&, 'WccJ; of as-
asd wfflmora to 'Hhuphda by tftr Th
4 A5i. rszrkwsu h, s lwa nlemed to J-?
H 4?- I " -, - . i . .
nT., I. H : Site- f. -: th !Vrr.' ;a-Jf
- i TT, , w'.' . tT T , ,..
rting asfci ajtiga; -l&era it dfesdJfctsfasaeii ex- f tf '' rST?VSriSr -"l?o:" " Z " .'3L
It . $m?m.m v fAnenwi L..i ZrTTS'ZlZlZ. T.- T" T, xvai" ,,w"5aP ,c
-L. TWr.cotoftw ., :, .. 3ll,, '. f.. , v ': TT; "V'rC : "T. i ea -i.: r !.jcrr . ,fU!
! feivst ,V.I if
I ?. J . . . .V ... ' r
mi iiin Tsftna r.r w rarr.cory is i is certainiY unricjiii. aiT
K,,f.f. Kt.nn w'hfii' Js vcl'.. kmiwn
usl easstr&CLtiqs feiil zbskt f t
& let nj Cm,Wtufc JSt 1
jk J J ii.SU M2E j
UOS 23 far'as -3 wl?! . ruralr 3- laSS ,
seventr wcraiss: cay with the force
taat van bq caplsyefe
aiui5.ii t ze iiacnise or
nnsaayTiy iasidaMcKihicT.
Trnfeh took Baa ca Jsae fidi'irss
cel.cd hy PrcfeJcst" Gchr on
Only Amtjrtcaibr Jurorsi
The case of Ar$r sreraers, chargo
with killing hssan sr
Honokaa Tuesdaf iconilagi The
venire o juror was exhausted. Noi
person other iSana citizen of the
United States was permitted to sit as a
Juror, a decision which bars many
residents of the. district The trial of
Nahaiea. will follow that of ileyners.
Charles Williams will dafend him sna
after that case Is finished thcio of two
Japanese, charged with murder,- will
be called,
Tor Deputy Marshal.
J; Hi Bowman forwards by this mail
to Konolulu a petition to Slarahal'Eay
4jr owntas siarshat of
, .
t i : t -.
bia!ne5t aaen, says the Tr" -
:me fe BmwsaSR Toss .been night
v..tchs:aii ta
sard hw& &I1iit'a 4Sjuoas. of taas pa
t ii:c
era! tft.'es premsjlh ?
road the- a'Jt'a - ,05!,.. '.wU
as gefieraliy prsertins good; order.
It 8U&
UnW." Oinal ss'r
tat ,' :"n srr T-v
- :- vJisv tvk':
are siism ht.rf as wl e in Ho-
.;-;, i h&zivLt rUetro ifnier . tha
aiu lf.th$&r Is eafc? I
j. y nv'4 tlcwa ?aJ jattl tor it t
least a year at whith time tay wi!3
be able to qualify. The StotUh
A Qniei Jliittla Dinner.
Mrs. Dr. Carnchaer g4e a delight
ftil diacer to friends at fce BU i
r . , .. .. -i. .. . . ;
by Manager. Mcmocih.exeeaed
thing of the kjajfsotjan np at that hOa -
t?iry for a lotft&. Mrs
Ys gats wer&j&dfee and Mrs. i
Miss Basr.$ S m.;Paf&er.
.;. rp aanfc Yidi. 1
Srs. Harriet SS&XaJESBis, Ka-1
W. a. "f'ctlv'Dri'iia Qmce au;i :
viC '..-' iitlo h;r.:a . j j
The Tribo Sas-the foHowin? edi
torlallyr. "Tp;sha tho Advertise r !
io j
everyone Tae ancestors ot tne mcuern
lif!in rnmnirsolv as ,tha Nobk
Romans - ustti t0 sspeak of the peace-
Myafaalgoa cf a province, when they
iig there except a few
banes and an ottiasional chimney. Tfc
Advertiser will .probably swell up. with
over Its a in pouring oil on
tne troubled waters when it -has
brought the Uepublicsn Jwurty to the
same happy condition."
1'red Glinon's Aza Shattered.
Says the Kilo Tribune: Fred Clinton,
-formerly manager of the Telephone
Central at Honokaa, met- witb
an accident last Tuesday which is likely
to result In, the amputation of his
right arm. He' was hunting wild hog3 l
Mauna Kea, between Humuula
Sheep Station and the Shipman ranch,
company with Henry Easton and
another party. He had just shot and
bauly wounded a wild boar, and, running
to the animal, raised his. gun to
give him his coup de grace with a
blow, supposing the rifle, which was
repeater, to hav no more loaded cartridges
in it. ihe usual result, with unloaded
guns took place, and the gun
was discharged, sending a bullet
through the arm, shading the bone.
His companions got him to the ranch
and sent for the nearest physician. The
latter, however, did not arrive for more
than twenty-four hours, and in the
meantime hut little could be done to
relieve the sufferer. On, Wednesday he
was taken to Honokaa.
Notes. -
Mrs. Julien Monsarrat, at Kapapala,
quite HL
J. VT. Mason is making business
trip to the Eastern States.,
Jtulge Lyman and family are spending
the week, at Kaumana.
Miss Ulinoe Hapai will make the
round trip to the Coast on the Roderick
F. C. LeBlond and wife and Hon C.
LeBlond leave for the Coast by the
Jtoderick Dhu.
Attorneys Pddgeway and C S. Smith
are both in attendance at the Honokaa
term ot court.
aOss Margaret Bice, leaves for .the
Coast by the Roderick Dha, after a
visit of several "months la Hilo
There were eleven passengers for the j
volcano on the Kbaau, yesterday.. They
are guests at the
It is said that another saloon, license
for Hilo will
party heiag the. applicakL
Mr. and;Mrs.chdeB. pareBts' of Mrs.
B.TUchards arrived by the
Dhu and will reraain iadelEitelv. .
lands in, Puneo, retarBe4By the KinAU
zJt, Tft 1
a.short'Tsltto 1
from ranuTes ana t
rieads ia Califocmia., -1 . :
for 2HbiriHteyraafcce.''.K
Jiaoaa,. A.e& aas Hti: auKKw utieu'
usae (KjAe.uijHHu 'sm " .
JV C "
J LJSv.. B-.-?.
The lfet.'f ,
shi to theipsicayirekx 'eamtmr
Hllo wlU be focward to.Bol,.tt
cthKinTtiav '5. p
G T&mf&Wl
)jmasiBgi&i&;Hntimrai r . . . MB . Mte . Bars Ctr w .i'l
www m atar jk;
mstm nummrUimmam .-
Tfc ftsur Jtti ottimmmA.
jurr ft-ca Hiio WW J. I QMSar, W
wry, McLaia iM mum. I lt tmtmvmmit
Hilo wmtmmw a
.-. HMflnnft
t & QsoxqsSs The feas I
wiU2r ce Kill jacmptiy
I rsid to any t "If i3t3ts arj ob
rjrerrsti io In ovtrssskrf. dr abased.
i iaas harass mad to week, a call br
f telephone to ih I'feHc staSoa will be
J proniptiy repanad to by lbs frocks
f officer. Pleas sasd name-, isatmber of
1 ali your own name, which will ;not be
I wautui Sociefr for the prevention, oi
I craeliy t animals protects all persons
I wao seess to, nelp taera in eanmrxoi
tacdWECanuot ixeip lneme
Epnolclu. H. 1. JztJy 14, 1S0O.
Persecuting his Grandmother.
li. Yaknam Lamsai, a local Chinese
merchant, has received word from
China that his Rrandmother, So years
old, has been thrown Into a dnugeca.
on account of Laia.su: belnc; a member
of tfcu Bow Vfor43 of this city. Hi
father antl gnuifsthcr have thus far
escaped by Sight sharing a worse fate.
TO ilifJIIIfl n BOYLE,
2?ho'Cairfe ialffpmter Botums to
Hoaaleia aa.s..sult.pf ,fhb
Ghester A. Daiylo. m persen&'noii
in tie Fourfls5 tltsJeJai oircftu
; . wi'H'i.'j :U.JiJiC ... i :i. S13J 5
anrt at t,ofi&ta& 4fidtp Litt-T- Ji4 i
5!V. dvto jj .1 r'.s id ;.i- f
? vcr io Hu!i-
i;-, i would ekA ltoW hiai ta ,--
ifrrt in hU eoort. lur. Dale w... - .
;,. b,5 aesa ijerr
filet"! by the CHcf iu
' oj bfrtj if be whs alvwi N v !i
. f ht8d4it. Cl:t! ,;.. fih 4wA b -
ws& cuii&j -. ' tXHifl SJM WO: ld f
n 3fr. y, r
... 1--" ' ' " ' "- " ' ' --.- -
drawn in rte W&, ha'en'rf
i15C T 5 T Jl5tTi njxa 7FB M.m. 1 i t'l Jat
.,- ,-
Says They Were Ik OV
Actuated hy Partisanship.
3Tone of the 3Ten Conxaissidned wiH
be Asked to Resign, but will
Continue to Serve on.
thalSoards. - , '
"Gbveraar Dole coavBrsedxai" length..
with a
aboathisaiiomhees onviha Bosrfciif
Bistratiou for thfc pBrrilo.Qf ."Ba.-
TAaiu me .ioerjiO was earigr:
oifiee aad was engaged Ju. J?k v:hnn
the Hjpnbiieaa's tepitelntivft ea-
it.rftd life , ittmrtmnt t rv ., .
tneui. " . :' Er&of :-,',
l-Ti 1 t ;.-s "fBAt lW
ji ?v,y --li" c Le iit: re-
vt.H zmeh
sr .1; vfEriican bed o&jbt
action .--." ihs Kaner. -1
tlaiok that wtMitu bwaj b
coniiag Joa't you .
mt., . .. ... i.,i.j. ,
li'porjfer duclahn vl
in the ioaJjoiBtio plants
.n,aQ" - i' .'- s
.WtlJ;l think It imve been."
iOEyd th BvTeruufc&iKL I IM&k
"istne usual way pimaxl fc on
T i,, mi -a i ;nEi( i ,
"- W Zii J.VS.JUV -
vfui i Sftfcsirttf.iMV
tj.iire ; i-I io 'js ig.ieataa esi thi
uavi"v ja aira38a;"&an oloswly
jarty tbiifc pejillenun or this
man ueiougs.
ppnintmeuts 1
bad no desire; in fsct it did-not
enter my mind to have any one party
monopolize the membership on the
Boarda.of Begistration.
"The position of Chairman of the
Board of Hegislration of Oahn was
first offered to .Major J. IT. Gamara.
Heis, so Inudwstand, n I
selected Siajcr Catnsra, not on account
of his polities, but because ne had filled
a similar position before and had ililed
it satisfactorily. His experience, I
though?, valuable as a member
of the xutl. Major Oamara refused
to ser.e on the board."
Bnt. Governor, coaJdu" t this
Hitltwliich ron mention in selei?tinirfhe
members ot the boards hevo been less-
ened or obviated by calling in as advisers
the Chairmen of the Democratic,
Eepnblican and Independent organizations?''
suggested the reporter.
"Only two political organizations,"
answerea tne uovernor,
tions in regard to appoinments on the
boards the liepubucan Club
and the Republican .Club of
"In selecting D. L. Naone to serve on
the Oahu Board, I knew him to be a
Republican; but I didn't select him because
he was a Republican. I thought
him a competent man for the place.
I didn't know whether 2L A. Gon-salves
was a Republican or what his
politicalieanings were. I selected him
to represent the Portuguese. I heard
afterwards that Gonsalves was a Republican.
"In the districts of Hilo, Puna and
Hamakua I didn't know what were the
political proclivities of E. E. liichards,
but I took it for granted that be was a,
Republican.H. J. JLyman, I understood,
was a Republican, but X was. unacquainted
with M. T.Hale's politics.
"In the districts of Kan, Kona and
Kbhala, George P. Tuliock was recommended
by the Republican Club of
and J.K. Nahale and Samuel
1 believe to be good men. I know
both of these personally.
"In the districts of Maui, Molakai
and Lanai I didn't know to what
parties i. W.,Hardy, R.O.Searle.
and S. Iveliinoi belonged, bat I was
satisfied that they would fulfill the duties
of the office impartially. They are
all good men.
ulu the Kauai and 2iiban district I
thought Charles A. Rice was a
i?: the family wa?RepuWtcan.
W. G. Smith and J. B. Hanaiki I am
unacquainted with politicRliy.
DLakihg my .apootBtaients," said
the Governor feelingly E bare bees1
Bctnaf ed by nq,pariisan motives. .My-selection
have bees, wade, as X believe
and certaialy wish, foe;, the welfare ' ' of
tbeTerritoryr . .
Yvul yoarevoke aay;of the
aked the rBorter. --, ' "
aspolatwl can, re-,
,- iriki, w Vu"-ii.u:
. . '-
.5 v..
ai. At,
" 'Mr. MberlJLlfoowi jfrMQrae&Mi
p.rsotti by IWr; g; 1 2Wo, at
greois kr welHcafiraawaiiiaBcK
?" ..rfc fs v - 'j? j2 -' -
9Vt:. , '"-s- -- . 'W-3 T ." " SSff .,
.'.-.. -':' 'Tin if is.!
lhv Foe yrotAioai irf J --0,1
"i& " .?wr . rr. 2 tv WM
- - -
Editor T tlw nmrnitiliraii
5iV!f.1i??.ff51iljmc vl ead
:. - ' ti ' '" -. ,
that .lue lines re cast ta pfcss.uii
peaces. He has many, friends in fijfea 1
smi has oeen retHpiaat ?f maay s.
dial Lis enforced so-
- HUu 4jrtr. 4
.. t 'V
Iho. Troub'e Orowc Ont ofan OCer cf
Appointment on tio
rattou Board. " " '
J. If. Vivas, oue of tho leaders of tho
Portuguese Colony, complains bitterly f
about the. way he was thrown do.?n by
the governmenf. Il$s story as told n-Republican
reporter yesterday is as
'A week ego to-day Wray Taylor
came to mo aud waut?d to know, if I
wottld accept a position on the Board
of Registration. I replied in the
011 two conditions: First, that
I wouldn't be bossed by anyone, especially
by it malahini; second, that I
should have an otBceiu the old building,
Honolulu hale, opposite tho postollke.
The building is very centrally located
and of course convenientto my present
Mr. Taylor told me that he was sent
by tha government and seemed well
pleased with my proposition.
"Nothing more was said about the
matter until Thursday of this week
when Mr. Taylor came to me, again between
the hours of 1 and 1:30 in the
afternoon niaking further overtures to
me to aceeptthe position. M The Governor,
said Mr. Taylor, Hvill not bnd
himself to any conditions on those appointments.
What do you say about
I answered! The Governor can do
as he dam pleases about it. It is immaterial
whether he appoints mejor
Later I ascertained, that prior-to
Mr. Taylor calling on me, the Governor
had made his Board of Registration
appointments. 3r. Taylor being of the
council was probably present at the
II think I have been the victim,"
concluded 3Tr. Vivas of doable-dealing,
chicanery and treachery,"
The Season Why Austin Kefases to
Audit his Claim.
Auditor H. G. Austin has refused to
audit the salary chum of Alatau T. Atkinson
as superintendent
Minister of Poreign Affairs
and Public Istroctioa were one office
under the kite Hepabtic. In the
Organic Act the Minister of, Foreign
Affairs ia abolished. The Aaditor
holds that under, instructions froa
President McKinfey, the salaries of
officials shall bepaid out of appropriations
foe; corresponding offices
under the BepnUic As Atkiusoe is
not fulSlliag dstiea of
the fbrer Sioiwter ot Foreiga Affairs
fee can't pnll ddwa hi salary wad.
Ifr. Aildaio is ,aot worried rer th
, 4
, ,he fjGriMiMelNW bepe4ed
tik'tjB9etrjeyoe,a eSeac . '
To United mdm ltmom ,f
,. i V?S" 3, . .i,r J '
;iae "''' .iwnuMWMuig
'United.l' spmweaf
txMsverniBe yor uoua. .f ,j& ',
Vi'Hefoh.; tfemr wOl b atrikW
fwwaaaoajaay nejdeet or irrlaiity
wtn proaapy reponea to
ost&eu. &.
IWT lflll!l HIP1
mm mm mm
uunn fain
m,:s ft- &!- mi
t mmn hmxu
Judge Kumphrays Has
Sonor of issuing
tlie Order.
mm. BET0r1RluLET$!nR.
Attorney George A. Davis Gives His
Views Dpoa thaI?w
Existing: i tha
? Baby- Tfrftor y.
To Jadce Kumthrevs Smones
hm of tsedB the w: ordar for a.
"ratee fet gnaad jury a Ui !.o-v
lrrftoKy cf Haa:i. Th rd, whit 4
'was ksned ytawrdAy,
tn th Ctrcalt f !': nrst Circuit,
lilaad ef C,tb3 Tarritory
Hawaii. Asb .. D. l;v
Orca Tcn Far s ; t :
tt, he ted s'5?5
Cirt vi i? itrf
ISIR.i, as tae hyt r .1. !. 1
foatncp:i vi jS"
Au?f, A. P 1K
t ho k' i I ."t ih J"- 1
a. ... s,iio :". . ? ;nU -.
theth d v
- ... , - ..- - 'Shi
Mli 1 ttO tot,lJK Jit (V.i !j9s.t
t?ra and thfit - uiaue an!"
tibt dfc.rt thce n.ttl! ! j
the order of a? cnn.;.
"And that y3u th :'.gh3' rffif
: -4 Car! -
carfs :.n.f
j w'.; p;
::Ve rt. "
p'?jfa :..-. . .
cnted this wrlttt, Hn - you Vf
."Witness Ihe Hen. A.
First Judge of tSft fr ,u nattnt the
1 1 Z tMttMiiAMirt c
fctrst or
of Hawalf. this fourteenth day of July,
A. D. 1300.
. "Note No person who is not a raa'e
citizen of the United Steeps and 31
'trs of age .and who cannot
"speak, read ami write :ha
English language shaft he a quallftVi
grand juror In the Territory of Hawaii."
No More Kailroadinc of Accused
Men to tho Penitentiary.
The time has passed? in Hawaii.'
sad George A DavfKWiiSapprlsed
that First Circuit Judge Tiumphreys
had issued an order for a. venire" for a
grand jury, returnable August "when
men accused of a crime Jshalf be railroaded
to the penlteallary without first
being Indicted by a grand jury. Wo
have at last justice In these Islands.
No rasa can now be tried and convicted
of a crime without ihe unanimous
verdict of twelve jurors.
"Every lawyer at the Honolulu bar
conversant with American jarfspru
dence Is tired. Is weary, of this
evasiveness and con teat Ion tint
parties charged of crime and tried after
the 12th ot August 1S9S. when the flas
went up were convicted by a Jury
where the twelve jurors disagreed, and
without the accused parties being first
indicted by a grand Jury. Such a
is no more nor less than anarchy.
How any lawyer conversant.
with American jurisprudence, even, foe
a fee, can advance- such a theory id b.
yond'my cnderstasdlag.
Ton might just a well contend that
Hawaii is act now a part of the Baited
States. This theory that Congrms, br
eaactseet. legislate the Com 'jiWuMoc -of
the United butes. Is tW"net
Hacy. Without the ConeUtailoa d3ia .
would be no Coagreaa. How u.
gress, which is the creature fs "tfca,
Coaatitutfcn, dleute to Its ttmtecpH"'"
is ike rankest Boeseage" -. t
. -
HIT MUii PtilS
Thra Eaj4red Theaaad e b nt
Sack' to Chiaa. o& th
Xipfaa Mara.
Several hundred ihWHad, SfasOa
cjpurs arrir a the Ooptie iwt ii-day.
K Th .large dealers in thwe goods ara
pwftrisg io return thew. Twe hn.
dred thoom&il eSgur will b tahaq
baekby the NHpon 3far o th 17th.
- It h eeatKaaft Ti, tiw Hl atmti
tihmiHxmik, iQQ,
for the' return of lam
.He, ha al i4 a hmA o
llQWwith thei.a otttetek tec imj
wurdlv i, ,! v. r. ' 'i
vJC'jJ" -; -
' Th wnuimm KomtOi inuudnm 'ha
kjtte h ajbaowo iU bar

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