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' r: PL
Ephone 15-7. " u
tt aw iij wtvAi nr
Clearance Sale .
Millinery at Cost
Commencing Monday,
Clearance Sale of my present
Including Ribbons, Flowers, Novelties, etc., etc.
All lines must be sold as we must have room for the
large stock of Fall Goods now in transit.
Tiss T.
Arlington Block
4 ! ! .M).
JfcAj C
t s
- We have just finished' stock taking
and find wc have quite a number of
short ends on hand 'whiclrumust'be
cleared at once
On Wednesday at 8 . M.
Wc will start a
at prices that will be bou'ud to close the,
lotiriavery few days. Among the lot are
Wash Goods, Silks, Wool Dress Goods,
Laces and other pieces of .various .goods.
Come early and get first choice . .
, " .--
Foit Street.
piLLP"iLLrLw r LLf Llr
A Complete
Line-of Underwear
and a
Large Assortment'
to Select
August 27th, I will hold a
stock of
-. .- --
. illeai?
! 4. i- ! ! fl .. .. .. fl 1. fl ! I !
"5? C '&S-'S "
- w.
Remnants I
sale of these goods
jr I 3; It 4 X
- ifa.tW --.!. ff
J gxmi$& JfA&sft. A
m 1 w ' jp 1
w . v . V?v-- " - c , -. SU,
ULMill ftltS 3
mm to suit
Brought Jby.
Wilson for
"Injunctioii. r
-The Seport of Master and Referee
Thompson in the Joseph Gomes
Estate Hamburg's Present
to Minors.
tiliuotalani Domlnls has filed a demurrer
in the bill for an injunction
brought against her by Charles B. Wilson.
The demurrer reads as follows:
"Now comes the defendant in the
above entitled cause, and, not confess
ing or admitting any of the matters
and things alleged in plaintiff's bill of
complaint to be true as the same are
therein, alleged and set forth, demurs
to said "complaint on the following
-'That the said plaintiff has not In
and by his said bill, made or stated
such a cause as does or ought to en
title him to any such relief as is thereby
sought and prayed for rrom or
against this defendant
"That neither the commissioners'
deed nor the declaration of trust men
tioned in said bill, nor any copy or
copies thereof, are attached to or made
part of said bill.
"That neither the promises'Or agreements
alleged in said bill, and of which
the plaintiff by said bill seeks to have
the benefit, nor any memorandum or
note thereof was ever reduced to writing
or signed by this defendant or any
person authorized thereunto within the
meaning of the statute for the
of frauds and perjuries.
"That said biU is uncertain, inconsistent
and unintelligible in that it is
not made to appear upon which of the
several alleged promises of. the defendant
the plainUff relies as a ground
ot the relief prayed.
"Wherefore said defendant prays
judgment of this honorable court
whether she shall be required to make
any other or further answer to said-
.bill; that said bill may be dismissed,
and that she may have her costs in
this behalf sustained."
Robertson & Wilder are defendant's
In the case of the Wahiawa Sugar
Company Ltd., plainUff, vs. Waialua
Agricultural -Judge
Humphreys has Issued a decree sustain
ing defendant s plea In abatement and
that all further proceedings in the
cause be suspended unUl the plaintiff's
title is settled by action at law or
other appropriate proceedings.
In the matter of the guardianship of
Emelia, Kihelu, Kawekiu, William
and Annie "Wailani, minors, J.
M. Peenahele, father of William
and Annie Wailanl and grandfather
of Emelia Kihelu and Kawekiu,
petitions that he be appointed guardian.
The children own an interest in
three parcels of land.
Judge Humphreys has rendered a decision
In thjejectment suit of T. W.
Rawlins vs. Maraea K. HarbotUe and
William HarbotUe. The court finds for
the plainUff, awarding him a certain
piece of land at Palama, Honolulu, and
containing in all 7,200 square feet, more
or less.
Frank E. Thompson, master and referee
In the matter' of the estate of Joseph
Gomes, deceased, has filed his report
It says:
"At the hearing- of "this matter on
August 24, 1900, J.Alfred Magoon, Esq.,
for the administrator de honis non,
stated that the accounts had been passed
upon by a master. Mr. Magoon has
since Informed mejfand it appears from
the files) that he was" in error, and that
the accounts have not been passed
upon. In order to -avoid, if possible,
tho delay incident to a new reference.
In.have examined said accounts, checked,
over thevvouchersiand commissions,
both on principal and Income, all of
which I findUcorrect"
The administrator charges himself
With f3.788.01. and asks that he be allowed
1 .282.35. Jea'ving a balance sUU
undistributed. of $2,5e5.65.'
"Notlce'Ot. hearing ot petiUon," continues
the7 report, - "for allowance if
anal accounts 1 distribution and discharge
was duly, published in the Honolulu
over the files in this-matter
I find that in the petition'for letters
of admiaistrttloa thereto included In
the assets ottafe estate the sum of $500
OTilhereaboata, held by the Portuguese
Benefit Society.' This araount does not
appear tOhar. been collected, or if collected
is aot accoaated for.
"The accounts a they staad should.
I submit, be passed ;v batbefore passing
same would respectfully recommend
thatUie item.of 150 be accoaated for."
. J, .P. HuHahurg. gaardiaa of the estate
of A&gaet odeya. Frederick
aad.Waldemar Podeya, jninors,
has tied. Us aetitioa for allowance of
iaal aceooBt aad . discharge. The
guardiaarwaiTes all claim against the
estate, at .$14.79 and tfor commlssioas
as -
-The estate of coasisted
ot a piece of laad: os Piikoi street
This wa aoWon OctoWc 12, 1899, for
Tkey Axa Cart TTitk Xaila
; After .ttieei nc tka:AkGbaag
iauedia4ay&pattftM aUrryto
cbaonL;wUk Irnininr ttttt Ft -n irrn
General .Eobfciaa.Ls .conducting
tbs prosecution. . , . I. C-, Atkinson
the defeadaa. ' 1 f
l5erbrt jke defeoW ; L-T-Jl
UAXoMx. th'a
AflartvoartWfa hd Ul-
' 4 t;.v3..t jtjr J
,3) xw
W. H. Cornwell is off on a trip to
M. Lone has been- appointed a aotary
public t -
The Hikah&ht is' due from. Ilansnlua
Field, now a rtenlert of
is in townj
The Queen's hospital trustees aaain
tad no quorum at yesterday's called
Hanakahi, a Hawaiian, fell dead a
few days ago while on his way to
to be registered.
Deputy Attorney Cathcart has gone
to Kauai, where he will prosecute a
number of criminal cases.
Wm. A. Wall has gone to Kona. He
will remain over there about two
months and will be engaged in
James Carty, who for many years has
lived on Beretania street, will scon
move to his new residence in. Palolo
The Native Sons of California will
hold a meeting at the Hawaiian hotel
this evening. It is expected all will attend
to show their patriotism to their
native state.
Mrs. Fannie Campton, wife of George
Campton, died yesterday morning, aged
66 years. The funeral will be held today
at 2 o'clock. The interment will
be at Nuuanu cemetery.
Father Thomas of Kalawao is dangerously
ill with typhoid fever. He has
been at the settlement for four or five
fears and has never been a strong man,
though he has efficiently
parochial duties. A trained nurse was
sent to him by the KInau.
The Hollister Tobacco Company is to
occupy the new building on the corner
of Hotel and Port streets, on the site
of the old Pantheon saloon, on the Grst
of the mouth. The premises now occupied
by the tobacco house will bo
taken by the First National Bank of
Hawaii. The charter for the new bank
arrived in the Hongkong Mara on
G. B. McCellan, cashier of the Hawaiian
Electric Company, was appointed,
vice president for the Territory of
Hawaii of the National Association of
Accountants and Bookkeepers at the
recent national convention held at Detroit
Mich. The vice presidents are
empowered to sign the charter rolls of
local associations and to represent the
national organization in examinations
for accountants' certificates.
How They Practice Them On the
American Soldiers.
EMPORIA, Kan., Aug. 26. Lieuten
ant William Weaver, of the Thirty-sec
ond United States volunteer infantry,
who resigned in the spring on account
vi iimeas auu ju just reiuium iiuaic
from the Philippines, tells of barbarities
practiced by Filipinos upon the
American soldiers. He said that outside
of the Macabebes, who are friendly
to the Americans, the Filipinos are
very crueL "Sir men were killed in
Dinalupijahn," said Lieutenant Weaver,
"and I do not think there was a
man who had fewer than ten bullet
holes in his body.
"In the case of one American soldier
it looked as though the muzzle of the
revolver had been placed right in his
eye and fired; he was also stabbed in
the neck and breast with bayonets.
Here is another sample ot cruelty:
Harry Easter of Emporia and McDonald
of Iowa, two of my company, were
killed instantly. Harry Easter was
shot in the neck and the other fellow
was shot in the back of the head. Only
about twenty of the company were
with them and they were attacked by
about 250 Filipinos.
"The Americans fought them an hour
and forty-five minutes. They had to
leave the dead, and when they came
back the rebels had stripped the boys
of all their clothing. They piled grass
and sticks and built a fire on their
breasts. We got to the boys before
anything further was done to them.
We got Easter and this other fellow
away before they were burned."
He Owes His Life to the Forethought
of a Companion.
While on a camping trip in Webster
county, Mr. S. I. Stump of Norman-town,
W. Va, had a severe attack of
bloody flux. He says: "I firmly believe
that I owe my life to the forethought
of one of the company who
had taken along a bottle of Chamberlain's
Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy." Moral Procure a bottle of
this remedy before leaving home. It
cannot be obtained when on a hunting,
fishing or prospecting trip. Neither
can It be obtained while on board the
cars or steamship and at such times
and places it Is most likely to be needed.
The safe way is to have it with
you. Thousands of travelers never
leave home on a. journey without it
For sale by all dealers and druggists.
Benson, Smith & Co., general agents
Territory of
"We have a few of those pretty
white stands, so appropriate
for displaying ferns.,
and we are
dispoeang of- them at 70 cents
each. Six different styles-
Jii i
.5C3 I W ts.
?5I bsGZitl t 8
tixun ?t w
MiVABttvBrf a.ijv
Willi. illlWHMV.,
tit a i?rj &
? - 0i?S?"
li tf4&. ? ? t '
11111 hii 11 1 Ji.
" " " -i
- A V J J-" --- -.,
"4- ws --y, fefJi 5' .Jfe-V - T- . W" wr' -
J- ? - wtffy.SBSf BwArf twa
By Authority.
Of government lot on King street.
Honolulu, Oahu, opposite Oahu Railway
depot, and lot No. 24, block "B,"
Hllo, HaTiiL
On Monday, October S, 1500, at 12
o'clock noon, at the front entrance of
the capltol (Executive building), will
be sold at public auction the leases of
the following government lots:
Lot on King street, Honolulu, Oahu,
opposite Oahu railway depot.
Term 30 years.
Upset rectal J 190 per annum, payable
quarterly In advance.
Lot Xo. aCblock B, Hilo, HawaiL
Term 30 years.
Upset annual rental J100, payable In
The above leases are sold upon the
conditions provided for In sections 2
and 4 of Act 7 of the laws of 1S96, viz.:
Section 2. Every such lease shall
contain a convcnant on the part of the
lessee that he shall during the firat
four years of the term of the lease
cause to be erected upon the leased
property a fire-proof building of brick,
Btone or metal, in a workmanlike manner,
satisfactory to the superintendent,
at not less than a stated cost; and shall
keep the same suitably insured at not
less than two-thirds of its value, ttr
the benefit of the lessor; and shall
keep such building In good repair during
the remainder of the term of the
lease, reasonable use and wear thereof
only excepted, and In case of damage
or destruction of such building by fire
shall make good such loss or damage
by the necessary repairs or reconstruction,
or else surrender the Insurance
to the lessor.
Section 4. Every such lease shall also
contain a convenant on the part of the
lessor, that upon the request In writing
of the lessee or his representatives, before
the expiration of the term thereof,
the premises, with the improvements,
shall, if all the conditions to be performed
by the lessee have been satisfactorily
performed, be put up at auction
for a lease- for a term not over
twenty years, unless said premises
shall be required for public uses, of
which the lessee ohall receive at least
one year's notice. Such auction sale
shall bo held not more than six months
nor less than one month before the expiration
of bald term.
The cost of the buildings to bo erected
in accordance with section 2, as
above quoted, arc as follows:
On the King street lot, not less than
On lot 24, block B, Hilo, not less
than $4,000.
Tho material to be used for the erection
of said buildings to be of brick or
Map of these lots may be seen at tho
Public Works Department, Honolulu,
Oahu. 'j. aM'CANDLESS.
Superintendent of Public "Works.
Public Work Office? Honolulu, September
5, 1900.
District Committee.
Pursuant to a resolution passed at a
mooting of tho executive committee of
the Territorial central committee of
tha Kepublican party in the Territory
of Hawaii a call is issued to the delegates
who shall be elected at the primary
to meet ou September 6 or 7 for
the purpose of elect iug delegates ton
territorial convention.
These ore the rules and regulations
oi the Kepublican party in the Territory
of Hawaii, governing district
'Section 1. Each district committeo
shall consist of delegates from the precinct
clubs in said district.
gee Each district committee
snail meet when notified to do so by
tfio. territorial committeti aud shalS
elect tho follow iug oUleers: President,
vice-president, secretary, treasurer and
such other otllcers nud standing
as it may bu entitled to.
Sec 3. Any duly enrolled Republican
shall bo eligible as a delegate to
the territorial committee from the dis
trict iu which he reside.
ju 4. Each district committee
ahall be charged with tho general caro
and supervision of tho affairs of tho
rjarty within its district, subject to
these roles and regulations. It shall
take such measures as it deems
garyaud pdient to secure the organization
and maintenance of precinct
clubs In every precinct and scour
the co-operation of all Republican
voters with the "party organization,
and shall, under the control of
the territorial committee, have charge
of all campaigns in the district. It
shall decide all disputes from the precinct
organisations and contests within
said district as to priaaary elections.
See. 5. Pislrtefc oaausdttcee may
hold regular or special meetings as
may b provided in their by-laws and
not less than one-third of the members
ahall constitute a quorum.
The above rales and nguiatioaa of
the Kepublican party in the Territory
of Hawaii are also published in ac
cordance with a resolution passed at
the same meeting referred to above.
The committee urges upon all tho
oSoers and mmbre of the district
cclsWrttee Ike importance of prompt
BharauMSoaTactieBin relation to
the above eatlt .WsrfSftSsl &.fl 5-,
.' CaHXHDftT,
T A1
Ladies9 Furnishings I
rjrr --. nitf , iiaTii i lilltSfrlil i iiliildfi Hill 1K1I1I n
1 S. Saclis Df y Goofls Co LM. I
I Wear One of Our t
I Crash or White Ffcue -
I SkirtS thh hot weather
and keep cooL
We have received: a select variety ot tlic very
LATEST DESIGNS, each GARMENT "correctly cut
and equal to any made to order GARMENT.
We have-also' placed onjspecialsaleanieelotot
French Printed Lawns,
These were imported to sell at
Our price ishonlv - - -
The Patterns Are New,
The Colors Absolutely Fast,
The demand for narrow laces and insertions
continues. We have positively the largest assortment
of laces ever offered in Honolulu, and the
prices are away down.
1 I. S. Saclis Dry
Ex O. D. Bryant
Surrevs, Phretons, Runabouts, Low
Wagons, Bike Buggies, Traps, Etc., Etc.
, 'dfarriage Lamps', DashLamps, Sun Shades, Lap Robes,
Hack, Surrey. and Buggy Carpets, Sheep Skin Mafs?
(different colors and sizes).
Stylish Single and Double Harness, (with or without
rubberltljimmingsj. - '4
Light and Heavy Harness, (for all purposes).
The- goods were personally selected by Mr. Schuman
from thfactoji6s3nthe East.
These G00DSare of STANDARD. MAKES, of ti."
Just KeceiYecl
X? (31
if 30 Head of Fine Carriage and Draught Horses, also a
few Gentle Family Horses.
20 Head Strong Sound
Carriage and
-i-4 Harness Repository
13' '
, .. Between Fortjand Alke Streets. ,
iMWU, xuv avaWiiuu
IWtWtlltlltttMlttlWNC)i Ill i
wr "' ST--' 'ff
Goods Co., Ltd.
Wheel Road-
- w - '
V 4

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