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t CANT -
Phone Mala 21S.
Tt'f t i i tn i iitititm
Z Per Month . . . .? MZ
2 One Year 5.50 ;
Z Six Months.... 3.00 -.Three
Months . 1.S0 Z
- tltillt'lItU III Ittll I'l
VOLTJaiE IV. NO. 600.
HE IS 101
.. ARflllT PROM
Special Meeting of Directors
ot First national Bank
of Hawaii
Gtrresoosesce Between Colonel .
HacEarlaie and Present
InterMt Excited
Will Hav Nothing to
Ad Town Parent Bank 3 At-
Uwde Approm Defeat .is Turn-
rf to Vleaory MaSlFarlane Wins.1
There was a meeting of the presi-
ot aad ond I diractorc of te
Mm National Ban of Hawaii at
fl r-1rv.tr vmmtmrAMW aflM-noan t
tor U,e pnrpoie o tormaJatia a re-
ply to Uu. Ctr Of Ceora W. Mac-j
Chrtaae. .! far mi a-r within
4S ftoan Wa Oemawl to decjare
the lertit meai.
The iartln . crtletl speelalljr,
ar tot twrpoe. After over an
boar's deUJberatloo. the following
was Klven ont for publication. uie
tKwmmmmm. v -w-.,,. '" '
acKnowieaging his t
ettor of Inauuna: last proxies eoum,
bo be accepted unleas stamed. nnd
March 8th being set for u new meet-
Ittg lor the election Ot directors. 1
Brewn surrenders Contention.
The Pint National Bank of HawnH.
Hooolulv. H. T.. Jan. 17, 1908.
Messrs. J. J. Donne, J. Alfred Magoou
km J. T. ration Attorneys for
O. W, Macfariane:
OnOeofwir Jkwr jjoinwuillejitkint'sliort order. -As it was two of the
f the 16th Instant duly to hand, and
baa heea submitted to the hoard of
feh-tfCftors at a meeting held this day,
and I am directed to inform you that
aiM-ti Wmp.1 nnuiilmrvttslv en 111 p to the
11 .i j Jt L.. t... 1 fcilf Hi t.n.rw.M
nwciipnn wwii mc jjcByniif, umv. j
contanxien t error in rejecims mum,
H not all. of the proxies ofCoeed WJ
jFonr dfent. on the grounds he dld.j
nd hav, therelnre, tlered that no-
Uce of another meetlnir for the dec- j
foi"ilft;eet:iiolM Ue-'xlvan and
e fixed tne day for said meeting
a March Stht 1M, 2 nf m. ,
W. G.
Maefartane's Communication.
Dohmel George W. Macfarlane's
teller which brought forth the above
reply, la aa follow:
Honolulu. 11. T.. Jan. lGth.
To the President and Board ofBlrec
tors of the F1rt National Hauk
of HawaU:
The undersigned, the enmor la good
thMh and In his own right of thirty
iratne () shares of the stork of said
National Han acttng lxith upea his
tw haityMnd on behalf of sundry
Mhrtockho)4ers of said bankwbema
poV-eY of attorney he now holds, does
hereby object to and protest against
that certain n tended election of a
Board of Directors of shl bank.;
claimed to ha-e baen held on January 1
n, th ground tbat said
elecfw, claimed to huv -fraait the eetion held Jaupas; lst(e --M-afojKipnld.
tvhS and 1s W actuated solely, through Vpetty J ,,,
fgalnfuH and void, and off
no forcj. effect or validity whatever:
ana VI vnderagneu. acting as
aforesn.I both 00 his cwa nan and on
tahalf r i said sundry other stock
holders hereby dmaaiis that a due.
ptopft and lpnl election of the Brd
of lUrf .'tor of said bank be held as
pHy he conipliancc'Svith the pre
lnl'ry legal formalities of said
eject u-a can he had; and said umler
algxd. actlne; as aforesaid, demands
Irani yo aa answer to this demand
within the term of forty-eight (4S
he next hereafter enduing: and If,
wKkin aUld time herein limited, no
aastr shall he received from you.
such failure to answer will be taken!
by the wtdarilgned vand construed to
be s wfnlal hon year part ttr com
ny wih this dmnaad. Shcaid yqu
rfs or fall to coinnly wift this
? maul the "aaderslgsed will forth
ih resort to his lagal Vemedies.
j HJs Attorneys In Pact .- ... J
J. J ttenao, V. ilfrtJI Magoftn ndTing frtiu Aaht Firk. The car fender
T 1. DHloo.
CAstlBueon 'BlsMhPasa.)?
" . l
Burnino Wood :n.
,$JH Sicily VJsit and Probab''
-f i
Ssves House From Total Dtsirue- f
tldniVafuable5 Collection of Ha
waiian Calabashes in House.
cimri'cg Rhodes, eduor of the Even-'
j tag Star, and Mrs. Rhodes had .a nar
I row escape for their lives at an early j
j hoar this morning, and feoi rery !
I thankful to the ..milkman, who calls ',
eMtSiimat, ... lhe firo tt,at threatened
t0 Mrn their liome to the ground.
Shortly after 1 o'clock this morn-
Ins the milkman called at the
Rhodes' house and deposited the ub-J
MuU portion of milk on the doorstep.
I .. - jl. t. J:... .. iLn nmti'Ai' .
" wmf auoui iwmi r pu..ot
h ., smideniv struck him that
.. 11 ... ...!. i;i-..
j regularly every morning at tee noose' , ...... . !!, ... ' horenr at Keeaumokn strait nboatlThe Question of Selecting a SwJtabte
' y.-' .,! .i Mr., t nna t , Nearly Seven Million Included in the ' Makes Legal AH Acts of Commission Committee on Foreign Affairs, Head- 5 ne-car iveeaumoKu street, aDout
-Principals j a HS "WC and Aloha Lane W. , -,, 1 . . -.. - . ' to go to his home on Young awl! Route Left at the Discrete
rill-rr Mr cooAs for if it had not FhiliDcines China Heads the List Permits Cutting Timber Under I ed by Chairman Hitt, Expects to .- ,. .,..-!
say jaiKi .... . ' - ...... ..j "- " " " - ! President Gre.vt.yA-n Meca&smr
. 1 tmirrmr m CT ,' . 11. ! Ill lldk VI IS1 W T1IT It lit! MMW III I ... -.
i lNim for htm tney migut nave weeui w: rsr.at Rritain Next and License and ODeration of Mineral secure tariy Acnon Hawaiian ,va .). -.. K.,u.inr iir.nui ;
2Tof hljrnins wood n;ar at han-. posaessions, waSf .233(09 in the)
He hnraed!ately investigated with the!eius year 1500. This is itemized (
re6uft th(,t he ,Hecovered r that the!
Ijtaee was on fire
MilUm.nn Rouses Household. ,
.',., .. ,,,. ., hmin?.,J
.. , . . . . . .. ,nkman '
the ton of his voice, the milkman
munase to arouse uiose wnnm 10 .
... . ..
... , . ,( tk,
:'! !-! iiiimi iijii III itii-11 iiiiiik.r:i. ii-
then startwl for the nearest
( iiuuiie iu luiuiui iuc ., uu,,.. .....
.t. ... am. In fiMm fli fi e ilnnn ri innnf
Pending the nrrlal of the nose
.. . 1
I cart and steamers on the scene. Mr. 1
,. nhodo. after hastilv dOH-!
I nihg some clothes, bet to work to
save their valuable collection ot Ha- pon wjtn tne census uince. ine ng- President au-
wlinu calabashes I l,ns for Hawaii and Alaska and fori 1!MW- II alb0 S15 lUe "es,'ieni au
Tho fire ouickh- snrcad and but I Persons al,road in t,le military andthority while there is armed resist
Thq fire qnlcklj spread and out i sen.,ccs are tnm the q nce , anv part of tne isIauds t0 rcg.
for tho timely arrival of the engines, GQam, n,ate aml control interlsland com.
(would have consumod the house In
rooms were burned and part of the
roof was destroyed. The water did
a groat deal of damage also, but most
pt tho collection of calabashes was
f . v 11
oil Found "in OnejRoom.
nrc,t rM, io ,, .,, r .unnrt.
- fa for 5ts quick action.
The exact cause of the fire is un-
known. - The firemen, however, dis-
coveretl the presence of some cils in
ouefof Hie rooms.' which were burned, t
It is supposwl that in some' way the!
ifire originated with .these oils. I
' Thu nolchhnnhood was naturally
aroused by the .flames and quite a I
crowd gathered, several men assist- 350,000.000 and 400.000,000, or togeth-
Ing Mr. Rhodes In saving things of ( et nearly one-half of the total popula-,
value in the house. ' Uon of the earth. The Russian em-
Mr. and Mrs. Ithcdes possess thelpire, with about 131)00,000 people. '
most valuable collection of Hawaiian
ulnbnshes in the Islands, if not in
the world.
Efforts Being Made by Rival Factions
tc Discredit a Recent Election.
Prom nrttsont iniHcntinn an inei-!
nient war Is being waged among the
-several fncticus existing among the
local Chinese. According to a Ce
lestial publicaticn of this city the
Bow Woug Reform Society states
that the attempt made by certain
inemb'ers of the Association to
"According to the' Bow(aTe most nonulous countries toaethor'
Wongs, there were . present at the
election on Januarj'1 1 some thirty j
'now Wongs, thirteen Independents
t l . ' . 1 -
wiiDTWfl(i .ritii tne inw wnnirs una
four or live of the Conservatives who 1
are disgruntled at the tarn of affairs
and now seek revenge. J
It is believed by many prominent
..,... .,- .... ...
Chinese that tho entire local contin
gent will be affected If, for any rea-
on. the charter fails In its appointed,
the members ot that society arci
sliding, is a cannKi and Is not
li'dlnnon-ftM -
Xound? dupon -f act-
Collision Averted.
.v iuvuiuoihc, aaumig a oanasi
trstn, and.a Rapid Transit ear had a
mlssioa. The Bow Wongs declare. ua" Pa-vea tomorrow evening at K3ii there, as has previously been neces- 'luuauuu is t me rurio,iu aax-, eiectric bell at Dr McDonald's house pd and, after a vast amount of argu
that the charge emanating from thelsharp In the Y M- - ,A- gymnasium. sary. Only first class matter will be jus to get work or is he simply a,aad wbln Mrs McDonaa calUd 0UtIment L, K. Kentwell, w. B. Jose
followers of the Chinese consulate Tha-game will be between the Even; taken, but on this the carrier will j born and bd vag? j to who was there a scurr-.jnE i G. W. Pfplkane and George Markhim
re cau Iri? a com?iQn yestemay
Thn .n,l. i.-.te af.,.,,.
andenglne covcteberueU tout
agewas prevanted by th j)romp1
rclorsil of tho eleczricar. "
1 1
- K ."- .. fc
Country's Total How Raised
to Eighty-Fonr
ijnited States Now Fourth Country
of the World
Russia Third France and Her
Dependencies Rated Fifth Place.
WASUIXGTOX, Jan. 7. The Cen-
Rlirrtl tnlav issnmi a renort .v-'
- 1-A
population of the entire,
I United States', including all outlying,
as WJows- Continental United States.
or unuei states nroner. lo.yy-i.ofo:
. - . --i-.rt. -r .
1 ...... nrI.. nno. t. !..
rniuppmis. t.,olfo; rono itico.
953,243; Hawaii, 154.001; Alaska. G3,-
592; Guam. 9000;
American Samoa, j
the military and '
1AA. ..f...1-. In
, t.aiouuo ..
naval service of the United States
. - - . e
"5!ae ' e Territory of the United
states proper, uiiv. inese ngures-
on the enumeration of;
- .-
' June 1. 1900.
-rh iinros f.r Pnrtn Rim -ro '
tlj-n trnm rh nonsna nf 1R?19 mne
by the War Department in conjune-.
are an estimate made. n
a report,
made to the War Department, and!
those from Samoa an estimate re-
ported to the Census Office by the
Acting secretary of the Navy. '
Tlie total population of the Unit-
ed States at the close of the nine-
the '
teenth century was. about S4,250,000.
As the population of the United
States at the beginning of the cen
tury was about five and a third mil
lions, the Nation has grown nearly
sixteou-fold in 100 years.
There are but three countries
which now have a greater population"
than the United States, namely, Chi-!
n.T. the British empire and the Rus-
sian cmnire. Ch na andthe British
empire have each of them probably ;
. . - . .. .
has. more than half as many again as ie Philippine commission to pur
the United States, and has been in- chase the lands of the religious or
creasing during the century just clos-i ?ers and dispose of them on proper
cd with greater rapidity than any terms tcf actual occupants.
other European power. Its growth,.
like that of the United Statesv has
been partly through the natural in-
j crease of its population and partly '
through great accessions of territory,
It had about SS.SOO.OOO people in
1S0O. aad has Increased more than
three and a half times during the
Uneteenth century. ,
France, including its dependen-'
cles. Is the fifth country of the world ,
In order cf population, and has about1
S3.65C.000. or almost the same num-!
dis-Her as the United States. Of these
25.000.000 are In African de-t
rs. nearly 17.000.000 in Asia :
: tnd 2.000 finn in Mminpsonr Thpi
mcluda-over two thirds -of the esti-
mated papulation of the world, which
" u, -''""-x"! ,"-',,:
between 1.500.0003)00 and 1. 600.000.-
x (
Ma;,eNlimas and Intermediates Will
rrtaiieumas ana imermeaiates win
Play a. Y. M. c. A. Gymnasium..
There will be a game of indoor base
l? class, M the Intermediates, the!
!am oetog composed as follows: I
riston: r pitcher, Dan -Talvey; first'
i .. t , ',... ..,, i
l uasc, juuu i.isrK(; seccnu uas,e, .
; Sheldon; third base, J. Alameda;
Ji.hotstop, Ben Clarke; right field. A. '
uiacsmtn; center neid, u. jenKins.
land left field, Gomes. I ?
1 !.. .. - . . K k . . . . . .; T ;.! T--.A TT - " - f .
Intermediates: Catcher, A. M.iKe-VUat
uu. yicucr. wii .rr;.nni osse.i nere ana srt rTancisco wm soon t cent;. L. S. Aangst, secretary andfdow.
. .jit.juir.j; 5ecpaa.?uasfv u. ujui-i carry mail cierss to sort letters ent tr esscrer. and W. H. Greenwell audi- t-.pt
uam-; jantirLrSnori. 3tOD. Torn .KrsT9r rlrhtl rniTtP. b thfnr- wMfh waiiLi -ntlv: te "f T er r t rrri j
s j . . ' w x 2r ... -f - - ---
fleld. J. Schunnan; left field.
Measure ProTiding for GoYern-
ment Under the New
Tariff Bill.
Rules Authorized for Disposing of'
the Public Domain Are Sub
ject to Approval.
Lands Plan to Buy Friars Hold-,
ings Municipal Improvements.
WASHINGTON'. Jan. 6. Senator'
Lodsc. chairman of the Committee on
the Philippines tomorrow will Intro-
dnce a bill for a temporary govern-
ment of the Philippines drafted after
many consultations with Aar De-
rartment omciais usrecuy inreiiw.
...t rn- ...1 1, vntAfnwtanr
m iiisuiar uuuub aim mc suiv.muviui
r .i. ru.li; J.c TV. l.HI ..-111 Tint
ui iue I-1w..iil....cc. ,. u
be a part of the Philippine revenue
hill, which has passed the House, but
will be an independent measure. The
hill does not attempt to establish a
ew form of gove-nmeut iu the
innines. but confirms the action of
President McKinley in creatiug a
.nmmi,slon nul i-atifies the acts of
.i., o ;c,: n,)0r f, !..strir.
tjQng or tne prijent dated April 7.
.' - j a - .u.....i '
unner section u me uoverumcui ui
themi.ppjnes .is empowemi te maKe
.. . ... . . .. ...
rule's anirfegulatf ons for the 'dilpo&i-
firm nf mililip InndR nthpr than tlm-
niies antf-reguiatlons for tne 'Hispo&i-
tion of public lands other than tlm-
ber and mineral lauds, such regula-
tions to have the lorce and effect of
law oniy aner tney nave uesn appim-
ed by the President and Congress.
ine iruv.&iuii& in icniiiu iu n.i
limner lanus are toiioweu oy a num
her of sections as to mineral lands.
These are very elaborate, and em
body the mineral laws embraced ,
withm the report or tne (jammission
vnuin nave ueeif-propared uj mem
with great care, so that tiiey snau
ue m narmony wun tne exisung
Spanish laws. The mineral larfd sec -
s cover ais-o coai lanus ana saiiue.
lands. ? ,
One of the ' most important provi-
sions in the bill is that empowering,
Municipalities and the city of Ma
Ua are authorized to borrow money
and to issue bonds for improvements. J
There are two sections which provide,
for the granting of franchises so that'
individuals or corporations can go m-
the islands and construct electric,
and steam ratiroaus ana engage m j
industries and manufactures. The t
granting of franchises is -j fguarded
provisions based 03 the corpora-!
"n aws r Massachusetts. (
Provisions are embodied for cstab-
H'shins a coinage system on the lilies
ol Special Agent
Conant's report.
The final sections
of the bill make 1
provision for a banking system and.
authorize banks of the United States i
to ue established in the Philippines.
' "" '
nC.. ..u.
Csprirrc r T?lk lmnrn I .-'
...... w. . ....... .,..,...... ...,
at Houses on Their Routes.
. . ..
Becinnlnc- on Monday mail car-
mrs WlU be ab,e t0 reSJSJer 'lers "
.. , , . . tm
ViiI1 save De0aie the trouble of going;
M. .N, UWM-WW .......-, M. -vu.ww. M.U1
to the. post office to register them;
coUect the du
giye a receipt
Louis Kenas
dues, for which he will
on the pot.
Kenake cautiens the senders
- . .. . . ; : .:-. - . i
01 sucn mauer to ncie tne numoer ot
the carrier to prevent rescaU from i
impersonating carriers and "thus ob-s
talmcg money. jed officers for
The nostal authorities are honinei Thes rhnsn
the steamers -plying between l
facilitate the handling- of large" Coast!
t rnrils.
, f -, , T-w - 0H.. , v a. a autr, 5. ! II IU4UI: dJU
Measure Prepared by the West
r J
ern Delegations
is Ready.
More Comprehensiye in Terms'
Than Acts Now
be Allowed to
Enter the United States Domain.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 6. The Sen -
' ators and Representatives
of the:
I DottflA Hnoct Vi rt Vo -rk tiann rvrTicf.l
- - - "" -
eiing a bill for Chinese exclusion
uaie uenvcitfu a measure uii:u mii,...,.. ,nrnni1 r.mnlnirivor
be introduced In both Houses iu a
few days.
The bill declares that all Chinese.'
other than citizens of the United ',
Slates, or those who arc secured in
coming to and residing in the United
States under the present treaty with
China, shall be refused admission and
be returned to the country whence
they came at the expense of ths
transportation company bringing
them. Transportation companies
bringing Chiuese to the United States
shall detain thpm until tlroir right
of admission shall be ascertained.
Penalties are provided for not com
plying with the provisions of the act.
$1000 and one year's imprisonment
being the minimum, with a liability
to forfeiture nf vessels violating anv
,, th ,," , M. ,.
fcC imntfiuMo ji btiw lun
---... --- - .
1 in iinii.- :niiifr.K. nprsnny nnrni TTon
to enter tne unu-ju btates under the
act ure those who have liecomo citi-
' "" "- "" - oiuit, unuvt me
act ure those who have become citl-
zens by birth and naturalization and,
officials of the Chinese Government,'
teachers, students, merchants, travel
ers for pleasure or curiosity, return
jng laborers
who must have certifi-,
cates. or domiciled merchants. NV)(
Chinese, except diplomatic or con-i
sular officers, are allowed to enter
the United States' at any other Dorts
than San Francisco. Port Townsend, '
Washington. Portland. Or., Boston.
New York, New Orleans, Honolulu.
San Jl!an aml ailija. or such other
ports as the Secretary of the Treas
ury may designate. Ports may be'
designated on the Canadian or Mex-!
ican boundary after contracts have
been made with the transportation
lines to comply with the act.
Following are the provisions rela-
tive to Chinese in the Islands: I
.That n0 Chinese person bCjUff iaw.
. ..' . .,,. Pnrfn p. n n t- ,
Ph,:lT,n,nni. nT. m. nf. ,, nn, I
PPns, or anj otnor insular poa-
c-:"uu U1 luu UU11UI oui.e, suau uj ,
reason tnereot ne eniiueu to enter or,a7!ghting from a car. The other was
remain m tne uniteu states, or any j tne result or a norse supping on the
of the territory of the United States ' car track. Dr. Walters' telephone
other than that in which .he was ininumber f3 Blue. 1731. Mr. Wilhelm's
th first sns(;,nro normlttPfi tn nntor'
rpn,-!n ..
The words "United States" vrher-
ever usec in 'ais act 5t 3 Prodded,
snau De aeemea to mean tne lanas
ami waters lnciuaeu m tne unttea
States and its territories." 1
Ports Ricans for Maui.
J P. Cocke, of Alexander & Bald
j win. has agreed to take twenty Porto ',
rt t 111 t. . . ,.
mtaas who win oe sent 10 wors on
.Maui plantation. This will be some-)
1 i'.: , a.. ... ., ? . 1
miag iu me nature 01 an eipenmsui. ,
V" X" ? "aiiUU "J "u Ul;
the Porto Rican vagrants who over-
run the city at present .The planters'
are anxious to get labor. Now thetelut mnieht. Someoo rang the
Telephone Stockholders Meet.
The stockholders of the Kona-Kau ,
Telenncne and Tsieeranh. Comoanr'
held .their annual meetlnz at Holua- J
loa, Hawaii, on Wednesday, and elect- j
i .. . '
the ensuinjr year.
were G. C. Hewitt i
president; George Clark, vice presi-S
J. A. Maguire with the' above Seers
constitate the- boird of- directors.
- i
Two Cases of Concussion of Brain
Follow in Rapid Succession "
Doctor Thrown From His Horse
After,Attend(ng His Patient Fritii
Wllhelm 9oth May Prove Fatal. f
Two serious accidents occurred at
a late hour last night, within a short
I time of each other and one was the
, indirect cause of the other.
While alighting from a King street !
and fell heavilv
ground. two
buggies, which were fast following,
the street-car, passing over the pros-.
trate man before he had a chance tot
g(?t Qut Q the way
It was dark
the time and the second buggy was
. .
i so close behind
first that there
opportunity to
was apparently
Wilhelm's Serious Inqury.
llr. Wilhelm was verv soriouslv i
injured and was removed' with all'
. . . , , . c. r. r,
haste to his home. Dr. St. D. G.
Walters was immediately summoned.
ine uoctor lives on King street.
far from the Wllhelm residence,
quickly responded. It was found that'
Mr. Wilhelm had sustained concus
sion of the brain and was otherwise
badly hurt.
Dr. Walters, who had answered
the summons on horseback, after do-
ing what he could for Mr. Wllhelm.
rode to announce the news of the ac-
riHent to n iin.ishtor of Mr. Wilhelm.
it was while returning from summon
, Jng the ,iauKhter that Dr.
...,. : .,... , u
, """" ''u l" "" ' "".would not consider an offer br the
1 UAMiton n ctrnt nitit tlfh n ri -
v..u. wfc, ,cl ...lu u '
,. ... ... .,
, ,lent wtlIcn may prove ratau mis
horse-is supposed to havo slipped on
the car track p, Walters was
Uirown some distance, striking his
uMI, n iha rh.Ktnn '
Doctor Found Unconscious.
The doctor was found lying uncon
scious in the read by Mounted Patrol-'
man Bortfeld who at once galloped
to the Central Fire Station and tele
phoned the police station for the pat-
ral wagon.
In the meanwnlle. however, Dr.
Walters was removed in a hack to hl$
Drs. Cooper and Herbert were sum
moned and discovered that Dr. Wal
ters had sustained concussion of the
brain and a few minor Injuries.
Conditions Are Serious.
Both Dr. Walters, and Mr. Wilhelm
are in a most serious condition and
b,,t litt,e hPe la held ou or their
recovery. Drs. cooper and Herbert ;
also attended Mr. Wilhelm.
The Walters and Wilhelm homes
fn wjthin a bIock of each other 0ne
accident occurred as the result of.rrn'U'T TTTTTnr tt TrT
telephone number is White 1731. Iti
was iibout ten minutes before mid
night. Friday, when the mounted
patrolman found Dr. Walters injured!
and unconscious,
Alleged burglars were making some
,,,,,.., ,,. on aItp.. BtrAt,
, of feet rapidly retreating ? was all
j the answer. It was thought that
someone wa3 playing a foonljn joke,
but a row mnmpnt
later a distnr-1
hanc was rPnortrf fM..nrrfT.t. ntffor oxhaustive
Dr. Hrdgins place on Alakea street, i
- .
it seems that sornenni atifimnted
to enter the place but was frightened
sway by the noke of an opening win-
Tcleohone messages from other
3035 la" tho neighborhood were
received at-the riollee station.
officsr ra? sen to investigate but nw
one was found.
Panama Men Ci?en Chance
to Present Their
" Claims.
Belieied That Nicaragua Scheae is
Largely Guesswork
Might Prove a Barrier Adtatrai
Walker Cjnsulted In Matter.
at,suioa to the Nicaragua caaaL wW
i has been so quiescent aa to delude
j many people into believing that &
dW not exist, made itself apparent H-
' cay with a veageaace. It h plain
'from the talk of snc& Senators a
Hanna. Scott and Pteit of Coaaactl-
tl,t lhat th Senate wiU bold ap ta
Hepburn bill aad glr. tb PaniMn
people all the opportualtr they want
tQ brlaj; Ja proltkuay
Whle Hebnra was muklu alf
speech In the House today Senator
Hanna. surrounded by a number of
Senators and newspapermen, talked
at length in the Senate chamber, the
the Semite having adjourned. Hi
remarks were evidently intended to
reach the public, and may therefore
be taken a an indication of the poller
to bf nursu.d bv some antl-N'Icara-
j gua Senators. Hanna talked for an
hour, drew diagrams, and revealed
' astonishing familiarity with canal
matters. Incidentally he used severe
! ,ansuaKe against Senator Morgan.
I wanna sam: ".r. iiorgan says ae
1 . . . .
Panama peoule to give their work to
' - "
this country for nothing. Now I say
tnat is the best of evidence that Jior-
gan is not competent to be cbalr-
nn of that committee. Tbte canal
I scheme is a business nroposhlon.
it ought to be looked at in a baslaaaa
way. I am in favor of considering
all plans and all offers.
,rI have talked with Admiral Walk
er and Engineer Ernest, and they tell
me that the Nicaragua scheme is
largely guess work. These sstijraies
are hardly more titan guesses. In
that , great, morass np at GrejUlwtt
they do not know what they will nnd.
Arid then .there is the tremendoas
cost of maintenance, wbhih, according
to j the Corumlssloa's report, will
amount to the Interest on J 10 jMo.000.
All these things should be earefhlly
"I should like to see the Dadan
route locked into and a report made
on it after a more thorough Inrestlga
tion. ,
However. I do believe the question
ot a roi,te ougnt to be left to the
President, acting wUh the advice of a
commission of competent erglneera.-
flUJUH llULlinj fiLEO!
Vacancies Are Filled by Kentwell,
Jones, Plplkane and Markham
By-laws for Primaries Considerd
Nothing Defnite Arrived AL
There was a meeting of tho eocacn
Uve committee of the Home Role Re
publican p&rty in Foster Hall ktet
evening for the election of raerabocp
to fill vacancies on the ccraathte.
' and for the purpose of discussing and
formulating by-laws for the primaries
at the next election.
The matter of filling vacaacle on
the committee was flrat takao ui
There were four members to be elect
were announced as the new members
The matter of formulating by-laws
for conducting primaries occupied a
Sat deal of time, being the sobjor
discussion. Nothing
definite was a
arrived at coacasnirc
the primaries. It was 11 o'clock whf n
the meeting adjourned.
The -Volcano.
There will be no issue of Tho Vol
Lcano tcday, owing to a business deal
which fe pending and which will prob
ably result "ia a re-organfzatloD,
n. . MdKti9
s .
-fc V K

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