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1 Three Months. L50;
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- Phono Male SIS. 2
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Mtaj Honolulu People Retarn
From San Francisco
Last Night.
Murray. F. M. Lynch. Mr. J. R
Parker and 2 caUdren, J. A. Johnson,
1 G. Tuboer. Mr. N. B. Browne and
. wife, Mr. H. T. Cooke, Taos. 3. Grew;.
Wra. C. Gregg. J. Mich els. wife aad
chlW. Mrs. J. Monaarrat. Mr. B. B. j
Scbermerborn. Mr. P. Schneider, Mr.
L. Schaeitzer aad wife, Mr. T. E. I
Thompson. Mr. A. H. Wagner. Mr. G. i
ntura will sail at 10 o'clock
thl morning with 172 through
wncfrs for tne Colonies.
representatives of the arid regions.
In-kinc toward the abandonme
L general scheme of arid land
ciaaioon for the time btlajr. the
Goxemment to jo ahead with Its.
three Irrigation experiments: bat I,
"Pessimistic Vievs of Eastern Business Men
iIahi uf 1S-...iL--.--.-L-- n .. -. u ... l L .- Fi JT i 0 ii
the first news of m 101 K INIIS ITOHl IliBIF ulSB mW IIIB lijBIffllllBe
think that is all that will be accom-j
plished during; the present session.":
Honse Committee Conference
Brought Oat Many Inter
esting Points.
Bndfeds of Frieads at Oceanic
Wharf to Meet the
"Hello! Ls Judge Gtr aboard"
The great steamship Ventura was )
searing the Oceanic wharf last night,
from San Francisco and two thou-t
sand people packed the wharf to the
very edge, awaiting to meet friends
l and learn the latest news from the
; Coast. Among the crowd there were
t hundreds of Hawailans. They were
Ventura Brings Large Consignment ( anxious to know ho Delegate Wil
-v. M..i.,-rii. -- u. .--., ,-h cox was getting along. The
On fays and leans, and Plead for a irked
Reduction of Existing Duties.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 16. Cuban guard the interests we represent." , egatlon, was heard as to the tariff re
reciprocity was again under consider-' Representative McClellan of New ' ductlons Cuba was likely to make In
atlon today by the Ways and Means York called attention to circulars re- order to give the United States con-
last Committe'e with large representation ceived by himself ond other members trol of the market. He said the Cuban
i "I have come to Hawaii to work
, on the Pacific cable proposition.- said '
Colonel . B. Hayes, cable man.
capitalist ami nnaaci? if sew York,
to a reporter at the nawaltan Hotel
last night
Colonel Hayes had Just arrived from
New York, via San Francisco, la the
steamship Ventura.
"1 have come hero in the interest
of a cable company of New York to !
study up this end of the Pacific cable ! Business Men of the Orient Said to
Advocates of Both Prirate aad
Government Lines Give
1 news was to the effect that he had
Twenty Passengers Has a Fair , be extremeiy ni, but was on the
Voyage but was delayed by the road to recovery.
English MallsSails at 10 a. m.. Whcn the Pub""11 reporter call
out across the water to know if Judge
. , Gear was aboard, the .answer came
from Judge Gear, himself: "Hello
there! Here I am!"
"How's Delegate Wilcox?" was then
of Cubans and of the various sugar of the committee, attacking the cur-, tariff was rety low and should be
and tobacco interests in attendance, i rent sugar quotations, and stating raised 50 to 70 per cent, and after
I A delegation from the New York Pro- they were influenced by the sugar i that a differential granted to the
duce Exchange favorable to reclproc- trust. The business men present United States sufficient to control tie
ity and several delegations from the gave their opinion that quotations trade as against other countries. He
beet growing sections opposed to re-. were accurate and impartial. favored ultimate free trade, both !
Plt&eea hoars late, on account of a
4eiay In the arrival of the English
malls at San Francisco, the Oceanic asked
Steamship Company's steamer Ven-, "He's Improving," jcame the answer.
nprocity arrived this morning.
Ewan Thomas, ex-president of the nection that there was an
New York Produce Exchange, pre- purpose in some quarters of preju- lem
sented the views of that organization. ! dicing the cause of Cuban reciprocity
work with a view to supplying my I
f rftmnflnt w-Ifl. 1. ...! .. . fit f
j v,...H... -,. IU1U.. Mtiuu WUICU Wlilf
enable it to place a bid for the con
tract to lay a cable to the Philip
pines, via Honolulu, frcm "-n Fran-
! Cisco." continued Colonel Kyes.
l snail remain here until the 5th
Favor Plan of Having the Cable
Under the Control of a Private
Corporation Cable Can be Man
ufactured in the United States.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 11. The f-
c wpnt. tn f!n- fh rnis uils behind It. "Whprpa?; Sill I rtiir (ftot Vfr PInno Yiod ennr-hf fro f
- - 'm I -M fc .. .w u u .--... --, .----.-- -- I J Wt.UV- '-. . . W. W l.Ul. 'V-IS ( -- I
9 0ClOCk VKttSnlaV PVOnlnC I J & . in oKnuf TK nnv rnn nf lin lincmnLC I tVio. irllnnccoa frint foi- Vitwl chntrn the . . TTn..nnn tU ..f,nn cnrO-Atr t t
- '" thA ttt hnt Unu-Q 'e ra1.rviA , " wwut . 4fv V,.V wi v"- w.iv- - wu .uv i.4o ii . uuu.. , UUUC l L II.VWIUU. IUU VUUUU OlUIVV3- I SDail V15IL HnVHl
. ...a . -m l.. J.I .m t "v - v sij lyciLSUiv W U3 t . ....! I
ct"v. si wnii mu amju ui ; jniDrovnc Jn hoalfh r being done by members of the Pro- Cuban cause stood on its own merits, man explained amid L .giiter that ho i other Islands for
.... I" " i - . t.
in pii ot tne mie nour -j won,i.r how Wllmr i-?" was imk. duce Exchange. Continuing, he said: Charles Rabiaan and C. P. Arm-, vielded to the majority, and that bvl ing over the gr
"Should the United States refuse to strong or tne rrouuee .xenange aiso , asking much it was nopeu to get as --5 """"" januing piaces tor ;
l am in nojies that
ten arriTed from San Francisco and ; immediately tne good news was Ho SLid that last ,ear $90oo,000 of ( by creating a public impression that ' When Representative Long brought
docked at tfc Oceanic wharf shortly) J"'ra "ne nawanan to tne oin-; A , f d product.
A lurire
the mmmec
ai many pea,TS came for Hono-1 ed scores of times by people of all
. I political denominations.
Tlie Ventura left Saa Francisco one who had just heard
tuMM-y 17th. t 1 :S2 a. ra. and made i 'oiW inform the inquirers
i tne trip down In R days 2 hours "ewgato was better.
'iHd 42 tntaote. Te weather was
-Hm, tfthottili otne rough
ftpwi cured.
Cargo for Honolulu.
"Vf irm.Jlo .,n.nl-.J 5r tkSc inn. . WVS which hf Said. WaS th OnlVinf nx mnnfh n.i.M T .ill .. .
..w. v.v,..." .-m.n.cu ... ..u.o ." -- . -- - , w., ,w,v.u i Xlll ICIUIU IU , fAl, , .. . ...1 . .. ..
evident solution of Cuba's commercial prob-(San Francisco, where I have business i , ,11 "-")'aiMlJ n i "
to execute In rnnnortlnn -,k , : v"'v "' ""-' """""J caow waa ee-
same idea.
' shall go to
Free Trade at Havana.
un tno . ,.i., . .,.. . .... . ..
New Yofk n J?"0 l ! -- CoVmUtec" Bn ' C7mme in
New ork and make my .., .u ... w.,
report. i --. - tku mt- matuig no iJ
During my stay in tese islands -nv,!!
ana some cf the w.nril nt ,l . '.,..
the purpose of look- ";rin I. V . opy
r, - t.u ...'... continuing his statement of yester-
im a ue iu j ti .t.i i.- ..-. . ...... ..
, -j. no ?aiu u oenvveo uiat tne
company he represented would he
able to make excltmivo traffic irv
0 n ranircments frnm nnintm U...J ti
makes pblllpplnes and connecting with Chi-
. ... i . - .1 ---.,. m...t.w . v i Liir taituiio . . ... .
m... .,.!-... .... ,.. ....,. result will bn rain to the nlanters. on tne detai.s or tne export iraue to, As the hearings closed Representa- !sisn,is nf , rn n ,, . i a ami jnjan. tie maintained that
iitoiii. mi4i iiiiiiiiirs iuici Jiiuci; - - - -. ,,,. , n . . i ' . . . . . " " "c ivaucci- .
Then some r,inHnn or .iiiM nn (ho'im. spoke in favor of reciprocity and were near that as possible. He we 50 to "lt 'aciuc w1?-
the news f ,i, , . ..i r f-u examined at lenRth bv Chairman ' ;o nor cent as the lowest ronr.ession I W1" ,5n(! a s"ItaWp landing plac
that the )nlianNll 0 ,lPnov hA ' Payne and members of the committee which would grant relief. ! . .. J!"'- '.,.- "Sh il re. b
c5"""----"'"-""-,""' -' i inn iim in niiiuranfa a s- thu
Hie Vewtwra bromrht 120 paseen
i Gear nasseil iinwn thp rnntrwnv w-itTf bankruptcy to the merchant and
aeas were a faogt Qf olhers H(J wag pushIng Kreat distress to the laboring classes . il OI1 various sugar interests. ranking Democrat on the committee,
nd perspiring and acknowledging a of Cuba, followed by serious indus-i Representative Robertson of Louis-j Raid:
hundred welcomer 11 at once, be trial ditsurbance and disorder. iana asked a series of questions tenC J T notice 'hat a very prominent
a couple of "Financial and economic disaster , ing to show that the Cuban people United States Senator is quoted iu
to Cuba will correspondingly injure had not spoken of reciprocity, and today's paper as saying the Senate
the island and the effect of reciproc- tive Richardson of Tennessee, the t ed, and probably will be connected ! Wh,,e tbr WaS " P to
with each otlur as soc" as the cable ; ,, 1 " 7 . T ""
:r IaH '
sides wrestling w..h
en for Honolulu an the teUowtaB TT.,L T i .
- t. -,-- t... v-i 'tesant trip. Judge
MtUed beer. 600 castijigf:, 24 express
Midnses. 1G pkica elect, goods, 400
ir. ska flour, 12ST pkn fruits and
vegt. 42S pkm irrocerle and prov..
12 pkg plumbers supplies. 45 pkgs.
harness, etc.. II Ik.v trets. 1 et. bicy-
rle, 1 bllliMt! table. 1 s rubber ronts.
4 obewiNg gum. 1 es gnlvd iron
ware, A bbls. lclwHre. 32 pkgs hard-
vrar. 3c photo aoods. 12 cs shoes
lit pkgs tobacco. 1 bid whiskey. 9 cs
ttoots and shoes. cs books. I bl
-orks, 51 pkas dnigs and supplies. 20
hau. 2 cs h. h. goods. 16 kegs lead.
21 pkics Merchandise. 1 ct propellors.
iS bate steel. 250 hare steel, 102 cs bot
tles, 2 bbls crockery. 2 coops chick
eats, 72 cs dry goods. 19 pkgs machin
ery, t cs met. cartldges. 50 music
Issues. 'A7S pea drested meat. 1 cs
ptetea .'are. 33 cs stationery, 79
fkg trunks. 15 parcels, 25 cs c4gars.
M ct clocks, 10 cs cigarette, S pkgs
4tl foods. S bl nsh net. 7 cs office
tomltur. 2 Mte oil. 100 sks potatoes,
21 erts srv wuchines. 156 metal
shlgles. 25 cs whiskey.
Passenger for This Port.
.. , .i .. .. .i n.nn.:nii.. -.wi., n.. ,i... tj, . .,.nr,.,.ini n-c .llfnotoH liv i will settle thif: whnlo nuestion. will
Ys! Ym ItoniiUfnlf ol.l ,luu' """ u"" "'""'i '' ! "' " i".tv ....v... .... .
Judge, panting and bowing and elbow- Ports of flour, corn, lard, bacon, "the sugar people," Interested in the make a treaty and that we will have,
Ing. his way to the gate, ' where he ' l)0rk- beans, peas, canned goods, and ' trade. ! nothing to do with it." j
hailed a hack, sped to the Hawaiian other commodities. The material re- Mr. Armstrong answered that the He will hnd out dinerently neioie
Hotel, secured a room, locked the duction of our exports and imports . interests of all the Cuban people' he gets through," " swered Mr. Dal
dor, turned out the light and jump to and from Cuba followed by a cor-, were bound up with sugar production zell of Pennsylvania.
e1 i"to btd. j responding decrease in the carrying ! and must stand or fall with it- f Chairman Payne stated that the to-
' trade, will result In a loss of freight I Mr. Robertson also sought o show bacco men would be heard on tne
1 to shipowners. f that American capitalists were buy-, 21st, the beet sugar interests on the
"This committee urges such reduc- ing large tracts in Cuba and would I 22d and that General Wood was ex-
lin In Un .li.tirvn -tn Inri.J . -.. ' 1.n l rt.- .- R ,1 V. txw.ltiFnnltf nrf A f in T1 ' lnflH im frnTTI f'llllfi I'll r0 tlltll 1 1 tf t
, ., , ,k... . I ,. ' I k Q.nn..n,a o,wf tn !, .nil ! Huential me.nbers of the Senate Fl
Kill illlll lUUUtLU U3 Will iltdl lUia 1U1- ' VUUiill IlCUIIlt. men oujuuhku, suujv.. tvf .. ..... , ... .,., .A
pending disaster and thereby safe-) Louis Place; head of the Cuban del-jof the chairman.
HI 1
f Special Corresponds nee.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 15 The House
Committee on Coinage, Weights and
Measures announces that next week it
waii to unravel the monetary tangle ceived by the Ventura last night and much empIoed
there. The bill that finds most favor Is of a very alarming character. The She had ample supply of coal for
with the committee is one that was Condor left Victoria December 2d, for her voyage, and even had she been
iiKimiuLtu uariy in tne session oy
Special CoRRnsroM)Exc
WASHINGTON, Jan. 11. It is the
opiniop todav of three of the most in-
Mnv "-nttlal k.v. vI.Im.
JF I rangetuenU with the Fr KasL H
j also stated that thre would be ou8 p
tlcns as to the right of the Unite
j Sutes to land a cable on foreign
I shores.
Chairman Hepburn asked a series
cf questions as to the effect of wire
Nss telegraphy on the submarine cs-
bK Ward replied that the new sys
tem presented a serious question. H
was not sure that the Paclnc cable
project would have been undertaken
if the longdistance experiments bad
been held oarlier. As to the claims
that wireless signal, had been coa
, veyed-000 miles across the Atlantic,
waru sain tnat if th claims wsr
I nance. Committee that the duties up- made good thfly would deter people
on Cuban sugar imported Into the ' from laying any more cables.
i United States v"l be reduced, by When asked as to the effect thus
, twenty-five per tent before Congress tar on the cable business. Ward said
'adjourns. This reduction will be !t htu depressed cable interest.
made to take effect uuon the h-' . Tho.ma3 E- Httshft8' 1"tins a
i? i.-,- , . American company which produces
Ibbment of a government in Cuba. cables saW J j Ceab3J
of and upon that government's granting be made in the United StateT aTfi.
Definite information about the sail, for this stntinn is a sister shin, and Suln before lannarv 3d. the date
commence ' - consideration of "a inS of the British sloop of-war Condor. , they are regarded as suitable for the-l the latest - a-s. as sailing vesesls a CUL 4 Manufactured articles sent any other part of the world, and he
ge In for the Territory of Ha- tami Victoria for Honolulu, was re- Pacific service, where sails can be so which left here since her departure , bnitf1 Statc-' from Cuba- f85;1 that American labor and caa-
have arrived there. . lue """"'S'rauon is nrmiy con-." uav la
The Pnn,lnr i ,?efine,1 in the nritlsh V,'nCed that thls StcP Sht to be tm fc
Admiraltv list as a screw sloop. She
was built at Sheerness. and wa3
launched in 1S9S. She is of steel, and
sheathed, and her tonnage is 9S0. She
is ISO feet long, has 33 feet beam, and !
draws 11 feet 6 inches. Six 4-Inch'
quick-flre guns and four 3 pounders I
Representative Hill, of Connection.
this port, in company with the War-1 obliged to resort to her canvas she
Ctltt-rt inrl fT tl- nll-ll:n- t-.t.4 n 1 ..-!.. 4 -. t.-... .nnnliA.1 -t.n "
and It is also supposed that this 1 "" ,u"u",Ub m&"1' u- oum uae .ea.uu m. ji
has received the approval of the cemUGr 3d a terrible gale prevailed, this month, as the record sailing time
Treasurv Department. ' Tne two parted company off Flattery, troni Victoria to this port is eighteen
Experts to be Examined.
but a letter received from one on ' davs.
The fcllowiaa passengers arrived
imm th Coast ou the Veatura: i When the committee comes to the boanl tho flagship states that the ves
Dr. V. K. Allan. Mr. C H. An consideraUon of the bill it will call sel Had a terrible experience, and. VICTORIA. Jan. 10. The British
tretr. iirs. T. D. Ilutterfleld. Mr. A. before it the Treasurj" experts who that her officers had grave doubts ! sloon of war Condor sailed from V
N. CaaipbelU Dr. A. B. Chirk and have visited the Territory In the last of living through the storm. One ofjtoria for Honolulu a dav after the
WW, Mr. W. II. coma. A. U. rK.jiwo ears. ine exppctauon is that, the uuns was wrenched from its -in- M-tto-.-n- -,?-, i ,,n-ni mlraltv list cave her the following of-
... .( , -- -- - , LUItil &AkVN.&l VU. tl UIVU .- UllHUWV,U v." - - " V
advantage of doing
taken, and It has been made an Ad- -an'rnna Hepburn asked If this
ministration measure, with ail of the ' AnVricani company was prepared to
regular men in the Administration tTtLVnU.? JSlTlf. moMT
tt ,..,,, l0 IMe united Stat9 Goverameat.
lined up firmly behind it. . ugaea reped that sh
There are Republicans in Congress tion would be submitted In due form
many of them who are fighting within the nert two days.
the proposition, and who will con- Hepburn asked that the formal
.! ., u- .-., i tinue to fight it. but thei- are not Proposition be In alternative for;
; . .fW i. mo. aa .ho .. Ad. r "r " " "" " Z'JSTJIS-Jsri:
JrH Mr. Geo. IS. Dow. Mr. W. B.
Ilare. H B. Hoffman, wife and maid.
Mr. S. J. Hkudy aad wife. Mr. R. B.
Hogue. Haasra Moore. Mr?. F. J.
soU. Mrs. M. K.' Moore. Miss Laura
A. Xott. Miss F. G. Moore Miss L.
A. Ferkias. ilr. W. 'jV. Scripps and
vlfa. Miss K. M. Severson. Miss E.
st. Wallace. Mr I F. Weaver. Mr.
R. C. Wilson. AUbtor Wilson. Mr. A.
. Angler. Mrs. A. AmeeUy. Mr. W.
Castle Jr.. Mrs Chr'-t. Mr. O. M.
iMttbar. Mr. lrwig F1. Mr. J. V..
Commander, Clifton Sclater;
entile ci4 nf n I.IM ...til l. ..A-.J
J r. . ,,,' ' ..J ri .. oongs, and. rolling about the to Lave gone down in the fierce gale.ficers:
two weeks and that a bill can be gottdecks with tbe PItchinSs ot the ves- which prevailed the fo."owing day. lieutenants, James B. Mason. Hay
thrtv-h Congress at this session. , so1 increase(l lle danger to the men. Latest advices from Honolulu re: : ( Winthrop and Henry T. V. Proctor;
. Hill's bill provides that silver The construction or the Condor , the war ship thirty-two days out Cap ' surgeon. Thomas H. Hartley; asslst
ccins that were coined under the would handicap her in a heavy sea, ; tain Flint, senior officer of the station ant paymatser. William H. Franklin;
laws of Hawaii, and that are not mu , she being of the type of well-decked j expresses great anxiet s to her j gunner, Arthur D. Aburns; engineer,
tilsted or abraded below the stand . ships, very high forward and aft and ' fate. He hopes, however, thst tho George J. D. Ditton.
am oi circulation, snail he received very low amidships. The Condor delav is due to a shortace of coal and i The Condor was commissioned at
ment of dues wthe Terri" i i carrIed about 140 men' and ls a brand" that' she is making the end of her j Chatham on November 1. 1900. and
. . uij. iuo ucius u-i uiuiucu tuu.- voyage unuer sail, out even in iuui .i..u.i. -.. -v. ,,.--.v ..--mission.
The Sheerwater, destinedJevenL she would have reached Hono-' Joined at that time.
ernment and f the United States,
and that wheu ho coins come Into
Ad ml'
ffefris. J. R- Gait, wife aad 2 chll-'the possession of the Territorial gov
. B. t Kane sad wife. Mrs. E
Mfeswfs, DarM Iwreace. Mr. S
11. Linie. Mr. 1 l'oclrvrltt and wife.
4HS K. HScluirdsoa. Mr. F. S. Pres-
. Mr. J. G. Kothwell aad wife.
ttlss A. C. Kice. Miss E. P. Sargent.
lite P. L. Sharp. Mr. M. P. Saep
hT4. Miss V. M. Sharp. Mr. a H.
Sakh. Mr. H Youngs and wife. Mr.
. C. chatidt and wife. Jas. Guild
4 wire. Miss K. Herrick. B. H. I.
lHCrck:ea. Miss M. Herrick. JHss
,' NobK Mrs. W. Noble. Miss S
jWtyatoad. Oscar F. Rltter, Mrs W1I
'nr x. J. H. Wlllles. A. E. Aldrldge.
t'has. H. Soar. J. Rasmissea. A. Ja-.-.
C. Bccle. Geo Holden. C M.
MrlaaOa, Mrs. N. B'abon. Fred. Hoh
f'ek. Mrs. J. Hoasoa and child. J.
XfcFauden. Mrs. J. McLean. M.
M'Hara. W. F. Oldiss. a A. Shep
n-rd. Mrs. J. C. Stu&rt and child.
Kott O'Jtd. G. L. Waters. F. C.
Aldrleh. W T. Thqnpsoa. A. W.
Clark I. Maupln. S. Giacomo. J.
ernment or the United States thev
shall not be paid out again but be
sent to the United States mints fr.
recoinago into United States coin.
Coins Changed as Bullion.
The coins must be sent to the mint
at San Francisco in quantities of not'
i less than 3500 and must be received '
at the mint the same as if they weraj
silver httlllf-n nrt Jn e nm -'
them standard silver dollsrs will- be retarr Root has sent to Coes es
given. Mutilated coins will be re- timates of ?307.000 for the defenses
ceived by weight in quantities of not. of the island of Guam and 5526,000";
: i
WASHINGTON, January 13. Sec-'
acquired territorj A the United
States, and to prevent the interrup
tion of cable communication, these
i islands being in the line of the pro-
' jected cable.
tratlon upon many important u JZ "J
measu.es. including this one. But the thought the Government better aWe
power behind this movement is so to do its own cable laying, using the
great and the pressure from outside Army transports.
sources so immense that the bill ' "'
seems almost certain, even at this Another New Building,
early day, to become a law before During the next six months the Bx
Congress adjourns. . ' ce!sfor 'Sf ?, F- probably
t.! nK. i - . , Prepare its lot on Fort street mafcal
The fight has been so fierce that It of the Love building, preparatory to
is useless to try to give many details building a six-story building, the plans
by this mail, as the hearings on the,rr whlch ave already been drawa
and Means Committee of the House Hoor being reserved for the use of tbe
on January 15th. . lodge.
No representative of the Hawaiian' .
i sugar industry has yet asked for a . '""'ncu.
a pueipoocmeni Has been Ukea Ja
hearing on the bill.
' the joint social to have beea held at
(the Y. M. C A. building on Friday
night. The affair will take place on
Tuesday evening. Jan. 2Sth. at which
Magnetic Station Now Ready.
j The United Sutes Magnetic sta-
j tion, which has ben In process of time members of the Y. M. C. A. aad
Senator construction about a mile and a half Y- w- C- A. wilt enterUln their
Is pessimistic regarding arid j ;,, the seashore, near the Ewa frten,s-
Bgislation. "I fear.-he said to-; nt.trn la -. "!.,, ., u---
Jan. 14.-
for the defenses of Hawaii. The de-j
less than fifty dollars. The Terri
torial rovernnient of Hawaii must
redeem th silrer rertlflmtoc thn . fenses of Guam are to Include a sea-'
have been issued by Hawaii, and ' coast tiattery. $142,000; defensive
such redemption mast lake place be- sites, 545,000, and torpedo batteries.
fore 1905. j mines, etc 5125,000. The defenses
-, CpUc rIih. "esiSns- . i of Hawaii are to include those about
irepuiv aaeria wngm ot iauai
land legislatio
day. "that the representatives of the
V Richard ajd rgjons cannot get together in
retirement framing a bill that will meet the ap
has tendered his resignation to High
Sheriff Brown. The selection of a
successor to Mr. Wright has not yet
been dcterr--icd.
Honolulu and Pearl Harbor. General
Gillespie, chief of engineers, tsates in
the estimates that these defenses are
(urgently needed to protect the newly
YORK. Jan.
Croker annour-'d hi
from the formt sadership cf Tarn hir-vsl of sufflcient members of Con
gress to insure Its passage. Unfor-
many Hall this "afternoon. The an-
nooeisnt was made at the meet
ing the executive committee, at
which the plan of organization for
the year 1902 was agreed upon, Lewis
Nixon was chosen Croker's successor
as chairman of tKi finnce commit
tee. This posik, -. by leag nsase,
carries with It the leadership of the
j plantation, is now completed, and has
been placed in charge of J. A. Flem
ing, of the Federal Survey forco. -who
now takes daily observations of the
deviations of the magnetic needle.
iunate differences have arisen, and
the results thus far in framing a bi'l
have been uasatirfactory. I cannot
say that I approve of the bill that has
bsen prepared, and if it is presented
in its present shape I fear I shall
have to oppose iL
"From what I clu learn, there Is an
apparent change of feeling among the
Mohicans vs. Custom House.
; A baseball nine from the Mohican
has challenged the Custom House
1 team for a game. The chalieag has
J been accepted and the game will take
I place on Saturday at 3 p. m. at the
j Punshou grounds.
Wife Complains of Assault.
Mrs.C. Mallan appeared at the po-"
lice station yesterday afternoon " and ,
swore out a warrant charging her
hnsband with as
ine CJ5 will rnme nn f-r trlil tfcla I .; -
' 1 reaiizea irom tne Tnaetiax- hei-flt
morning before Judge Wilcox. j g at the Orpheum
Elks Realized Snug Sum.
The treasury of the Honolulu Lodee
sault' aba hattftW ! of B,ks N'- S1S bas bMn substantial-

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