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All communications to the Honolulu
Times should be sent In at least
three days before publication signed
by the author, to the office, 82 Merchant
We are glad whensoever we
meet a native, man or woman,
well-dressed and holding a position
of trust. It makes us hoppy to
know that they are contented and
happy. We would have them all, if
we might, in comfortable and
lucrative places the pretty home
and the children about them.
And other things being equal
we would always give the native
the preference.
Never send the native away, but
the white man, where only room
for one.
Any man (or woman) is worthy
of commendation for trying to
keep his business affairs in his
own hands; it is certainly sound
sense, while it is not so very poetical.
It means often hard work
and plodding industry from early
dawn to evensong and often later.
But victory, and not loss, is the
sure result.
All communications for the Honolulu
Times must be sent in early
and must have the writer's signature.
j V? o
Anv subscriber not receiving his
paper kindly ring up Tel. Blue 251.
o o
N. B.
Pay no heed to Mr. Scatterbrain
wherever you may meet him, but
always look for Mr. Stedfast.
0 ? o
It is not the country that makes
a gentleman ; but, the breed."
? O
We want a good Legislature,
men who make for righteousness.
v5 ufr t3
All communications for this
paper must be sent in early.
V7 fc5 W
"Come, ye children, and hearken
unto me: I will teach you the fear
of the Lord.
t5 fc5 5
What man is he that lusteth to
live, and would fain see good days?
Keep thy tongue from evil: and
thy lips, that they speak no guile.
Eschew evil, and do good : seek
peace, and ensue it." Now the
Editor most entirely believes that
"Mother" Taylor, spoken of in
this morning's paper, has in her
daily life done all that is required
by God, through the Psalmist. But,
we would like much to know if
from, say, the Grand Climacteric,
sixty-three years, she has tried to
pursue any set rule of diet and
exercise? We would like to know
very much how she, herself accounts,
at least, in part, for her
81 years. Counsel and advice from
the aged arc like "Apples of Gold."
We certainly should "covet, life;"
and it would seem as if all those
who are blessed with home and
friends and health here, in this
lovely country this pearl of all
island groups should faithfully
strive to help any who are not so
fortunate as thev themselves.
Do you want to save the Hawaiian
race? Put an Industrial
School on each one of the Islands.
The smallest child can be taught
not only to sow the seeds of industry
and thrift but those of lettuce,
turnips, melons, etc. Put there,
Cows and fowls and incubaters.
Plant the vine, the fig. and whatever
disc will find a market. Have
flower-gardens, nurseries for
young trees, orchards. Have "a
stretch of the imagination" if you
can make any money out of it, to
help along the gigantic scheme,
that it prove no "bubble." And,
finally, close all the little country
schools that are not, and can not
be, under the circumstances, good
producers at least not nearly the
best, and teach the children how to'
literally, earn their own living.
Then, will you meet on every
road, in this country of mid-ocean,
famously good men and women
intelligent "beyond anything," self
helpful and righteous. May God
hasten that bridge-building over
the chasms of Indolence and Vice
that are today sapping the native.
I have never conned Politics,
Honey, Republican, Democrat or
Home Ruler; yet, I know that
none but a rogue, would trade his
vote for money. Now!
It is getting to be a perfect
mania to harp on, the times, of
these Islands the "hard times I"
We have been in from the beach
for two days only, and we confess
to feeling fairly bared on the subject.
It gives us a bad turn to
meet whether a banker or a bankrupt,
for both seem to be equally
dead broke, if not in realty in fancy.
Oh dear! we do just hate to
hear a'nyone groan, even when in
pain. But, now, when we have no
plague, no pestilence no disaster of
any sort when the skies are lovely
and Koreas are steaming port-ward,
to hear continually the old
song : "Quiet" "nothing going
on" "collapse," yards and yards of
it, we must exclaim : For pity's
sake hold your tongue!
We most heartily wish some one
would bring a first-rate company
here and give to us a run of good
comedy and farce and pantomime
to shorten up the faces we note on
the street.
Certainly, the Queen shall be
paid ("sure") in good gold, a
goodly sum ; and, we shall hope to
be invited to that luait following!
Now three times three and a tiger
for Hawaii's Queen.
O 9 ?
For a few minutes it often disgusts
one with truth seeing how
successful falsehood is. "It's no
use to try to do right," says someone.
Yes, that Legislature of two
years ago still leaves a bad taste in
the mouth. There's a great man
at the top of this Territory. Honey,
He'll speak the unvarnished truth
and not too funny.
(J o
"Our Delegate to Congress!"
w i
We don't care a crooked pin
what color a man's skin, or what
his political platform if he be only
honest a man. That
is the point. And we recognise no
superiority but brains and spirituality.
To that we bow low and
doff our cap. A man may be
whiter or he may be brown, we
heed it not. He may be half white
and half brown, or again, he may
be half brown and half white,
what recks it? To what wretched
poverty of thought, and malicious

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