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invention one must have come, to
account the color of a man's skin
as a bar to anything, or any position
on earth, prove be worthy and
capable ! God made man in' His
own image. Does that eternal
verity rest with the English-speaking
race, only? Allonsl
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It was indeed a red-letter day
for this Territory when the Senators
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"The Chinese are the best people
in the world to deal with," so
say the natives; and they should
be competent judges in that matter.
We shall now have the needful
supply of Chinese labor there
is no doubt of it.
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That "ball-and-chain" also, is to
be "unrivetted." Pan. Aloha!
i5 O i3
The clever Senatorial Commissioners
will be more than able to
spell and define: "Revolution,"'
"Delegate" (our), "Monarchy,"
"Queen" and "Governor Dole" by
the time they shall have reached
Washington again.
i mam i
By Lawrence N. Booth.
Again I close mine eyes to sleep,
Still knowing not
What other hours of day shall keep
My mortal thought.
Like one who launches from the
Out on a starless sea,
Uncertain of return once more,
So come I unto thee,
O dark and death-like sleep.
Father, receive my evening prayer.
Thou knowest best,
What time my pilgrim soul should
To its long rest.
A little longer to abide
This may more needful be;
Yet quick departing to Thy side
Is better far for me.
Thy pleasure is my prayer.
So this I ask for Jesus' sake:
If called this night,
Then let my mist-cleared eyes
To perfect light;
But if an earthly clay shall dawn,
Give it a resurrection power.
Forgive the error past and gone,
Bless every new-born hour;
That when I come to launch once
On sleep's dark, death-like sea,
Come life, come death, on either
I may be nearer Thee.
Grant this for Jesus' sake.
Seabury Divinity School, Faribault,
Cardinal Wolsey is reported to
have said, "If I had served by God
as I have served my king, He
would not in my old age have deserted
We well remember the college
oration of a friend (since an eminent
Boston lawyer) on "The old
age of the political partisan," and
wish it were in print for all political
partisans to read.
But one of the saddest things
we know of is the old age of some
of our clergymen, who after a life
spent in the service of the Master
are shoved aside to make way for
younger men.
At the age when the doctor and
lawyer are receiving their largest
fees, and all needy soldiers are
honorably provided fotr in well-appointed
soldiers' homes, the old
clergymen, like the old horse, is
too often left to hard work for
little pay or to depend on charity.
In the Catholic and Methodist
Episcopal churches, we believe,
this is not true. But in some of
our churches we have had brought
to our notice sad instances of the
neglect and suering of aged clergymen.
As this paper goes to all the
clergy of our own State, we would
urge upon them (in view of the
fact that sooner or later they will
all if they live grow old) to
take action for the establishment
in all churches of funds which
shall honorably provide for the
old age of those who have given
their lives to the preaching of the
gospel. GEO. T. ANGELL.
We are glad to find in a leiter
received this morning a description
of the very kind treatment of
horses by the Norwegians inNortji
Dakota. Probably in no country
in the world are horses more kindly
treated than in Norway.
(From February St. Nicholas.)
When the English tongue we speak
Why is "break" not rhymed with
Will you tell me why it 's true
We say "sew" but likewise "few" ;
And the maker of a verse
Cannot cap his "horse" with
"Beard" sounds not the same as
"heard" ;
"Cord" is different from "word";
"Cow" is cow, but "low" is low ;
"Shoe" is never rhymed with "foe."
Think of "hose" and "dose" and
And of "goose" and yet of
Think of the "comb" and "tomb"
and "bomb";
"Doll" and "roll"; and "home" and
And since "pay" is rhymed with
Why not "paid" with "said," I
We have "blood" and "food" and
"Mould" is not pronounced like
Wherefore "clone," but "gone" and
Is there any reason known?
And, in short, it seems to me
Sounds and letters disagree.
Don't you think, Mr. Angell,
that great combinations of capital
are endangering our republican
government ? Yes'.
Will they destroy it? No.
What can prevent it? Great
combinations of intelligent labor
controlled by intelligent leaders
who cannot be bought or sold, resulting
in the settlement of questions
between capital and labor at
the ballot-box, without armies or
navies on one side, or dynamite
and great incendiary fires on the
How do you think this will be
brought about? By a public demand
that civics and humane education
shall be considered in our
colleges and schools the most important
branches to be taught

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