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The Honolulu times. (Honolulu [Hawaii) 1902-1911, June 01, 1910, Image 3

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the Comet at the back; and we
write that with a big C.
"The heavens declare the glory of
God; and the firmament sheweth
his handy work. Day unto day
speech, and night unto night
sheweth knowledge."
I? o
We looked over Aliiolani College,
And we could not fancy any
building for school purposes, of
its size, more to our mind. It
seems precisely adapted to this
Mr. L. G. Blackman, the principal,
planned the same and overlooked
it in its construction; so, as
he said, "it suits him."
It would suit anyone so far as
coolness, open doors and windows,
wide lanais and staircases and finest
views on every side and from
every lookout, are concerned. It
is, too, homelike; a cosy, come-in-and-rest
air about it, upstairs and
There is no vacant look in any
part on account of the brown
color of the wood throughout and
the construction, likely.
It is a harmonious whole and a
very pleasing.
There are about five acres of
ground and good vegetable beds in
Were we to build a house, large
or small, we would certainly ask
Mr. Blackmail to lend us his wise
and artistic head in the matter.
t i? (5
Senator Dickey, who has but
just completed a tour of the world
said, this morning, (being of
sound mind and in good health
generally). "There is no place,
no place in all the world, like Honolulu."
And then, as if to ratify and
confirm the same, he rapped his
umbrella impressively upon the
car floor, looking reflectively
meanwhile at the sky and the hilltops
that he had missed for so
many long months.
V O v
forever Elite, on
the side.
Beakbane's artistic engraving.
Mr. Du Roi is a ready helper in
times of despair.
To give quickly, for relief, is
twice given ! ("Honolulu for
Valdemar Knudsen. And that's
the little citizen of Kauai. Do you
know the tiny knight?
Do not forget Miss Jonson's
place on Help a woman
every time.
iv 5 (ft
There was an old man lived in a
As you can plainly see,
Who said he could do more work
in a day
Than his wife could do in three.
"If that be so," the old woman
"Why this you must allow,
That you shall do my work for
one day
While I go drive the plough.
"But you must milk the Tiny cow
For fear she should go dry;
And you must feed the little pigs
That are within the sty.
"And you must watch the bracket
Lest she should go astray;
And you must wind the reel of
That I spun yesterday.
The old woman took the staff in
her hand
And went to drive the plough;
The old man took the pail in his
And went to milk the cow.
But Tiny hinched, and Tiny
And Tiny cocked her nose;
And Tiny hit the old man such a
That the blood ran down to his
'Twas "Hey, my good cow!" and
"Ho, my good cow!"
And "Now, my good cow stand
If ever I milk this cow again
'Twill be against my will."
But Tiny hinched, and Tiny
And Tiny cocked her nose;
And Tiny hit the old man such a
That the blood ran down to his
And when he'd milked the Tiny
For fear she should go dry,
Why then he fed the little pigs
That were within the sty.
And then he watched the bracket
Lest she should go astry;
But he forgot the reel of yarn
His wife spun yesterday.
He swore by all the stars in
And all the leaves on the tree
That his wife could do more work
in a day
Than he could do in three.
He swore by all the leaves on the
And all the stars in heaven
That his wife could do more work
in a day
Than he could do in seven.
( 5 (J
If the rest of the world has been
so well favored with things comet
as has Hawaii, they are lucky.
The comet has been quite plainly
in sight for over a week during
the early morning hours; in fact,
so early that quite a number still
scoff at statements made by those
who have seen the beautiful sight
in the eastern sky.
Very few are now living who
recall seeing Halley's comet in
1835, the date of the last visit of
this flaming sword. It is reported
that there are a few old
here in the islands who claim
that they can faintly remember
the last visit of the comet, and
they state that there was a small
shower of stones on one of the
days that the comet was in the
heavens. Evening Bulletin.
fc5 (2 i5
Washington, April 8. President
Taft has appointed Rev. ,
Father Charles Warren Currier-Ph.
D., of the bureau of Catholic
Indian missions, to represent the
Smithsonian Institution and Catholic
University of America at the
International Congress of
which will be held May
16 at Buenos Ayres in connection
with the hundredth anniversary
celebration of the Argentine Republic.
W1 (J fW
FERN In this city, April 28,
1910, Sheba Alapai, beloved wife
of Mayor J. J. Fern, a native of
CLUNEY In Honolulu, April
28, 1910, Captain John C. Clu-
ney, a native of Fall River,
Mass.' aged 71 years.
Word has been received of the
death of Robert K. Krout, in
Crawfordsville, Indiana, on April
25. He was the father of Miss

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