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Trloo d GontH
Iott street
The Hlrald was well
tcccived yes-
St Louis College will rc open on
x Monday Sept 13
Subscribers will please notify
office of failure to receive papers
Cleanliness i next to godliness and
the Kapiolani Hath is next to the Myr
tle Boat Club
Fall term of Mrs Wallaces Aca
demic School for Girls opens at 190
Nuuanu Avenue on Monday Sept 13
ITon James Keau one of the mem
bers for Honolulu has been appointed
night keeper of the Station House
The first issue of the Herald was
poorly printed but this defect will be
overcome shortly if not this issue
S J Levey was printed by mistake
for J Lcavy in the list of passengers by
the Australia as given yesterday
The police report n very quiet night
no arrests being made for drunkenness
Four prisoners were in the cells
arresUd during the day on warrants
A native man on Liliha street was
very near the last extremity on Tuesday
night from excessive drinking Oil wjs
administered bringing the spirits up
and saving his life
In the Police Conrt yesterday Jim
Edwaids and John Thomas were fined
the usual 6 for drunkenness and
Kaanaana was sent over to the bastile
for seven days for stealing a bunch of
The city was so still last night that
a cat crossing Fort street at midnight
stood still for fear our reporter would
have her up in the Herald in the
morning for disturbing the quiet of
the night with her footfalls
Mr H Hackfcld has retired from
the firm of H Hackfeld Co Mr
J C Glade has withdrawn from gen
eral partnership therein and Mr E
Muller admitted in that capacity
while Mr H Lose has been author
ized to sign the firm name by procura
The half hours delay in getting the
S S Australia off yesterday according
to a pilots explanation was due to the
bark Discovery being right ahead in
the channel No harm was done any
way by the detention although many
people werd seriously cut up with curi
osity to know what was the matter
The Hook Ladder Co met last
night at the Central Station and elected
the following officers Geo Norton
foreman and treasurer j James Lewis
assistant foicman and Gus Rose
secretary There was a good muster
about o and after discussing the col
lection of dues and fines they topped
off a very satisfactory meeting with
A dispute between two contracting
builders at the corner of King and
Maunakea streets about last
evening culminated in a sort of free
ficht in which laborers of several
nationalities took part with their work
ing tools One of the contractors
came out with marks ol very hard
usage and it is said the matter will not
stop there Bystanders and a couple
of officers interfered with success in
restoring peace for the time being
About dusk last evqninu a Hawaiian
Chinese wrangle at the Kings stables
Leleo was found to have been caused
by two lively Chinamen having brought
a heavy hand truck into collision witn
a hack standing in front of the build
ing The boy in charge of tlfe car
riage seized the truck and taking it
into the stables held it as security for
payment of the repairs to a dished
lipid wheel of the hack The reporter
left the parties still disputing
j 1 - I
Mr Ed Tucker went to the Coast
by yesterdays steamer to push his
new invention of a smoke consuming
appliance With the certificates of its
efficiency on steamers of the Wilder S
S Co in his pocket he hopes to have
it adopted on board trie Oceanic S S
Zealandia in her projected 0 vet haul
ing If the invention which is cnllrd
a fire bridge wall is all that it proved
to be in the experiments on board the
Wilder steamers it is the very thing
that large steam users abroad have
been seeking for many year
The O S S Co 3 Hawaiian steam
ship Australia sailed at noon ycsterdny
She took the following freight for San
Francisco 10494 bags sugar 1350
bags rice 1770 bunches bananas 348
bundles sugar cane 14 cases betel
leaves 6 bales goat skins 0 bales
sheen skins 2 bales hose 5 cases taro
and 427 packages sundries also 700
in gold coin value 0010530 v
G Irwin Co shipped most of the
sugar--10235 Of the bananas
A T Campbell shipped 640 bunches
l I Marshall 429 and C E Hen
4011 275 Ilyman Bros shipped 950
li0of rice and M Phillips Co
Yesterday forenooh several reports
of select committees weie picsented
A committee to which were lefiincd
two bills introduced respectively by
Mr Kauiiamano and Mr Lilikalani
to amend the law of 1874 relating to
the distillation of spirituous liqucts
1 commended that both be laid un the
table and their report was tabled
The committees reasons for advhing
the shelving of the bills were first
that Mi Lilikalanis contained incon
sistent provisions and secondly that
the law of 1874 gave all the facilities
necessary for persons to engage in dis
tilling and those not being availed of
there was no call for fresh privileges of
a similar nature The select committee
on Mr Richardsons bill to amend
certain sections of the Civil Code re
nting to prisons jails and houses of
correction recommended its passage
with amendments leaving intact some
of the provisions designed in the bill
to be changed The loan bill was
passed on a division by 30 to 7 the
white Opposition representatives rein
forced by Mr Palohau composing the
minority A motion wns passed in
the morning that when the house ad
journed for the day it should adjourn
over Friday tojiermit the acceptance
of an invitation to attend the luau in
celebration of the birthday of the
Heiress Apparent Princess Liliuoka
lani In the afternoon the Appropria
tion Bill was on the board and raised
by the addition of items for various
wharves and other public works
An interesting discussion took place
on the vote of 5000 for Kapio
lani Park The house passed the
item on condition that the hinh fence
surrounding the race course be pulled
I- MM f - ni in nt nn
UUHlll 1 HlJ liill i VID IMIk Mf Ml 111
expense of 3000 if we remember
correctly by the Hawaiian Jockey
Club Permission was however given
by the house to erect a fence at a dis
tance of the eighth of a mile in all
directions from the grand stand Mr
Aholo said that if 1 fence were built
obstructing the public view of the Ep
som race course in England the multi
tude would incontinently tear it away
on the very first opportunity
On Tuesday afternoon the
ployeea of the Custom House pre-
scntcd Hon Curtis 1 Iaukea with a
handsome wine set 01 cut glass con
taining a hundred pieces An address
was tendered at tne same time setting
forth that the given wished to express
in a small way their kindly appreciation
of the pleasant relations existing be
tween the retiring Collector General
and the officers of the Customs during
his incumbency It was signed by G
E Hoardman W Chamberlain I
Q Tcwksbury H W Auld Oliver
Stillman Richard Ni Mossman Geo
Markham J Crowdcr G Parmcntcr
J Markham and D K Iieka Col
Iaukea responded in an impromptu
speech after which there was a sociable
season with complimentary toasts
Last evening a very pleasant party
assembled at the Palama lesidence of
Princess Liliuokalani The Nihoa
Society formed to commemorate the
famous trip to Nihoa last year met at
that place to proffer salutations to the
Princess on the eve of her birthday
The society is composed of the party
that accompanied Her Royal Highness
on that eventful expedition On as
sembling at the house last evening they
presented her with a beautiful cut
ghss wine set of a hundred pieces A
string band and a choir were in attend-
ance Dllmg tne deiigmiui
treat for the time with
Hawaiian music
tropical re
Xho Poitnl Savi Rf Baltic
In an interview with Mr Ilenrr Poor
Postal Savings Bank Clerk it is learned
that the institution is succeeding be
yond anticipation Natives not gener
ally supposed to possess accumulations
pf wealth have come forward in sur
prising numbers with deposits all the
way up to the limit of 1000 The
amounts paid in by Hawaiians amount
to about one half ol the aggrcgatcso
far received Hitherto the native
nonulation have been rather shy of
binls but they are not so regarding
this one They have given it the name
of IJanako Lahut or The Peoples
Hank and seem to regard it as a long
wanted opportunity for enabling them
to exercise economy and tlnift with
due profit Of others who are avail
ing themselves of the chance of safe
investment many arc mechanics who
regulaily deposit what they can spare
overliving expenses fioni their earn
ings Mr Poor believes that there will
be a quarter of a million loaned to the
Government through the agency of
this bank within a few months
In tlio Wx oiik Folil
Yestciday during the afternoon ses
sion of the Legislature a sheep entered
the cast door of the Assembly room
and surveyed the legislators for a few
moments Then with a disappointed
look on Its face the animal turned
about and vrent away It is supposed
on the one hand that it came to see
how much truth there was in the
Onnosition chnree that the Govern
ment supporters acted like a lock of
sheep and on the other that it was
looking for the Shepherd of Lanai If
the latteivthe reason for the creatures
disannointrhent was that the person
age in question had in a dejected-
mood mid down on his chair until he
was almost concealed from view by his
Birthday of flic Holrosa fAptiaront
Great preparations have been made
the latt few days for the luau in cele
bration of the Princess Lihuokalahis
forty eighth birthday at her lnlmnit
lesidence to morrow A marquee sur
rounded by many suall tents has been
erected on the grounds Yesterday
afternoon teams were employed haul
ing stones to the place foi the vast
baking operations and last everting the
lires to heat the stones threw h ruddy
glimmer over the gipsy scene The
Legislature in a body will form a por
tion of the distinguished company at
the grand luau At half past six in
the morning the Marshal and police
force will call on Her Royal Highness
being accompanied from the Station
by the Reformatory School Band
The Royal Hawaiian Band will attend
at eight to play throughout the succes
sive stages of the festival At eleven
oclock the First Division of the Edu
cational Society will greet the Princess
and proffer mementoes of their high
regards Their Majesties the King
and Queen will arrive at twelve A
salute will be fired and a company of
the Princes Own will form a guard of
honor Ihe Second Division of the
Educational Society will pay their
respects at one oclock and the Ladies
Savings Bank Association at half past
one The luau coming on at two
oclock promises to be one of the
grandest social events in a long time
The Daily Herald tenders hearty
congratulations to Her Royal High
ness wishing her many years of con
tinued usefulness and popularity
Owing to a pressure of advertise
ments on our columns Trade
Pointers are omitted from this issue
Of tllC HfcRALD
encrai JUibcriuscmente
Crystal Soda Works
GH3SrO 3l
Aerated Wators of All Kind3
Fruit Syrups and Eesenoos
pur G00J ar udnowloned th HFST NO CORKS
In all our Bortlu
3 W invite particular attention o oar Ijlent
Killer rtcently introduced by which all waif r tued
11 our manufacturer ii absolutely freed frun all im
KST Wc deliver or Goodl fre of charge to alt parti
Careful attention paid to Islands Orders Address
Telephone No 208
9 Percent Investment Net
PAUKAA SUOAIl CO has issued
THK MORrOAOE 1I0NDS In all for
j6oo secured by all the property ot the Co pti
In the district of Hio Hawaii
These Konds nre In three oeries A D and C eaih
selenforiooo pa able in t andj ears
Each Bond is for 500
Hearing iterest U 9 per cent per annum
Coupons payable kemi stimiallr
Free of Government Tax to the Holder
Parties dcslrng to nesi money In sums if 500
and upwards can be furnished a Imited number of
these Finds by applying to
Insurance Company of Boston Mass
AssfU Jriiiiiary tat lHSt nuarly 17
Polices Issued on the most favorable terms and
absolutely Non Forfeltable after Two
sxAMruc or NON roxriiTUKK tlak
Insured age 3 j ears so years 1iidowment Plan for
ittnitul Premium S4JiS0
Csh Surr Vle Pd up In
At the end or Un ail Year 8 Bj 545
3d 4170 O40
4t 643 1130
Sth 8318 1415
6th iog oe 169s
yth IS355 97o
8th 4573
91I1 16760 J 500
otls 151165 3755
j nth is7 90 3005
isth 45 45 35
13th 68s 00 348
th t977 37
lilh J3 90 3945
ith 3 57S 3S 4165
7th 3 S3 S 43J
18th 4148 50 4590
19th 4613 70 4800
soth Sooo oa 5000
The second and subqont preuiiuins are likely to
be reduced by lmixtme annual iiullms im
tsr ApphMlionicanbehadof aod fulliaforssatlon
will be given by the Acents
C J WALLER Proprietor
Oliolcott Moats from Fiuoat Horils
rnmUIas and shipping supplied oe short noilee and at
-Lowest Market Prmes
All me itt delivered from ihls mirket ei thoroughly
chilled Imiardiatelv after 1111ms hv meins of a lel
Coleman Patent Drj Air Refrigerator Meat so
treated letalns all Its Juicy propulles and is punranleed
lokeep lontjer after delivery than frhl -killed inest
Kelngold draught beer at the Commercial
The Inmous Keingold on draught nt he
No hand hook exccN the Hawaiian Almanac
ami Annual for reliable ilnlMical and general
1 11 format Ion relating to these Islands Price
ii you want a good smoke lor your money
Home industry and ca 1 rtt J 1 V
CryMal Socio Work
Go Hotel
Mr James Welsh of the Commercial Sa
loon has just received a few cases of the
famous Hclngohl Draught Hecr now all the
rage In Trisco Kdngold takes the lead
The Ehlc Ice Cream Parlors II J Hart
Prbrict6r Dont indulge in personalities to
mislead the public but offer their superior
Hand made Ice Cream Cakes and Candles I o
ope and all Good quality in everything is
our standard motto
Fresh steam frozen pure and richest ice
cream ever day No cream frozen over he
second third or even fonrth day Sold at the
Pioneer Hlcam Candy Factory Uak eryand Ice
Cream Kooms V Horn Proprietor Hotel
between Fort and Nuuanu streets Hoth tele
phones No 74
CUNNINGHAM- MAKTIN At r ahala Hawiiii
AK 33 Mi Fa her Cha Its rotiat Mr M P
Cunnlnithim 10 Mlik Viiginia Mr tin Ixjtli of that
Wednesday Sept t
Schr Rob Roy from Koolau s
Sloop Kalnhilani from Ewa
bclir Knuil enoui from Kohaki
Wednesday Sept 1
Sm Australia for Sin Irancisco
Ilktne Discovery for San Francisco
Tern Kc Au IIou for Pah
Schr Kulamanu Tor Tuna
5chr Heel for Koolau
Stmr Kilauea IIou for Hawaii at j p m
Tor San Francisco per bl tne 11iscoery Wednes
day fcept t II lTavlor and W S Lawlor
For San IrincU O per lmr Australia Vcdnesda
Sept i J Leaveyand vilfe C WaljonJE A Jo es Mr
CM Cooke jchililien and se vant G h Uoscman
Sophie Ilenby K llae and wife j Marsden O K
Wilde- E I ienney R E Halead li Tucker J 11
Ward I KS IJlteOen I Coniheim M Ilosenhal G
I Waller andxifc C W Ahfoid T R locr Mrs E
T Skidmo e 11 S Conedon las Gay H 1 aylor L C
rorge Mrs M J Heaey MP de lung II Uuetho
J Andrade wife and child A S Moeira wife and
child A rjeMedmros Kdw d Power Ah Chong lew
tllm Mis T Tnoi J D eo MtChe ney wife
and Infant C N Chappe and vwfo Hiss A Cnappell
C I Ho J Row and V Soto J Schwartz A 1 Ale-
Uermoit Airs Y leonghec Mr 1 aylor
Voisols InlPort rom
French chr Ilammonia
Foreign Forts
Amaud from Perynr
Haw shr General beigcl Kelson from Jatuit Mar
shall Islands
Ger scl Mr C llohn P Ilohm from Yokohama
via Kauat
OSS Australia Haw II Webber from San Fran
Am bk Fred P Litchfield Ilr tlett from HonzVnnB
Hawbrif Allie Kowe Wm Phillips from -II org
Am bgtne Clans Spree els CPD ew from San
Am bk California CI is Davis 10m Port Ton n
send W T
Am Mine Maay Morehouse from Uurrards Inlet
Jol It Don Nicholas Ross from Port Townsena
The Rob Roy brought 295 bajs rice from Koolau
The Krlihilini b ought 330 bnchs bananas from
Ewa which were transferred to the s mr Ausraia
IheJLwalani will lay up forrepais this weekend
the W G Hall will icume ber route to morrow
Ihe KaulLraouli brought a 160 bags from
Kohala Hawaii fer Messrs Castle CooLe
lhejmlarkrPU Jifeld willfini Ji discharging
Friday She will -Jill on or about Wednesday next
The Ihua has neHy completed her She
is e pected to sail on Morday next for Hawaii
Tlie Mills Mons and Emma were teephoned nbout
5 oclock last ctenius
The bktne Discover sailed about noon yeteMay
She took 9Jl and 1400 bags rice for
San Fiancuco
Books R elating to Hawaii
1orninJcrs Poljneslan Race
Our Journal iu the Pacific
Jaryes History of the Hawaiian IsUads
Andrews Hawaliai Dictionary
Andrews Hawaiian Grammar
Whitnes Guide Hook
Miss Birds bit Months in the Sandwich Islands
Hawa un Almanac aud Annuals 1875 1885
Hanlian Cook Hook revised edition
Hawaiian Phrase Hooks
Ey lessons for Hawaiians
A Pow Copies Only
Hawaiian Club Papers
Honolulu Directory and Historical Sketches ol the
Hawaiian Islands
Hssstnger s Custom House TarllTand Digest
The Islander an 8 vo weekly Journal March to
November 1815
Together with an excellent variety of
For sale by
tjzoh a Tine aw
jvo tao rait si
Have lust received from factories in ih Unllcd
States a fine assortment of NlW IUKNI I U1UJ in-
Walnut Book Cases Sideboards
ChciTonicrs Etc Etc
Special attention Given
Mattresses mitt Bedding
01 all kinds
Jfo ML Kiuu Strati
Telephone No Ms
GJmentl beii66mettt
i Ju
iatri rb
TSpji u i
vw - riMVJuaiWmniiinj n rnrirr Tti ri iniiff7iTij5ivri aifii u tssB8mv iiiijiijiLii - MittuM nnffiiiiiirneaaarf
Will bo for hiilo Dully itt tlio lo-
lowlmc llaocHj
I M OAIJk Co Merchant street
TMs Space RgseTyed
The Central Cigar Stand
Campbells Block Merchant Slrect
F IIILDER - Proprietor
Bell Telephone 172 Mutual Telephone 375
Gentlemen will find the Central always stocked with the
choicest Havana and Domestic Cigars and Tobaccos Fresh
importations by every steamer
The Finest Manilla Cigars in the Market on Hand
Island orders Carefully attended to Give me a call
t fit A - at 1
1 1 -
Will appear shortly Tod Busy with clearing out sale to
write anything now
Contiactdr Builder
Kstimalcs given on all kinds of Brick Iron Stone and Wofrlen lluildings Refers to the
following prominent buildings erected 1 him amongst others too numerpus to mention the
Kings lalace Lunalilo Home Opera House Honolulu Library Wilder Mrs Lack Police
and Aswan llnildings Etc
Brick Work in all its Branches
Oftice S U corner Queen and Alakea Streets Mutual Telephone No 38s
Briclc Building King Street near Maunakea
4 V
it c
Goods deiered promjtly Mutual Telephone 37 P 0 Jtox 398
can be had to order at the
1 pany of New Yorkar
AuetsJ December i it8 Jioj 816178 51
Policies Issued on the Life Term aud Endowment
JAilukiJlJ fi U I1lUlWuiJi1iuilJ 1 A HJilviLj iitil11 isriillsi J s t leiaJ iAJa 1jtrV - ukL iv stria VU - viSlsMf jA
TrtiiTr tjwmrmmimimrmMi
j Lt

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