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rA asm
Will 1ji for- wiilii J5hUv lit Mio liol
lowiiug iMuttj t
J M OAIJk ftto Merchant street
T OTHUUM Port street
WIclfl CJ CMtM
Ham came down straight and strong
at intervals throughout last night
i i n i -
All the Government schools in the
Kingdom will rc oiicn on Monday
Wnianae is still crying for rain hav
ing only had half an hour of the moist
spell until yesterday
A large brass key found nt cort e of
Nuuanu and Hotel streets awaits the
owner at the Police Station
The W G I fall brings news of fine
rains on the Kau coast which means
thousands of dollars to the plantations
Mr John A Palmer business agent
has taken to his old occupation of dis
pensing drugs in Messrs Hollister
The gardens and grounds through
out the city are bright and green from
the abundant showers Visitors may
now view Honolulu ot its prettiest
Mr Pratt has been promoted from
third to first sergeant and Mr Lang
ley from the ranks to quartermaster
sergeant of the Honolulu Rifles
The Kings Own had a fine drill at
the Armory last night Capt Sam
Nowlcin it seems is not exhausted
in keeping a quorum in the Legisla
Residents of Nuuanu Valley above
Judd street have water all night since
the bic pines weic laid and feel accord-
inclv crateful to the new Minister of
the Interior
- -
lolani College will rc open on Mon
day having two new teachers from St
Augustines College Canterbury Eng
land who arrived by the last down trip
of the Mariposa
The Hawaiian Hoard of Missions
has changed quarters from the Sailors
Home building to the rooms at the
corner of Fort and Merchant streets
above Eagan Cos store
Win Martin who killed his wife and
was acquitted of murder at Waiohinu
Hawaii this week on the ground ot
insanity was brought to town by the
rw I Hall and consiumed to the
Asylum Uflj
The rain of Thursday night ex
tended from town to the Ewa stream
E From the Ewa stream to the Kipapa
gulch the ground received no rain
Beyond Kipapa there was no heavy
rain Last week there were good
showers for two days at Leilehut ranch
At yesterdays session of the Police
Court Ahini was remanded till the
nth for judgment on a charge of dis
orderly conduct Chris Drown and
Kaanana forfeited the usual bail for
drunkenness Alex Nicols was fined
5 with 3 costs on pleading guilty to
a violation of the express regulations
1 he sidewalks on the lower end of
sFort street are in an abominable condi
tion There arc no sidewalks at all
leading to the principal passenger
steamer docks from Fort street In
Iwct weather the pedestrian only gets
clear of the pitfalls and puddles of the
f fort strecc paths to get into the bogs
sand pools between that thoroughfare
and the wharves
A formidable runaway occurred on
Nuuanu avenue yesterday afternoon
j I Hm i LJaiKKn wilM IAaA4 a4 1 iti m f
ivu ui iicuuitiu1 uuiaua uui uvu ui
f Grahams were hauling a dray loaded
ffiwith a boiler from the Honolulu Ice
LWoiks Coming down the hill from
sjudd street a pair of the wheels was
fastened but the chain nivincr wav the
Iweight of the load came full on the
wheelers laylor the man who was
Idriving to save the horses and himself
let them run and they came down the
Ihill at a tearing pace When about
opposite Mr Woods the driver slewed
line team to one side throwing the
horses down and running the pole
through a picket fence at the side of
Itlie road Ihc wheelers were hurt
some but no other damage was done
thanks to the drivers skillful handling
t t a
t ot the reins
Iliuid Conoort
The Royal Hawaiian band will play
thefollowing programme this afternoon
Eat 430 at Emma square
gMarcii The Suite Lachncr
iOverture -Romantic Keler Hela
ilolka Stefanie Kalitbnch
Selection Lohengrin - Wagaer
Finnic Victor Pisany 1cri
flolka Kesl avcrtal
Paul said his mamma will you
no sottlv into the panor and se 11
grandpa is asleep
Yes mamma whispered raw on
this return he is all asleep but his
jnose New lori Sun
Mr Notes and Comments writes
lEva why is dying called kicking the
Chbos Triad nt tlio Soptomltor Toiin
Thin Woolt
The Third Judicial Circuit Court
opened at Waiohinu District of Kau
Island of Hawaii on Monday morning
Inst at nine oclock and closed on
Wednesday evening Piesent JuddC
J Lynun Circuit J and Rosa
Deputy Attorney General Messrs
Neumann Whiting and Peterson of
the city bar were in attendance as
well as Mr Hitchcock and other coun
try barristers Fifteen cases were dis
posed of in the three days the Court
being in session each day from nine in
the morning till nine at night and on
one occasion not rising till 230 in the
morning Below is given the calendar
withihe result of each case tried
The King vs Win Martin Defend
ant was committed for murder by the
District Judge of Waiohinu he having
killed his wife with a pair of scissors
Messrs Neumann and Whiting were
assigned as his counsel who entered a
plea of not guilty A verdic t was re
turned Not guilty being insane and
the prisoner was committed to the In
sane Asylum Honolulu
lhc King vs Kawaihae w and
Akencka w gaming appeal from
District Judge Tirnotco Punaluu
Verdict of guilty and fine of 5 each
and costs D II Hitchcock or de
The King vs Nalilnaniu k mali
cious injury appeal from District
Judge Tirnotco Punaluu Nolle pro
scciui entered D H Hitchcock for
The King vs George Glcndon gross
cheat commitment from District Judge
Tirnotco Punaluu The jury were out
from 930 p M till 230 A M but failed
to agree standing nine to five for con
viction A motion was made to change
the venue to Honolulu which was not
determined Neumann Whiting and
Hitchcock for defendant Rosa for the
From the evidence it appeared that
defendant who was Government school
teacher at Pahala had represented to
Mr G W C Jones the school agent
that he must have an assistant teacher
MrJones consenting defendant cm
ployed what the former supposed was a
competent teacher and was allowed
20 a month for the assistants salary
It transpired some time afterward that
the assistance employed by defendant
consisted of small Norwegian boys
who taught their compatriot and Por
tugucse juvenile companions in the
A 11 Cs Defendant drew money to
the amount of 547 in various sums
from time to time sending to the
school agent receipts signed by the
childish assistants One of these
embryo teachers who gave evidence in
the case could not read the receipt
that bore his signature when it was
presented to him in Court The in
dictment was for the amount of 60
The King vs Wong Hoi Lung
having opium in possession appeal
frcm the District Jude of Waiohinu
Verdict of not guilty Rosa for Crown
Hitchcock for defendant
Chung Pew Co vs Manaole re
fusing duty section 1420 Civil Code
appeal from District Judge Tirnotco
Punaluu Jury waived and judgment
for - defendantf A Rosa for plaintiff
S W Mahelona for defendant
Wahaila vs Hiwa Co violating
contract section 1423 Civil Code
appeal from District Judge Timoteo
Punaluu Jury waived llaintiit dis
continued as the contract had expired
Hitchcock for plaintiff Peterson for
Hiwa Co vs Nahua k desert
ing bound service section 1419 Civil
Code appeal from District Judge
Timoteo Punaluu Jury waived and
defendant discharged from his con
tract Hitchcock for defendant
Kahalcpaolc vs Daniel Fosttr and
Wm Doiloway assault and battery
appeal from pistrict Judge Martin
Waiohinu Continued till next Sep
tember term Hitchcock for plaintiff
Kinney Peterson for defendants
Kclli k vs OhialaU w deserting
husband appeal from Circuit Judge
Lyman Waiohinu Judgment for de
fendant plaintiff to pay costs No
appearance for plaintiff Hitchcock for
Hilea Sugar Co vs Kapeliela k
refusing duty appeal from judge Mar
tin Waiohinu Judgment ordering de
fendant back to service Neumann for
plaintiff Rosa for defendant
F Stupplcbecn vi Mary Ann Stup
plebecn libel for divorce Diverce
granted Kinney Peterson for libel
Eter Starchlouff ts Anguel Starch
louff libel for divorce Publication
ordeicd and venue changed Rosa for
Halelaau k ti Kekini libel
for divorce for separation Divorce
granted Hitchcock for libcllant
Lapuwale k vs Wahnlau w libel
for divorce Divorce granted Hitch
cock for libellanr
Duffys Pure Malt Whisky Is not a medi
cated liquor but a pure unadulterated whisky
for medicinal use free from fusel oil and all
noxious impurities and is prescribed bv physi
cians It js a medicine for the kick ami feeble
micKctr JJOtrt Know dear unless nnd ieyCnro for the million became it is
Klcath js the pail destroyer
I absolutely pure
MMrtirtWatiiwttMtrtirwtWwniM m
Yesteiday petitions wire presented
from the Kings Own and the Queens
Own military companies praying for
appropriations of 3000 and 3600
respectively for the purchase of proper
arms and accoutrements The com
mittee on elections to whom had been
referred two election bills ene by the
member of South Kona to amend the
law relative to the lists of voters the
other by Mr Kaulukou relating to
the Hoards of Inspectors of Election
divided equally on two reports The
lirst report is signed by Messrs
Castle Dole and Winht and discards
both bills The committee thinic it is
not a pleasant state of affairs that
more than one half of the elective
branch of the Assembly is composed
of members of the Hoards of Inspectors
of Election They offer a draft of a
bill which provides for the appoint
ment of three disinterested persons by
the Governor for each district as a
Hoard of Inspectors of Election The
second report recommends the passing
of Mr Kaulukous bill and is signed
by Messrs Ilayselden Dare and Ka
ulukou Supplementary reports were
presented on which the committee
divided as befoie the first division re
commending an entire reconstruction
of the election law and the abolition
of the tax receipt system the others
concurring in these recommendations
with the exception of doing away with
the tax receipts The report of the
committee on ramie cultivation was
adonted nivinc the Hawaiian Ramie
Company in aid of the cultivation and
manufacture of the plant 2500 and a
bounty of 7300 on the cxportationby
the company of ten or more tons of
fibre at not less than 100 The Min
ister of Interior answered the question
of Mr C Drown relative to the Jap
anese store on Fort street that the
store was not licensed The Minister
of Finance answered the question
of Mr S D Dole about the taking of
liquors from the Custom House that
none had been taken except such as
were required by His Majesty and the
Foreign Representatives
The greater part of the afternoon
session was taken up with a lively de
bate on the third reading of the act to
abolish Road and
the appointment of Doards of Road
Commissioners one of the commis
sioners to be supervisor The essential
feature of the bill is the provision for
paying over to the Road bupervisors
the money raised in their respective
districts as road tax to -be applied by
them for the maintenance of the road
service A motion to indefinitely post
pone the bill was defeated by a vote of
22 to 11 The consideration of the
items of expenditure by which the
35000 appropriated at the commence
ment of the session for legislative ex
penses has necn ail nut exhausted
was in piogress the House adjourned
Arrival of tho Yacht Bruuhildo
The New York yacht Brunhilde was
sighted fifteen miles cast early yester
day afternoon and arrived m the har
bor about dark She left Monterey
California on the 30th of August and
had a very favorable passage The
Brunhilde is a two top mast schooner
of 119 tons register and is com
manded by her owner Captain J J
Phelps whose friend Mr Ilillard ac
companies him in the present cruise
Besides these gentlemen there arc on
board first and second officers boat
swain ten able bodied seamen two
stewards and two cooks The Brun
hilde is now out fourteen months on a
voyage round the world from New
York She visited all the principal
ports in the East via the Suez Canal
going to San Francisco from Yoko
hama No mishap has marred the
pleasure of the voyage so far and the
vessel has proved an excellent sailer
and seaboat She sits beautifully on
the water has a gallant trim and a
superb sheer Internally the Brun
hilde is finished like a palace in panels
of rosewood and cherry and furnished
for the most elegant comfort The
cabin is remarkably rooray and airy for
the size of the vessel and has richly
curtained berths along the sides like
railway palace sleeper A handsome
piano stands in one corner for Captain
Phelps to while away tho leisure ours
at sea with music The Captains
stateroom opening from the cabin is
more commodious and cosy than is
ordinarily seen on the finest ocean
steamers The other officers have also
choice apartments and everything is
made convenient and easy for the
stewards and cooks What surprises
one on going through the vesel 13 the
amount of room there is for everybody
and everything which shows a mas
tcrly design in making the best use of
the space There are lots of curios on
board from every place visited by tho
yacht and the vessel exhibits consider
able defensive resources in stands of
arms The Brunhilde will stay here
about ten days and hence sail to
Callao Peru S A
A young Austin Tex lawyer was
appointed to defend a negro who was
toe poor to employ counsel of kis own
Alter tho jury was in the box the young
lawyer challenged several jurymen
whom his client said had a prejudice
against him Aro there any more
jurymen who have a prejudice against
you whispered the young lawyer
No boss the jury am all right but
now I wants you to challenge de Jcdge
I has been convicted under him seb
eral times already and may be he is be
ginnin to hab prejudice against me
- -- - -
Elovatcd ircluht and Vnz
aoiior ijluo to tho Pull
A scheme has been mooted to our
reporter which would revolu
tionize the handling of freight on the
water front and also immensely en
hance the attractions of Honolulu to
tourists It is no less than an elevated
railroad running along the harbor
front to be used in the loading of ves
sels with coal sugar and so forth As
the cars can be shunted right over the
vessels hold the advantages will be
The other part of the project is an
elevated track over the Pali on a plan
similar to a line at Matich Chunk
Pennsylvania Going through the city
passengers will be whirled along on a
line with the top of the first stories
of buildings seeing Honolulu life to
advantage below and around them
It is not stated that the scheme is
part of that for which the street rail
road charter has just been renewed by
the Legislature hut that measure gives
ample scope for the inclusion of at
least the Pali line Success to the en
terprise anyway I
Tho Court at Kan
The Hon A F Judd Chief Justice
Messrs Rosa Neumann Whiting and
Peterson of the bar and Mr Fehl
behr officer of the Court returned
from the holding of the Third Judicial
Circuit Court at Waiohinu Kau by
the steamer W G Hall yesterday A
full report of the session appears else
where Other incidents of the trip are
herewith given All that was heard of
the Volcano was that it was still active
Very important intelligence is that the
severe drought on the Kau coast has
been thoroughly broken by the recent
rains An idea of the seriousness of
the drought may be gathered from the
fact that about 200 carcases of cattle
were observed on the Hon C R
Bishops ranch at Kaalualu on the
southern point of Hawaii Nothing
but the hides that have been stripped
were against the loss At Pallida there
was a rainfall of three inches in five
days Everybody was happy over the
fine rains The Court party all landed
at Lahaina Maui on Thursday eve-
ningand received a very hospitable re
ception from the good people of that
town They slept on shore there that
night The W G Hall had over 200
passengers on the home trip
Shipping Intelligence
Fkiiiay Sept 10
Stmr V G Hull from Maul and Hawaii
Am yacht Ilrunhilde from Monterey Cal
Friday Sept ts
Schr Mary U Foster for Hanamaulu and Waimea
Schr Canue for Hawaii
Ilk California fur Puget Sound
Stmr Wnimanalo for Wainunalo
Sihr Knuikeaouh for Koliala
Fern Ke Au Item for Kuau
Vossols in Fort from ForolRU Ports
Am bk Edward May Johnson from lloston
Am ship Melro from Fort lownicnd
1 reach wJir llammonia C Amaud front Perynr
Ger scjir Mary J Ilohm 1 lloltm from Yokohama
vi i Kauai
Am hk Fred P Litchfield llartlclt from Hongkong
llau brik Allie Kouc Wm lhillips from Hon-
Aui lk California Gum Davis from Port Town
send W T
Am bkthc Malay Morehouse from lUirrards Inlet
llol lik Don Nicholas Roy from Poit Townsend
Am bktne Amelia V Ncwhall Irom Kurcka Cal
Am Iktuc KUkitat R D Cutler from Foil Town
send W T
Am tern T C Ford from San Francisco
Am liark IMuard May Johnson from Ilolon
Ilrit lurk Isle of Hrin Nicholson from Liverpool
Ittfne I D SoreckeU from San Francisco
Am yacht llrunhide Phelps from Monterey Cal
Vossols Expected from Foreign Porta
Ilr shin Annua from Liverpool now due To O
V Macfarlane Co
Gcr bark Pacific Ollriln from llremcn due Sep
tember ao30 To II Hackfeht ft Co
lint bark IrnucraK from Liverpool due October
510 To T IL Davits Co
Am bktne Planter W R Pcrriman from Port Town-
send WT duo Sept 13 10
Am nrgtne Miini make irom ban rrancisco nue
Ambk Martha Davis T M llenson sailed fioin
Rosan AucuM 7th due December 10 10 To C llrewer
fc Co
Am K M S h Alameda Morse Irom the Colonics en
route to San r ranusco duo September 3 lo W o
Irwin V Co
Ilr bk Martha Fisher to have sailed from Liverpool
Aucust a
Ilrit bark W II Watsoa from Liverpool due October
i jo IOTA Scnae ler to
Am bk Elslnore G W Jenks from Newcastle N S
W due
Am bk Pacific Slope Dames from Newcastle N a
W due Septeinlier 10 35 To Wlldrr Co
From Maul at J Hawtii per stmr W OHaU Friday
Sep 10 A t Judil and son Rosa V P Peterson V
A Whiting P Neumnn XT JI Cornwell Mrs II Corn
vtell Miss II CorcII Miss Widdifield S Widdilield
V fehing Miss A Thompsv t Miss Vidi F Vida W Y
1 tr tl w f tl cuk r A rLn
IIUai Mr UUIIU1 4aM USU null
don WTehlbehr Miss v M Baldwin p Vidi Miss
I vida c II Yarlck Mrs i t vraru miss a warn i
Aholo OWard Mrs Mahalua JUS Williams Chlng
IVu Mrs Yf Doiloway Mrs F E Atwatcr Mrs Apo
Kulia Ktr S II Davis W Savidge F ftopke snj
about 171 deck
The Don Nicholas will sail about Tuesday next for
Port Townsend In ballast
1 he stmr Kilauca brought 3400 bags sugrr from
Windward Potts instead of 34 as stated In yesterdays
Issue She sails on Monday for Maul and Hawaii
Die California left yesterday for Pujct Sjuiul about
145 pm in ballast
The stmr WO Hull arrived about 3UJ p
m from Maul and fUwail with 1003 bas sugar 447
sacks aw 1 104 ptckages sundries 49 boys 1 horse 30
head cito and 3tS hides lit ports line wen1 er
A few gentlti family saddle
and express Horses two vil
lage carts and a lot of second
hand Ijarncss etc Apply at
Haw Hotel Stables
dkiteiut utwvlteincrtte
Viiiiiftiii iiMoiiriilriMi
This Space Reserved
Tlie Central Cigar Stand
Campbells Block Merchant Street
F I IILDER - - - Propriel
Bell Telephone 172 Mutual Telephone 375
Gentlemen will find the Central always stocked with
choicest Havana and Domestic Cisrars and Tobaccos Fr
importations by every steamer
The Finest Manilla Cigars In the Market on Hand
Island orders Carefully attended to Give mOva cal
Will appear shortly Too busy with clearing out sale to
write anything now
No 3 Fort St Clock Building
Have received n consignment of tke most Economical and Valuable Feed for all kinds of stock vis
It is the ai eatest Flesh forner Milk aud Bnllcr producer in use
Oil Cake Meal shows about 17 per cent of nutrhtrv natter tkls nearly 39 per cent
it equal to 10s lbs ot o cr 31I lbs of corn or to 707 lbs of wheat bran
MIXFD FtDa well ns our usual supply of the best kinds of
Xx Ofiti Wheat Corn Xto
Which Is oflrred at the Lowest Market Rate slid delivered fra t any
in lbs of this meal
Also ourUnritaled
part of the city
Contractor Builder
Estimates Given on all kinds of Brick Iron Stone nd Wooden nulhlinin Refers t
following prominent buildings erected by him emoncst others too numerous to mention
Kings famce Lunnlilo Home Opera House Honolulu Library Wilder Mrs Lack I
and Asv7tn Buildings Etc
Crick Work in all its Brandies
Office S 15 corner Queen nnd Alakea Streets Mutual Telephone No
Brick Building King Street near Maunakea
Goods delivered promptly Mutual Telephone 387 V O Box 39S

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